eagle in the rain

This photo was taken about forty miles from Portland, almost an hour ago (EDIT: By which I mean Monday night, around 10:30): 

They’ve closed the major highway that’s next to the river, I-84 (this photo was taken from the opposite bank of the Columbia River). They had to evacuate several towns, and rescue 140 hikers. The most recent estimate I can find is 4,800 acres are on fire. 

The sun has been red all day. The moon is so obscured by smoke it’s dark red and barely visible even though it’s only a few days from full. 

It’s raining ash so heavily in Portland that people are comparing it to the ash fall after Mt. St. Helens blew in 1980. Right now, at night, in the headlights of cars it looks just like snow flurries. On my two-mile bicycle ride home I kept having to blink it out of my eyes (it feels like sand, almost). It’s collecting on flat surfaces. I tried to breathe through my nose but then my nose ran too much–I’ll probably ride to work tomorrow with a scarf over my face. I kinda wish I had either prescription swimming goggles or a snowboarding mask or something. 

Only a third of houses in Portland have a/c and it’s super hot still; I can’t imagine being someone with asthma and no a/c right now. Just the bike ride home gave me a mild sore throat. 

Pika (aka barking mouse bunnies) make their home in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of Oregon and Washington. And a huge stretch of it is currently on fire–because some fucking dipshit on a hike at Eagle Creek set off fireworks, despite the fact that we’ve had zero rain for like two fucking months. 

Imbolc Playlist

Admit it.

Sometimes pagan jams are a bit too folksy or ambient for a gathering. I feel you. I love my ambient folk as much as the next witch but as your prepping the food, gathering the herbs, or post rit as the circle opens and it’s time to just hang skyclad with your coven in the hot tub after your group bathing ritual. You want something that hits a wider variety of musical tastes. 

I made this list with the idea that I could listen to it on the lead up to a Sabbat to get pumped and then as the party track list for while we’re doing the stuff before and after circle. Each track is themed for the Sabbat and I tried to hit as many genres as I could. 

That said, I can’t know all music. what else belongs on this playlist?

The Quickening by Spiral Dance 
Florence + The Machine - What the Water Gave Me
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics
Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
Witchy Woman - Eagles
Anaconda - The Educational Version (Nicki Minaj Parody)
Blackmore’s Night - The Circle
Sesame Street Rubber Ducky Song
Medusaby MissNightMare
Rise Up by Spiral Dance
Kerli - Blossom
Inkubus sukkubus - Witches
Cauldron - Into The Cauldron
Cauldron - Empress
Melt The Ice Away
Brighids Kiss, Trinitiy
Deityby KeepMusicPagan
O.Children - Swimby Dan Amariei
Lisa Thiel - Imbolc 
The Gits - A Change Is Gonna Come
Brighid by Kellianna
Cracker - Another Song About the Rain
Bridget’s Song by Celia
Voltaire - Ravens Land 
Incubus & D.J. Greyboy - Familiar
Woman of the Earthby Nika Prusova
Avicii - Feeling Good (feat. Audra Mae)
Witch’s Rune by SJ Tucker 
Puscifer - The Humbling River 
Ibeyi - River
Daughter of the Elements ~ Music by Lisa Thiel
Portishead - Glory Box
Rock the Goddess by Serpentine Arborvitae
The Sword - Maiden, Mother & Crone
Мельница - Река (Ангелофрения. Аудио)
Mystic - Neptune’s Jewels
Cernunnos Rising - Imbolc 
Behold by  Spinner McBride
Goddess by Various Artists
The Gits - Second Skin
Bridget’s Song by RavynStar
Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moonby Hiago de Carvalho
Ibeyi - Oyaby
Mordred’s Lullaby- Lyrics by joanne zeehond
Madonna - Frozen
Ocean Gipsy by Neboola
Phaeleh - Whistling in the Dark feat. Augustus Ghost 
Brighid’s Flame~The Story Of Imbolc by Summer Rose
Tribute to our Goddess Lilith by Worland’s & Wills
O. Children - Oceanside - Apnea 
The Kinks - Better Things (1981)

It was very damp and misty–which some people from outside the Pacific Northwest consider to be rain, but I do not. This is typical weather for the Pacific Northwest and Olympia. It is often wet in Olympia, but we have an average of only 49.95 inches a year of actual precipitation. That’s less than in Denver. In Olympia, the air is damp, and water collects and drips from everywhere. We do not get big downpours, but we get damp and spongy.

