eagle without wings

1. Pissed over “Traitor Claim”

First off Orihimes disappearance chapter, showed Ichigo thinking of her…ZERO TIMES~!! Thats right Ichigo didn’t think about Orihime after she was taken ONCE. The after chapter was all about NAKAMA, and “regaining his wings” – his wings being URYU AND CHAD –

(Notice how Ichigo is depleated and asking permission to intrude into HM? Didn’t do that for SS with Rukia :^] )

No Orihime, no thougths on Orihime, no emotion from Ichgio, no sadness – nothing. Switch the script to Chapter. 57 Unfinished July Rain &  Chapter.58 Blank – we not only see Ichigo CONTINUOUSLY explain and voice his emotions over losing Rukia, but we see him THINK OF HER –

Ichigo CONTINUOUSLY VOICED HIS PAIN, his feelings over Rukia, thought of her saw her, ALL OF IT. and yet theres NOTHING for Orihime in Winged Eagles and Eagle without Wings.

Ichigo’s demeanor for Rukia is stronger, he feels more for her, you didn’t catch him asking for permission when he was going to save Rukia, Urakara had to HOLD HIM BACK. Example;


2. Grimmjow Fight Nonsense.

The Grimmjow fight is probably on you all misinterpret the worst, I mean honestly Grimmjow said it himself and its been stated in databooks – he came there because Grimmjow hurt Rukia – and he defeated him for such.



Bleach Data Book 02: “Who Ichigo fights is, Grimmjow,who tore through Rukia in one blow.”

3. Went to “Greater Lengths for Orihime” claim



4. Chemistry of Ichiruki

Finally the chemistry between Ichigo and Rukia is real, all the characters saw it – Uryu, Sado, Hanatarou and most of all Orihime herself.


Ichigo x Orihime = Tanabata lovers

Okay I wrote this in a reblog about Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach being based on the Tanabata lovers from Japanese/Chinese folklore, but I thought I’d rather put it in a separate post. 

1) Orihime’s name is based on the legendary Orihime/Vega (weaver princess) in the Tanabata story. In Bleach, Orihime is part of the sewing/handicrafts club at school.

2) Orihime’s english-translated name by Kubo himself had her as ‘Vega Highwell’. In Japanese/Chinese mythology, Vega is another name for Orihime, and is linked to the Tanabata story.

3) In one colourspread, Orihime’s symbolic number is written as 7/7, indicating 7th July which is the date of the Tanabata Festival in Japan.

4) Ichigo’s hollow form in the Lust arc is in the motif of a bull/ox, which is a reference to Kengyuu/Altair being a cow-herder in the legend.

5) Ichigo’s birthday is on 15/7, which falls on Obon Festival, which is part of the Tanabata Festival.

6) In the legend, the lovers aren’t able to meet if it rains because the rivers would be flooded over and the boatsman can’t ferry Orihime to Kengyuu. In Bleach, Ichigo hates the rain.

7) Fun fact: In one of the illustrated Karakura town maps, Ichigo and Orihime’s homes are separated by a river and connected by a small bridge. In Chinese/Japanese mythology, Orihime (Vega) and Kengyuu (Altair) are separated by a river (which is a metaphor for outer space, where Vega and Altair are constellations). 

8) The Bleach pilot chapter had stronger hints to the Tanabata legend, where Orihime and Ichigo are separated at the end because Orihime had died and become a ghost/soul, but it was hinted that she would come back to visit him.

9) The chapter after Orihime confesses to Ichigo and leaves for Hueco Mundo is called 'Eagle Without Wings’. Vega (Orihime) is also known as 'the falling eagle’ in medieval astronomy, and both Vega and Altair are depicted as birds.

10) The chapter when Ichigo goes off to rescue Orihime is called 'Winged Eagles’. Altair (Kengyuu) is also known as 'the flying eagle’ in medieval astronomy.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kubo-sensei keeps referencing the Tanabata legend when it comes to Orihime and Ichigo’s connection together.

(Also, when people try to deny Ichigo’s links to Tanabata, I get confused  because the legend involves a PAIR of lovers so it doesn’t make sense to have Orihime being linked to Tanabata but not have a male counterpart in the series to foil her.

And seeing that Orihime’s canonly in love with Ichigo and no one else, so who else is her ‘Kengyuu/Altair’ supposed to be anyways? Of course her Kengyuu is Ichigo. That’s basic logic.)

Here we go again.
WARNING: this post is VERY anti-Orihime and Anti-IchiHime. 

Orihime is not the sun. Shall I repeat this again?

Orihime is not the sun. Orihime is not the sun. Orihime is not the sun. Orihime is not the sun. Didya get that?

