Bloodlines - 2 (Callum “Cal” Lynch/Reader)

Part One

Cal leaned over on the bench he was sitting on. He began to rub his neck as Moussa took a seat next to him, “Don’t say it.”

Moussa smiled at him, “My friend you are doing well for you age and only just learning our ways a couple of months ago.”

Cal sat up looking at him, “I didn’t realize I’d be going through all this training. I thought I was trained enough through the bleeding effect.”

“Yes and no.” He told him, “The animus gave the skills, but the body can only know so much. Everyone here has trained for since they were children to be an assassin, it will take time for you fully hone your skills.”

Cal sighed look out the people. They were in a small town in the middle of nowhere, fully self-sustained. He was very impressed by it all and found it extremely genuine.

His trailed across the way landing on you. You holding Renatta in your lap as Elijah read a book to you. He smiled briefly before looking down to his wrist as the small brand.

As soon as they arrived he was brought in front of the elders. They seemed quite happy to have him there until he brought you up. They argued with you until Moussa stepped in. He explained to them that over the trip here Cal and Y/N had grown close.

He also explained, or lied rather, that the bloodlines were important. That Cal had confided in him that he was committed to the Creed and wanted to do it justice.

Cal confirmed it all so that he could keep his word to you and a few hours later they were both brought before everyone. Both bloodline symbols were presented and heated. You both spoke the words of being loyal to one another and the brand was given to both of you tying the lines together.

Moussa watched his fingers move over the burned scar, “How are things going between the two of you?”

Cal looked at him, “Fine.”

“Really?” Moussa raised his eyebrows, “You’re okay with everything?”

“We both have pasts Moussa.” Cal stood up, “It needs to stay there.”

“A reminder friend,” Moussa called after him, “pasts can catch up to us.”

Cal glanced back at him rolling his eyes. He looked back to you as he approached. He found the last couple of months awkward. This whole situation had turned into what felt like an arrange marriage.

But one thing was certain that every time he made eye contact with you…he could feel how grateful you were.

You looked up as he slowed down stopping in front of you. You sat up a little, “Cal…”

“Don’t move.” He held up his hand smiling. He sat down in front of you looking at Elijah, “What are we reading today?”

You smiled a little as Elijah held up “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish”. The children had been shy all week around him, but Elijah had been beginning to warm up to him. You were surprised how well Cal was around them.

“Oh I haven’t read this in a while, would you read it to me?” Cal’s smile grew when Elijah nodded. He scooped the small boy up into his lap, “Good, now show me how reading is done.”

You grinned kissing your daughter’s head, “Eli start from the beginning.”

The boy nodded flipping the pages to the beginning. You glanced past them at a car pulling up. You frowned pulling Renatta closer to yourself.

Cal smiled telling the boy he was doing well. He looked up as the story continued seeing your face stern and full of worry. He reached over touching your knee gaining your attention.

You took a deep breath in and swallowed, “Will you watch them for me?”

“Yeah…” He shifted Eli off his lap next to him and took Renatta when you handed her to him.

He smiled at Eli before turning his head watching you walk over toward the car. People were pulling gear out from the trunk. One man looked over at you as walked up to them. Cal could see how uncomfortable you were talking to him.

Cal looked away when the man looked over at them. The raised voices made him look back. The man was in your face for a moment, but you turned away walking back toward him.

You scooped Renatta up sniffing, “Elijah we have to go. Cal, we’ll meet you back at the house.”

“I’ll walk you there.” He stood up grabbing Elijah putting him on his shoulders, “Everything okay?”

“I’m not sure…” You let out a big sigh. After a moment you spoke again quietly, “That Eli’s father.”

Cal looked at you, “I see…”

“He’s not happy about…me being unavailable.” You whispered/

“But he can’t go against the Creed, can he?” Cal asked you quietly as Eli clamped his hands over his eyes.

“Elijah…” You gave him a warning tone.

“No it’s fine.” Cal smiled, “Helps me try this thing I’ve been struggling with.”

