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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 7,501 (ok kinda sorry)

Warnings: angst!, a tiny bit of violence, swear words, alcohol

Summary: Being Bucky’s best friend (after Steve of course) gets a lot of perks - but being in love with him WHILE being his best friend means that your adoration must be kept a secret. That also means you have to silently endure every single encounter with women he has whether he tells you or you see it for yourself.

A/N: So this one shot is based on the Amy Shark song “Adore You” (she speaks to me on so many levels!) and I just really wanted a Bucky fic for it because he’d be absolutely clueless to someone adoring him like this…I also kind of skipped over the “oh look at him I’m in love with him” fluffy stuff and I just focused on the couple of days leading up to the point reader can’t take it anymore. I like the angst - it fuels me *evil laugh*

Y/F/I = Your First Initial

I’m just gonna stand with my bag hanging off my left arm

I’m just gonna walk home kicking stones at parked cars

But I had a great night ‘cause you kept rubbing against my arm

I’m just gonna stand with my bag hanging off my left arm

You hugged Wanda and Nat, giving small waves to the boys, before turning to Bucky. 

“Hey B, I’m going to head back to the tower. The mission took a bigger toll on me than I thought.” You made a show of rubbing your neck, hoping the sadness in your eyes would be mistaken for exhaustion.

Bucky turned away from the young, curvy brunette tucked under his arm, his smile fading as his eyes scanned over you with concern. He didn’t move away from her, nor did you move any closer, instead you gripped the strap of your bag hard, until your knuckles were white, in an effort to ignore the pain radiating through your chest.

“Are you sure? Did you want me to come with you?”

You gave serious thought to saying yes, knowing he’d probably give the woman a kiss and get her phone number before following you out of the bar, talking your ear off about how she was this and that. All the while, you would be fighting the anger and nausea bubbling up your throat, fighting back the urge to scream at him to shut up about her and every other woman, just fighting to keep your face neutral as you listened to the love of your life pine after any and every other woman but you.

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[Letter from Richey Edwards to Alistair Fitchett, transcription below]

Sat 12 Jan

“Cut word lines – Cut music lines – Smash the Control Images – Smash the Control Machine – Burn the books – Kill the priests – Kill! Kill! Kill!” - William Burroughs

Dear Alistair,

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Thanks, Mom

Summary: You go to visit your mom at her new house and find a handsome man mowing her yard.

warnings: none, just fluff! (minor fantasies about Dean, but who hasn’t had those, right?)

word count: ~2600

You turned onto your mom’s street, eager to see her new house all finally put together.  She had moved about a month ago, but you had been so busy with your job that you hadn’t had a chance to come by and see the place, let alone help her unpack.

She didn’t seem to mind, as she quite enjoyed organizing and arranging things.  You had talked to her on the phone many times and she told you all the new ideas she had for the house… It felt like you had been there a thousand times with all the details she had shared, but you were just now getting to see it.

You pulled into the driveway, eyes scrunched in confusion when you saw a man pushing a lawnmower in her yard. Your mom had always done her own yard work, saying that it was the best work out she would get and not liking to work out in any other ways.

The man looked your way and waved, before quickly turning back to his task.  You reached for your purse after you turned off your car, getting out slowly.  You looked at the man again, taking him in.  He was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, hair short with scruff on his face. His face – that was a handsome face.  Plump lips and a light brush of freckles under piercing green eyes that you could see all the way across the yard.  He turned the lawnmower so that he was now facing away from you, and you couldn’t help but admire his back muscles that flexed under his thin t-shirt and the curve of his ass –

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Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it. 

Word Count:1,913

Warnings: Slight blood talk. Slight angst.

A/N: This fic is my baby and I hope you all like it! I have a thing for naming my fics in Spanish now lol. But yes, enjoy this please :)  Part 2 will be out soon, I’m just too excited to write it all in one swoop and I haven’t posted something in so long.

Title Translation: Loving You is a Pleasure.

Like every other human being inhabiting this planet, you were born connected to an individual. One person that would look at you and see their world. One who would hold you like they’d never hold anything more precious for as long as they lived. One who would love you with passion and fire that eternally hungered for more.

There were no signs as to who this certain person was. You only had marks on your skin, marks that whenever he got, you got. It also worked the other way around and you found that you were extremely careful about this. You didn’t want him to get bruises and feel pain because of you. Yet that same thought didn’t seem to be in his mind and your life was spent trying to explain this or that mark.

As you grew up, before you turned eleven and followed your family’s footsteps into wizarding school, you only got minor scrapes and cuts. You assumed they were from broom-riding, you could swear you felt the wind batting against your face sometimes, even if you were sitting alone in your room reading a book.

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Untitled by into space!

Lust (Park Jimin)

The 1st installment of the seven deadly sins mini-series!

Genre: REALLY SMUTTY PLS DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T LIKE SMUT (but the end is so cute)

Group/Member: Jimin from BTS

Word Count: 1881 (of course this would be the longest thing I’ve written)

Warnings: Sex, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, rough sex, swearing, oral sex

Please enjoy! I feel unclean but I’m happy about it!

-Admin Sarang


The way he sauntered around the room, as if he was a lone predator circling his prey, made your stomach tighten in anticipation. You had no idea who he was; in fact, you only knew three people in the sea of writhing bodies, but you had lost your friends long ago in the club’s blaring music and pulsing lights.

You caught sight of him often though, always in a different position in the large room. His eyes, however, seemed to stay put on you. You denied this, knowing that it was probably a girl near you in a sexier dress with a prettier face that he was making eyes with. But you were proven wrong when you made eye contact with him. You shuddered under his gaze, the smirk that played on his lips heating your face up.

