What we know so far about Assassin's Creed Unity (part 2)

• The seven districts in Paris are considered ‘cities within the city’ because of their different atmospheres and gameplay themes.

• Unity is the AC game with more viewpoints.

• You can get skill points by finding hidden collectibles.

• Throughout her whole childwood, Elise had her Templar training disguised as other things.

• The game includes at least 85 weapons.

• Leg items can be upgraded to decrease the received damage after falling from high places or the noise made by running. Head items change the visuals of Arno’s hood and can change variables such as decreasing guard proximity, reaction speed and increasing his eagle sense radius. Arm items can change the visuals of the hidden blade, increase Phantom blade capacity and the duration it takes you to revive your friends. Waist items mostly impact Arno’s carry capacity, such as increased cherry bombs, smoke bombs, etc. Chest items change the iconic Assassin robes, Arno’s defence and the time it takes a guard to detect him.

• You can aim with both Phantom Blade and pistol.

• Every time a mission will be replayed, the layout (eg in the the catacombs) will change and some passages may be closed the first time and open the next and at the end of the mission it will be possible to get different rewards.

• Not only the stealth mode will allow Arno to be more silent, but it will also show the positioning of guards on the minimap.

• The missions related to Arno’s redemption quest are single player, those related to the brotherhood and their dealings in the French Revolution can be played co-op.

• Assassinations in the game are 'black box missions’ and harken to the style of gameplay from the first AC. Contextual clues are provided to allow the player to choose and plan their own approach, rather than follow a linear, pre-determined path to the target.

• Ubisoft has pushed the release date of ACU back by two weeks with a new date of 11th November in US and 13th November in Europe. The delay now means that the game will hit stores the same day of Rogue, which will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360.

• The player can stumble upon some of the mission-givers around the city, he/she can even read the newspapers scattered around for clues.

• The voices in the cinematics and some of the ones in the gameplay will be originally in English and not in French because the Animus translates the elements of interest in the language of the player. The voices of the crowd, on the other hand, will be in French.

• There won’t be flashback memories as in Revelations, but Amancio said that there will be some surprises, though he didn’t reveal anything more.

• Arno will be 21 when he starts to get close to being an Assassin and he will be able to climb buildings at the beginning of the game.

• Arno’s eagle sense will be different from what we are used to see: it’ll be uncontrolled and 'wild’ because he had no mentor to teach him how to focus on its use.

• The 'white room’ in which the Assassins usually talk with their victims has changed: now the player will see flashes and pictures of events that appear in the game. This also due to the fact that Arno’s 'power’/skill is not controlled and focused.

• There will be the skill 'disguise’. It will allow the player to aim any character from the crowd and to use a hack of the Animus to dress in the same way.

• Rogue and Unity can be played in any order. If the player chooses to play Rogue first, he/she will find a mistery at the end of the story that will be revealed in Unity. If Unity will be played first, there will be a mistery at the beginning that will find its answer in Rogue.

• Noah Watts, Connor’s voice actor from AC3, seems to be listed in the voice cast for Unity. However, we still don’t officially know if the Assassin from the third title will actually appear in Unity.

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'Descendants: Wicked World' Sneak Peek: Meet Mean Girls Jordan and Freddie

There goes the neighborhood! There’s two new teens in town on Descendants: Wicked World, and Yahoo TV has an exclusive first look at them. Jordan, the daughter of Genie from Aladdin, will be introduced in the Descendants: Wicked World animated short this Friday, Oct. 9.

Jordan (voiced by Ursula Taherian)

And right on her heels comes Freddie, the evil spawn of The Princess and the Frog antagonist Dr. Facilier, who will make her debut in the Descendants universe the following week. Both girls come with some serious ‘tude (and fashion sense!), and eagle-eared Disney fans may even recognize the voice of Freddie as Disney Channel star, China Anne McClain.

Freddie (voiced by China Anne McClain)

The new Descendants characters join previously introduced bad apples Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce), and Jay (Booboo Stewart). We’re not sure if these newbies will be bratty or reformed, but in this sneak peek clip, Jordan is definitely having a diva moment. Then again, maybe all of these girls are a little high maintenance.

The Descendants: Wicked World episode “Careful What You Wish For” premieres Oct. 9 on Disney Channel during “Invisible Sister.”

here are a few ideas for a future AC game, this isn’t story or setting, but how the gameplay would work, and how everyone can like it. If you like the ideas, please share this, copy and paste or whatever, hopefully Ubi will see it.

First off, I’ve noticed that loads of fans like different things, and so I think a way of giving them each what they want is via skills.

Some people like the incredible feats of climbing like Arno while others prefer a more grounded feel like Altair. A skill system would fix all of this. It starts of slow like Altair, then gets faster like Ezio, then it could reach the highest level of climbing which would be more like Arno’s skill. And you can choose when to stop leveling so in the end you have the parkour you personally like.

[continued below]

This could also be used for Eagle Vision (sense). Some people do not like the idea of seeing enemies through walls while others do, and some don’t like Eagle Vision altogether. In order to fix this, make Eagle Vision an unlockable skill (one that you get quite early of course), so people who prefer realism can have no Eagle Vision. the skill tree could branch out so some people can see people through walls and tag them while others have a more AC2 experience with it, and some could just have the same system as AC1.

This also goes for combat. You could start off with something like AC1 or ACU (or a combination of both) and get more powerful in combat as you evolve the skills.

With this system I think that the entire parkour, combat, and Eagle Vision problem can be solved. If you agree, please share this in some way. It needs to be in the game :)

The great thing about desmond’s ancestors and desmond himself is that we thought they were special with their name meaning(eagle) and the eagle vision-sense, and now arno has it shay has it jacob and eve have avelyne has it adewale has it i know this is a typically gameplay like a signature move for assassins but thats why the desmond was so special thats why we focused on ezio and not nicolo for example.Dual hidden blades white/red outfits and hoods are signature stuffs too but i dont see them any you can say that in modern era its not longer needed and assassins must be one with the crowd ok but check nikolai he was created at ac2 or acbrotherhood time when the outfit was still traditional and te time of nikolai is way after the syndicate time.Last but not least ubisoft was building for six years desmond the former a protagonist filled up with a complination of ezio’s and altair’s abilities propably the best assassin ever and for what to kill him and then have a silenced first person character and they forgot at all the present day

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