eagle and the sword


Phew! First set done! So these are based on the Mystaran Zodîac, or at least my DM’s version. I have plans for more, that incorporate our characters and their archetypes, as well as things and people we’ve happened upon. When will they get done? Someone with better fortune telling skills than I will have to answer that.

The Eagle and the Wolf - Chapter 5 - The Fall
Ahsoka has managed to free herself from Anakin's clutches by betraying the trust of the Pale Man, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. She makes her bid for freedom the next day, heading east, unable to resist the call of the City of Dawn and the shattered ruins of the Jedi Temple. Meanwhile, in the Imperial capital, Lord Maul rides out to capture General Skywalker and bring him back to the Emperor.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Two days prior…

The bells rang out over the Imperial palace, hard, sharp and thunderous, spurring the members of the Imperial Sith guard into action. Men in black and red scrambled through the different courtyards, assembling into their units before they marched into the central area that lead to the main gate. They formed perfectly regimented squares of bloody red as their leader, Lord Maul, rode through the main line down the middle.

“Men!” Maul shouted, his horse rearing up on his hind legs at his deft command of the steed. “Today we ride out for the north and the east! Those treacherous Jedi refuse to stay buried and it is your job to put them back into the ground where they belong! And know this, the name of the man who finds Anakin Skywalker will be brought to the personal attention of the Emperor. As will the body of the man who lets him get away!”

The assembled guards let out a cheer before Maul dismissed them to their tasks and wheeled his horse around to thunder through the open gate, his yellow eyes gleaming at the thought of besting Skywalker and finally earning his master’s approval. His blade hummed at his side, thirsty for the traitor’s blood, and the Sith allowed himself a cruel, sharp grin of anticipation as he rode out through the city.

Soon you will be mine, Skywalker. And I shall take great pleasure in destroying you and ensuring that I am the Emperor’s truest disciple. 

All in all, the Sith Guard sent out at least half of their manpower in the last direction Skywalker and the Horned Mouse had been spotted.

The city itself was abuzz with the news that a criminal had escaped from the Black Hole and there were many in the lower quarters who quietly cheered for their renegade daughter when the rumors reached the Old Town and River districts, where the majority of the poor, desperate and marginalized thick-bloods lived.

“Can you believe it? A thick-blood defying that bastard like that?”

“She must be so brave!”

“I heard she was wrongly accused!”

“I heard that it was one of Plo’s orphans. The one he was so proud of until she took to thieving.”

“A girl’s gotta make a living somehow. Better than whoring.”

“I wonder what Old Man Plo thinks?”

The old man in question was worried when one of his boys scampered into his orphanage with the news. “Father Plo! Father Plo! Sir! They say Ahsoka escaped from the Black Hole and she’s on the run up north!”

Plo Koon, a thick-blooded Kel Dor from the lands beyond Shili frowned from his work table at the bright and hopeful faces of two of his charges, Wolffe Fett and a younger boy by the name of Caleb Dume. They both beamed up at their adopted father with eyes shining in excitement. “Ahsoka’s alive, Father!”

The Wolf God of Argos:  Apollo Lykios

One of the most famous and magnificent buildings in ancient Argos was the sanctuary of the wolf god, Apollo Lykios. It was for this reason that the people of Argos chose the wolf as an emblem for their coinage, an instantly recognizable symbol of the great city.

This coin is a silver triobol struck in Argos circa 270-260/50 BC. The obverse is the forepart of a wolf with a Θ above its neck. The reverse has a large A, a monogram to the upper right and an eagle standing on a harpe below, all within an incuse square.  The harpe was a type of sword or sickle; a sword with a sickle protrusion along one edge near the tip of the blade. The harpe is mentioned in Greek and Roman sources, and almost always in mythological contexts.