His eyes, those dark eyes you could make out from across the room, flicked from you, to the dance floor, and then settled back on you. Prior to this moment, you had quickly shrugged off any invitation that had been extended to you. But now, as if you had lost control of your senses, you couldn’t resist this man with pale orange hair and a stare that burned your skin any longer.

You met at the edge of the dance floor and he smiled down at you, although there wasn’t a huge height difference between the both of you. He looped his arm through yours and began pushing his way past people until he was satisfied with the spacing around your bodies. His arm then fell around your waist, and something about the look in his eyes and his touch on your body made you feel trapped; like a mouse underneath a cat’s claws. No matter how many logical thoughts your brain drew up as to why walking away would be the better decision in this situation than staying, your body refused to execute them. It was as if he had a gravitational pull that kept you in orbit.

Suddenly, his lips made contact with your ear, and your train of thought was immediately derailed.

“By the way, princess, my name is Jimin.” His hot breath tickled you, causing you to shiver. His fingers gently tightened around your hips, turning you so that your back was pressed to his chest. His hands encouraged you to sway your hips to the beat of the music, and he made a grunt of approval as your body began to move against his. You could tell he knew how to move his hips by the way he grinded against you.

“You know how to move, don’t you princess?” Jimin commented as his grip tightened on your hips. You couldn’t find it in you to respond, so you continued to dance against him until he spun you around to face him. He rested his forehead on yours, his hands still laying claim to their territory on your waist.

“Would you mind coming home with me, princess? I don’t think I can handle seeing you in this dress any longer.”

You blushed at his blunt words but quickly agreed, which was extraordinarily out of character for you, but at this point, you were done trying to fight off whatever power he had over you.

He led you to his car, promising that he hasn’t had a single drink and the only problem he would have while driving would be keeping his hands on the wheel instead of on your body.

He raced down the streets, eager to reach his apartment. His long fingers caressed your exposed thighs, and you could feel heat pooling in between your legs.

“What’s your name, princess?” Jimin questioned, his fingers climbing the soft skin of your thighs.

“Y/n.” You answered, silently begging his fingers to continue upwards.
Jimin pulled his hand away, much to your dismay, however you quickly realized that the car was no longer moving, and you were in fact in front of his apartment building.

“C'mon princess.” Jimin beckoned, his arm slung around your shoulders as you walked to his door.

Once inside, his arm immediately pulled your body between himself and the door, and you could feel him through his jeans as he pressed against you.

“Do you know how badly I wanted to just take you in the middle of that dance floor? You’re so goddamn irresistible.” He smashed his lips into yours, dominating your tongue with ease. You couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, desperate to get closer.

Jimin patted the back of your thigh, signaling for you to jump up. You did, and you wrapped your legs around him as he gripped your ass and carried you to what you presumed was his bedroom.

The two of you fell onto his mattress, his hands tugging the hem of your dress as his lips attacked your neck and collar bones, more than likely leaving brilliant red marks in his wake. You helped him get rid of your dress, leaving you in only your panties underneath his body.

“Oh you naughty, naughty girl.” Jimin teased as he drank in the sight of your bare torso. His lips latched on to the newly exposed flesh, tongue dancing around your nipple as his hand kneeded your other breast. He worked his way down your body, until he came face to face with your clothed heat.

Jimin nipped at the sensitive skin on your thighs as his thumb rubbed over the damp spot on your underwear.

“We’ve just started and your already this wet princess? I must be doing something right then.” He hooked his fingers around your panties and effortlessly pulled them off of you. A sudden shyness washed over you, and you closed your thighs in an attempt to hide from him. He clicked his tongue in disapproval and placed his hands on your knees.

“Don’t hide something so beautiful from me, especially when I want it so badly.” Jimin scolded, spreading your legs. He groaned at the sight of your entrance, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. He barely wasted anytime before you felt his tongue flick against your clit, causing you to buck your hips against his face. He pressed your hips down, keeping you in place while his tongue danced across your folds.
You let out one high pitched moan after the other, your fingers finding their way into his hair as you tried to reach your climax. Just as your thighs began to tremble, Jimin’s tongue disappeared, and so did your orgasm. You cried out in protest, desperate for release.

You sat up and saw him nearly ripping his clothes off. You opened your mouth to question him, but he interrupted as he pulled his boxers off, his erection standing proudly.

“You’re going to finish around my cock, princess.” He stroked himself a few times before reaching for the shiny foil packet that sat on his night stand.

“Get on your hands and knees.” He instructed, and you obeyed without protest, ready to chase your orgasm again. Jimin pulled you to the edge of his bed by your waist, positioning you so that he could fuck you properly.

He rubbed the tip of his length against your aching clit, and your back arched. Your body was so responsive to his touch that it put your nerves on edge.

“Are you ready, princess?” Jimin asked gently, his hand resting on the base of your spine. You gave him permission to continue, and he kissed the spot his hand had rested before aligning himself with you.

As Jimin pushed himself inside you, you let out a long, breathy moan that echoed of the walls of the room.

“Holy shit, Princess, you’re so fucking tight.” Jimin praised as he began thrusting deeply into you. He started off at a steady pace, making sure he wasn’t hurting you any before speeding up.

With every moan that spilled from your lips, his hips began to move faster and faster, until he was pounding into you at a speed that was sinful. He couldn’t help but groan at the feeling of your tight walls quivering around him as he slammed into you.

You became breathless once he found your sweet spot, and you were panting as you felt your climax building up.

“Please Jimin, don’t stop!” You shouted, fingers digging into the sheets as your vision began to blur in pleasure.

