eagle daddy

I saw a video yesterday where a little one couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stop crying until their dad was literally in their crib with them. So bam! Here’s the thing!

Modern thing, Altair being clueless while trying to get his daughter to sleep and you’re away for the night.

“Stop crying, child.” Altair murmured, the little girl in front of him only wailing in response.

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All Things Gone Wrong

“We are 27 miles away from the next town. You were so kind to leave the trailer door open for the wild beasts to feast on our food. And you burned the trunk with our only clothes in it ‘cause you THOUGHT you saw a greensnake slither in. On top of all of that, you have now gone and used all the reserve gas to light up a freaking bonfire big enough for an entire cult to dance around?! Do tell, boy, what other exciting ideas do you have in mind to make this trip more adventurous? Let’s just hope to god we survive this.”

*under breath* “Let’s just hope I survive a semi-naked you.”

“What was that?”


aussie music masterpost

im gettin really tired of iggy being the only aussie musician people ever bring up when there are sooo many better ones out there so im gonna compile a handy list with examples of good aussie bands/songs. they’re under the cut and split up between more contemporary (still making music 2000′s onwards) and older songs (so people with different tastes can just navigate to the time period they like). Also, if you decide to read this post please make sure you read to (or at least look at) the very bottom of it.

if you have anyone else you want to add to this list please do and also if i accidentally added anyone extremely problematic to this list please feel free to inform me or remove them

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anonymous asked:

digger? what's ur top australian songs?

april sun in cuba – dragon
run to paradise – choirboys
blackfella / whitefella – warumpi band
the horses – daryl braithwaite
horror movie – skyhooks
sounds of then (this is australia) – ganggajang
solid rock – goanna 
eagle rock – daddy cool
i was only 19 – redgum
beds are burning – midnight oil
these days – powderfinger
how to make gravy – paul kelly
reckless ( don’t be so… ) – australian crawl
khe sanh – cold chisel
tenterfield saddler – peter allen
don’t change – inxs
don’t dream it’s over – crowded house
working class man – jimmy barnes
throw your arms around me – hunters & collectors

rick-e294  asked:

Rick found her dimension and building after a long time trying to find it. he grins and went to the door singing "little bird~ little bird~ dont be afraid~ big daddy eagle is here to get rid of the cat~"

Alex grabbed a couple knives and guns and hid them in her suit, waiting for Rick. She knew he’d find them, she just didn’t know it would take this long. She sat on the couch, in plain sight, as she waited.