“The eagle sense?” You smiled a little watching him slow down a little, “I’ve heard it’s hard to master.”

“I want to say it’s a load crap, but there is no way Anders can do that trick and know every single time.” He chuckled a little listening to your footsteps matching his with yours.

“Anders does like to show off the card tricks. I think he’s half of our revenue sometimes.” You told him slowing with him, “This one time he left with 50 bucks and came back ten weeks later with 50 grand.”

“Yes, he told us…but he said it was a 100 grand.” He looked over at you getting Eli to giggle knowing he couldn’t see.

“Bullshit!” You rolled your eyes, “I grew up with Anders, he’s so full of shit.”

“I will keep that in mind.” He grinned.

“Y/N!” Cal could hear you stop, “We are not done talking!”

“Sam…” You swallowed.

Cal pulled Eli’s hands of his eyes and looked at the man approaching him, “Get your hands off my son!”

“Sam!” You stepped forward, “Not like this…”

“Don’t you tell me what it’s like!” Sam shouted.

“Let’s just calm down.” Cal pulled Eli off his shoulders setting him down, “I’m not trying to be a replacement.”

“Fuck you!” Sam poked him in the chest, “Stay away from kid!”

Cal felt his jaw tense up instantly as you stepped between them, “Sam! Enough! We will figure this out, but you’re tired from the hunt…so get drink or whatever and we will talk tomorrow.”

Sam stepped close to you, “You are lucky you are branded…”

You let out the breath you were holding as he stepped away. Cal didn’t know how to respond…he wanted to beat that guy’s head in, but he figured it wouldn’t set a good example.

Finally, he reached down taking your hand gently getting your attention. He sighed when you jumped a little, “Let’s get you and the babies home.”

You stared at him a moment longer before nodding, “Eli…take Cal’s hand please.”

Cal smiled down at Eli who stared up at him wide eyed, “You alright little man.”

“Who was that?” He asked softly, “Why was he scary?”

Cal looked to you before picking him up in his arms again, “That was your dad and he’s a little confused right now. We’re going to help him after he takes a nap.”

You smiled knowing you couldn’t have put it any better. The rest of the walk to the house was quiet and calm. You owed Cal so much and yet he hadn’t asked for anything aside from lessons these two months.

You would have to remedy that somehow.


Rayman, the once Trickster Hero of the Glade of Dreams, has come to face a powerful enemy. One that has brutally beaten his friend Barbara in battle and tortured her into submission. He attempted to get back at him for hurting his friend, but the poor limbless creature proved to be no match for his super speed and homing attacks. So far he attacked his cohort’s mecha, blown it up from the inside. Since then, he can’t help but feel that an invasion will happen in his world. So far, he’s gotten his friends to rally up the residents of the Glade to counter attack by surprise.

Feeling that not even his wits will be a match for the Sonic recolor, not to mention being burdened by the fact that he may never see his friend after he’s made his vengeance, he ventured through a strange Spiral Door that lead him a few mountains away from the lair of the Mighty Eagle. Sensing the mountain resembling an Eagle’s Head to be somewhat related to the Knaaren God Leptys, Rayman has to be cautious. After days of trekking through the mountains, Rayman stands before the entrance of the Eagle. Hopefully he would provide him with some guidance.

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I really hope that either Comet (if it really does exist and is being released this year) or the next AC game after Unity is set in the later years of Victorian England, sometime between the 1870s and the 1890s. Having gone to London recently myself and having seen some of the amazing architecture and buildings that are still around, I think it would be great for free-running and Assassin Tombs, or lairs like the Followers of Romulus had in ACB. I have no idea what the main story would be (I plan on doing research for a possible fanfic), but they could include Murder Mystery side missions, like in the single player gameplay trailer for Unity, which could be the main Assassin using his/her Eagle Vision/Sense/Pulse (whatever it’s being called these days), as well as his/her detective abilities, to solve crimes that might help him/her track down and assassinate Jack the Ripper. I don’t know what you guys, or the developers over at Ubisoft, think, but I think Victorian England has real potential for an AC game.

