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Imbolc Playlist

Admit it.

Sometimes pagan jams are a bit too folksy or ambient for a gathering. I feel you. I love my ambient folk as much as the next witch but as your prepping the food, gathering the herbs, or post rit as the circle opens and it’s time to just hang skyclad with your coven in the hot tub after your group bathing ritual. You want something that hits a wider variety of musical tastes. 

I made this list with the idea that I could listen to it on the lead up to a Sabbat to get pumped and then as the party track list for while we’re doing the stuff before and after circle. Each track is themed for the Sabbat and I tried to hit as many genres as I could. 

That said, I can’t know all music. what else belongs on this playlist?

The Quickening by Spiral Dance 
Florence + The Machine - What the Water Gave Me
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics
Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
Witchy Woman - Eagles
Anaconda - The Educational Version (Nicki Minaj Parody)
Blackmore’s Night - The Circle
Sesame Street Rubber Ducky Song
Medusaby MissNightMare
Rise Up by Spiral Dance
Kerli - Blossom
Inkubus sukkubus - Witches
Cauldron - Into The Cauldron
Cauldron - Empress
Melt The Ice Away
Brighids Kiss, Trinitiy
Deityby KeepMusicPagan
O.Children - Swimby Dan Amariei
Lisa Thiel - Imbolc 
The Gits - A Change Is Gonna Come
Brighid by Kellianna
Cracker - Another Song About the Rain
Bridget’s Song by Celia
Voltaire - Ravens Land 
Incubus & D.J. Greyboy - Familiar
Woman of the Earthby Nika Prusova
Avicii - Feeling Good (feat. Audra Mae)
Witch’s Rune by SJ Tucker 
Puscifer - The Humbling River 
Ibeyi - River
Daughter of the Elements ~ Music by Lisa Thiel
Portishead - Glory Box
Rock the Goddess by Serpentine Arborvitae
The Sword - Maiden, Mother & Crone
Мельница - Река (Ангелофрения. Аудио)
Mystic - Neptune’s Jewels
Cernunnos Rising - Imbolc 
Behold by  Spinner McBride
Goddess by Various Artists
The Gits - Second Skin
Bridget’s Song by RavynStar
Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moonby Hiago de Carvalho
Ibeyi - Oyaby
Mordred’s Lullaby- Lyrics by joanne zeehond
Madonna - Frozen
Ocean Gipsy by Neboola
Phaeleh - Whistling in the Dark feat. Augustus Ghost 
Brighid’s Flame~The Story Of Imbolc by Summer Rose
Tribute to our Goddess Lilith by Worland’s & Wills
O. Children - Oceanside - Apnea 
The Kinks - Better Things (1981)

As usual at this time of year, the sky was filled with fog and the air all around us was misty. My mother had the windshield wipers going, to wipe away the accumulated mist. But it was not really raining. If you stepped outside of the car, you would only gradually get damp, and only after a few hours would you actually be soaked.

I am merely explaining this because I have seen that people write about the Puget Sound region in the Pacific Northwest having a lot of rain. And this is not technically accurate. We do not have large amounts of rain that fall on us. Instead, we have a constant very low level of precipitation. It is as if we live inside of a cloud for nine months of the year.
—  Ned Hayes, The Eagle Tree
Parliament attack: 'A guy came past with a big knife and just started plunging it into the policeman'

The bodies that lay scattered on Westminster Bridge told the horrible, brutal truth. Victims lay in pools of blood on the pavement or else in the road. One person had jumped out of the way - or else been hit so violently hard by a speeding car- and ended up at the bottom of the stone steps that lead from the Embankment up to the bridge.

The body appeared lifeless and spread-eagled, a pool of blood gathering on the rain-soaked pavement. It didn’t look like anything could help him.

The photographs and video footage, much of it too distressing to publish, revealed the devastating aftermath of what had long been feared but sadly predicted - a seeming terrorist attack on the political centre of the United Kingdom. At just after 2.40pm on Wednesday afternoon, the Palace of Westminster came under attack.

Pedestrians were left with ‘catastrophic injuries’ Credit: Radosław Sikorski 

Eyewitness accounts described how a grey car sped along Westminster Bridge, heading northbound towards Parliament Square. 

Richard Tice told Sky News how he had seen between eight and 10 bodies lying prostrate on the ground on Westminster Bridge. “The car drove along the pavement knocking people over,” said Mr Tice.

The car, a Hyundai i40 SUV, mowed down anyone in its way.

Radek Sikorski, Poland’s former foreign minister and now a senior fellow with the Harvard Centre for European Studies, had been in a taxi being driven on the bridge. 

