eagerly awaiting the next installation

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I AM SUCHHHH A SUCKER FOR SICKFICS! I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of the siren au! Whens about can we expect it? :D I'm dying just picturing poor Victor laying in bed, Yuuri unsure of how to help him because he can't ask what he needs and all that

I was gonna say tomorrow but CC made me write a cute kissy one instead that I’ll post tomorrow. So… day after tomorrow!!

And yes. Sick pirate captain and Yuuri freaking out because HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.

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Hello my dear! I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your Mafia AU! I'm such a sucker for that trope :) The art is beautiful and so well done!! I'm loving the storyline too. I eagerly await the next instalments!! All the best :) P.S. sorry I'm not very eloquent but you're doing a fab job

Thanks thanks ^w^
It’s really awesome to hear that you like the AU so much ;w;
And so nice that you think the art is well done too ;A;
Yus yus, more to come fore sure :D
at least cute stuff XD
And lololol, I’m not eloquent either XDDD

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So.... I'm asking this from the afterlife because I was KILLED by your zarry fic. God bless you and your magic writing hands. Like leaving him in the hallway? WIG. Zayn leaving him on read? SCALPED. The constant plot building flashbacks? ART. I could keep going but thank you for writing and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment!!!

omg thanks so much for your kind words!!!! i’m so happy you enjoyed it :)

Here's to the ones who grew up with Harry Potter

•You were young when the movies and books first started being made/written
•You eagerly awaited for the next installment even if it took years because then it only meant that when Harry was a year older then so were you
•You went on all those adventures with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine and through those books you felt like you were actually there in Hogwarts
•Whenever Harry or someone did something ridiculous, you felt embarrassed on their behalf
•You experienced growing up with them. Their joys were your joy. Their learning a and revelations were yours too. Their pain was your pain and when times were tough you cried right alongside them
•You always wished you had a Hagrid of your own, but the one in the book was enough for you anyways
•When Hagrid, or Sirius, or Remus praised Harry, or did something to let him know that he was loved, you felt like they were also saying it to you
•You lost a brother too when Fred died
•You learned all those life lessons right alongside Harry
•You learned what it meant to be a friend
-and brave in the face of adversity
-and loyal to what you believe in
-and that not every villain is evil, but have a story of their own and circumstances that give them no choice
-and eventually our childhood ends and we must grow up
•When the books were finished and the movie was over, you still have the rest of us
-the ones who grew up right alongside you
-and we’ll always remember these stories and what they’ve taught us
-and we’ll share that with each other and eventually pass this knowledge onto our own children
-and everyone will always remember the kids who grew up just as much as a part of Hogwarts as the real world and know SOME THINGS AREN’T MEANT TO END