What we know so far about Assassin's Creed Unity (part 2)

• The seven districts in Paris are considered ‘cities within the city’ because of their different atmospheres and gameplay themes.

• Unity is the AC game with more viewpoints.

• You can get skill points by finding hidden collectibles.

• Throughout her whole childwood, Elise had her Templar training disguised as other things.

• The game includes at least 85 weapons.

• Leg items can be upgraded to decrease the received damage after falling from high places or the noise made by running. Head items change the visuals of Arno’s hood and can change variables such as decreasing guard proximity, reaction speed and increasing his eagle sense radius. Arm items can change the visuals of the hidden blade, increase Phantom blade capacity and the duration it takes you to revive your friends. Waist items mostly impact Arno’s carry capacity, such as increased cherry bombs, smoke bombs, etc. Chest items change the iconic Assassin robes, Arno’s defence and the time it takes a guard to detect him.

• You can aim with both Phantom Blade and pistol.

• Every time a mission will be replayed, the layout (eg in the the catacombs) will change and some passages may be closed the first time and open the next and at the end of the mission it will be possible to get different rewards.

• Not only the stealth mode will allow Arno to be more silent, but it will also show the positioning of guards on the minimap.

• The missions related to Arno’s redemption quest are single player, those related to the brotherhood and their dealings in the French Revolution can be played co-op.

• Assassinations in the game are 'black box missions’ and harken to the style of gameplay from the first AC. Contextual clues are provided to allow the player to choose and plan their own approach, rather than follow a linear, pre-determined path to the target.

• Ubisoft has pushed the release date of ACU back by two weeks with a new date of 11th November in US and 13th November in Europe. The delay now means that the game will hit stores the same day of Rogue, which will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360.

• The player can stumble upon some of the mission-givers around the city, he/she can even read the newspapers scattered around for clues.

• The voices in the cinematics and some of the ones in the gameplay will be originally in English and not in French because the Animus translates the elements of interest in the language of the player. The voices of the crowd, on the other hand, will be in French.

• There won’t be flashback memories as in Revelations, but Amancio said that there will be some surprises, though he didn’t reveal anything more.

• Arno will be 21 when he starts to get close to being an Assassin and he will be able to climb buildings at the beginning of the game.

• Arno’s eagle sense will be different from what we are used to see: it’ll be uncontrolled and 'wild’ because he had no mentor to teach him how to focus on its use.

• The 'white room’ in which the Assassins usually talk with their victims has changed: now the player will see flashes and pictures of events that appear in the game. This also due to the fact that Arno’s 'power’/skill is not controlled and focused.

• There will be the skill 'disguise’. It will allow the player to aim any character from the crowd and to use a hack of the Animus to dress in the same way.

• Rogue and Unity can be played in any order. If the player chooses to play Rogue first, he/she will find a mistery at the end of the story that will be revealed in Unity. If Unity will be played first, there will be a mistery at the beginning that will find its answer in Rogue.

• Noah Watts, Connor’s voice actor from AC3, seems to be listed in the voice cast for Unity. However, we still don’t officially know if the Assassin from the third title will actually appear in Unity.

Read part 1 here.

Source: ACVideos@Youtube

'Descendants: Wicked World' Sneak Peek: Meet Mean Girls Jordan and Freddie

There goes the neighborhood! There’s two new teens in town on Descendants: Wicked World, and Yahoo TV has an exclusive first look at them. Jordan, the daughter of Genie from Aladdin, will be introduced in the Descendants: Wicked World animated short this Friday, Oct. 9.

Jordan (voiced by Ursula Taherian)

And right on her heels comes Freddie, the evil spawn of The Princess and the Frog antagonist Dr. Facilier, who will make her debut in the Descendants universe the following week. Both girls come with some serious ‘tude (and fashion sense!), and eagle-eared Disney fans may even recognize the voice of Freddie as Disney Channel star, China Anne McClain.