“You can do it princess, cum for me!” He growled, never letting up on his speed. You felt your walls pulse around him, you could no longer support yourself as you came around him. You whimpered as he continued thrusting into your overly sensitive area, feeling as if every single nerve in your body was on fire.

Within a short amount of time, Jimin brought you right back to the edge, and you could feel tears pricking your eyes. You had never felt so much intense pleasure at once.

“Can you cum one more time for me, Princess?” Jimin asked. You moaned out something vaguely similar to a yes, and he praised you on how good you were doing for him.

With a few more rough and fast snaps of his hips, you screamed as your second orgasm washed over you even harder than the first. This time, you felt Jimin twitch inside of you, and you knew he was about to finish too.

“Fuck, (y/n), princess-” Jimin cried out, his thrusts becoming sporadic as he came. You groaned as he stilled inside of you, his breathing trying to become steady. He pulled out of you, and you collapsed from your position, your face pressed into the sheets.

You heard him walk away from you, guessing he was headed to the bathroom, and you suddenly felt sad. He was probably ready for you to leave, and it made you feel strange for some reason. You decided you would call a taxi, but before you could get up and look for your phone, you felt something wet between your thighs. You flinched from the sensation, and looked up to find Jimin standing over you.

“Shhh, baby, I’m just cleaning you up a little bit before we go to sleep. Do you want anything to wear, princess?” He asked as he gently wiped your thighs clean.

“Sleep?” You mumbled, “you’re letting me stay?”

Jimin smiled softly, “Well of course, I’m not just going to kick you out. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I would really be happy if you did.”

You grinned, realizing how sweet he was.

“In that case, may I have a shirt?”

Jimin nodded, making his way to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of boxers for himself, then tossed you a baggy t-shirt. You pulled it over your head and laid down, aware of how exhausted your body was. Jimin soon joined you, placing an arm over your waist and kissing your shoulder before wishing you sweet dreams. You smiled as you drifted off to sleep, content in his arms.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be the last you saw of Jimin.

(Being in love with a werewolf can be frightening in surprising ways)

“Ruby?” Weiss’s voice crackled down the line before Ruby could even say hello. “Are you there?”

The rawness in the words caught Ruby off guard. “I’m here.” Pushing away from her desk and the barely started paper on it, Ruby pressed the phone more tightly to her ear.  

“Is something wrong Weiss? Are you okay?”

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Bruce Wayne Imagine Part 1

Part Two

Requested: “ Can i get one where the reader is saved by batman?”

Reader saved by Batman, but doesn’t know it’s Bruce Wayne.(Long)

*A/N at the end as always.

You had decided to leave the extravagant walls painted white; that hung diamond chandeliers like bats in a cave, in an effort to have an early night. The crowd had grown drunken and loud, the noise like a violation to your ears. You had tirelessly decided to leave, scared of overstaying your welcome. And of course it was no lie too that indeed the party was not what you expected. You thought there would be laughter, singing, dancing, socialisation, but instead, the laughing turned into drunken burps, singing turned into yelling, dancing turned into trying to stand right on two feet, and socialising turned into drunken slander and showing off. You were surprised you were even invited in the first place, as it was an invitation of which you never expected.

So leaving the premises, you really didn’t mind the shocking cold chill of the air, in fact it was more pleasant and calm than inside. The air inside was hot and smelly, whereas outside was fresh and tranquil. Cars littered the streets, and only a few specs of people walked past the streets, eager to get home. You pulled your coat tighter, shuffled it on your shoulders, and began waiting. You could see your breath in the air and the navy black sky, and you watched it float into thin air. Your eyes watched the street, eager to spot the yellow taxi that would come by. You were not stupid. It was in the middle of winter and midnight. And plus, this was Gotham, so of course you wouldn’t walk home.

So you waited, until the yellow car pulled up outside the party and let you in. You slid in the back seat, the car smelling of old air freshener and deodorant.

“16 Neil street, please.” You ask, your voice surprisingly a little horse from the champagne you had.

So the taxi driver started moving, the car jolting slightly at every gear shift he made. The lights outside slid past like lines of neon streaks, and your eyes grew tired as your body rested in the soft furry seat.

“Hey!” The taxi man yelled. Your eyes moved to the front as the car slowed to a stop. You watched, as a man walked onto the road.


You screamed.

 A man had slammed his hands-on the boot (trunk of the car).  You heard him laugh. Then, on both sides of you,  the doors opened. A woman slid in and sat next to you pushing you to the middle, whilst a man slid in from the other side, squishing your body. The man who walked on the road sat at the front and smiled at the taxi driver.

“I’ll tell you where to go, just keep going.” He said. He smiled almost wickedly, and it made you uneasy. He pulled a knife to the poor taxi driver.

The woman looked at you, rubbing your warm trench coat,

“I guess you’ll just come along for the ride too hun,” And then she laughed.

“Should we put her out, so she doesn’t see where we’re going?” The man at the front asks,

“yeah!” The man next to you yells.

“Wait-! No no!-”

You thought by now you’d be at home, sleeping safely in bed with the heater; but you were wrong.

You’d never been so cold in your life. Your hands were like ice, numb and freezing to the touch. Your eyes fluttered awake, and you found yourself on the ground in a fetal position. You sat up, pushing yourself up with your hands of which were tied. You were in a warehouse, with sheets of metal walls and concrete floors. You checked your watch.

Three in the morning.

“She’s awake!” The man yelled, throwing his hands in the air (like he just didn’t care).

“You were out for a while! You okay hun?” The woman teased. You stared at her, you head standing tall and eyes strong. She laughed,

“I guess so,” She mumbled.

