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uh wow so this is crazy … just around a week ago i hit 800, and now i’m at 900 … this is absolutely insane, thank you all for following me and supporting me! this really means a lot and i’m really honoured that so many of you like my blog!

so here’s a little something to thank you all!! i want you guys to know that you are the best and that i appreciate every single one of you!


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🌬 i went out w my gf last week and we got some cute stuff

🌬 f21
- heart stud earrings set of six: 4.90
- stars/moons stud earrings set of three: 3.90

🌬 h&m
- black choker with ring: 6.99
- almond oil cuticle care: 6.99
- nail polish (candyfloss): 5.99

🌬 american eagle
- chain choker + moon charm necklace: 15.99

🌬 lush
- popcorn lip scrub: 10.95
- rosy cheeks fresh face mask: 12.95

🌬 total: $68.66 (no tax)

Here’s an image from the back cover of Battle Vixens and Warlords - I couldn’t help but make a mini-Battle Vixen of myself for the “about” section. I especially couldn’t resist putting a Team Four Star Dragon Ball, a Puppycat charm, and a Sailor Moon Star Seed on my quiver!!! 

Speaking of Puppycat, my talking Puppycat plush I pre-ordered totally shipped earlier this week. Expect some Bee and Puppycat fan art once it arrives! I love the living crap out of that show.

anonymous asked:

Can I request an anbu scenario with the eagle masked anbu (you can just call him Eagle) and the anbu commander (just Commander for short) and how they would look after a kid for a "mission"? I just think it would be cute what anbu members would be like with kids ^_^

This is cute <3 Although I would have to argue that it would probably depend on the individual, how they would react and all. But for the sake of a “mission” and their ANBU status they might act the same…we’ll see! Thanks Anon, hope you enjoy!

ANBU “Daycare”

“You want us to do what now?”

Commander’s gruff voice was laced with irritation. He was just given a mission by the Hokage themselves to look after a five year old child.

“Commander, with all due respect, the girl is the daughter of a daimyo.”

Eagle, Commander’s partner in the mission, tried to frame the situation lightheartedly. He wasn’t opposed to the aim of the mission, and what was expected of him.

The Hokage cleared his throat. “That’s is exactly why I need an ANBU duo to look after Fumikyo-san. The Daimyo is aware that you will be tracking their party the minute they enter the Land of Fire. As you’ve probably deducted, Commander, coming from so far the party is bound to attract unwanted attention.”

Is was further explained that the reason the Hokage himself ordered Commander and Eagle to watch over Fumikyo was because the child possessed a very special kekkei genkai, and to strengthen the relationship between the daimyo and Konoha the Hokage offered his daughter training in the village.

“There will already be a squad of shinobi escorting them to the Village once they cross the border. Their job is to protect the Daimyo and his party. Your job, on the other hand, is to strictly focus on Fumikyo-san.”

There was a small pause. Eagle looked over at Commander, awaiting his response. A dull “Understood,” rolled tiredly from behind Commander’s mask. Within seconds the two were gone, on their way to the border.

The mission had gone awry. Bodies were strewn everywhere as the assault on the Daimyo’s party began to die down; the ambush was halted but with major casualties on both sides. The shinobi squad protecting the Daimyo had been nearly wiped out, the latter figure just making it out alive.

“Take my daughter and get her out of here!” The Daimyo hissed at Commander and Eagle. “We will meet you at the village. I am grateful to the Hokage to send ANBU to protect my precious Fumikyo.”

“Of course, Yoshifumi-sama,” Commander nodded in respect as Eagle hoisted Fumikyo onto his back. The girl had been instructed by her father to keep her eyes shut as she was handed over to the ANBU pair, yet she was still considerably shaken by the events that unfolded.

“Papa, who are these men and why am I being taken away?”

Yoshifumi rushed over to his daughter. “My child, these two men will take you safely to Konoha - I entrust your life to them, and you should too. They are good men and will not hurt you. If anything it should be an adventure.” The poor man tried to console his daughter by casting a new innocent light on the situation.

Eagle chimed in, rocking Fumikyo slightly on his back. “That’s right, our mission is straight from the Hokage. He told us to take you on an adventure! But don’t worry, we will protect you.”

The Daimyo smiled. “I am glad to see you are good with children, Eagle-san. Now hurry! I must escape too!”

Commander nodded, and soon him and Eagle with Fumikyo clinging tightly to his back were soaring through the trees. Once the pace had been established, the girl began to relax slightly. She opened one eye timidly, then quickly shut it.

“Eagle-san, can I open my eyes now?” Fumikyo asked.

Eagle chuckled. “Of course, Fumikyo-san! Or should we call you something else?”