Freddie (voiced by China Anne McClain)

The new Descendants characters join previously introduced bad apples Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce), and Jay (Booboo Stewart). We’re not sure if these newbies will be bratty or reformed, but in this sneak peek clip, Jordan is definitely having a diva moment. Then again, maybe all of these girls are a little high maintenance.

The Descendants: Wicked World episode “Careful What You Wish For” premieres Oct. 9 on Disney Channel during “Invisible Sister.”

anonymous asked:

I read that the Ravenclaw symbol is an eagle cause of where the Ravenclaw family came from or something, and its where Helena fled to (Albania) and Albania is known as the "Land of Eagles" plus eagles are a symbol for broader vision and a strong mind, sorry just had to point this out cause there actually is a reason, and I think people have to remember that "Ravenclaw" just happened to be her surname.

I didn’t know any of the about Albania and that actually makes a lot of sense both in canon and for Jo to have done it. The symbolic nature makes perfect sense.

I guess all these asks just really bring to mind a different question…

If an eagle makes such perfect sense for the house, why would JK Rowling have given the character a name with a different bird in it? Like it doesn’t even need to have Eagle in it. It could have been something completely un-animal related. It could have been Smith ffs.

I love all of this conceptualization about why it ended up this way, but part of me just ends up thinking “because Jo likes to torture us”

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

here are a few ideas for a future AC game, this isn’t story or setting, but how the gameplay would work, and how everyone can like it. If you like the ideas, please share this, copy and paste or whatever, hopefully Ubi will see it.

First off, I’ve noticed that loads of fans like different things, and so I think a way of giving them each what they want is via skills.

Some people like the incredible feats of climbing like Arno while others prefer a more grounded feel like Altair. A skill system would fix all of this. It starts of slow like Altair, then gets faster like Ezio, then it could reach the highest level of climbing which would be more like Arno’s skill. And you can choose when to stop leveling so in the end you have the parkour you personally like.

[continued below]

This could also be used for Eagle Vision (sense). Some people do not like the idea of seeing enemies through walls while others do, and some don’t like Eagle Vision altogether. In order to fix this, make Eagle Vision an unlockable skill (one that you get quite early of course), so people who prefer realism can have no Eagle Vision. the skill tree could branch out so some people can see people through walls and tag them while others have a more AC2 experience with it, and some could just have the same system as AC1.

This also goes for combat. You could start off with something like AC1 or ACU (or a combination of both) and get more powerful in combat as you evolve the skills.

With this system I think that the entire parkour, combat, and Eagle Vision problem can be solved. If you agree, please share this in some way. It needs to be in the game :)

Wren is A , AriA and EzrA are a part of the gAme.

So this is a very long theory but I hope it’s worth it… the theory is all of my little thoughts scrunched up into one. Some of the below contains spoilers which may happen in season 6 so please read at your own risk.

Meaning of the name Aria: Intelligence of an eagle in Teutonic. Everyone always comment on how smart Aria is, how intelligent and sly she can be. So I looked at the symbolic meaning of an eagle and here is what I found:

Some symbolic Eagle Meanings include, control, dominance, freedom, command authority, determination, power, vision, ruler, inspiration, protection. All of these could relate back to Aria. Some Native wisdom also honours the eagle for their opportunistic ways. It is not that they are skilled hunters, but they go about gaining their needs in ways that are most efficient. This is a lesson for conserving resources, work smarter not harder. This could again be related to Aria, a lot of people comment on how smart she is and she definitely knows when an opportunity arises.  She is smart and she can be very manipulative and a good liar… like all good hunters. Some Native American refers to the eagle as an earthly incarnation of the great Thunderbird spirt. Legend further states that lightning bolts shoot from the eyes of the eagle. This would make sense as to why Aria wears lightning bolt shirts.  