I don’t care. It helps the trees grow, and I climb the trees.
—  The Eagle Tree, by Ned Hayes 

The fire in the Columbia River Gorge has been burning for 3 days and is getting closer and closer to my area. I live just outside of Gresham, so I’m hoping I’ll be fine, but there’s smoke and ash everywhere and all of my favorite scenic places are burning down. The freeway nearest to my house is now completely closed. My anxiety is so high. We need rain so bad. People are being forced to leave their homes and this fire has destroyed 4,800 acres already. All because some selfish idiot decided to play with fireworks in the forest. This is devastating.

As the wildfire spreads evacuations are getting closer to our home. Praying for the fires to be contained. Praying for strength to the men and women risking their lives and volunteering time away from their loved ones. Praying for the ones who are displaced and evacuated from their homes. I hope the rain will start soon. 🌨🙏🏼

A Viking’s Vow: Part II

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Again: blame @persephone-is-here-omg for this mess. You see the original idea was just to do a oneshot, but the feedback was so great that I decided to make a part two and then another idea came into my head so there is going to be a part three and all of these thoughts of Ivar trying and discovering new things with his Spanish wife popped up and uh, well… you know! This part is not particularly smutty because Sophia and Ivar need to know and trust who they are getting into bed with- but brace yourself for the next chapter: things just might move along a little quicker than expected.

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Pixelot - The Adventure Continues!

So if you have gotten a chance to play the Pixelot Beta, then you know the game stops just after you defeat the first boss. No longer! I have been hard at work continuing and fleshing out the story in Pixelot! I have added two more recruitable characters and a brand new map with plenty to explore.

Once you defeat the first dungeon, you are transported to a mythical realm and confronted by Astrum, a powerful wizard that has summoned you to the land of Pixelot, to combat a dark power that is sweeping over the land. After defeating the first boss you come into the possession of the Earth Crystal, one of 6 crystals that will be paramount to stopping this darkness. Not only is the crystal important, but it also gives your characters new passive powers such as reducing damage taken, increasing power and even causing your attacks to heal you. Each class has its own new power! As you progress in the game you will collect new crystals and in turn new powers. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/1AIgTyPVSmk

Returning home, you get the opportunity to talk to the village elder, who thanks you for all of your help by giving you some very rare silver ore. He urges you to see the Blacksmith Ryan. Upon doing so, you are able to recruit Ryan to join your team. Ryan boasts incredible offensive powers and a number of defensive to boot. This also allows you to have a full four man team! He also comes equipped with some truly stellar items

In addition to recruiting Ryan you can also leave the town of Luma through its southern gate. This leads you to the brand new area, the “Mortal Pass”, a valley riddled with treasure, mercenaries, and dangerous enemies. You will have to watch out for bears with great defenses and eagles that rain lightning upon you. A notable new enemy is the “Mimic”. If you have ever played Golden Sun, or Dungeons and dragons, then you know that a mimic takes the appearance of a treasure chest, but is actually a boss! This enemy has a powerful attack that puts all of your best abilities on cooldown! You can watch the epic battle and the blacksmith in action here: https://youtu.be/CwA-MsFdFYc

The mercenaries present a terrible problem as you try to navigate the Mortal Pass. There are knights with incredible defense, hammer wielding warriors that will stun your team, and axe wielding madmen that attack your whole team at once. Luckily you can recruit a powerful ally to help you combat them! Chase the Gambler! Chase has a unique play style in that his attacks could change each turn! You really have to roll the dice when playing him and you can really come up big! This is also a big deal because it forces you to pick your four favorite of the five characters you have, giving the player a lot of free will.

