eagle and snake

sending this in now! could i have headcanons on how sabo, ace, sanji would react towards a s.o who loves animals more than her own self and everytime they spotted one they wanted to go pet them even if the said animal was on the other corner of the street?  like it doesn’t matter what animal (dogs, cats, parrots, owls, eagles, snakes…# i just love animals. i can’t even hurt spiders dude i find spiders cute and funny.. well the smol ones at least. i just put them outside if needed. :’) )          

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S/O loves animals a lot + their reaction


  • Never fails to make him laugh when he sees you being excited over an animal
  • Teases you a lot about it actually
  • “Oh, there’s an earthworm… Y/N, don’t fall in love.” - “Ok, I know you love snails, but there’s no need to have the same pace as them, please waLK FASTER.”
  • Gets you a dog on your birthday bc he thinks you’ll love it
  • You do but in the end you lowkey love the dog more than him that’s relatable
  • He accepts his fate I mean it’s dog what can he do
  • If you insist to pet an animal even tho it’s on the other side of the street he will just sigh loudly and cross his arms
  • He gets used to it after some time and when you both go out for a walk, he always goes into the opposite direction of any animal he spots bc he wants you for himself   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Just like Sabo it never fails to make him laugh
  • He thinks it’s the most hilarious thing in the world when you see an animal and just turn into a little kid
  • Also, whenever you and him fight he just gets a little kitten from somewhere and then knocks on your door
  • “What do you want, Ace? I told you, I’m- is this a cat!!??!
  • He then apologises but he’s already forgiven and he knows it
  • camera switches to a smirking ace
  • If you insist to pet an animal on the other side of the street, he will act like he’s holding you back and just whines like “Ah, don’t go, Y/N! I’m way cuter!”
  • You still go an pet it and he just smiles bc that’s what you are and that’s what he loves about you
  • Lowkey jealous and might ask you later, “You love me more than the dog from earlier… right?” Lmao he’s so cute i love him


  • “You’re beautiful, funny, smart and you’ve got a heart for animals? Ah, Y/N-swaaaaaan!!!
  • Nah, he probably thinks you’re amazing
  • Like when you pet a little kitten and it purrs, his pulse just feels like a sledgehammer (lyrics aha)
  • Who is really purring tho the cat or snooji the world may never know
  • It’s so pure and he loves to see you like this
  • He might even prepare some snacks for the animals and gives it to you in a little box so whenever you both go out you can just feed them
  • Isn’t that adorable, yes I know it is
  • If you insist to pet the animal on the other side of the street he will grab your hand and walk with you
  • You both will end up feeding and petting every animal that comes and visits you and idk I feel like snooji just starts to love everything you do
  • you’re both a good match for each other I might ship it

Book review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

He has sipped the mead of poetry, conversed with Mimir, and cavorted with norns. There are no other rational explanations, because otherwise Neil Gaiman might actually - secretly - be a god himself, and I can only suspend my disbelief so far.

It isn’t difficult to argue that Norse myth is easy to present as a continuous story. Much of that reputation is the fault of Snorri Sturluson, the Icelandic poet and politician, who committed a selection of stories (known as sagas) to paper and codified what we now collectively refer to as the Nordic mythos. Retellings of these sagas are rare - you’re more likely to find translations of Sturluson’s work - and it is for that reason that this book is so special.

Gaiman brings his wit and strong character writing, as well as his unashamed love of the mysterious, to an enormously entertaining retelling of his favourite mythological universe. I should mention now: this mythos happens to by my favourite, too - so I’m perhaps, maybe, possibly 100% biased in favour of this book from the very beginning. Speaking of the beginning, that’s precisely where we start: a vibrant, expansive and imagery-rich opening sequence covering the life and death of the giant Ymir and the formation of the nine worlds.

From such lofty heights of literary prose one would, probably, if they were a pessimist, suspect that the writing would necessarily take a quality dip as more characters and events are introduced to the story. I am pleased to report that this is not the case - pleased because this has happened, previously, with other works on the same topic. Grand prose has a habit of giving way to the rote. Gaiman manages to strike the perfect balance between intellectual interest and joyous storytelling. His fiction background, naturally, has helped with this task enormously. 

