eagle creek oregon hike

The first night he spent outside, separated from me, he howled from dusk ‘till dawn. The first time we went camping together, he spent the entire trip huddled up next to the tent. He wasn’t an “outdoors dog” by any means. His preferred weekend would have been spent lounging around the house all day, doing nothing particularly productive.

Weeks after I got him, I started transitioning him off Beneful and on to grain-free meat-based food. He lost weight, packed on the muscle, and with gentle training from me and some playful persuasion from his adopted brother, Cabal, forest-dog extraordinaire, Jude grew to love our time in the woods.  

Today, he too is a backpackin’ trail-running bear-guardian wilderness companion. A dropped tailgate on the truck means, “We’re going on an adventure!” and he’s just at-home now sleeping at the foot of my bed as he is curled up beside a bonfire.