Meaning of the name Wren for a boy: Ruler in Welsh. I also looked up the symbolic meaning of a wren. The wren is considered a most sacred bird, it is known to be the king of all birds. This could suggest that Wren is above Aria. A wren is known to be cunning, this would explain as to why Wren is so sneaky, it would also explain (spoiler alert) how he has pulled off to be a fake doctor all of this time. it is also said that a wren’s nest is protected by lightning. PROTECTED BY LIGHTNING… so Wren is protected by Aria after all they are of the same species (birds and Montgomerys). It is known that whoever tried to steal wren’s eggs or baby wrens would find their house struck by lightning. This again could be referring to Aria protecting Wren and when someone gets close to figuring out who he is, she strikes. For example, when the cavanaugh house blew up…The wren symbolised wisdom and divinity. Wren often comes up with inspirational quotes as if he is full of wisdom. It is known to be difficult to actually see a wren. This could hint at how he has been able to keep his identity hush hush for so long yet also be out in the open for everyone to see him.

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Meaning of the name Charles: Strong, Warrior, free man in German. Charles became very popular in France during the Middle Ages due to the fame of Charles the Great, aka Charlemagne. Why did the magician choose Aria to go in the box? Was she a face he knew?

Meaning of the name Ezra: help, helper in Hebrew. According to the Bible, Ezra led a group of fifteen hundred Israelites out of slavery in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. Could Ezra have been incharge of the A minions? There is also the poetry connection to Ezra Pound – in addition to young Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein. Ezra Cornell was a founder of Western Union and co-founder of the university that bears his name and Ezra Jack Keats is a popular children’s book author-illustrator. This would explain as to why Ezra is connected to poetry, English, teaching and writing.

Ok so here we go…

Aria went to Iceland for a year to visit her uncle scott. Her uncle scott is supposedly (spoiler alert) wrens adoptive father (from the season six spoilers we know that Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young) this has been hinted at in many episodes for example, in 3x02 Wren confides in Hanna that his father was schizophrenic and that he traded his family in for the chaos inside of his head. He stated that he checked out his life when he was 10. This may not have been in terms of death but in terms of checking in to an institution much like Radley. His example of ambiguous loss was when a relative slips into dementia, they are gone but still here. This may be the reason as to why the Montgomery family visit Iceland for a whole year. (It may also be related to the line of one of the liars in 1x02 ‘yeah she’s gone but she’s everywhere’) Her uncle scott was not only schizophrenic but also had dementia, uncle Scott’s family needed the support and so did her uncle Scott. This may be backed up by what Byron said in 3x02 “My parents gave Scott space, and you know what happened to him.” He lost control of his own mind. Wren grew up within the same household as Scott this could be the reason as to why Wren tried to become a doctor. It is suggested that Wren isn’t actually a real doctor, this would make a lot of sense seen as though he is unable to spell simple words such as Diagnosis.