Fumikyo shot her eyes open, looking at Eagle and Commander with interest. She quickly assessed her surroundings, taking note at how high the trio was travelling above the ground and the masks each ANBU wore.

“Wow!! You really are an eagle, Eagle-san!!” Delight sang from Fumikyo’s realization as she gazed at Eagle’s mask, shaped just like the bird. “And you fly just like an eagle too!”

Eagle laughed, charmed by the girls observation. “Then I can be your steed - instead of a horse, that is.” With that, he picked up some speed and darted faster through the trees, Fumikyo giggling excitedly.

“Wait up, you two!” Commander was still slightly irritated that he had to play baby-sitter on this mission, but was still grateful for Eagle’s optimism. Still, the danger of their surroundings weighed on him as he watched the two speed off - who knows what may be lingering in the shadows? The mission - the real one that is - must come before the comfort of the child.

Many miles away from the battle, the group slowed down and came to rest near a pond. The area was regarded as safe after the ANBU did a preliminary check on their surroundings; it was getting late much to Commander’s dismay.

“We’ll have to spend the night here,” he decided, scanning the ground for possible fire starters. “Eagle, do you have any of those walnuts left?”

Eagle reached into his pouch and withdrew a small package. “Always have them on me, Commander!” He motioned to Fumikyo to come and take a few walnuts for herself. She hurried over and eagerly complied. As she ate, she looked at Eagle, then to Commander, then back at Eagle again.

“Eagle-san, why do you call him Commander? Doesn’t he have a name?”

The former sighed. “He’s a bit prickly about what I call him, Fumikyo-hime…” Eagle continued to fish out walnuts for the hungry child. “Although as princess of our journey, you don’t have to refer to him as Commander!” It was decided earlier that Fumikyo was to be called a princess.

This cheeky comment garnered the attention of the Commander himself, who was busy kindling a fire. “Don’t be so loud, you two,” he said, “We don’t know what might still be lingering around here.” With that, a flame appeared in front of Commander and illuminated the clearing.

Fumikyo dashed over to him, amazed at his skill. She looked Commander over, analyzing his mask intently. Suddenly, a flash of mischief flashed in her dark eyes. “I know! I know!” She spurted out, unaware of the noise she was making. “You can be Taiki!!”

Commander flinched, as did Eagle. “Quiet down, Fumikyo-hime,” Eagle said sternly. “Adventures are usually dangerous - and Commander is right, we don’t know if there might be something out there.”

Fumikyo’s face fell as her eyes peered into the darkness. She turned towards Commander and bowed. “Sorry, Sir Taiki…”

Commander winced again, but this time out of surprise. “Sir Taiki?”

“Yeah, Sir Taiki,” Fumikyo said. “You’re Eagle-san’s leader! ‘Taiki’ takes the first character from ‘taichou’ - captain or team leader - and 'ki’ is the first syllable of 'kitsune’ - like your mask!” She smiled, patting her hands together lightly at her invention.

Commander sighed, relaxing slightly. “Well, Sir Taiki is impressed at your wordplay, Fumikyo-hime. But now it’s time to sleep.” He reached into his own pouch and withdrew a small rolled up blanket, laying it down a few feet from the fire. “Rest here, we’ll keep watch.”

Fumikyo yawned, settling down on the piece of fabric. “Thank you Sir Taiki, Eagle-san…” Soon she was asleep.

The Daimyo rushed to embrace his daughter as they entered the room. “Oh Fumikyo, you are alright! Thank the heavens!”

Fumikyo embraced her father equally as tight, smiling wide. “Of course I am, Papa! Sir Taiki and Eagle-san took really good care of me!”

Everyone was safe now that Fumikyo had come to the village. The two ANBU said their goodbyes: Eagle being more sentimental, he gave Fumikyo a wooden figure of the bird in which he emulated, while Commander reluctantly gave her a hug. After lengthy thank yous and apologies from the Daimyo, the two were dismissed.

The two ANBU met up at Ichiraku later, both dressed in normal clothing and unmasked.

“Seriously, Yamato, I never thought of you as forgetful.” Kakashi leaned on the counter as he folded Icha Icha Paradise away into his pocket. “Where did you find the Eagle mask anyways?”

“I was going to make a new mask, but I didn’t have any paint…” Yamato was embarrassed, but that look soon turned to something more tender. “I’m kind of fond of the eagle look now, though.”

Kakashi chuckled. “That’s another thing - I never thought you good with kids.”

“With all due respect, Kakashi, she is the daughter of a daimyo,” Yamato said cheerfully.

- Admin Rhia

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Killian: From now on, we will be using code names. 

You can address me as Eagle One.

Milah, code name: Been There, Done That. 

Emma is: Currently Doing That. 

Regina is: It Happened Once in a Dream.

