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Birds in French

adapted from @malteseboy ‘s Birds in Maltese

Les Oiseaux

eagle- aigle (m)

egg- œuf (m)

crow- corbeau (m)

stork- cigogne (f)

turkey- dinde (f), dindon (m)

chick- poussin (m) [chicken specifically], oisillon (m) [any baby bird]

flamingo- flamant (rose) (m)

dove- colombe (f)

seagull- mouette (f)

bird- oiseau (m)

(house) sparrow- moineau (domestique) (m), piaf (inf)

pigeon- pigeon (m)

barn swallow- hirondelle rustique (f)

canary- canari (m), serin (m)

owl- hibou (m)

thrush- grive (f)

peacock- paon (m)

parrot- perroquet (m)

duck- canard (m)

pelican- pélican (m)

robin- rouge-gorge (m)

penguin- manchot (m), pingouin (m) [inf]

bee-eater- guêpier d'Europe

hawk- faucon (m)

rooster- coq (m)*

quail- caille (f)

bird, fowl- volaille (f)

hen- poule (f)

*le coq français (Gallic rooster) is the national bird of France


It’s getting close to spring time so Topaz is preparing her nest! She usually lays 3 eggs but last year she surprised us with 4. ❤

Birds in Maltese

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Għasafar – Birds

I love birds, they have always been my favorite animals so I made this little vocab posts about common names of birds in Maltese! There may be two or three specific birds in the list but I tried to include some species that are found in Malta or that come to rest here during migratory seasons!

  • ajkla – eagle
  • bajda – egg
  • ċawla – crow
  • ċikonja – stork
  • dundjan – turkey
  • fellus – chick
  • fjamingu – flamingo
  • gamiema – dove
  • gawwija – seagull
  • għasfur – bird
  • għasfur tal-bejt – house sparrow
  • ħamiema – pigeon
  • ħuttafa – barn swallow
  • kanarin – canary
  • kokka – owl
  • merill – blue rock trush*
  • pagun – peacock
  • pappagall – parrot
  • papra – duck
  • pellikan – pelican
  • pitiross – robin
  • pingwin – penguin
  • qerd in-naħal – bee eater
  • seqer – hawk
  • serduq/k – cock
  • summiena – quail
  • tajra – bird, fowl
  • tiġieġa – hen

* il-Merill (the Blue Rock Trush) is the national bird of Malta


These beautiful Hubble imagery stamps of nebulæ make a fine addition to the space section of my collection. I’m in love with the art and gentle colors of the constellation stamps. <3 


Folk names: Aetites, Echites, Aquileus, eagle stone, Thunder egg

Energy: receptive

Element: Water

Deity: The Great Mother

Powers: Meditation, fertility, childbirth

Magical uses:  Geodes are hollow concretions containing crystals. All quartz crystals, for example, form within geodes, which may be a quarter-mile long or small enough to fit in your palm. Other geodes don’t contain separate crystals but, when sliced, reveal intricate patterns of minerals.

Amethyst geodes are some of the most beautiful objects on Earth. When sliced or broken open, they reveal a mass of purple crystals growing in towards the center. Sunlight shining on them is dazzling. Elongated geodes, sometimes called “amethyst logs”, are often available and are well worth the three- to four-figure price asked. They recall Merlin’s cave as popularized in Mary Stewart’s excellent Arthurian novel The Crystal Cave

An amethyst geode, or any geode containing isolated crystals, can be held and used in meditation as a contemplative object.

Placed on the alter or help, geodes can be utilized to concentrate the powers of the specific type of stone contained within them. During magic, use your visualization to release these powers toward the magical goal. 

They can be placed in the bedroom and charges with energy to increase fertility and to promote conception. 

The psuedo-Albertus Magnus recommended carrying or wearing geodes to attract love and to avoid untimely birth (miscarriage).

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic) 

Bold your results:


Where do you live(continent)?

America: Thunderclan.

Africa: Windclan.

Asia: Riverclan.

Europe: Shadowclan.

Oceania: Other.__________


When did you start reading warriors?

11 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Leader.

10-8 years ago(and had read every/almost every book since then): Deputy.

11-8 years ago: Elder.

8-5 years ago: Medicine cat.

5-3 years ago: Warrior.

3-1 years ago: Apprentice/med. cat apprentice.

Months/weeks ago: kit.

Name: (it doesn’t matter if you’re a leader, apprentice or kit; this means this would be your warrior name /p.s I’m very sorry if your name starts with ‘u’, the names are horrible/).

First letter of first name?(you can choose)

A: apple, ant, amber, ash, antler, adder, aspen, acorn, arch.

B: blue, berry, bracken, bramble, bee, buzzard, black, bright, bounce, bark, boulder, blossom, brindle, badger, beeatle, bird, brich, bat, brown, blizzard, breeze, beech, briar.

C: cinder, cream, clear, coal, cherry, cloud, cold, copper, cedar, curl, clover, crouch, crow, claw, cricket, clever, cute.

D: dove, dawn, daisy, dark, deer, dusk, dew, drift, dust, dapple, duck, dry, dim.