They stood in a group in front of you. Your throat was horribly dry, and your forehead was beginning to sweat in the tense situation. You were scared but you weren’t going to let them see that. You looked around, observing that the warehouse was to big to make a run for it.

“Now look, I’m awfully sorry but, I don’t need you,“ he pointed to you, "nor you!” and then he pointed to the taxi man who was next to you. You turned and saw the old man barely awake in a fetal position on the ground, his head bleeding.

“We just needed the taxi!”

The man walked towards him, and lifted his leg to kick him in the stomach,

“Hey!-” You yelled, face twitching in regret after. The man stopped, mid swing of his leg. He looked to you,

“Yes?” He asked with a smile on his face.

You looked up, and back to the taxi driver. You looked down in your lap, your lips unable to form any words. You were nervous, and scared, and now he was giving you his full attention.

His eyes were piercing.

The man shrugged, and re-swung his leg,

“Alright then.” And then he kicked the taxi driver.  You flinched as the old man failed to make any noise.

The man bent down to look into his face, their noses almost touching. He looked back at his group, pointed in the taxi driver’s face and began laughing

“I think he’s gone!” The group laughed, and you sat still, your breathing beginning to quicken. Your mouth was slightly agape and your heart was heavy.

But then, as they were all laughing, the lights above and throughout the warehouse had blown out. Your breath was caught in your chest, and your eyes desperately tried to look for any visible light. Your hands held each other tight, but then released. You gasped lightly upon seeing the glowing eyes of a Bat.

You’d never encountered him before, and you never thought you would. You had imagined what it would be like, and it wasn’t like this.

You heard the running of men and their grunts, as the sound of his suit and their skin hitting each other echoed throughout the warehouse. You sat there, listening, trying to pinpoint the sounds.

But then you heard the flick of a lighter, and saw an orange glow.Alit by the flame, you saw the man who kicked the taxi driver before. He lit a piece of string which sparked up like fireworks.  You weren’t a specialist in weapons, but you knew what that was. Your breathing picked up, and you scooted back, your body frantic.

“If i’m going down, you’re going down with me Batman!” He yelled. He threw the bomb into the sea of black, and all you heard was it hit the concrete floor.


You then saw the Bat’s eyes speeding faster towards you. His eyes like streaks of lines. You gasped and grunted as his body ran into yours and his hands gripped you tight. His cape wrapped around you as he ran.

The bomb exploded.

The rushing push of force from the fire urged him to run faster. You heard the growl of an engine as you exited the warehouse and you looked up.

It was his ride.

The door opened, and he placed you in the passenger seat fast, shutting the door down with force. He looked back, where he spotted gas bottles ready to explode. He then ran to his side, sipped in, started the engine and accelerated like it was light speed. You turned around and looked out the window, watching as the warehouse exploded into oblivion. The explosion was muffled, the ‘car’ blocking out the noise through it’s thick material. You watched, as the fire blew up in clouds or orange and yellow.

You sat back down, your hands in your lap, thumbs playing with each other.

“Are you okay?” His voice was gruff, and low. Much lower than you thought. You looked at him, as if wondering is he was talking to you.

You nodded frantically,

“yes-um-yes. Thank you so much uh-Mr Batman.” You stuttered. You looked straight down.

You then felt the car stop.

You looked out the window and your mouth fell slightly agape. You were outside your house.

“how did you-?”

He grabbed your wrists and cut them loose.

“Get some rest. And make sure you clean your wrists.” You looked down. Your wrists were bleeding from the pressure of the rope.

You nodded as the door popped open. You looked at batman, his eyes no longer glowing, and his chin very visible. What a lovely chin.

“Thank you, Batman.” You say, getting out. You turn to him, “I really mean it.”

And Batman, like the gentleman he is, waited for you to get inside, before speeding off into the night.


Your head whipped towards the voice, a biscuit in your mouth. You smiled, clutching your clipboard to your chest, your heart slightly intensifying at the sudden attention from Bruce Wayne. You swallowed the biscuit and stood up straight.  It was the next day, and you were at work  like always, as if nothing happened, being talked to by your boss, the one and only Bruce Wayne.

“Yes Mr. Wayne?” He looked at you, eyes peering into yours. Wait, Bruce Wayne? Why is Bruce Wayne talking to yo-

“How are you today?” He asks.

“I’m good, a little tired, but who isn’t right?” You laughed awkwardly, scratching your arm. Bruce raises an eyebrow and hides a smile, hand going into the pockets of his suit pants.

“Are you sure?” His eyes look to your wrists, where large bruises formed. Your eye widened and you looked up.  You turned your head side to side, then walked up to Bruce, making sure no one was around to listen.

“Alright,” You begin, “…but you’re not going to believe me…” you whisper more to yourself.

“You can tell me.” Bruce says, his black and white suit fitting him well. You let out a breath.

“Alright, so-so last night i was saved by…” You lean in closer,


He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, and then you sigh, stepping away and swinging your arms down in despair.

“I knew you wou-!”

“(y/n)” Bruce says.

“It was stupi-”

“(y/n)” he says again. You stop and look at him, a smile forming on his face. You watch him confused, waiting for him to talk.

“It’s okay,” He says, and you smile softly, almost laughing at the situation,

“I believe you.”

- I feel like if you guys like this i could make a second part? or like a small series? maybe? let me no if you like the idea through ask!

-Tis was long…probably too long. Sorry!!!

gecktron  asked:

Can you give us a short overview of Blay and Ros' story, now that blos has returned from the dead?

Ros is an extroverted loud memelord. Stops talking to point at dogs on the street. Eager to start a discourse at all times, especially when it comes to pineapple on pizza. Dabs. 24/7 cheerful. Has no idea what is going on, ever. Pure.

