eagle america

Summary of The Guild
  • Fitzgerald: Money Can Solve Everything But Bringing Back My Dead Wife.
  • Steinbeck: Freak of Nature. LITERALLY.
  • Alcott: I hate myself but I'm loyal to Fitzgerald. I swear he didn't make me say this-
  • Montgomery: Tea Party of DEATH
  • Twain: Gosh aren't I good looking? Y'all agree right?
  • Melville: Don't go fishing with him-You'll regret it
  • Lovecraft: Even Octopus' are terrified of him
  • Mitchell: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I'm Not Some Damsel in Distress Fuck You-
  • Hawthorne: Do NOT sin for my sake, Mitchell.
  • Poe: I have crippling depression but I express how I feel by writing about it.
Codenames : Hetalia
  • America: Ok guys! From now on we're using the codenames I made you all
  • America: You will address me as "Eagle One."
  • America: Russia is "Been there, done that."
  • America: Japan is "Currently doing that."
  • Japan: Um-
  • America: France is "It happened once in a dream!"
  • America: England is "Not going there!"
  • America: China is "If I had to pick a girl,"
  • China: Wait wha-
  • America: And Germany is... "Eagle Two."
  • Germany: Thank God.