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Your Dwarf

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A/n: I couldn’t find a gif that made sense. Anyway this is the last installment of my Nori three-shot. Although I’m quite disappointed in myself that there’s not much Nori in here. 

Part 1 - Part 2 MASTER LIST

To say the battle was gruesome was the understatement of the century. It was literal hell. There were many fallen on all sides. So much elves. So much of your kin.

You pull your sword out of yet another orc and you notice four goats running up to Ravenhill. You grab onto a lose goat and follow the dwarves up the hill. You had a bad feeling about their destination. When you get there the four dwarves are looking around for, what you guess is, Azog.

They pull their weapons on you as you come up behind them, but they relax as they realize its you.

“What are you doing here, elf?” Thorin asks.

“I think you are forgetting that I am the one who let you go in the first place,” you retort, looking around as well. “Forgive me, your highness,” he says but you know he is not apologetic.    

“Where has Azog gone?” you ask, an uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. “We don’t know. We were just about to look. Fili take your brother and scout out the towers. Stay low and out of sight,” Thorin orders

“I will follow you both. Three is better than two,” you say and the durin brothers nod and Thorin just stares at you. You ignore him and lead the Durins ahead.

When you get to the towers, Fili makes you stop. “We should split up. We will cover better ground that way,” he says moving towards the stairs and that bad feeling suddenly returns to your stomach.

“No,” you say. Fili gives you an odd look. “Look, Princess-“

“No, prince. We will stay together,” you say firmly and your glare doesn’t waiver. He sighs and nods in agreement. The three of you scan the bottom level and you hear footsteps coming from the stairs and you were pretty sure they were not Thorin’s. You pull your weapons and the Durin’s follow. The three of you fight off as much orcs as you can before you are outnumbered.

“We must retreat,” you say, pulling your sword out of the orc. The brothers nod and the three of you leaving the towers. As soon as you are on the ice, you hear a shout. You three turn to fine Azog standing on the highest part of the tower and you realize that if Fili had left, he would’ve died a horrible death.

“It was a trap,” you hear Fili breathe. “Nice of you to notice. Let us make our way back to the others,” You say.

“Fili! Kili! Thank goodness you’re alright! Bolg has an army of gundabad orcs headed this way,” Bilbo says breathlessly as you find the two other dwarves.

How the hobbit managed to get up here you had no idea.

“Yes. We’ve noticed that. If it wasn’t for Princess, I probably would not have been standing here,” Fili says. “It’s Y/n. Just fyi,” you tell him, annoyed that he didn’t remember your name after you saved his brother’s life at Bard’s house. He sends you a smirk.

“I know, but I like princes better, princess,” he says and you roll your eyes at him as you see Legolas and Tauriel also making their way towards you.

“Muindor!” you exclaim, happy to see your brother alive and well. “Muinthel. I was worried you had perished,” he says and you shake your head. “I am fine. However we must take care of the orcs,” you say and he nods.

Together, the eight of you try to dispatch as much orcs as possible. Although after almost watching the hobbit almost get beheaded, you and Thorin had sent Bilbo back down the hill to ask for reinforcements.

Throughout the battle, you and Thorin had some how got separated from the group and were now facing the pale orc.

“Elf scum. You were the reason for my failure,” Azong spits out and you twirl your sword. You were not going to attack. This was Thorin’s fight and his alone.

Thorin moves first and every goes by in a blur. One moment Azog was floating underwater and the next Thorin was being stabbed through the foot. You hear footsteps behind you and you turn around to block an attack from Bolg. It was father and son versus elf and dwarf and after watching your brother get beaten, you were not too sure you could handle this.

You break the tension between the two of you and move to stab his chest. He catches it instead and pulls, hard, making you fly further onto the ice. He moves to you, but is stopped by Legolas and Tauriel. Bless your brother.

The three of you quickly dispatch him and you cry out as a sword pierces your flesh. Azog had left Thorin and now had his arm through your abdomen. He gives you a smirk before he’s suddenly beheaded by the king. You pull away from Azog and tumble onto your brother.

Thorin looks to be okay and so do the rest of the dwarves. You spy the eagles flying through the sky and Beorn and Rhadagast getting off of the eagles.

“Thorin,” you call out and the dwarf king limps his way over to you as Legolas lays you on the ground. “C-can you tell the thief that I will miss him?” you ask him, blood pouring out of your mouth.