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How are Wren and Charles connected/the same person? Well as pointed out above Wren has an adoptive father and Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young (we know he would’ve been young as he said Scott checked out of his life when he was 10 and Jason rarely remembers Charles/Charlie). Also after watching recent episodes of season 6 it is made aware that Charles was sent away young. Another reason as to how they may be the same person; Wren volunteered in Radley, who would do that other than Aria? He was drawn to Radley I’m assuming that he had been there before, maybe when he was younger? He seems to know the place real well, he knew where to find the childrens ward etc. Another reason as to why Wren may be so drawn to Radley is because it is an institution for those who are mentally unwell. Either he wants to help these people, control them or even just reminisce on the days he could have possibly spent there. Whilst talking about Radley I just want to add that it is possible that Aria spent time in there too. Wren and Charles would be the same age, we know A aka Charles aka Wren is old enough (21 or over) to buy alcohol and the prom which the girls went to in the dollhouse was the prom of Melissa’s and Jason’s which suggests that Charles is the same age as them. After watching recent episodes we found out that Charles is actually a little older than Jason. Jessica in the video only spoke to one of the boys when saying ‘say goodbye to your little sister’ that little sister being Alison (the boys would have been around 5/6 depending on their birthdays so the age gap would work). I somehow feel that Charles holds this memory so close to him because this is when Charles/wren said goodbye to his younger sister, the last time he saw her maybe because he was either being taken into Radley or possibly being put up for adoption. Why was he with the DiLaurentis family? Why is Alison his little sister? Well after looking on pll wiki it is stated that Alison and Charles are related (half-brother) this could suggest that he is Jason’s non identical twin. This means that his father would be Mr Hastings (maybe the reason as to why Spencer felt like she knew him when she saw Charles in the vault, another reason to this may also be because she was quite close to Wren) if you ask me I personally think that Spencer and Wren as well as Melissa have similar traits/looks. After watching recent episodes it is known that Charles is Jason’s half brother meaning Mr D is Charles’ dad. This may be the reason as to why as soon as Wren arrived into Rosewood he went straight to the Hastings, he wanted to feel and know how it would be to belong in that family, like how Jason was apart of that family. If he was involved in this new family, he would no longer be tied to Mr D, maybe he wanted to be apart of the Hastings because he watched Mr H with the girls and Jason when he was younger, realised how good he was at being a dad, maybe Mr Hastings made Charles feel comfortable, maybe he made Charles feel loved. Because that’s all Wren seems to want… To belong in a family, to be loved. The best way to do it? Engage Melissa and become comfortable with Spencer. I believe that Spencer was more of his target than Melissa was, he always seemed more interested in spencer, maybe because she was friends with Alison? I feel that it was possibly Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles away, this may be the reason as to why Mr D stated there is no Charles in this family, he knows he sent him off to live with the Montgomery’s. As Wren figured this out, it may be the reason as to why he signs in and out on dental records as C Cavanaugh, he doesn’t want to be a DiLaurentis so he took his mother’s maiden name. After watching the new 6x03 I can now confirm that it was Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles/Charlie away.

Now back to Aria, Ezra and Wren, supposedly Wren was in Iceland the year which the Montgomery family visited. If so, there is without a doubt that the two know each other, why would they keep that a secret? Why would they not want the other girls to know? Also in 1x01 Ezra states that he spent some time in Reykjavik, maybe visiting Wren? Reasons as to why I think Wren, Aria and Ezra are working together.

Throughout the seasons, there have been many hints suggesting that Aria has something to do with all of his A business. Marlene always hints at Aria, her clothing, her personal items or personal items which belong to her boyfriend e.g. Pigtunia, typewriter. There have been too many hints for Aria to not be involved for example, the pig in Wilden’s police car, the pigs on Hanna’s cupcakes which A made her eat. Who knew Hanna loved eating? Aria, one of her best friends who grew up with Hanna. Now the typewriter, there have been many threats made to the girls in typewriter form… hello, wake up, Ezra has a typewriter in his apartment where Aria is left alone a lot of the time. Can we not also miss out all of her clothing which completely gives away everything, from the black swan masquerade dress to the Varjack cat blazer… it all screams she has something to do with all of this. Maybe those lightning bolts that were on Aria’s top was a sign that they were going to get an electric fence in season 6… maybe she was giving the girls a heads up.

A wants to protect Aria, in 3x19 we see two A’s playing spin the bottle, the bottle lands on Aria, the other A changes the bottle so it is pointing towards Spencer. If that isn’t protecting Aria I don’t know what is. Aside from this she also never seems to be hurt as much as the others, Aria has done many bad things such as; kissing Jason when being in a relationship with Ezra, shooting Shauna etc. and none of this was spilled by A. a lot of people think this is Ezra however, I feel Ezra is more of the side guy and not actually A. I feel like Ezra did all the research on the girls because he was on the inside through Aria and possibly funds some of the costing as his family is quite rich. This would make sense as the meaning of his name in Hebrew is helper. I feel that Wren wanted Ezra in on the plan because the girls would trust him, he was their English teacher as well as Aria’s boyfriend and currently Emily’s boss, he was also previously involved with Alison so he would be the perfect man for the job. If this was to be true then it would make sense as to why Ezra understands Aria so well and why he truly loves her, they are the same. It would also make sense as to why Aria forgave Ezra so quickly about the research he had found, she understood that he needed to do this for Wren but she was angry at the fact he wanted to turn it into a book, so she burnt it in order to stop him from doing this, to not only protect herself but also her family - WREN. 

