So we’ve done a pretty good job so far of not being too in-your-face about our personal political opinions in this election because that’s not what this blog is about but the election is Tuesday and its outcome will affect every single one of you (even those of you who aren’t Americans) so fuck it 

I know most people, media outlets, corporations, etc., will say things like “we can’t tell you who to vote for” but we at Incorrect Harry Potter Quotes are not affiliated with any person or corporation that is legally obligated to remain publicly neutral so we can, legally and with a clear conscience, ask that you please vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on Tuesday, November 8th

Voting third party is not a viable option
Sorry to burst your bubble but my dog has as much of a chance of becoming President as Johnson and Stein
We live with a binary political party system
Our Presidents are elected via Electoral College which means you have to gain the popular vote state by state, not just the over all popular vote 
As nice as it would be to have more than 2 options, this is not the election to make a protest vote against the system
Peoples’ lives are at stake here and I would hope the lives of others would be more important to you than any disillusionment you have about the American Political System

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “this is a Harry Potter blog why are they talking about politics” well we live in this country and we actually give a shit
Not just about what our country is like today but what it will be like for posterity 

We have to decide what kind of country we want to live in
One full of open hate and blatant discrimination and exclusion, or one that admits and learns from past mistakes while looking towards the future, knowing that we can each have a hand in making the world a better place 

Poll hours differ state to state so please check your state’s voting hours and please make sure you GO VOTE


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