The Oinkster

My first visit to The Oinkster was during their annual Burger Week.  Although my intake of meat has significantly declined, I thought I’d give it a try since it was supposed to be their signature “Thrilla from Manila” burger which consisted of a lumpia-like patty made of lumpia meat, wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and served with a special relish that completed the savory experience.  I made sure to order their combination and try their fries which our friends were raving about in which I echo in agreement.  Although I felt the burger in my stomach still, the next morning, I thought that it was worth trying.

I would love to try their pulled-pork sandwich or pastrami sandwich someday, once I muster up the courage to have something hearty again. Being Filipino and having a history in Eagle Rock, it’s nice to be able to support Filipino-owned businesses in Los Angeles.  I look forward to the next Burger Week at The Oinkster next year.