In the dollhouse, Aria didn’t seem to have anything happen to her. She didn’t scream when she walked into her room and she waited for the girls to go into theirs first as if she knew what was about to happen, as if she wanted to hear their reactions. Also if I heard my friends scream like that I would not want to enter my room but it was as if she knew nothing was going to happen to her. Another reason is that none of the girls’ photo frames in their rooms had images in however Aria’s did. There was that one image of the mannequins which was also shown in Charles’ vault, the photo was in a loving family freaky frame which highlighted the importance of family to Aria and Charles/Wren. When she told the liars to torch the vault, she looked directly into the camera as if she knew who was on the other side, she knew that it would really hurt him, there were many times when Aria looked into the camera just a little too much. Like she was giving signals or trying to communicate with the person on the other side. lets not forget this GIF… our families as in the girls’ families or Aria’s and A’s?

In 5x04 Aria was talking to Harvey D about a fence installation. My first thought was wow the dollhouse was surrounded by a fence… coincidence I think not. Then after realising the sender of the email Harvey D… Sara Harvey, CharlesDiLaurentis!!! Could this have been a code name to not spark any speculations? The email reads ‘I would like to go over the materials options available for the fence project we have been discussing’ were the three discussing what kind of fence they should go for? Whilst talking about the fence, the song which was played in 5x25 ‘Don’t fence me in’ included some powerful lyrics, one lyric which really captured my eye was ‘’Till I see the mountains rise’… the meaning of the family name Montgomery is mountain. Possibly referring to the Montgomery’s (Wren and Aria) rising, having more power than the others. 

Can we talk about Aria and Mona’s relationship… it’s a weird one. They seem way too close and comfortable with each other. I thought Hanna was Mona’s bff not Aria. Haven’t Aria and Mona always had a little feud going on or was it the fact they were working together and Aria didn’t want that spilling out. When they were in the dollhouse they were the ones holding each other and Mona even gave Aria a compliment she directly told Aria that she could get through this and to cover up how weird that was she said they all could. They know a lot more than they are letting on. Their strange relationship doesn’t just start in season 5 either, it went way back. Remember when Mona called Aria Big A? Was that a hint or was it just an inside joke they had. Maybe Aria was big A then, maybe she was covering on behalf of Wren/Charles or maybe she was the big A of all the A minions. There was always someone higher than Aria… Wren/Charles, but she was the only one who knew that.

Another reason, in 6x02 Aria was so quick to put the blame on Andrew because I think she knows who A is. She was trying to protect someone, she even went as far as to lie to the police but then again it wouldn’t be the first time. Aria is usually such a really good liar, everyone has commented on this… maybe this time she wasn’t because she was worried about them actually finding A and she wouldn’t want that. She was panicking, trying to cover something up so badly that it just sounded like total bull. In 6x03 we saw Aria try to apologise to Andrew… come on Aria, you can’t expect him to be kind to you after you tried to pin it all on him. Andrew was clearly set up… maybe by Charles/Wren, Ezra? After all he was making a move on his one true love Aria.

After watching the recent episodes, I have decided that Aria has been getting a lot more threats than the other girls. I think this may be a way of A/Wren/Charles telling her to get her shit together, if not she will be found out and leaked to the other girls. The doll witht he two heads may represent how two faced Aria is, afterall if she is helping A she is playing two roles. The knife in the eye could suggest that she should be aware of what she is doing and that if she doesn’t do as the plan states or as she is told she will be punished.

There is also a spoiler which suggests that Aria and Alison are connected more than we think. They are connected through Wren Kingston/Charles DiLaurentis. This would make sense as Aria will see Wren as part of her family, she will look at him as a cousin and we now know that Alison is Charles’ sister for definite.


Many may many theories.

Charlie - It derives, of course, from the classic name Charles which, in turn, comes from a German word meaning “free man.” He is free from Mr D, the one who disliked him, the one who took him away from his family and possibly put him into Radley or up for adoption. He is now a free man to get revenge.

