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Venture Bros. Season 1-5
ATHF Season 1-8 (+ movie)
AUPS Season 1
Superjail! Season 2
Metalocalypse Season 1-3
Home Movies Season 1
Space Ghost Season 1
Harvey Birdman Season 1-2
Boondocks Season 2-3
Sealab 2021 Season 1-4
Eagleheart Season 1
Black Dynamite Season 1
Tim and Eric Season 2
Check it Out! Season 1
Rick and Morty Season 1
Frisky Dingo Season 1-2
Squidbillies Volume 1-3 and 5

Extras! (Sometimes played there or CN):

Adventure Time Season 1
Regular Show Season 1-2
Flapjack Volume 1
American Dad Volume 1


Eagleheart - Stratovarius

All through the night he is lying awake
Wond'ring how much more can he take
Watching the walls where the shadows dance
Drifting away into a trance

And his eyes are blazing with fire

Dreams burnt to ashes so many times
Highest of mountains, still he climbs
Ready to fly, ‘cause he just can’t stay
Flame burning brighter with every day
And his eyes are blazing with fire
Longing for the deepest desire

Heart of an eagle
He flies through the rainbow

Into a new world and finds the sun
Spreading his wings

Above all the sorrows
The glory of Eagleheart

Fever is burning in his veins
Determined with courage, breaking the chains
Back against the wall under blood red skies

Prepared to fight until he dies
And his eyes are blazing with fire
Longing for the deepest desire

Heart of an eagle
He flies through the rainbow

Into a new world and finds the sun
Spreading his wings

Above all the sorrows
The glory of Eagleheart

Heart of an eagle
He flies through the rainbow

Into a new world and finds the sun
Spreading his wings

Above all the sorrows
The glory of Eagleheart


Most dramatic trailer ever made.

More Than a Tweet

I have always tried to be as transparent with you guys as possible, letting you in on the process of making (and not making) Community. So maybe my silence on the issue of a hypothetical sixth season seems frustrating. I was thinking I could stay quiet because there’s too much to say and anything can become a headline because of the timing, and I am so very sick of clicking on my dumb fat name and seeing my dumb fat face in that dumb photo where I’m pointing at the camera and my hands are inexplicably tiny despite being closer to the camera.

But, I’m getting tweets from some anxious sounding fans, tweets that make me anxious because I feel like I’ve made THEM anxious with my silence, etc.

The general feel of my twitter feed is “well, what should we do, do you want us to petition/riot/negotiate/scream or do you want us to say goodbye and let it be done?” There’s also references to an article in an industry gossip blog, which I won’t click, indicating that everyone in the world BUT me wants to shop Community around. And probably featuring that fucking weird tiny hand photo. Or the one where I’m snarling and my teeth are like corn kernels.

Let’s start with that, the idea that I don’t want this to continue. I don’t think I’m the guy that gets to say what happens at the more effective levels - my career would have a different shape if I were that guy. I’d fire everyone that fired me, give all of you a raise, let the audience pick which pilots go to series and keep shows running as long as their subscription revenue was a dollar over their budget. I am not Mister Shot Caller Guy. That guy went to a better school, didn’t drop out and has lizard blood.

I will confess, however, that when Sony called me on Friday with the news, there was brief discussion at the end of the call about the concept of the show living elsewhere, and I was definitely in the “eh” column. For a million reasons, some selfish, some creative, one logistic, five sexual, three racist (in a good way) and, oddly, nine isometric. I won’t bore you with them. I mean, of course I will bore you with them. Boring you is my job, my hobby and my passion. But it doesn’t matter right now WHY I’d be lukewarm or if my reasons would be valid, what matters is, I won’t be lukewarm. I’ll heat up. I said “eh” on a Friday afternoon, I will change it to a “sure, let’s talk” on Monday morning and Sony can do their thing. I’m not going to be the guy that recancels cancelled Community.