Honestly, I don’t know how many times we’re gonna have to go over this cause I’m honestly getting a bit tired of repeating myself. 

Just because Orihime’s powers look like a “setting sun” does not mean that’s what Orihime is. I mean, how many times have we seen the words"moon" used when it comes to the name of someone’s powers? Zangetsu, Engetsu. Even Rukia’s zanpakuto has an attack called Some no mai, Tsukishiro  [First Dance, White Moon]. Now, these all have the word moon in them and no other zanpakuto has “sun” it (to my knowledge), but if the powers a person has was suppose to somehow hint at what celestial body the person represents, well then, we’d have a lot of Moons out there now wouldn’t we? I mean, Ichigo is the moon, Rukia is the moon, Isshin is the moon,etc.

Point here is, ya can’t use someone’s powers (especially what they look like) to prove that your princess is the sun. That’s not how that works.

On to the next point. I’m gonna tie in two points this person made together because they contradict each other. Masaki was said to be “like the sun"   The sun = Masaki. Let’s make that clear. There is already a symbolism for the sun in ichigo’s life and that’s Masaki. In the bleach manga, the sun may represent something different but to Ichigo (and his family) it’s already been made clear that the sun is his mom. His mom was the center of his family, she pulled them all together like the sun pulls the celestial bodies towards it. So tell me, how can Orihime be the sun, when that’s already what his mom is?  When Ulquiorra said that the sun had already set in their hands, he wasn’t talking about Orihime.  It can mean something like, "our plan is in motion” or “everything is going according to plan”. It’s like the same shit with the whole “Winged eagle, eagle without wings” Chapters. Ya think it’s about Orihime when it’s not.

Unless it’s been stated by Kubo that Orihime represents the sun to Ichigo, she’s not it. Also I’d like to add that there is already another sun in Bleach and that’s Ichigo. He is the black sun as shown by this. 

Oh and look, Rukia represents the white moon. Remember that, cause it’s important!

The last and final point this person makes involves the prelude chapter. I’m sure most of us IR fans know about it. it includes the famous “sand and rotator” poems. 

So this is the oh so logically argument here: Because Kubo include that very top statement right at Orihime’s introduction and right as she was about to talk to ichigo, it must mean that Orihime is the sun. 

Oh, so then Ichigo must be the moon then right? I mean it all makes sense! The sun was introduced in the beginning and then finally talked to her beloved moon towards the end there. YEAH! that’s it. god, how could I be so stupid? …

Kubo did not introduce that statement in the beginning because of orihime. Oh and i know that's really hard for you IH shippers to believe. I mean how is it possible for Kubo to NOT do something because of Orihime or her feelings? It’s crazy! I know! Mind = BLOWN!!

but hey! Remember when I told you to remember that part from earlier? The whole Rukia =white moon thing? Ah yes, are you putting the pieces together now? Shall I help you out there? 

let’s see… well.

Masaki = The Sun

Rukia = The White Moon

Ichigo = The Black Sun.

Orihime = Pluto? (Ya know, the planet that was demoted to a dwarf planet because it couldn’t meet all the requirements. It still orbits the sun and still has a round shape, but it’s basically not the dominant planet in its area so therefore, it’s not seen to be ‘strong’ enough to be a planet) Think this fits her pretty well dontya think? 

Aww! Did I just call the princess a dwarf planet like it was an insult? yes…yes I did. Are you mad?…I’m sorry… Maybe She’s not pluto but instead..a comet? Ya know, the small solar system body that heats up and begins to outgas when it gets close to the sun .

haha. Guess that’s worse huh? I’ll stop there.

Anyway, the point of this WHOLE rant here is to let the wonderful IH shippers out there know that Orihime will never represent the sun. The sun is such an important celestial body, and for anyone to say that Orihime represents something like that is an insult to the sun. She is not the center of bleach, nor does she illuminate anything!. The one person who has been consistently representing the light in ichigo’s life is Rukia. She has been called a ray of light for Ichigo and has been the only one to bring Ichigo out of the rain. She is the White moon that dries the rain for the Black Sun.

 Rukia is the person you want Orihime to be.

You guys don’t rely on parallels to help sail your ship because let’s be honest here, you don’t have any parallels… You can ramble on about how similar Orihime and Masaki are in terms of looks and personality, but the fact still remains that your ship is sinking…and oh boy is it sinking fast. It’ll be like the titanic except maybe it’ll be called “the ship of broken dreams”. 