SARA. Who is she? She is definitely not who she says she is… the painting in her dollhouse room leads me to believe that she is actually Bethany and that she escaped from Radley that night however from watching todays episode, I want to believe that she is Wren’s (not Charles’) sister. It was when she commented on her family, on how she hoped her dad would come back and be different but he never was which made me think your dad is mentally ill, he would come back from the institution but then he would have to return because nothing had changed. He was still mentally ill. Or maybe she is Bethany Young and Wren visited her in Radley. All part of the plan… Sara Harvey could be a fake name to cover her tracks. The Indian meaning of the name Sara is soul. ‘A does have a soul’ was this a hint? A has a certain Sara helping him out. Harvey also has a specific meaning. From the Breton given name Haerviu, which meant “battle worthy”, from haer “battle” and viu “worthy”. This was the name of a 6th-century Breton hermit who is the patron saint of the blind. One of the PLL producers also posted a photo of a candle prop which they didn’t use. The prop was the Saint Alice Candle, Saint Alice is the patron saint of the blind and paralyzed… now we know Bethany used to live with Jenna after we saw the box which said Bethany and Jenna’s room. Could Bethany/Sara be protecting Jenna? My other theory about Sara is that she is somehow related to Spencer, I find it strange that there initials are the same and that in the meaning of Harvey, the battle of Hastings was mentioned. She is somehow tied to the Hastings. After watching Sara very closely I have definitely come to the conclusion that I do not like Sara Harvey what so ever. She is just so god damn sneaky. Her strong need to shower every time she finds out a little more information. Her tattoo which resembled the bird cage tippy lived in. When Emily was trying to find Sara’s chip Sara turned around and kisses Emily BECAUSE SHE DOES’NT HAVE A CHIP. BECAUSE SHE IS WORKING WITH A. 

Speaking of A, I think there was more than one A. It would make sense as to why A is everywhere because A is more than one person. There is the ruler, Wren but then there is the protector (Aria) the soul of this whole plan (Sara) and the helper (Ezra). The mentioning of A being more than one person can be seen on various A text messages and the way which the 3 different people sign them. Also, Ezra has access to funds as well as his typewriter. There is

A#1 - - A

A#2 – A

A#3 Kisses – A

I personally believe that Kisses – A is Aria, due to the hint which Marlene gave to us about the kisses shirt. Although there was 3 A’s in the beginning I think they eliminated it down to two (Sara and Wren) and then eventually just Wren/Charles. 

B and C, I always thought that Ezra was just making a sarcy joke but perhaps he was actually talking about Sara (Bethany) and Charles (Wren). A at this moment in time could have been Mona. 

In the 6x04 preview it says that Charles is dead. Charles is dead… but Wren isnt. Charles goes by a new name now, he is the same person but he changed his identity, the reason as to why Charles (Wren) has brown hair, most boys who are blonde young often tend to have dark hair when they are older anyway but their accent doesn’t tend to change. Wren’s English accent, seems to be fake to me.

I know it all seems a little mish mash but I just scribbled my thoughts down on a piece of paper and then I tried to make it make sense. 

The great thing about desmond’s ancestors and desmond himself is that we thought they were special with their name meaning(eagle) and the eagle vision-sense, and now arno has it shay has it jacob and eve have avelyne has it adewale has it i know this is a typically gameplay like a signature move for assassins but thats why the desmond was so special thats why we focused on ezio and not nicolo for example.Dual hidden blades white/red outfits and hoods are signature stuffs too but i dont see them any you can say that in modern era its not longer needed and assassins must be one with the crowd ok but check nikolai he was created at ac2 or acbrotherhood time when the outfit was still traditional and te time of nikolai is way after the syndicate time.Last but not least ubisoft was building for six years desmond the former a protagonist filled up with a complination of ezio’s and altair’s abilities propably the best assassin ever and for what to kill him and then have a silenced first person character and they forgot at all the present day

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