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TF2 Fanfics: "Wing Fortress" Part 1/?

Part 1 of what will hopefully be a multi-part series of short fics, in the “everything’s the same but everyone has wings” or “Wing Fortress” AU. Partially inspired by Typingatlightspeed’s Centaur AU, with some ideas from HunterV’s art.

It’s pretty much what it says; humans in this AU have bird wings/tails, usually of a local species, and there are various myths and legends and cultural things relating to this, even if they have little basis in reality. And while some people can fly, it’s considered an exceptional talent, and being able to sustain flight is on par with being a professional athlete.

Content Warnings: some implied ‘adult’ stuff, one story has some body horror. No pairings yet, but there might be in future installments.

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Two exhibitions in Germany

I recently spent a week in Germany visiting two exhibitions that are of international importance to our industry: the Surface Technology Show at the vast Hannover Fair and the Resale exhibition of second hand machinery in Karlsruhe.

Firstly, let me pass comment on how enjoyable it is to visit Germany nowadays. Despite being half German myself, I had always thought it was a rather dour and over-regulated country, expensive and unwelcoming. Not true. The food is wholesome and tasty; the beers and wines are very drinkable; the service is generally impeccable and most people have a sunny demeanour. And, despite our weakened currency, everything comes at a very reasonable cost.

Surface Technology at Hannover is, as you would expect, dominated by German-owned manufacturers and chemical producers. This year, there was only a sprinkling of overseas exhibitors, lending the show a slight global flavour. This included one very enterprising UK barrel plant supplier, Eagle Engineering, flying the flag for British excellence.

In stark contrast to the last event in 2007, the hall had only a steady trickle of visitors, rather than the torrent normally expected, a symptom of German and international downturn. However, fewer numbers can be an advantage for both exhibitors and visitors. For exhibitors, there is more time to evaluate the quality of the enquiries and to establish more precisely what information they require. For visitors, they have the exhibitors’ full attention and an unhindered view of their presentations.

For my part, two days at Hannover was time very well spent. It was an opportunity to re-kindle relationships with manufacturers, something that is of vital importance to our business as we rely on them for spares, manuals and general technical support. It was a chance to establish new partnerships with manufacturers from emerging countries. And I could research the latest trends in machinery development and take advantage of buying and selling opportunities. Even in a recession, there is always the prospect of a deal!

And so to the Resale show in the charming city of Karlsruhe. In the past fifteen years, this has become a global event, with 60% of visitors coming from outside Germany. My company first exhibited in 2004, and has subsequently had several successful and enjoyable visits. In particular, we had enjoyed a high level of enquiries and business from India, Pakistan and South-East Asia.

This has all changed. The combination of European recession and the trends for Asian companies to produce their own equipment, hold their own trade shows and generally keep business in-house has eaten into the cash-cow that Resale used to be. For UK dealers like us, it is now a shadow of its former self.

So what is the future for exhibitions in the Surface Technology sector? With Surface World at the NEC now fast approaching later this year, it is a valid time to pose the question. In my view, events like these deserve our wholehearted support. In a globalised world, where internet trading dominates our daily lives, there is no substitute to interacting with real people, discussing real issues, making real friendships and forging real and longstanding business relationships.

Riley Surface World will certainly be represented at this year’s event and will be taking full advantage of the opportunities that it brings for us. It would be very sad to see the demise of the trade show, so long may they continue.

24 Regards Sur L'Anenir. N° 12. Le Rapide Du XXI Siècle. Locomotive A Carénage Total (Aérodynamique); France, 1932.

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Considering the ballistic dependency of the 5.56x45 cartridge upon the gravitational fluxuations caused by an American Bald Eagle flapping its wings, how, exactly, does the United States Armed Forces prepare for sustained, accurate fire with their very nominal amount of 50,000 captive birds? We may need to step back down to 7.62x51mm in order to balance the average spent rounds to kills ratio.

Genetically engineer massive eagles to offset their small numbers.

Because in AMERICA when what we have doesn’t work we make it BIGGER and therefore BETTER.