E: echo, ember, ebony, eel, eagle, egg.

F: feather, flower, fawn, forest, fall, fly, finch, fire, flame, fern, flint, fox, frost, fallow, freckle, freeze, flow, ferret, frog, fuzzy, fluffy.

G: golden, gorse, goose, gray, green, ginger, grass, grim.

H: holly, hollow, honey, hop, half, hail, heavy, heron, hawk, hay, hare, hazel, heather.

I: ice, ivy, insect, ink, inmense, inch.

J: jay, jagged, jump, jaw, joy.

K: kestrel, kink, kiss, kind, kick, kindle.

L: long, lithe, little, lake, leopard, lion, loud, lightning, lily, larch, lark, lion, leaf, lizard, low.

M: moth, mallow, minnow, moon, morning, molted, marsh, maple, mist, mole, moss, mud, mouse, milk, mint, mumble, munch, maggot.

N: nettle, night, noisy, noble, nut.

O: owl, one, oak, otter, olive, ocean, oat.

P: pebble, pickle, pinch, plum, plump, pine, patch, poppy, pear, pounce, pearl, petal, peach, pigeon, pepper.

Q: quiet, quivering, quick.

R: rose, rat, river, robin, red, river, rowan, ragged, running, russet, rock, rolling, rush, reed.

S: snake, silver, slim, slow, sleek, sand, seed, snow, sorrel, squirrel, spotted, spike, speckle, soot, storm, sun, stone, small, spider, song, sweet, swift, shrew, sparrow, splash, shell, sedge, stumpy, starling.

T: trout, thunder, thistle, twist, thrush, turtle, tall, tawny, twig, tiny, talon, tiger, toad, torn, thorn, tangle.

U: under, upper, unsaid, utter, unease, united.

V: viper, vole, vixen, vine.

W: white, willow, wind, water, wild, wren, wood, worm, wolf, web, whisker, weasel, wet, wasp.

Y: yellow, yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zero, zoom.

First letter of last name?

A: arch, antler, adder, almond, ash, apple.

B: berry, beat, blur, bend, bow, bleach, buzz, blizzard, back, bramble, belly.

C: cinder, catch, claw, crouch, chest, chill, chick, click, crack, cut.

D: doble, dull, deep, deer, day, daisy, dusk, dawn, dot, dapple.

E: eel, eagle, echo, egg, eye, ear.

F: flight, fire, fawn, fog, frog, flap, fuzz, fang, fur, foot, feather, face.

G: gaze, gap, glint, grind, grasp, grass, growl.

H: holly, hop, hunt, heart, howl, hum, hilll, hare head.

I: insect, ink, ivy, ice.

J: jag, jump, joy, jaw, joint, jolt, jab, jaw.

K: kestrel, kick, kindle, kiss, keeper, knock.

L: light, leg, limb, lake, lull, lump, lizard, land, leopard, lily.

M: mud, moor, milk, marsh, morning, mumble, mist, maple, moss, moon, mole, mess, muzzle.

N: nose, noise, nut, night, nectar, nimble, nibble, nest.

O: olive, oak, owl, ocean, otter, oat.

P: path, push, purr, peak, peach, pinch, pull, pelt, pounce, powder.

Q: quack, quick, quiver.

R: rise, rose, ripple, rat, rumble, rain, roll, robin, run, rush, reed.

S: shine, shard, sharp, spots, snake, shade, shadow, shrew, shake, spirit, stripe, storm, splash, stone, song, sight, spike.

T: trout, tail, tumble, thunder, taste, tang, tooth, tongue.

U: unit, upper, under.

V: vine, viper, vile, vole.

W: white, wolf, wind, wave, wash, willow, wood.

Y: yell, yowl, yawn.

Z: zoom.


pelt color(“base”):

What’s your favorite weather?

Rainy: black  Cloudy: grey  Sunny: ginger/red  Snowy: white  Windy: brown  Hail: golden/cream.

markings/fur length:

Your birth date?

day:                             month:                              year:

1- solid.                       junary- bright green          1990-95: long fur 

2- solid + white.           february- green                 1995-2000: medium

3- tabby.                      march- hazel                      2000- 2005,6,7: short 

4- tabby + white.          april- yellow

5- spotted.                   may- amber  

6- spotted + white.       june- copper

7- tortie.                       july- blue

8- tortie + tabby.          agust- bright blue

9- calico.                     september- turquosie  

10- calico + tabby.       october- cornflower

11- point.                     november- orange

12- lynx point.              december- odd(bicolor)

13- tortie point.

14- bicolor point.

15- pastel point.

16- shell.

17- shell + tabby.

18- shell + tortie.

19- shaded.

20- shaded + tabby.

21- shaded + tortie.

22- smoke.

23- smoke + tabby

24- smoke + tortie

25- smoke + tortie + tabby

26- shell + tortie + tabby

27- shaded + tortie + tabby

28- tortie + tabby + white

29- marbeled tabby

30- ticket tabby

31- broken tabby.


Bold as you like:

flat face   ear tufts   scars   missing ear   ear nick(s)   missing eye   short tail