Oh and one last thing. It might be time for you IH shippers to stop trying to make Orihime into what Rukia is for Ichigo. Orihime will never be anything that Rukia is to Ichigo because they are on completely different levels. Ichigo will never see Orihime as his white moon, or his ray of light, or the girl who changed his world.  That is a fact, and the sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.

Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky, is approximately 27 million light years away from earth, and its diameter is a little more than 2.7 million miles.

The volume with Orihime on the front cover with the ‘Goodbye Halcyon Days’, 'Eagle Without Wings’ and 'Winged Eagles’ chapters (which are references to alternate names of Altair and Vega) is volume 27.

Yes, I am sad, sad as a circus-lioness, sad as an eagle without wings, sad as a violin with only one string and that one broken, sad as a woman who is growing old. Sad, sad, sad…
—  Jean Rhys – Good Morning, Midnight

I had the pleasure of seeing this post here  http://kokoro-beat.tumblr.com/post/79634864557/seriously-i-cant-get-over-this-chapter-this-whole

seemingly making fun of my post here. http://thesunkissedthemoon.tumblr.com/post/79632044418/i-cant-get-over-how-scared-ichigo-looks-in-the

Now.. This person was talking about the title of that chapter “eagle without wings” and then after “Winged Eagle”. Insinuating that without Orihime, Ichigo is an eagle without his wings. Ah, but this person is wrong. It’s not because of Orihime but because of his friends. Without his friends, Ichigo is an eagle without wings. Now there are 4 chapters with this title.

End of Eagle without wings 2 (I should also mention that in this chapter, Ichigo was fighting Aizen alone and saying that he messed up his first attack on Aizen..)  


start of Winged Eagles 2

Now compare this to the first one

Ichigo realizing he has to go save Orihime on his own without his friends..

Winged Eagles

Ichigo now has his friends who will fight by his side.

These 4 chapters are similar no? Eagle without Wings is Ichigo typically by himself taking on whatever it is, and then Winged Eagles is his friends joining him. 

point is; It’s not about Orihime. :D Sorry! 

As for the rest of the argument.

“the desperation, the disbelief that Orihime is a traitor, not believing what Yamamoto said’s. The defiance, he will go no matter what you say Yamamoto.”

Rukia did the same thing? When Ukitake said Orihime might be dead….

She looks desperate to me. 

“The defiance, she will go no matter what you say Yamamoto.” Of course at the end of the chapter, Rukia leaves to go back to SS with Renji and her brother but she comes back later on….defying Yamamoto’s orders anyways.. RukiHime ftw?

Also, Tatsuki freaked out when she found out Orihime was missing…it wasn’t only Ichigo but I guess this person didn’t have time to look at the other chapters. nope, only one chapter matters because it’s filled with so much IchiHime. :3

Now this is gonna be the best part of my rant/response. Ready?

This is what happened when Rukia left…

Don’t you love how she was pictured at least FOUR times in one chapter but Orihime? Not.Even.ONCE :D

Through out the S.S. arc, Ichigo was defying ALL of soul society not just the captain commander. See he fought Vice captains and captains just go save Rukia, he broke all the rules for her. At same time he was constantly talking about Rukia “Where is Kuchiki Rukia?” “I have to go save Rukia” “Don’t ever say that in front of Rukia again” “I won’t let you die no matter what Rukia!” “I’m going to save Rukia” “That’s why I have to save her!” “I said I have to save her!” “She…saved my life”  "Is she important?“–"You can say that” “if they dare to try to stop me, I’ll defeat them all!!”  "Unless you can defeat all of us, there’s no way you can save Rukia. Are you sure you can do it? –“of course!” “I’m here to rescue her”  "I can’t die, I can’t die,  I can’t die yet, not here not now!  I can’t die yet, not yet! Move…Move damn it! Stop bleeding! I have to stand back up and fight!… I have to save Rukia!“  "I swore to my soul!” “I’ve come to save you Rukia” “Rukia saved my life”  "because of Rukia, I became a shinigami" “then I will take you to Rukia and make you cry while apologizing to her!” “thanks Rukia, because of you the rain has stopped falling”

There’s so much more, but I think this gets my point across.

 So let me know which one you honestly think is much more romantic. Defying the Captain commander or defying the captain commander, the Gotei 13 and ALL of soul society? 

Oh, I’ll add this in here for fun 

No one remembers Rukia

There’s this guy, I don’t know his name, sitting in Rukia’s seat

Not one person is speaking about Rukia

I thought at least Ishida would remember Rukia

I feel odd nothing seems out of place even without Rukia the world keeps going

Rukia was originally from that other world 

Ichigo! ya could of just said her name once. -__-’ Thinking abut her during and after school? geez…