Best of all are the characterisations of the gods themselves. Thor is a bounty of hard-headed brashness and implacable optimism…when he has Mjollnir, anyway. Odin is a wise and steadfast figure, if perhaps prone to his own brand of trickery. Freya is an unashamed feminist, constantly berating the Aesir for their unthinking folly. Loki is a proud and egotistical problem-solver with delusions of grandeur. Each character, be they god or elf or dwarf or giant (or eagle or wolf or snake) are presented with unique character traits and mannerisms. And to top it off, these gods do not speak in thees and thous: instead, Gaiman treats the gods as if they were real people with extraordinary abilities and responsibilities, and they speak accordingly.

Gaiman collects the best known stories and a few lesser, harder to research myths, and presents them as one cohesive story with an ease that Sturluson couldn’t possibly have dreamed of, and which few academics have replicated. From the beginning to the Ragnarok, the reader is completely transported.

@neil-gaiman has given the world an incredible gift, and we are not worthy.

Should I buy this book? Yes, a thousand times yes.
What do you rate it? 5/5 stars.
Favourite part? Every single time Freya snaps at Loki.

What did you expect after giving me that info?

I was playing a homebrew game where the DM included a few of there own 5e races and classes. I was a Warlock (fiend patron) of one of the DM’s homebrew races. Lamia, as in the monstergirl style of woman from waist up and snake from the waste down.

There was a point where we wound up meeting with a celestial/fae being of the elvish pantheon, but before meeting with them we met with one of there upper level servants who first appeared to us as a 40 foot tall celestial eagle.

Me (OOC): huh, irl I know damn well that eagles eat snakes. Would Isea(my character) know this kind of thing as well and thus be scared?

DM: roll nature.

*rolls pretty well, not nat 20 but more than 20 after modifiers*

DM: you know there is a creature known as a Roc that is similar to being a colossal eagle and normally eats elephants. Sometimes they swoop down and carry off Lamias for their meals.

Isea (IC): I start vigorously searching for a way out of here, too panicked to speak in common and instead switching to my native tongue. “NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW! GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT! GET ME OUT!”


Inside Penguins Hockey: What animal would you be and why 

Letang: cheetah
Fehr: bear
Rust: polar bear
Cole: wolf
Sheary: dog
Dumoulin: dog (English Bulldog)
Kessel: his dog
Schultz: dog (Golden Retriever)
Kuhnhackl: cat
Daley: lion
Murray: bald eagle
Crosby: eagle or lion
Malkin: snake or scorpion
Fleury: monkey
Hagelin: dolphin
Bonino: penguin


Seriously, when I started out, I’d heard things about how hard it was to start an ask blog, but all of you have been really supportive and wonderful so here’s a little gift for all of you.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, these are yoga poses - the crow pose, the eagle pose, the lion pose (because I liked it better than the cat pose), the swan pose, one version of the snake pose, and the bear pose. If these are inaccurate, I’m sorry, but I had a lot of fun drawing it, especially in school where my friends kept pestering me to shade in abs and butts other muscles. Hope you enjoy and thanks again!

The lion, the eagle, the badger and the snake

Like a lion Gryffindors are:

  • strong
  • always ‘hunting’ together
  • respectful of others
  • never obeying rules
  • moody and changeable
  • will let you know when they’re not satisfied

Like an eagle Ravenclaws are: 

  • unique
  • extremely intelligent
  • anxious trusting others, and always test before they trust 
  • always see things from a different perspective 
  • fearless 
  • leaders without being bossy

Like a badger Hufflepuffs are: 

  • often underestimated
  • stronger than they appear
  • protective of those they love
  • independent
  • willing to do anything to achieve their goals
  • members of complex social groups

Like a snake Slytherins are:

  • flexible
  • constantly misjudged
  • owners of a sharp, venomous mouth
  • sleek and cool
  • solitary
  • able to devour enemies larger than themselves, if they so choose

33. Ravenclaws and slytherins are the ultimate dream team. They are always the loudest ones in the class and if they’re sitting together in the great hall, it always ends with absolute chaos 

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