Blay is a walking existential crisis. Has dark past™ and because of it he’s 10/10 insecure about his body, especially hands. Wears gloves 24/7. Social anxiety present at all times but he never shows it. If he had to get to 36th floor in an elevator with a stranger, he would take the stairs with no hesitation. Pineapple on pizza. Curses. Touch him and he will floor you immediately.

The story itself is kinda complicated and not done yet, so can’t be revealed right now. We can call them partners in crime tho. For various circumstances they are forced to help each other to achieve a certain goal. They don’t like each other at the begining but oh well

Better man

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2016
Day Two, March 7
Non-canon/ Headcanon: “Victorian Sherlolly”
Author: @potemkinx
Artist: Flavialikestodraw

It was a cold and windy afternoon in March, when Sherlock Holmes saw her again. The sunset was coming near, and the pedestrians below on the street scuttled on the street, eager to avoid the suffragist rally that was taking place; it was the best time for the famous consulting detective to practice his deductive skills, while he smoked lazily his pipe.

Five years had passed since one of his most baffling case: Watson had named it “The abominable bride”, and for many months the press had harassed both of them about the case’s conclusion. It was strange enough for the famous consulting detective admitting that he couldn’t solve a case; even more strange, the case’s ending coincided with the sudden departure of one of the most respected pathologist in London, Mark Hooper. Despite his notorious fiery temper, many at Scotland Yard missed his competence, just as much as his ability to hold his own when Sherlock Holmes was around.

The reason behind his leaving seemed legitimate at the time: he had to return to Edinburgh to take care of his nubile sister; the poor woman was never very healthy, and her older sibling constantly worried about her.

When Doctor Hooper failed to return after more than six months away from London, Inspector Lestrade tried to contact him, but in vain. Word was that he had left England to go to the States, after his sister got engaged to a sworn notary; when Lestrade tried to involve Holmes in his investigation, he received only obstinate silence from the consulting detective, and nothing more than a few sympathetic words from Doctor Watson.

And now, Hooper was back. Not the Hooper that Lestrade, or Anderson, would recognise if they met her in the street, obviously; she was the real Hooper, the one that had plagued his thoughts, and sometimes his dreams, for many years.

Holmes pulled aside the curtain, careful to remain hidden from her sight, in case she decided to raise her gaze from the street. She looked older, of course: more wrinkles had appeared around her soft brown eyes, and her lips seemed almost thinner… Now that they were not behind those ugly fake moustache. A breath of wind made her hat fly away, showing him the long chestnut hair that she hid for years under a wig.

He watched as she moved to retrieve her hat, before she joined once again the other protesters, who were currently demonstrating down the street. Her stride was as determined, and unladylike, as ten years before; he didn’t doubt that the same determined spirit dwelt in her heart. He could understand their frustration; the war against the privileges given to men only because of their genre, was one that they deserved to win, and as quickly as possible.

Her competence and talent deserved to be acknowledged by the world, without forcing her to hide behind a clever disguise. The world deserved more women like Molly Hooper; and he couldn’t help to think, that maybe one day he would be a better man, worthy of her, too.


Ordinary day! Well, no day here is ordinary enough. Ayano kept to herself while walking down the streets, eager to see what new daily special her favorite bakery has set out for today. She paused when her shoulder bumped into a stranger’s. Of course, that’s not the only thing that bumped. Out from the lady’s hands fell a rabbit shaped ice cream. Like the sonic the hedgehog ice cream with bubblegum eyes, except instead of the fast rodent, it was a hoppity one. Ayano watched in slow-motion as it hit the pavement. Embarrassed and extremely nervous, she bowed multiple times.

I’m so so sorry! I’ll buy you a new one, I swear!


Forever Together by Steve Powers aka ESPO

After seeing photos of this mural pop up I knew I had to make time to see it. It was really hard to find at first because Eager breaks up at certain points. When we finally did spot it in the distance it seemed even more impressive to us. We spent probably an hour here walking up and down the street. I had the pleasure of running into Dino and Jeff (pictured under HOME) who have lived in this neighborhood since the 1960s. I asked them to be in the photo because it seemed all too appropriate. According to another neighbor this entire block of homes will be demolished sometime in July, so see it while you can.

2300-2400 block of east Eager Street, east Baltimore, Md.

Contribution to the #1yearofMiraculous

You have been waiting for the oneshot, and here it is, fully corrected and ready to hit you!

I’m late for the anniversary, I know, but I hope you’ll still like to read it anyway!

More than Paris’ superheroes’ first anniversary, it’s also been 1 year since they’ve started protecting Paris, and I thought the city deserved a tribute as well.

So meet Paris, the way I’ve met it 2 weeks ago. Every detail in the fic comes from actual research pictures, including quotes and specific description. I also encourage you to go google “Parc de Belleville” in case I failed to describe the gorgeous view I had the chance to discover thanks to a Parisian friend of mine.

Thanking @shishitsunari, @re-unknown, @polkadotsdesign and most of all @voltrcn for their help and their support through my very slow death. You may thank them because this wouldn’t have been done without them!

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Adrien Agreste has always dreamed of visiting Paris, which has finally been made possible the moment he became Chat Noir.
There’s only one big flaw to his plan: The overwhelming number of tourists.

But what happens when Ladybug takes the lead and decides to show him the real Paris?

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HELLO! I've got a prompt for ya if you feel like writing it xo. Felicity is having a particularly difficult time convincing Oliver to spend Halloween night prowling around the streets hooded up and blending with the masses. She opts to join him in her own costume. Double Kudos for sexy Felicity and distracted/protective/horny Oliver xD


Oliver glared down at his bow and quiver, his mouth set in a flat line of annoyance. “For the last time, Felicity. No.”