Mr Sikorski posted a video to Twitter showing people lying injured in the road. He estimated at least five people were lying on the ground after being “mown down” by a car.

“I heard what I thought was just a collision and then I looked through the window of the taxi and someone down, obviously in great distress,” he told the BBC.

“Then I saw a second person down, and I started filming, then I saw three more people down, one of them bleeding profusely.”

The car then drove on to the pavement under the shadow of Big Ben and crashed into the iron railings that surround parliament. The driver, described as an Asian-looking man in his 40s, jumped out of the vehicle and begun running down the road and around the corner to the gates of parliament that allow entry and exit for the cars for dignitaries.

The man was wielding what has been described variously as either a large knife or else a machete. He then stabbed a police officer before being shot himself. Witness heard three to six shots ring out. The attacker had managed to reach inside parliament’s compound, maybe 50 feet from the entrance gate before finally being stopped. 

The Hyundai crashed into railings

Rick Longley told the Press Association how he saw the man stab the policeman.

Fighting back tears, he said: “We were just walking up to the station and there was a loud bang and a guy, someone, crashed a car and took some pedestrians out.

“They were just laying there and then the whole crowd just surged around the corner by the gates just opposite Big Ben.

“A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started plunging it into the policeman.

“I have never seen anything like that. I just can’t believe what I just saw.”

A member of the public is treated by emergency services near Westminster Bridge Credit:  Carl Court/ Getty Images Europe

Katie Marthini, who was on holiday and visiting Westminster, said: “We heard four shots. It was in the enclosure next to Big Ben. I was next to it. I didn’t see what happened next, it’s terrifying we ran. Everyone was running.”

Quentin Letts, the Daily Mail’s parliamentary sketch writer, said he saw a man dressed in black attack a police officer outside Parliament before being shot two or three times as he tried to storm the House of Commons.

“I saw a thick-set man in black clothes come through the gates into New Palace Yard, just below Big Ben,” he told the BBC.

“He had something in his hand, it looked like a stick of some sort, and he was challenged by a couple of policemen in yellow jackets.

“And one of the yellow-jacketed policemen fell down and we could see the man in black moving his arm in a way that suggested he was stabbing or striking the yellow-jacketed policeman.”

The other officer ran to get help and the man in black ran about 15 yards towards the entrance, he said.

Police trying to keep control Credit:  Jamie Lorriman

He added: “As this attacker was running towards the entrance two plain-clothed guys with guns shouted at him what sounded like a warning, he ignored it and they shot two or three times and he fell.”

Kevin Schofield, the editor of PoliticsHome.com, heard “a very loud bang” from the press gallery inside the Houses of Parliament followed by lots of shouting and men running around.

Police officer being treated for stab wounds at the scene (right) Credit:  Stefan Rousseau/PA

He initially thought it was a car crash but then he looked outside the window to a heavily-guarded area outside which is out of bounds to the public.

He told Sky News: “Someone rushed through, attacked a policeman, a policeman went down, another policeman came and he was rescued.

“The man who had assaulted him got up and he appeared to be carrying either a knife or a gun. Then we heard gunfire, lots of gunfire, maybe five or six rounds.

“All I remember seeing is the man approaching the police officer probably with a knife and then there was gunfire.

“He was walking towards a second policeman with his arm outstretched, with what looked like a knife in his hand, having already assaulted another policeman.

“It was at that moment that you realised that something serious was happening - a man had broken in to Parliament and had a weapon.”

Parliament was suspended and Theresa May bundled into a silver Jaguar and bundled from the premises. 

An air ambulance helicopter landed in Parliament Square and paramedics rushed to treat the injured. Others were driven off in ambulances. 


Classic rock quotes for the signs


Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the dark.

You can’t start a fire without a spark,
this gun’s for hire,
even if we’re just dancing in the dark.


Guns ‘n Roses, November rain.

So never mind the darkness
We still find a way.
Cause nothing lasts forever
Even cold November rain.


Eagles, Desperado.

Freedom, well that’s someone talking,
your prison is walking all through life alone.


Steve Nicks & Don Henley, Leather & Lace

I have my own life
and I am stronger than you know.
But I carry this feeling,
when you walk in my house,
that you won’t be walking out the door.


Fleetwood Mac, Silver Springs

Time casts a spell on you,
but you won’t forget me.
I could’ve loved you,
but you wouldn’t let me.


Eagles, Tequila sunrise.

It’s just another tequila sunrise,
this old world still looks the same.


Skid Row, I remember you.

