eagle daddy

I saw a video yesterday where a little one couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stop crying until their dad was literally in their crib with them. So bam! Here’s the thing!

Modern thing, Altair being clueless while trying to get his daughter to sleep and you’re away for the night.

“Stop crying, child.” Altair murmured, the little girl in front of him only wailing in response.

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The sheer amount of vulnerability we see in Luke’s face during his final fight is exquisitely heart-wrenching and beautiful. This is the son who will always love his father, even after said father cuts off his hand and destroyed the perfect dream image of himself since childhood inside the young Jedi’s mind. What I personally adore here, is that Luke’s believes in his father’s goodness knows no bound. Every time Vader speaks; it is not the 23 years old man that looks back at him. No. The helpless child who always wanted his father to come through for him is. We see Luke go through hell, yet he still believes his father will save him. That his father will choose him and be on his side as he always should’ve been. He cries desperately not just for the galaxy hopeless fate, but for his father’s doomed soul. Luke knows he can’t bring himself to hate this man. How could he? When he knows, that without a doubt, his true father will break through for him. He can feel it. He can sense the silent war inside of the sad man trapped behind the mask and for that alone, Luke’s love for Anakin only increases when he finally does. Luke’s heart breaks more as he watches the father he always wished for wither away and die after sacrificing himself to save his son, Luke.