eagle princess


Star Wars: A New Hope /// The Wrong Jedi.

“Forgive me if I’m not optimistic. I thought I was part of that Order. But everyone except Anakin, has abandoned me. I’m not holding out much hope the Senate will treat me any better.”

This is one heartbreaking parallel, both daughters of Anakin Skywalker got themselves into a mess and only one of them got the help she needed from him. Ahoska Tano, Anakin’s former padawan and might as well be his first daughter. She met the Light side of him and became an important person in his life. She trusted him with her life and he did that same for her. When Ahsoka was falsely accused Anakin did everything he could. He never stopped. He made sure not one clone-trooper fire at her to “kill”. He made sure she had the best of attorneys *smirks*. He hunted down Asajj Ventress and finally apprehend the real culprit, Barriss Offee. Ahsoka met the kind caring person.

With Princess Leia however, most unfortunate for her, she met the Dark side of him, currently known as Darth Vader. Vader never knew he had a living child, let alone a daughter. His objective is to get the Princess to talk about the stolen data and he’d use any means necessary to get her to talk. The Princess met the cold-hearted killing machine.


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Rise of the Eagle Princess

Sixty years ago, under the light of the red comet, your grandfather conquered the world.
Now, a new comet is rising in the sky, but I do not know if it will bring triumph or ruin.
I have read it in the earth; I have heard it in the wind: the new comet is your destiny. It is on you, child, that the fate of the world depends…

So What’s the Game?

(Burkit, Alaqai’s Hunting Eagle)

Rise of the Eagle Princess is going to be the first game from the Ododon Games Company, an RPG in the style of 90s classics like Final Fantasy 6 and Phantasy Star 4. It is story driven and character focused and has a really bunch of talented people working on it, plus me.

So What’s the Story?

(Alaqai, not impressed)

Rise of the Eagle Princess tells the story of Alaqai, a princess of the Musoolian Empire, a world-spanning, fractious, and multicultural empire governed by her five brothers: Koyor, Gurban, Dorov, Tabun and the Emperor Zurgaa. While on a simple mission to collect tribute, she discovers schemes and plots that could plunge the empire into a civil war. Fighting to save her family’s legacy, she will travel to all five khanates of the empire, gathering a party companions from all over the world, and learn secrets not only about her world’s history but her own family!

While the setting and cultures of Rise of the Eagle Princess are inspired by the history of Central Asia and particularly the Mongolian Empire, it is a fantasy story in a world with prophecy, monsters, and ancient technologies buried in remote ruins.

So What’s this Blog?

(A slime. Who doesn’t love slimes?)

On this blog, the contributors to the game will be posting semi-regular updates with game design, music, comic panels, background, and so on, until the game comes out. We also might signal boost some of the other great projects our contributors are working on.