“No, Lady Y/n. You will tell Nori yourself. You have been through too much to just leave us now,” Thorin says.

He didn’t know much about you, but he still held you in high regards after you let them go. Plus, Nori would not shut up about you and your future life together.

You smile sadly at him.

“I doubt that I will make it, King Thorin. Legolas. Please, tell father that I’m sorry for being such a disappointment,” you say again, slowly starting lose consciousness.

“Muinthel, just hold on,” Legolas pleads, but it goes deaf to your ears. You close your eyes seeing a very bright light and the image of your mother.

Pain. That is all you could feel. Very excruciating pain. What did you do to deserve this? You were just having a lovely conversation with your mother and suddenly your body was aching all over. You let out a rather loud groan and suddenly, you feel your head being lifted up and a cup being pressed to your mouth. You swallow slowly and open your eyes.

There in front of you is the starfished dwarf. Although, his braids did come out so it’s not really in the shape of a starfish anymore. You close your eyes as he lets your head fall back.

“That’s it. I must be dead because Nori would never be by my side,” you mutter. “You are everything but, princess,” you hear another voice say and you open your eyes to find Fili sitting on a chair. You look around again and Thorin is lying on the bed next to yours with several bandages wrapped around his body including his foot. You sit up quickly making you bump heads with Nori.

You both let out a groan and another hand pushes you back. “You should not be sitting up so soon, y/n,” Oin says and you lie back. “I’m still questioning why I’m still alive,” you say, trying to relax.

“Did you want to die you irresponsible elf?” Nori exclaims and you look at him in surprise. You didn’t take him as a serious dwarf.

“You go charging after four dwarves you don’t even know only to get yourself almost killed for said stupid dwarves,” Nori says earning a growl from Thorin and Fili.

“Oh shut it. You’re not king yet, Thorin,” Nori retorts glaring at the other dwarf. “And when I do become King, I’ll make sure you’re punished for that,” thorin mutters. “Oh boo hoo. What were you thinking, y/n? You almost died because of these two thicker headed Durins!” Nori exclaims.

“Arlight, Oin. Get me out of here before I murder the dwarf before he gets a chance to court her properly,” Thorin says, sitting up and wincing. Thorin leaves with the help of Fili and Oin.

“I think you’re being a bit too harsh,” you tell him, ignoring Oin’s prognosis and sitting up. “Of course I’m not! Thorin knew you were my one and yet he still let you almost get killed!” Nori shouts and you wince at the noise. “One?” you ask not understanding the traditions of dwarves.

“A one is someone who a dwarf is meant to be with for the rest of their lives.  That is what you are to me. The love of my life. Although a dwarf has a one, that doesn’t mean that their one has to love them back,” he says, looking at your blanket unsure if you could love him back.

You reach out to grab his hand and he looks at you.

“I thought I was quite clear on the fact that I was in love with, Master Thief. Why else would I let you go and then follow you against my father’s order?” you ask smiling.

“I just never thought that an elf could love a dwarf. Especially a thief,” he replies and you laugh. “Of course I could love a thief. Especially if it was you,” you tell him and with that you pull him into a kiss. 

When you both have to come back for air, you lean on each other’s foreheads, smiling happily. 

You pull back and reach for the chain on your neck and tug on it. 

“I do believe, Master Thief, that you have a braid to make,” you say, handing him his bead and his eyes widen.

“I did not expect you to have it still,” he tells you, taking his bead into his hand. 

“Did you expect me to throw it away?” you ask laughing. “Yes?” he asks back and you kiss his cheek.

“You, master thief, still have a ways to go,” you tell him and he smiles, tugging at your hair and putting a braid in your hair.

Your father was not going to be too happy, but you couldn’t care less. As long as you had your thief in your arms, you couldn’t be happier.

Codenames ft. TF2
  • Soldier: from now on we'll be using code names! you can call me 'EAGLE ONE'!!
  • Soldier: demoman, you'll be 'Been There Done That.'
  • Demo: ...
  • Solider: zhanna, 'CURRENTLY DOING THAT'!
  • Zhanna: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Soldier: medic, you'll be, 'It Happened Once in a Dream'!
  • Medic: not my type.
  • Soldier: engie, 'If I Had to Pick a Soldier.'
  • Engineer: alrighty then pardner lol
  • Soldier: SPY!
  • Spy:
  • Soldier:
  • Spy:
  • Soldier: you are 'eagle two'
  • Spy: oh dieu merci