“Come on, Oliver.” Felicity whined, employing every advantage known to man in an effort to convince him. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it was safe.”

Oliver huffed a rough laugh through his nose, earning himself a set of narrowed, brilliant blue eyes from his partner. “I think we both know personal safety is never among your top priorities.” he pointed out.

“My own, maybe not.” Felicity conceded, “But we also both know that your safety and keeping your identity safe are both always at the top of my list of priorities.”

“I’m not even going to comment on how backwards that shit is.” Roy commented, shaking his head as he adjusted the bat ears on his head.

“Good.” Oliver sneered. “The opinion of a traitor means less than nothing, anyway.”

Roy chuckled heartily. “Get over it, Queen. It’s your own fault that Wayne’s getup is better than yours. There’s no excuse for lazy costuming.”

Felicity smacked Roy in the fake muscles of his chest as he straightened his cape. “Says the guy whose costume is an exaggerated replication of said getup?”

“Right, but we all know how lazy I am.” Roy shrugged.

Felicity rolled her eyes but returned her attention to Oliver. “Please, Oliver? The rest of us will be in costume, too. Digg and Lyla are going as Clark and Lois. Or, well, Superman and his mystery girlfriend, anyway. Roy and Thea are going as Batman and Catwoman, and Laurel and Sara are both going as Canary. Nyssa is going as herself, as are Ray and Ted. Barry’s going as Iron Man and Iris is going as Black Widow. There will be a plethora of superheroes in which you can blend. No one will know.”

“Who are you?” Oliver asked, not unaware that Felicity had neglected to name herself.

“Oh.” Felicity swallowed thickly and looked down at her twisting fingers, a light shade of pink staining her cheeks. “Well, I… I’m going as Hawkeye.”

“Hawkeye.” Oliver tilted his head in question. “As in Clint Barton, Hawkeye?”

Felicity’s shoulders went up, refusing to let Oliver criticize her choice. “Yes, that Hawkeye. Do we know another?”

“No.” Oliver smiled softly. “I just wasn’t expecting that.”

Felicity tossed her loose blonde hair over her shoulder as she turned on her heel and headed for the stairs. “Well, that’s who I chose. So, either you suit up or you don’t. Either way, this city will have a bow wielding guardian tonight.”

Oliver watched her climb the stairs, trying hard not to watch her hips sway. When door closed behind her Oliver dragged a hand over his face, scratching at his scruff as he turned back toward the rest of the lair, only to find Roy standing right behind him, bow and quiver extended toward him.

Oliver sighed, shoulders slumping, but he accepted the offerings without comment.

“This is going to either be an epic success, or an absolute disaster.” Roy muttered as he shoved past Oliver in a swirl of fabric.



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A Summer Sun Meeting | closed

Some independent investigation had Yang eager to hit the streets. Team RWBY was still committed to taking down Torchwick and his criminal enterprise. Looking into Torchwick’s movements and background hadn’t yielded much in the way of success, but what about his mysterious new henchman? The woman with the multi-colored hair was definitely an object of personal interest for Yang. Something about the smug way she’d rescued Torchwick the last time they met just made Yang so upset, so anything she could dig up on her would be valuable information.

After hitting up Junior’s club among other places, and turning up no success (she was beginning to question his usefulness as an information broker - that was three times now he’d had no useful information for her), Yang was about ready to call it a night and head back to Beacon. She stepped out of the bar she’d tried last, walking back toward her motorcycle, rubbing her face. Exhaustion was starting to take her, and she debated whether she could even ride safely. Yang yawned as she continued toward her orange bike.

The most amazing surprise

Part 10

“Adam, maybe we should wrap up for tonight.” Someone snapped him out o his daze as he thought of his baby boy and Taylor. He looked up to see Charlie. “Go see the kid and your girl. You’ve worked enough. I’m sure you miss them.” He had been in the studio since after lunch. He felt a little guilty for leaving Taylor alone with Logan but he knew she understood. He had started going into the studio a little more in the last month since Logan was five months old and Taylor convinced him that he should go back.

“You’re right, mate.” He nodded. “I just finished the track, needs some last touches but I’ll work on that later.” He smiled, standing up from his chair. “I’m going home, now.” He grabbed his keys and his phone.

“Say hi to Tay for me and I’ll visit your boy soon. That adorable kid gets me every time.” Charlie laughed, giving Calvin a hug.

Calvin left the building, getting into his car and driving to their house. He smiled as he looked at the backseat and there was Logan’s car seat and his baby bag next to it. He drove through the LA streets, eager to get home. He didn’t know if she was awake so he entered the house carefully, stepping on a baby toy on his way up the stairs and laughing as he picked it up off the floor. He noticed their bedroom’s light was on and he smiled, entering the room to find Taylor lying on the bed with Logan next to her. She was laying on her side, watching Logan sleep. She looked at him when she heard his footsteps, smiling when she saw him as he set the toy in his hand on the dresser and walked closer to her, kissing her lips softly and laying down on Logan’s other side, slowly as to not wake him.

“I’m sorry I took so long in the studio.” He whispered, touching his baby’s cheek softly.

“It’s okay, babe. I know what it’s like.” She nodded, smiling at him. “He’s such an angel.” She pointed out, watching the rise and fall of Logan’s chest. The blonde haired little one was the light of their life. Never had something been as important to them than the life they created. He touched their hearts in ways they never thought was possible.

“He’s beautiful, like his mum.” He smirked, glancing at her before returning his gaze to his baby boy. “I think I’m going to install a studio in this house, that way I won’t necessarily be away, like I had in my old house.”

