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Lull Before the Storm (1944) - the English Lion and the American eagle crouch side by side on the cliffs of Dover, preparing for D-Day.

johnny and the pucketts (bmw 4)

bullymagnet week, day four: meet the family

read day one, day two, and day three first. (also, forgot to mention last time, but this is now on AO3 as well.)


It’s kind of unclear how it happens exactly. The Activity Club has been very uncaring of Max’s hat plight today up to and including the detention part. Given that Johnny’s friends weren’t caught for the distraction they made and he told them not to wait around, he doesn’t have anyone else to hang with once detention lets out either. And he’s still been – it’s maybe just the gradual realization that he’s had fun hanging out with Johnny this afternoon, but Max kind of doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet.

He doesn’t plan on doing anything about it exactly, but then they get on the same bus home (Johnny shoves Max all the way down the aisle into the very back, then plunks down directly next to him even though there’s enough space for four kids back here) and they’re getting very very close to Max’s stop. He knows that he ran into… onto… Johnny fairly close to his house on his first day, and they’ve met on the way a couple times since then, so it’s not crazy to assume that they live nearby each other. And it’s not like it should be too far out of the other guy’s way, if he could make the trip to Max’s house in the middle of the night so easily.

Plus, he hasn’t really said much since Max stole his hat back. He doesn’t seem mad at all, more like he’s in this kind of quiet mood with a lot of casual shoving involved, and it feels kind of companionable.

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sorting hat quizzes be like

what’s your favourite animal?
a) lion
b) badger
c) eagle
d) snake

anonymous asked:

Ok but imagine one year Grantaire gives each ami for their birthday a recreated famous art piece but with them in it. Jehan love themself as Ophelia, Ferre gets a statue of himself as the thinker etc

I love this SO MUCH because it shows both how much Grantaire loves his friends, to put so much thought and work into the gifts, but also how damn talented he is because he can literally do any style and it looks absolutely amazing.

So Combeferre as Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ and Jehan as Millais’ Ophelia (which is so perfectly Jehan oh my god, that’s amazing).

And I’m thinking about Bahorel in bright, vibrant colours a la Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (in a huge format that he wants to put up in the bedroom, Feuilly refuses. It’s in the bathroom instead and it kind of weirds people out. Bahorel is delighted.) Grantaire paints Feuilly himself in warm tone in the style of Van Gogh’s ‘Self Portrait with Straw Hat’.

Courfeyrac in all the gold and brightness of Klimt‘s Adele Bloch Bauer.

For Marius it’s unquestionably Caspar David Friedrich’s romantic, yearning ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ and Cosette gets Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earing’ and it’s simple and intense and yet incredibly beautiful. Éponine as Millais’ Jean D’Arc (and when Grantaire wordlessly gives it to she’s not crying okay but  but when she hugs him he’s pretty sure he cracked a rip.)

I feel like Bossuet would totally dig something like Magritte’s ‘Man in a Bowler Hat’ complete with hat and eagle of course while Joly is done in playful art noveau style a la Mucha and Musichetta with the elegance and power of John Singer Sargent’s ‘Madame X’ because she’s perfect. Period.

There a a lot of possibilities for Enjolras, like Grantaire would do an entire Apollo Belvedere or something like Jaque-Louis David’s Napoleon to piss him off but in the end it’s a gift and he wants Enjolras to actually like it so he does a modernized version of Delacroix’s ‘Liberty leading the People‘ (And Enjolras is pretty much speechless. Which. Is not a thing that really happens)

And Idk, Montparnasse gets Pepe the Frog with a top hat or something because let’s be real that boy’s ego is big enough as it is.