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Earlier today, I learned that Josh Potter passed away. He was 21. I met Josh in 2013, when he was part of the cast of The Fault in Our Stars film. Josh had cancer for more than half his life, and he shared his experiences and feelings very generously with the movie’s cast and crew. But he was not defined by his illness: A huge fan of railroads and trains, he became an accomplished train photographer, and just before the end of his life traveled the U.S. photographing some of his favorites. (You can see some of his pictures here, at his flickr.) He was an Eagle Scout whose community service project focused on bringing comfort to kids in hospitals. He was a loving son, friend, brother, and partner. The affection and commitment he shared with his longtime partner Megan was profoundly moving, and he was uncommonly gentle and caring.

My son, who is generally suspicious of teenagers, took to Josh immediately, and they romped all over the TFIOS set together with Shailene, as you can see in the pictures above. He was just a wonderful person, and I am so sorry for the loss his family and loved ones are going through.

Godspeed, Josh.




You can donate here to Letitia’s specific project regarding a cage that is being built to help rehabilitate birds of prey. She receives no funding and rehabilitates these birds on her own time and money. 

Even if the $500 goal is reached, please keep donating because as you can see, the cage alone will cost $1200, and funding is always needed.

She is crucially in need of donations of money or meat. So if you live near Carencro, LA, they can use unseasoned chicken, beef, deer, squirrel, rabbit, etc., or gift cards. The birds are eating over 30 mice a night. She receives hundreds of birds a year and 50% are injured or orphaned due to human impact. 

Please reblog if you can’t help.


Today I officially finished my Eagle Scout Project! We installed the shelves, attached them to the ceiling, and I’m fucking done! Now I just have to fill out paper work, and complete 5 more merit badges, and I have Eagle!

Also I have compiled an epic rock medley which I will preform with Mike at the end of next year at our spring concert most likely. It will be the evolution of rock through the ages. It will go like this (keep in mind, we only have on guitar, one vocalist, and on the side, I’m gonna play viola at some parts):

Great Balls of Fire-Jerry Lee Lewis
Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry

Revolution-The Beatles
Either I Can’t Explain or My Generation-The Who (most likely I Can’t Explain)

These I’m not sure about right now, but I think they’ll work
Sugar Magnolia-Grateful Dead
Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd

I’m thinking a Van Halen song (Top Jimmy?)
And I guess Aerosmith. Maybe Ragdoll

Something by The Offspring (Light It Up)
And then to end we will do Green Day’s Time of your Life. I will pick up my viola at the end and do the violin solo.

For those who enjoy this music, what do you think? 

"Never work at Walmart kid."

This weekend I’m going kayaking for the first time in about two years. I’m going with my Boy Scout troop. I’ll SPL this weekend which is great because that means I don’t have to do much besides make sure nobody does anything stupid. 

Today I did more work on my Eagle project. I went around to stores begged asked for donations. I went to Starbucks and saw Brendan there. The guy from Starbucks said he’ll be able to give me a box of coffee(I forget what Starbucks calls it).
Next I went to Target, and I walked up to a guy and asked for the manager, and he said he was it. We talked and he gave me a $25 gift card for target! I went next to Walmart. I was brought by a guy into a back room where he and my dad talked for a while, while we waited for the manager to get out of a meeting. There was a woman on here break who gave me life advice, “Never work at Walmart kid”. We waited a while, and ended up leaving because it was taking too long. Next I went to The Home Depot where I was told that I would need a special code that would allow them to give me a donation tax free, which was bull shit, I should just be able to show them my Boy Scout ID card and get it but whatever.

Then I went back to asking for food. I went to a bagel place where the owner didn’t even look at me. I went to a Dunkin Donuts, where the manager said he’ll get back to me, and I went to another bagel place where they said come back tomorrow. I went to one pizza place that said to come back tomorrow, and the same thing at another pizza place.  

Then I did a fartlek run, and now I just realized I have to go get another fu*king form signed.  

just got back from my meeting with the museum people. I’m glad I met with them, if I had to do one more e-mail, I would have snapped. The people thus far I have had to deal with were fucking annoying. And picky. But in person was easier to deal with. Today though I met the most useful person thus far. He’s the workman of the group, so he actually knows what needs to be done.

People. I hate dealing with the annoying ones.

Riverhead Books announced the winner of its Little Free Library sweepstakes today. A 15-year-old Boy Scout from Harlingen, TX struggle to find an Eagle Scout project with meaning until he learned about Little Free Library [LFL], an Innovations in Reading Prize-winner.

“What a great concept and way to give back to my community. If you look at the LFL world map there is only one library in our entire region. You can certainly see a void for hundreds of miles in every direction. My dad always tells me to try and leave a legacy and that’s what I hope to do with this project. My goal isn’t to just build one LFL but to start a movement in the Valley with LFLs in our region.”

The prize was judged by Riverhead authors and voted on by the public. Read more of his winning entry here.


Johnny Prairie Seed…

There is an American folktale about a man who planted apple trees across the U.S. He was called Johnny Appleseed… Some of you may recognize my 14 year old Parker, who is obviously not Johnny Appleseed, but he is a pint size hero… For his Boy Scout Eagle project, he is restoring a bit of Iowa’s Tall Grass Prairie back to its original state on the grounds of his school… the project has commenced with him growing seedlings of 50 some odd prairie species so that he’ll recognize the seedlings during his planting of the larger plot. This is taking place at my university’s prairie greenhouse… 

The greens in the lower image are Black Eyed Susan seedlings!

Riley Fritz, 29, was a bass player who loved animals
Riley "Feral Pines" Fritz with her rescue dog Grimma, circa 2015


Riley Fritz, a garage band bass player and art school graduate who was always trailed by a rescue dog, was confirmed dead Monday in the fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland. “A very soft, sensitive, caring person,” said her father, Bruce Fritz of Westport, Conn. “A very gentle soul. Never had a bad word to say about other people.” Riley Fritz, who was 29 and also went by the name Feral Pines, was a transgender woman and one of several queer people to perish in the inferno. She had moved from out of state to Oakland in September and was living with friends while raising a rescue dog named Grimma, said her father. “Always loved animals,” said Bruce Fritz, who noted that as her childhood Eagle Scout project Riley had built wooden bird houses and placed them around Westport in an attempt to lure back the native kestrel, a member of the falcon family. Sure enough, the birds returned, attracted to those houses and habitat. “They were trying to help the population recover,” said the elder Fritz. “It’s always nice to see that it works.” Riley Fritz was born and raised in Westport, an affluent New York City suburb across the Connecticut line, on Long Island Sound. Both of her parents are realtors. She played youth hockey and was a dedicated Cub Scout and Boy Scout, attending scout jamborees as far away as Scotland. She attended public schools and, at Staples High School, she hosted a radio show on the campus station, introducing Ska to student listeners. She took up the bass, played in several bands and always had a jam going in the garage. She graduated in 2005 and moved to New York City to study print making at the School of Visual Arts. Riley was not her given name but upon graduation, in 2005, she informed her parents that she would be heretofore known as Riley. “She identified as a woman and I considered her my sister and always will,” said stepbrother Ben Fritz, 39, a Los Angeles journalist. “As is true of all trans people, life was hard for her, but she was very brave in following a path that is true to herself.” After living in North Carolina and Indiana, Riley Fritz moved to Oakland in September, to “be part of the trans community where she was more comfortable,” said her brother. She worked odd jobs and had plans to start a new band. “When I saw her at Thanksgiving, she was the happiest I had seen her in while,” he said.