All this has been a lot but there is still sooooo much more to come! I’m working on the mercenary hideout now and there will be 4 new hirable characters in there! Yes you heard me, 4! I’m also working on re adding the oracle class to the game as a playable character from the beginning! Stay tuned for more updates because I promise you they are coming!

As usual at this time of year, the sky was filled with fog and the air all around us was misty. My mother had the windshield wipers going, to wipe away the accumulated mist. But it was not really raining. If you stepped outside of the car, you would only gradually get damp, and only after a few hours would you actually be soaked.

I am merely explaining this because I have seen that people write about the Puget Sound region in the Pacific Northwest having a lot of rain. And this is not technically accurate. We do not have large amounts of rain that fall on us. Instead, we have a constant very low level of precipitation. It is as if we live inside of a cloud for nine months of the year.
—  Ned Hayes, The Eagle Tree

Tarascan signs for days of the month

a.) Uxpi (alligator)

b.) Tarhíyata (wind)

c.) Kuahta (house)

d.) Uahzáki (lizard)

e.) Akuítze (serpent)

f.) Uárhini (death)

g.) Axúni (deer)

h.) Auani (rabbit)

i.) Itsí (water)

j.) Uíchu (dog)

k.) Ozóma (monkey)

l.) Uitzákua (grass)

m.) Isimba (cane)

n.) Puki (jaguar)

o.) Uakúsi (eagle)

p.) Tukúru (owl)

q.) Yúrniri (quake)

r.) Tzhinápu (flint)

s.) Mánikua (rain)

t.) Tsitsíki (flower)

Tarascan months

April 9-28 - name not given

April 29 - May 18 - name not given

May 19 - June 7 - Mazcuto

June 8-27 - Uazcata Cónscuaro

June 28 - July 17 - Caheri Cónscuaro

July 18 - August 6 - Hanciñáscuaro

August 7-26 - Hicuándiro

August 27 - September 15 - Sicuindiro

September 16 - October 5 - Charapuzapi

October 6-25 - Uapánscuaro

October 26 - November 14 - Cheriuapánscuaro

November 15 - December 4 - name not given

December 5-24 - Peuánscuaro

December 25 - January 13 - Curindaro

January 14 - February 2 - Tzitacuarenscuaro

February 3-22 - Purecoracua

February 23 - March 14 - Cuingo

March 15 - April 13 - Unisperacuaro

April 4-8 - extra days

Classic rock quotes for the signs


Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the dark.

You can’t start a fire without a spark,
this gun’s for hire,
even if we’re just dancing in the dark.


Guns ‘n Roses, November rain.

So never mind the darkness
We still find a way.
Cause nothing lasts forever
Even cold November rain.


Eagles, Desperado.

Freedom, well that’s someone talking,
your prison is walking all through life alone.


Steve Nicks & Don Henley, Leather & Lace

I have my own life
and I am stronger than you know.
But I carry this feeling,
when you walk in my house,
that you won’t be walking out the door.


Fleetwood Mac, Silver Springs

Time casts a spell on you,
but you won’t forget me.
I could’ve loved you,
but you wouldn’t let me.


Eagles, Tequila sunrise.

It’s just another tequila sunrise,
this old world still looks the same.


Skid Row, I remember you.

Remember walking hand in hand.
Love letters in the sand.
I remember you.
Through sleepless nights, though every endless day.
I wanna hear you say, I remember you.


Pink Floyd, Wish you were here.

So you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail, a smile from a veil?


Steppenwolf, Born to be wild.

Get your motor running.
Head out on the highway.
Looking for adventure in whatever comes my way.


Aerosmith, What it takes.

Tell me how it is that you can sleep at night without thinking you lost everything that was good in your life,
to the toss of a dice.


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Crimson and Clover

Ah. Now I don’t hardly know her.
But I think I could love her.
Crimson and clover.
Over and over.


Kansas, Carry on my wayward son.

Once I rose above the noise and confusion. Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion. I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high.