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If you find the time during the whole CS Bangarang and Put Me In Coach, could you maybe also write something fluffy (potentially smuffy) like Killian taking Emma out on their first proper "date" because she has been feeling down over the whole Regina/Marian incident and he wants to distract her? Maybe a boat trip? (+ Emma briefly being scared that one day he'll regret having given up his ship for her and Killian makes sure she knows 100% this will never happen)

Trying to get out the kinks. Hope this is what you’re looking for! 

“Did you steal this boat?”

She can just barely make out the stars from between the thick clouds that hang overhead – tiny pinpricks of light in the otherwise inky black sky. She tilts her head and tries to map out the constellations, but she never was one for astronomy, and her head is too full with more pressing matters – like how she needs to pick up more milk from the store and Regina is probably planning her murder as she lays spread eagle on a stolen boat with her pirate boyfriend.

She should probably avoid apples for the foreseeable future.

Turnovers as well.

She sighs and listens to the gentle lap of water against the hull as their little ship makes its way further away from the town, Killian moving somewhere behind her, tinkering with sails or knots or whatever the hell a pirate does on a modern boat - his movements sure and practiced even though this is not his ship and he probably did steal the thing from some poor, unsuspecting fisherman.

“Depends on your definition of the word, love.” He replies easily and she doesn’t have to peer up from her prone position in the center of the deck to know he’s grinning at her.

Yup, he definitely stole this boat.

“I’m pretty sure a grand theft charge would apply to a boat as well.”

“I’ve no doubt.” He appears above her suddenly, hair adorably windswept and cheeks pink from the cold, eyes sparkling in the thin beams of moonlight that struggle through the heavy clouds above. She frowns at the exposed skin of his chest, wishing she made him wear the damn scarf that was hanging on the coat rack in the hall when they left.

“However,” He shifts down next to her with a groan, reclining in the small space to her left, the length of his body pressed tight against her own. “I assumed my courting of the town Sherriff would buy me some leeway in that department.”

She snorts and rolls her eyes but still tucks herself into his side, pressing her nose in the soft leather of his jacket. This newfound intimacy of theirs is still being worked out – the inherent awkwardness of two jagged and broken people coming together after a lifetime of loneliness. But she craves it – loves the way his calloused palm drifts against the back of her neck, how his heavily ringed fingers tangle in her hair. It soothes an ache she didn’t even know she had – calming the deepest part of her that is so tired of being alone.

As if sensing her very thoughts, his fingers knot themselves in her hair, his thumb finding the soft skin of her neck. She relaxes into the crook of his arm with a shuffle and a sigh, her nose brushing the scruff of his jaw.

She feels safe and calm

– and this is everything she took from Regina.

“Stop thinking.” He mutters. “I didn’t bring you out here for that.”

“Why did you bring me out here?”

She pushes herself up on her elbow above him and he gives her a look – mild exasperation mixed with honest sincerity and she wants to kiss him – press her lips against his until she can feel the way he loves her.

(It still scares her – the intensity with which he does, the way his eyes shine so blue and she can see it reflected there. But she’s learning to accept it. Letting herself feel in return, pressing her lips to the steady thrum of his heart through his chest in the early hours of morning, the sun breaking through the curtains in a shower of golden light – no more running.)

“You practically overturned our table when Ruby told you of the apple pie special, darling.” Her eyes dart from his lips to his gaze and she blushes lightly, remembering the way she had shattered a mug in the process. “I figured you might need some time away.”

She picks at the metal closure of his vest, fingering it lightly. “Regina is going to kill me.”

“I thought we’ve been over this.” He sighs and stills her fingers with his own, the press of his skin into hers everything. “If anything were to kill you at Granny’s, it would no doubt be those ‘fish sticks’ she favors.”

He chuckles and she slaps his chest, a playful wheeze of indignation leaving his lips as he catches her wrist with his hook. He presses a kiss to her knuckles and then pins her hand back to her side, the jackass, rendering her immobile against him.   

“It isn’t funny.” She grumbles with a rough jerk and he sighs, much more bone weary than amused.

It’s a familiar turn of conversation, one they’ve had numerous times since she had unknowingly reunited Robin with his wife.