The 100 S02E11 Recap - Coup de Grace
  • <mount hell>
  • Bellamy: how dare you lock me up
  • Bellamy: don't you know who I am
  • Grounder: shut up
  • Grounder: they take the strongest ones
  • Grounder: and baby
  • Grounder: you look strong ;)
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: do I know you
  • Grounder: uhh
  • Grounder: no?
  • Bellamy: wait
  • Bellamy: ...Murphy?
  • Bellamy: what are you doing here?
  • Grounder: ???
  • <mount weather>
  • Jasper: yo
  • Jasper: old man
  • Jasper: where's my best bud
  • Bald Eagle: ...
  • Bald Eagle: I have no idea what you're talking about
  • Jasper: tell me or I'll stab you with this ancient sword
  • Bald Eagle: ...
  • Bald Eagle: ha
  • Bald Eagle: as if I care
  • Bald Eagle: I'm like 100 years old
  • Bald Eagle: doctors say I'm due for a stroke at any time
  • Jasper: ...
  • Jasper: uh well
  • Bald Eagle: jk I'm 96 don't hurt me
  • <camp human>
  • Clarke: I suddenly know how to treat severe radiation burns
  • Indra: about that
  • Indra: who said anything about treating him
  • Indra: it's torture time
  • Clarke: jfc you people
  • Clarke: do what you want
  • Clarke: I'll be at the radio
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: waiting for the sweet sound of my lover's voice
  • <dog pound>
  • Bellamy: even upside down I look great
  • Bellamy: maybe it's cause I'm naked
  • Bellamy: naaaaaked
  • <treatment room>
  • Maya: for a room full of upside down meat sacs
  • Maya: they should probably, y'know
  • Maya: lock the door
  • Maya: or something
  • Maya: ...
  • Maya: oh hey Bellamy
  • Maya: sup
  • Bellamy: sup
  • Bellamy: nm
  • Bellamy: just hanging around
  • <Guard enters>
  • <fight fight fight>
  • Guard: I just came out here to have a good time draining bodies and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Guard: literally
  • <guard dies>
  • Bellamy: ok so where do I get some clothes around here
  • <base camp>
  • Kane: abby I'd like to be your second husband
  • Abby: marcus shut up
  • Abby: I have actual problems
  • Abby: like how Clarke thinks she's better than me
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: ...but she is
  • Abby: I'm glad you agree that I'm better
  • Abby: god, how can the grounders and mt. weather think of Clarke as our leader
  • Abby: it's not like she's leading us
  • Abby: and telling us what to do
  • Abby: and making treaties
  • Abby: and planning combat strategies
  • Abby: and is the whole reason we survived
  • Abby: like fuck
  • Abby: she's done nothing
  • Abby: goddamn youth
  • Abby: so entitled
  • <mount hell>
  • Bellamy: I'll come back for you Murphy I promise
  • <operating room>
  • Bald Eagle: I changed my mind
  • Bald Eagle: marrow harvesting is a no-go
  • Bald Eagle: so plz stop
  • Doctor: ...
  • Doctor: how bout no
  • Bald Eagle: how bout jail
  • <base camp>
  • Kane: tell me your secrets
  • Mt. Weather Guy: tell me yours
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: c'mon, man
  • Kane: I gotta impress the lady behind me
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ...
  • Mt. Weather Guy: the hot piece of ass with the brown hair?
  • Kane: you know it
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ...
  • Mt. Weather Guy: ok I'll talk
  • <Mt. Doom>
  • Rando Suit Guy: hey Maya you dtf
  • <security bay>
  • Vampire: sup dad
  • Bald Eagle: don't 'dad' me
  • Bald Eagle: you're no son of mine
  • Vampire: but daaaaad
  • <base camp>
  • Abby: Clarke you're not in charge
  • Clarke: lol
  • <Mt. Doom>
  • Kid: my dad's training for the ground
  • Bellamy: *was training
  • <dorms>
  • Jasper: k guys let's bounce
  • Jasper: ...
  • Jasper: or not
  • <base camp>
  • Clarke: oh thank god Bellamy
  • Clarke: are you okay?
  • Bellamy: yeah
  • Bellamy: I'm okay
  • Kane: hi okay, I'm marcus
  • <deep emo music for the Bald Eagle>
  • Bald Eagle: I am such angst
  • Vampire: I am also such angst
  • <base camp>
  • Abby: listen here daughter
  • Abby: I'm your mother and you will do what I-
  • Clarke: nope
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: what?
  • Clarke: you may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge
  • Clarke: so plz move aside
  • Clarke: cause you're no longer making the rules
  • Abby: ...
  • Clarke: nailed it

Joaquin’s eyepatch has an eagle on it, detail spotted by plagiethecreep.

But. Them eagles are on his sombrero:

Also eagles for sword hilts:

And the Mondragon fountain/statue has eagles:

So golden eagles were often military insignia - being of course perfect for Joaquin - which isn’t surprising when there’s one on the Mexican flag(interesting story that’s worth googling):

In style of conclusion, have another cute Joaquin:

Next time you play a game. Plug headphones in. Take a second and listen intently to all the sound effects as they happen. Turn them up.

The distant eagle cry. The footsteps on various surfaces. That fireball you just cast. The sword unsheathing. The horse whinny. The voice actors grunts, pants and cries as they die. The tension as you draw back your bow.

That’s sound design. That’s what I do.

Games would be infinitely different without it.