Robin, code name: If I Had To Pick a Dude. 

Charming is: Eagle Two.

Charming: Oh thank god.


I’ve been working on a new jewelry line for my etsy shop, Fairweather Friends, for a few months now and the first five necklaces are now available to buy online! They feature original illustrations I did of my five most-loved plushie designs, printed on clear, durable acrylic by Ink It Labs. You can purchase all of the available designs on my etsy shop, right here: http://fairweatherfriends.etsy.com/

Owl Post Necklace | Lion Necklace | Badger Necklace | Snake Necklace | Eagle Necklace

kueble  asked:

Starbuck au where where Bucky is a fitness trainer and skinny Steve is his client.

Alright here we go…

1.  So Steve’s friends get him a gym membership and 10 sessions with a personal trainer when his doctors clear him to start exercising regularly after recovering from heart surgery to finally fix a congenital defect that’s been plaguing him since he was born.  He’s had major health issues his entire life, so he’s skinny and gangly and super nervous about working out in front of people since he’s never been healthy enough to do anything of the like - but he’s also determined to build up his stamina and get stronger, so of course he decides to power through his insecurities.

2.  The gym he ends up at is of course full of dudebros and gym rats, but thankfully the management is really good and willing to listen to him when he first goes in to complete his membership registration and talk about getting a trainer.  Natasha, the manager of the place, takes his concerns about his health seriously and appreciates the fact that he’s nervous about making sure he gets the right trainer - luckily she has someone in mind that she thinks will be perfect.

3.  Because Bucky - Bucky’s a personal trainer who’s been working at the gym for a little over a  year, trying to save up money so that he can go back to school and get his doctorate in physical therapy.  Of course he jumps at the idea of working with someone who has a lot of chronic health issues, because he appreciates the challenge and also respects the fact that the guy is going to put himself out there in such a challenging way.

4.  So here’s the problem - the first time that Steve comes in for a session, they both have the split second panic of “Oh no, he’s hot.”  Because Bucky has this ridiculous body from living in fitness centers for the past couple of years, but also this ridiculous goodie-two-shoes haircut and fucking Eagle Scout charm.  And Steve, Steve’s skinny and anemic and asthmatic, but he’s also got an adorable blonde under-cut and the biggest, bluest eyes that Bucky’s ever seen.

5.  They start working together, both expecting it to be a disaster - but it’s really not.  Steve’s a punk who would probably start overexerting himself if not for Bucky being around to guide him… and while Steve fucking hates being mother-henned, after a couple of sessions he starts to actually feel the exercises and drills getting easier and realizes that Bucky really does know what he’s talking about.  And even better - on the days when Steve comes to the gym in between their sessions, he can sense Bucky keeping an eye on him and so is encouraged to stay within his limits, to work on what they discussed and also continue coming in hopes of getting to stare at Bucky’s ass in his running pants because, well - a guy has to find inspiration somewhere.  

6. [Bonus]  By the end of their time together Steve’s put on a couple of pounds of muscle and can actually jog for a few minutes without feeling like he’s going to keel over and die, and honestly is as healthy as he’s ever been in his life.  Bucky’s proud as hell about it, especially knowing that this stubborn asshole will definitely keep at it and only continue to get better - but he’s also super-bummed that they aren’t going to be able to hang out any more because Steve was starting to become one of his favourite people, not just a client.  On a whim, he throws out the idea of becoming workout buddies - he doesn’t want to continue charging Steve, but it’s always good to have a spotter around or someone to motivate you, and God knows Bucky is in the gym often enough.  To his surprise, Steve immediately says yes - provided Bucky will let him pay him back with dinner.

It ends up working out spectacularly well for the both of them.

I Don't Care What He Looks Like

Summary: Soulmate AU based off the song 6'2. Where when you turn 18 you go to a store and choose a special charm that will help you find your person.

Pairing: Michael/Gavin plus random ppl with michael that have no names

Warnings: cussing that’s it

Word Count: 2,652

(note: 2nd mavin fanfic i’ve done and wow i’ve missed writing. also dang i think i feel a coffee shop mavin one next. oooohhh well enjoy! if u guys have any tips please send them my way!)

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Sundance alumni Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement want to bring vampires across the USA and you can help.  Check out the What We Do In The Shadows Kickstarter campaign to fund the self-distribution of the film’s American release.

What We Do In The Shadows premiered during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in the Park City at Midnight section and is Waititi and Clement’s second Festival film together.  Both attended the Festival in 2007 with Eagle vs. Shark.  Waititi workshopped Eagle vs. Shark during the 2005 Sundance Institute Directors Lab.

Help bring vampire comedy to a theatre near you
– the Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, February 12.  

Film stills by Kane Skennar