“I’m quite aware, but you’ll drive yourself mad if you keep on like you have.” He tilts his head at her, fingers dancing across her bottom lip. “She won’t kill you. She has Henry to think of.”

“She can change his mind, make him forget me.” Her mouth opens and closes as she tries to articulate her worst fear – the idea that she could just disappear – the little lost girl drifting off without a single thought or care. “She can make all of you forget me.”

“Emma,” He tilts her face with his hand, the understanding in his gaze so unbearably true it burns. “You are impossible to forget.”

“But –“

“Enough. You stopped Regina from killing the wife of the man she supposedly loves. If she were thinking clearly, she would be thanking you. Robin would have known the truth of Marian’s death sooner or later.” His eyes blaze in the darkness. “Now, I think I’ve had quite enough experience on life without you, so I’d be much obliged if you refrained from mentioning it further.”

The anger leaves him in a rush and he drops his head back against the wood, stubbornly tugging her down until she collapses into his chest, her head tucked neatly under his chin. His fingers resume their measured stroking and she relaxes, closing her eyes and letting the beat of his heart calm her own.

“You were right.” She mutters into the skin of his chest. “I shouldn’t have messed with the past.”

“While I love the way the first part sounded leaving those pretty lips of yours,” She smirks and he chuckles. “You did the right thing. You reunited a child with his mother, and there is no ill-will in that. Regina will come around.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

She feels the press of his lips against the crown of her head. “Then we will handle it how we do all things – together.”


The November #conservationlands15 Takeover Continues with Another Spot for Your Bucket List: Gulkana Wild and Scenic River in Alaska

The Gulkana is one of the few rivers in Alaska where you can enjoy a wilderness setting on a trip as short as three days.  The area offers outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities for waterfowl and bald eagles. Beavers are often visible along the shoreline where moose also come down to feed.  It is one of the most popular sportfishing rivers in Alaska, providing rich habitat for rainbow trout, arctic grayling, king salmon, red salmon, whitefish, longnose suckers, and lamprey.  A popular river for fisherman and boaters in the summer, this river has also played an important role in the lives of the Ahtna, providing access to subsistence resources throughout history and pre-history.  During winter months, the frozen Gulkana River was historically used as an important travel route from the Copper River to the Tangle Lakes and what is now known as the Denali Highway area. 

The Gulkana River Watershed drains approximately 2,140 square miles of South-central Alaska.  The river begins in the Alaska Range near Summit Lake and flows south into the Copper River, eventually draining into Prince William Sound.  Several hundred lakes and ponds are scattered throughout the spruce-dominated forest of the Gulkana River Watershed, providing abundant nesting areas for trumpeter swans and other waterfowl.

Note: The #conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover is a 2015 monthly celebration of the 15th anniversary of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands.

On 11 July 1918, Henry Ford launched the first Eagle boat, built at Detroit, MI by the Ford Motor Company. These boats had a solid cement bow, designed for ramming and sinking submarines. In this photo, USS Eagle 47 (PE 47), Eagle 35 (PE 35) and Eagle 58 (PE 58) at Coco Solo, Canal Zone, during the 1920s. Courtesy of Lieutenant Gustave Freret, USN, (Retired), 1972. NHHC Photograph Collection, NH 76131.


Ending the Day with the BLM-administered Snake River Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Idaho

The South Fork River (included in this ACEC) is located near some of the world’s best known recreation areas including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Island Park, Targhee National Forest, Teton River, Henrys Lake State Park and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identifies this area as the highest-quality cottonwood riparian zone in the western U.S. The entire stretch - but the South Fork in particular - is a high-quality Yellowstone cutthroat trout fishery. Brown, lake and rainbow trout also inhabit these waters.Among recreationists throughout the country, the South Fork is known as a premier blue ribbon trout fishery, and was selected as the host site for the 1997 World Fly-Fishing Championship. Along the banks and on instream islands, bald eagle, elk, moose, mule and whitetail deer, and dozens of bird species find food and living space. Fly fishermen working the Henry’s Fork will likely also see trumpeter swans, moose, blue heron and muskrat.

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Photos: BLM