I’m scared to tell you how little a difference I think my enthusiasm will make. I know fandom, when it gets this deep for this long, becomes almost religious, including the urge to stone the less than faithful. But there are lots of reasons a Community resurrection could be difficult. So be prepared for that. Which brings us to the other thing, the first thing, that most of the anxious tweets are about:

What do we, the fans, do? How can we help? Whose dog can we kidnap? Should we eat at Subway? Does Obama know? Should I have this tattoo removed? Was that Abed in Captain America 2?

I honestly think you can totally sit back and relax for this chapter. I know you don’t feel relaxed but I mean you don’t have to worry that someone on this planet isn’t aware of this show’s value to its audience. There are actually astronauts on a space station right now saying “we get it, you love Community” in Chinese. You have done your thing.

If you want to know the God’s honest truth, part of my “eh” was coming from the unsettling thought of your passion for campaigns being once again exploited by this rather unfair, somewhat backward system, one that now treats you like it’s your responsibility to keep a show alive, like a corporation is doing you a favor by feeding you low grade opiate through a regulated tube. Like you owe them an apology when they can’t measure or monetize you to their satisfaction. You deserve better. I love you guys, and at its best, Community is me saying that over and over again, saying let’s get less mad at ourselves and each other and more mad at the inhuman systems that keep us down and divided. “Maybe it should have said less of that and more jokes.” Shut up, voice of my grade school principal that also coached and umpired softball because shrieking “steeeeeeerike” at children was his sole recourse to virility.

Anyway, I will not be standing in the way. I’m sorry to anyone that’s really taking this cancellation hard. I know how I felt when these fuckers killed Max Headroom. But you sit back and treat yourself to some New Girl and Parks and Mindy and Brooklyn 99 and Eagleheart and Portlandia and have you seen Matt Berry’s Toast of London? It’s awesome. Also not to be selfish but maybe check out Rick and Morty. And let TV be the needy clown that it’s still very overpaid to be, and let the suits deal with the suits and see what possibilities exist. That’s the best we can do for now. Ninety seven episodes. Over eighty pretty good ones. Mission accomplished.

By the way, remember when you complained about that one episode? Bet it’s not looking so bad now, huh ass face? Just kidding, I know it sucked. I was going for something cooler and - whatever, I don’t need to explain myself to you. Marry softball if you love it so much. I’m gonna be special when I grow up!

Your Lover
Daniel Anastasia Harmon

Holy crap… I can’t believe that there’s three hundred and fifty one of you following me. I never expected this gross blog that I made out of pure boredom to get so popular, honestly. Once I hit three hundred followers about two weeks ago, I got really emotional and extremely excited because I’ve never had this many followers on any of my old blogs. Every time I gain a follower a smile comes onto my face, because the thought of someone actually enjoying my posts and being on their dashboard just makes me so ecstatic. 

To be honest, I thought that no one liked my blog or my Tanaka muse in the beginning.. When I first made this blog I’d only seen about ten episodes of the first season of the anime and had yet to read the manga. I was really insecure in the beginning and was pretty sure that no one wanted to roleplay or even talk to me. But as soon as I started gaining followers and actually started to talk to people, my self esteem really started to go up (and still is!) I look up to so many of you and always looked down at my writing, but hearing encouraging words from some of you.. it’s really improved my self esteem. Those little compliments or comments you guys write.. they just make my day! 

I honestly just appreciate every single one of you so much, even if I don’t talk to most of you. Once again, thank you all so much for everything <3. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog.

The tags are down under the cut and are in no particular order! There are both mutuals and non mutuals, because you all are just awesome blogs no matter what! There are also a few side notes for those who I’ve grown really attached to.

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     Ahhh, I’ve only had this blog for 2 weeks, but I’m really grateful to all of you guys for giving your love and support for my Kindaichi. He’s been really fun to play and I just want you guys to know that I love and admire every single one of you, and couldn’t do without y’all. 

     I’d been kind of floating around on Lev, Fukunaga, and Kaoru, and I realized how much I needed to roleplay with a Kindaichi. But because there weren’t any that I knew of, I decided to make one myself–completely on a whim. Since then, this blog has been one of the greater characters that I’ve roleplayed as, and I love him to pieces. 

     Thanks for being awesome and keeping me in the fandom, guys. <3 Here’s to another great year!

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