“That’d be cool. He missed his daddy.” She spoke, reaching for Calvin’s hand.

“Was he okay? Not too much work?” He wondered.

“He was amazing. He only cried once when he was hungry and he was all giggly and smiling and being adorable in general.” She laughed, quietly. Adam didn’t respond he just smiled, staring down at their baby. “I know this was a surprise and I’ve said this before but he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Me too, baby. I never thought I could love someone this much.” He murmured. “I love you.” He looked into her eyes, a huge grin on his face.

“I love you more.” She leaned in to kiss his lips before looking back at Logan who was still sleeping soundly and hopefully he would do that for at least a few hours. “I think I’m going to put him in his crib and then let’s go to sleep.”

“I’ll do it, love.” He kissed her forehead before gently taking Logan in his arms. Luckily the move didn’t wake him and Calvin walked to bed where Taylor was already at and wrapped his arms around her, she rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. They fell asleep only to be awoken three hours later because of a hungry Logan Wiles. It was rare, nowadays, that Logan woke them up during the night, he only did when he was hungry and it was usually just once. This made his parents very happy to finally be able to sleep the whole night without interruptions.

Adam got out of bed and made his way over to Logan’s room, next door. He smiled, spotting his baby in the crib. He really hadn’t felt that much love rushing through his blood ever. It felt so surreal to him that they had created such a beautiful baby boy. “Hey, baby.” He whispered, picking him up in his arms. “Are you hungry? Let’s go get you a bottle, Logan. Yeah, daddy’s gonna feed you.” Adam hummed, making his way out of the room while Logan stayed looking up at him, his attention no longer on food but on his dad as he spoke. “I love you so much, did you know that? Well I do, Logan. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.” Adam heated the bottle, smiling down at his boy and went on to sit on the couch to feed him. “That’s better now, yeah?” He chuckled. When Logan was done with the bottle, Adam burped him, then carried him upstairs to his crib again.

“Is he okay?” Taylor mumbled, yawning when Adam came back to bed.

“Yeah, just hungry.” Adam answered as she wrapped herself around him again.

“Good.” She sighed, snuggling into him.


“Hi, baby.” Adam grinned, picking Logan up. He pressed kisses to his cheeks repeatedly making the baby laugh. “Let’s go visit mommy, yeah?” He carried the baby in his arms down to where the studio was. Taylor had finally started recording for her next album almost three years after the release of 1989. She had written a lot over the three year, from meeting Adam and falling in love with him to while she was pregnant with Logan and after having him but now she was actively working on the album. “Hello, mommy.” Adam greeted, entering the studio. He found Taylor sitting on the chair, notepad in her lap.

“Oh there are my favorite boys!” A huge smile made its way to her face and she stood up, setting the notepad down. She walked over to them, kissing Logan’s cheek and then Adam’s lips.

“We came down to tell mommy that she needs to have lunch, ain’t that right Lo?” Adam tickled Logan’s stomach.

“Is that so?” Taylor smiled, watching Logan’s blue eyes look into hers.

“Mama” Logan mumbled then giggled. Adam’s eyes widened and Taylor gasped. Logan’s hands reached for Taylor and she took him from Adam’s arms, kissing his head.

“You just said your first word, Logan. Mommy’s so proud.” She smothered him with kisses, holding him against her body.

“Who’s that, Lo?” Adam spoke softly wanting to hear him say it again. He pointed at Taylor and Logan grinned.

“Mama.” He clapped his hands squealing.

“Film it, babe.” Taylor told Adam and he pulled out his phone, ready to record their baby saying his first word.

“Logan, who’s that?” He pointed at Taylor.

“Mama.” He said before laughing making his parents’ hearts flutter as they heard their little boy again.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby. I’m mama.” Taylor kissed his head, smiling.


“Happy birthday, Logan!” Adam lifted him up in his arms, chuckling.

“Dada!” Logan tapped his face.

“You’re one year old, little man.” He kissed Logan’s cheek and Taylor came to stand behind them, wrapping her arms around Adam.

“Yeah, one year since you came into our life and made everything better, baby boy.” Taylor spoke making Adam smile. “And we’re having a big party for you.”

Taylor was very emotional the whole week before Logan turned one year old. After everything they had been through, their baby boy was one year old. This was their baby, the one they created and it had been a year since he was in their life. She was so proud of what they had become ever since he was born. It was like she grew up. Most of her priorities had changed now that she had him. She was responsible for a life. Logan was someone who would seek her and Adam for advice, they would teach him everything they knew, they would tell him off when he did something wrong. It was unbelievable the kind of love that she felt for her son. It felt surreal. It was different than anything she had felt before and she couldn’t live without hearing his giggle at the end of a long day. What she longed for nowadays was going home and being with her family, she longed for the morning cuddles and for the big smiles. She longed to hear him call her ‘mama’ and call Adam 'dada’. She longed to look into his blue eyes, identical to hers. Thanks to Logan, she had finally understood why Adam often said that her eyes were part of what made him fall in love with her, because she had fallen in love with Logan’s eyes the moment she saw them open. There was nothing she loved more than their family moments. It was better than standing on a stage, it was better than making music.

“Congratulations to mommy and daddy!” Selena hugged Taylor. The party had taken off, not a very big one, mainly their close friends and family, but Logan was the happiest little boy.

“Thanks, Sel!” Taylor grinned.

“Look at you guys! You’ve been parents for a year.” She laughed, shaking her head.

“It’s crazy.” Taylor sighed leaning into Adam who had his arm wrapped around her.

“A year full of baby drool and sleepless nights and food stains. Parenthood!” Adam joked making Taylor slap his chest playfully, before laughing with him. “It’s been fun.” Taylor nodded, kissing his cheek softly.

