The Gokaigers Return

[originally posted 9.5.16]

They’ve returned!

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Ahh. It was showy  Σ(゚д゚lll)

Seeing all of those past sentai suits
was pretty exciting, right?

I was excited, too!

Getting to see those fights between those with the same motif was pretty hot.

What kind of transformations will we see next week…

And the new Grand Champion’s Symbol.

This is a really important item for the Zyuohgers…!?

Definitely don’t miss next week.

And next week will be
Super Sentai’s 2000th episode.

What an impressive number.

I’m so happy to be able to play a part in the commemoration of a series like Super Sentai that has such an impressive history.

If you’re doing anything to commemorate,
I want to see it too! I can’t wait for next week either!

With that!



More wip time~ The eagle has gotten himself a wing! Now onward to make the next wing, tail and feet. 

This far Ive worked on this dude for 32 hours, and I wonder just how many feathers Ive made… do I really wanna know that though? Hahaha


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As many of you guys know, I go to Auburn University. A few years back, a crazy Alabama fan poisoned our beloved oak trees that we roll after we sing a game. This year, we finally got the opportunity to roll some of the trees since they’re big enough now.

Last night we won to LSU, and everyone rolled the trees. But I woke up to the news that a guy just walked up to one of the trees covered with toilet paper and lit it on fire.

That’s right. Fire.

To that guy, good job. You’re just an asshole.

anonymous asked:

Has anyone been through the college app process? I was amab, but in order to be assigned inclusive dorms and included in spaces in college, I would have to fill in the forms to fit me, which could mean coming out and possibly losing eagle scout.

Kii says:

It’s different in every school, but in my school, you don’t have to state your gender identity to be assigned to a gender-inclusive dorm, and there are definitely cis people that live in those dorms, usually because they are not straight and are scared of non-accepting roommates. So, I would definitely suggest looking into that.

If any trans person is an Eagle Scout, please share your experiences with that. BSA seems to be a very homophobic/transphobic organization, so it does seem like you’ll lose your status if you come out and they find out.

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anonymous asked:

((jajaja me alegra que hayan disfrutado mucho mi pregunta! yo disfrute mucho su respuesta <3)) esta es para Aioria ¿que tal te la llevas con Marin actualmente?

La venganza es dulce

Deberian ocuparse estos dos en sus propios asuntos en vez de estarse espiando :v