eagle and snake


Inside Penguins Hockey: What animal would you be and why 

Letang: cheetah
Fehr: bear
Rust: polar bear
Cole: wolf
Sheary: dog
Dumoulin: dog (English Bulldog)
Kessel: his dog
Schultz: dog (Golden Retriever)
Kuhnhackl: cat
Daley: lion
Murray: bald eagle
Crosby: eagle or lion
Malkin: snake or scorpion
Fleury: monkey
Hagelin: dolphin
Bonino: penguin

Claude Paradin - Ut Lapsu Graviore Ruant, "Devises Heroïques", 1557.

Mythical Eagle and Dragon tangled together “In Conjunctivo”, mixing their unique properties together in part of the process in Alchemy to find the Philosophers’ Stone.

33. Ravenclaws and slytherins are the ultimate dream team. They are always the loudest ones in the class and if they’re sitting together in the great hall, it always ends with absolute chaos 

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Hang on...

Has anyone thought about the fact, that the different animals representing the houses could be the founders’ patronuses? Helga Hufflepuff had a badger. Rowena Ravenclaw had an eagle. Salazar Slytherin had a Snake. And Godric gryffindor had a lion.

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I’m still looking for a way to articulate it to my satisfaction, but I wish people were more willing to accept the fact that nature is inherently unsafe. Most people are willing to agree that conservation is a good thing and that large predators like wolves and bears deserve to exist in the wild. But nobody wants to actually share a planet with them. 

Foxes, wolves, coyotes, hawks, eagles, alligators, sharks, whales, snakes, bears, mountain lions… great, right? They’re really cool. They’re part of a healthy and beautiful natural world. No one wants them to go extinct. But… nobody wants to lose livestock, pets, or even children to them, either - of course not! 

It is possible to live side-by-side with potentially dangerous predators - we’ve been doing it for the entirety of human existence. Unfortunately, taking the precautions to protect yourself (as well as children/pets) is inconvenient. Everyone would much rather eliminate risk entirely than factor it into daily consideration. 


Seriously, when I started out, I’d heard things about how hard it was to start an ask blog, but all of you have been really supportive and wonderful so here’s a little gift for all of you.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, these are yoga poses - the crow pose, the eagle pose, the lion pose (because I liked it better than the cat pose), the swan pose, one version of the snake pose, and the bear pose. If these are inaccurate, I’m sorry, but I had a lot of fun drawing it, especially in school where my friends kept pestering me to shade in abs and butts other muscles. Hope you enjoy and thanks again!


one gifset per chapter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Chapter 3

The envelope was thick and heavy, made of yellowish parchment, and the address was written in emerald-green ink. There was no stamp. 

Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter “H”.


The casual clothes of all the shinobis in Tenka’s moon chapter. They also have familiars now, like Saizo has Momofuku the owl.

Sasuke = Kohaku (eagle)
Hanzo = Haku (white snake)
Sakuya = Tobimaru (monkey)
Genya = Oboro (shiba inu? Or maybe husky?)
Kyouichiro = Raita (blond cat fox)
Hotaru = Tora (tabby cat)

Gosh I want both Sasuke and Hanzo’s extravagant haoris! Also all their pets! And and Hotaru is a cat person! And and and Genya as Masamune’s body double! Aaaahhhh! This universe’s shaping up to be really exciting!!!

Even though I still wanna know if this is AU from the flower chapter because now we got two Sasukes and two Hanzos!!!