Remember walking hand in hand.
Love letters in the sand.
I remember you.
Through sleepless nights, though every endless day.
I wanna hear you say, I remember you.


Pink Floyd, Wish you were here.

So you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail, a smile from a veil?


Steppenwolf, Born to be wild.

Get your motor running.
Head out on the highway.
Looking for adventure in whatever comes my way.


Aerosmith, What it takes.

Tell me how it is that you can sleep at night without thinking you lost everything that was good in your life,
to the toss of a dice.


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Crimson and Clover

Ah. Now I don’t hardly know her.
But I think I could love her.
Crimson and clover.
Over and over.


Kansas, Carry on my wayward son.

Once I rose above the noise and confusion. Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion. I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high.

Tarascan signs for days of the month

a.) Uxpi (alligator)

b.) Tarhíyata (wind)

c.) Kuahta (house)

d.) Uahzáki (lizard)

e.) Akuítze (serpent)

f.) Uárhini (death)

g.) Axúni (deer)

h.) Auani (rabbit)

i.) Itsí (water)

j.) Uíchu (dog)

k.) Ozóma (monkey)

l.) Uitzákua (grass)

m.) Isimba (cane)

n.) Puki (jaguar)

o.) Uakúsi (eagle)

p.) Tukúru (owl)

q.) Yúrniri (quake)

r.) Tzhinápu (flint)

s.) Mánikua (rain)

t.) Tsitsíki (flower)

Tarascan months

April 9-28 - name not given

April 29 - May 18 - name not given

May 19 - June 7 - Mazcuto

June 8-27 - Uazcata Cónscuaro

June 28 - July 17 - Caheri Cónscuaro

July 18 - August 6 - Hanciñáscuaro

August 7-26 - Hicuándiro

August 27 - September 15 - Sicuindiro

September 16 - October 5 - Charapuzapi

October 6-25 - Uapánscuaro

October 26 - November 14 - Cheriuapánscuaro

November 15 - December 4 - name not given

December 5-24 - Peuánscuaro

December 25 - January 13 - Curindaro

January 14 - February 2 - Tzitacuarenscuaro

February 3-22 - Purecoracua

February 23 - March 14 - Cuingo

March 15 - April 13 - Unisperacuaro

April 4-8 - extra days

Under The Wing Of A King


Summary: Thorin suddenly goes all mama bear on Bilbo and the hobbit is confused. He turns to Balin for advice, but ends up getting some interesting information from Fili and Kili instead. Apparently there is a difference between protecting your people and protecting someone you love.

Words: 1 541

Bilbo Baggins noticed, after miles and miles of traveling by ponies and by foot and by eagles, after having flirted with death countless of times, after endless nights of rain and cold and exhaustion, that Thorin Oakenshield was an actual mama bear.

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Prompts For Ostara

10 - Time
Rainbow - Blessing & Eagle - Connection

Rainbows can’t be seen 24/7.
They only emerge after rain,
when the sunlight hits the little waterdrops in the atmosphere.
To see them, the time must be right for them to appear.
They symbolize many things, like luck and fulfillment.
So to say, a rainbow can be a messenger for good times.

The Eagle card symbolizes a connection between the human and the eagle.
It is an intense and close relationship between both of them.
Let’s see what connection comes with the time.

Toruk the harpy eagle…..by San Diego Zoo
Early South American explorers named these great birds after Harpyja, the predatory half-woman, half-bird monster of Greek mythology. Harpy eagles have excellent vision that allows them to see something less than 1 inch in size from almost 220 yards away. But the feathers on the top of the head, which can be fanned out into a bold crest distinguishes this raptor from other eagles. Toruk’s keepers say he seems to raise these when he is curious, but biologists also theorize it may help the eagle break its silhouette in the rain forests of Central and South America where they are found. With a wingspan of up to 6.5 feet and a weight of up to 20 pounds, the harpy eagle is the one of the largest raptors in the Americas and is the strongest in the world. With excellent eyesight, incredibly strong talons, a shorter wingspan and a long tail to duck and dive through trees, this eagle is well equipped for hunting.


Acid Rain Live at Soaring Eagle

It was very damp and misty–which some people from outside the Pacific Northwest consider to be rain, but I do not. This is typical weather for the Pacific Northwest and Olympia. It is often wet in Olympia, but we have an average of only 49.95 inches a year of actual precipitation. That’s less than in Denver. In Olympia, the air is damp, and water collects and drips from everywhere. We do not get big downpours, but we get damp and spongy.

I don’t care. It helps the trees grow, and I climb the trees.
—  The Eagle Tree, by Ned Hayes