“I think you’ve done a pretty good job. Look at him.” Selena noted, pointing at where Logan was in Karlie’s arms, laughing and making everyone around him a little happier. “He’s so cute.” Selena gushed.

“We make cute babies.” Adam winked at Taylor, nudging her. “I’m gonna go retrieve him. I miss my little man.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to Taylor’s head and heading off to get Logan.

“He’s a great dad.” Selena commented as Taylor smiled at her boys.

“He is.” She nodded.

“I’m really happy for you, Tay. You know after everything. All the heartbreak. You deserve this. The unexpected things seem to be the best nowadays, huh?”

“Thanks.” She smiled. “And yeah, the most amazing surprise ever was Logan. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“When’s the next one coming?” Selena teased and Taylor laughed, rolling her eyes.

“Not for a while I think. We’re good with just Logan now.”


“Logan, no!” Taylor warned. Logan stood next to one of the shelves in the living room, holding a statue that Taylor had bought the day before. “Please don’t throw it.” She sighed and Logan giggled, dropping it on the floor and running off. Taylor chased him as he ran to the kitchen where his dad was making lunch. Adam caught him, lifting him up in his arms.

“Alright there, slow down, monkey!” Adam laughed.

“He just broke the cat statue I bought yesterday.” Taylor shook her head, looking at her son who had a cheeky grin on her face. “You can’t keep breaking things, baby!” She frowned, a disapproving look on her face. Logan smiled at her then threw his arms around her neck, kissing her cheek. “You think you can make it better with kisses, yeah?” Taylor tickled him causing him to laugh. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

At two years old, Logan was a little devil now that he started walking better. He had a particular fascination for throwing things on the floor. He was always speeding around the house, much to his parents’ dismay. He was a sweet, cheeky kid who loved cuddles.

“You’re a little monster, Logan!” Adam spoke to him then laughed softly. “You’re gonna drive us crazy.”


“Momma, why can’t Dibbles talk to us?” Logan pouted as he pet the white cat, sitting on the floor while Taylor was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Because she’s a cat, Logan. And animals can’t speak.” Taylor chuckled.

“I wish she could, she’d be like my best friend!” He smiled adorably at his mom and climbed up the couch, leaning his head on her chest. Taylor wrapped her arms around him kissing his head. “I want a little sister, mommy.”

“You do?” He nodded his head. “We’ll have to talk to your dad about that, kiddo.”

“How do you get babies, mommy?” He asked her.

“You’ll understand when you’re older, Logan.” She told him, not wanting to answer her five year old’s question.

“I’m back!” Adam yelled as he entered the house, shutting the door behind him and heading to the living room.

“Daddy!” Logan ran to his dad, jumping off the couch. Adam lifted him up setting him on his hip.

“Hey, buddy.” He kissed the blue eyed boy’s cheek. “Hey, love.” Adam smiled, leaning down to kiss Taylor’s lips. “So Logan, how do you feel about going over to aunt Jamie’s house for tonight?” Taylor furrowed her brows in confusion, glancing at her boyfriend of six years.

“Yes! I can play with Leo, daddy!” Logan squealed.

“Yeah, little man! Why don’t you go get your shoes?” Logan ran to the stairs. “Slow down!” Adam warned.

“Why is our son going to Jaime’s house tonight?” Taylor wondered, wrapping her arms around Adam’s middle.

“Because I’m taking you out. I think we need some alone time.” He winked, pressing his lips against hers.

“Mmmmh, I see. Does Jamie know?”

“Yep, we got nothing to worry about, my love.” He pecked her lips and glanced at the stairs where Logan was rushing down to the living room. “Logan, slow down, kid! You’re gonna fall!” Logan stopped running and walked over to them, a sheepish look on his face as he approached.

“Sorry, daddy.”

“Come here, baby.” Taylor made grabby hands at him, sitting back down on the couch, bringing Adam with her while Logan went his mother’s arms. Adam wrapped his arms around both of them bringing them closer. “I love you, monkey.”

“I love you too, momma.” Adam smiled at his family, grateful for having them.

After a few minutes, Adam went to drop Logan off at Jaime’s place, leaving Taylor alone so she could get ready for dinner.

As she walked through the hall, the pictures on the walls brought a smile to her lips. A smile of utter happiness. Some pictures were before having Logan, of just Adam and her, some with her friends but she knew that the best ones were when he was with them. Those were the best memories she had. The day he was born, when they brought him home from the hospital, all those sleepless nights, his first word, his first step, birthdays, Christmases, holidays. The list went on and on. Her mind replayed the best memories she had of her family, like their first Christmas together when it was mostly centered around the baby who still didn’t understand any of it. Their first Christmas as a family made her love Christmas even more than she already did.

“God, I’m so in love with you.” Adam grinned, staring at Taylor like she was the most magnificent creature on the planet. She stopped talking, smiling while looking at him. The world seemed to have stopped for them for a moment when he spoke. The adoration for the woman next to him, present in his voice.

They were at dinner in Taylor’s favorite restaurant that Adam had rented out just for them.

“It’s unbelievable.” He continued, softly laughing. “Remember when I told you that you had successfully buried yourself inside my head?” She nodded. “I’m so glad you did. You’ve successfully buried yourself inside my heart and my soul and my life. I love you. I’m so in love with you, Taylor Swift, it’s actually ridiculous.” The way he said her full name made her heart flutter. “I’d love you even more if your last name was Wiles.” She froze for a second as he slid a little black box in front of her, opening it to reveal the custom made diamond ring. “Marry me.” He asked. And she smiled as the diamond ring slid into her finger.

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