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#20 - Barba: “For whatever reason, I find myself attracted to you.”

The purpose of these prompts for me was to be neither smutty, nor write as much as usual. I broke both of my rules here. C’est la vie.

Requested by an anon.

Continuation of this stupid thing I wrote

Prompt List

“We find the defendant guilty.”

You smiled broadly, turning towards your professor as the verdict was read. He grinned back, his eyes dancing with happiness as he shook your hand and held it for just a beat too long.

It had been an exhausting couple months, trying to balance your last semester of law school with shadowing Barba. And he was demanding, even more so than you would have guessed. Using your ‘potential’ as his excuse for every late night call and skipped meal as the two of you strategized how to put the defendant away.

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How BTS Would React To You Asking Them to Choke You

Rap Monster:

Your relationship with Rap Monster could be defined by the easy way you communicate with each other. This extends to communicating about just what you want in bed. Exploring each other’s kinks and fetishes would be something you’re used to doing. The only part that might require some thought is when to ask him so that you can get the best out of his reaction.

While you’re lying on the couch, kissing lazily would be the best time. Just as those lazy kisses are getting a bit more urgent you’d whisper it into his ear.

His reaction would be to freeze momentarily. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you whisper, nibbling his ear.

He would smile widely and bends to kiss the spot on your neck where you pulse flutters wildly.

(Gif Source: http://chimchams.tumblr.com/post/152684838200)

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Suho Smut- Teachings

After loving that Noona Luhan one you did that I much appreciate, would you be able to do a Smut for Suho where she is a martial arts instructor teaching him but she is struggling as he is is just so beautiful and things escale quick.

I am pleased to introduce my second request! I have never written a Suho smut before… like ever, which I was super anxious about but I am pleased with how it turned out~ Hope it pleases you too!

-Admin Alyssa

The dojo echoed with voices of hardworking students. Each motion made was copied by the teachers class, eager pupils who wanted to learn what their teacher knew about martial arts.

Your arms lifted to tighten the ponytail on your head as you stopped walking down the hall to watch students movements. They moved as one, mirroring one another with strong and precise leg and arm motions.

“Teacher Y/N?”

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swiftyhoe  asked:

Could you share some of the great faberry fanfic you are reading?!

The ones I’m reading now/rereading/just read are:

I read a lot omg, enjoy♥

Beyond the Horizon: Ch. 35

Fic Update: Beyond the Horizon

Summary:  When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other.

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                                            Chapter Thirty Five
                                            Comes With a Price

The Enchanted Forest

The fine carriage slowly rumbled to a stop in the middle of the grassy field as the driver brought the team of well-bred stallions to a halt, pulling tight on the reins. A royal crest was emblazoned in gold leaf on the ebony door, one that had not been seen in the land in over twenty years. The handsome young footman in dark livery and a powdered wig quickly jumped down from his perch and went to turn the handle, averting his eyes as the door opened silently on carefully oiled hinges and the carriage’s lone occupant stepped out.

Regina was dressed for riding, though her youthful passion for the pastime had long since faded along with too many other girlish hopes and dreams and she had not actually sat in the saddle herself for several years. Her feet were shod in tall boots of softest black leather, tight jodhpurs clung to her thighs and she wore a coat of dark crimson velvet, the high collar standing stiff and starched and the lapels lavishly trimmed in gold braid. A small, veiled hat was perched just above her forehead, the netting that fell from the brim covered her face to her chin and her thick hair was pulled back into a low coil at the nape of her neck. She carried two red roses in her gloved hands as she approached the headstones that sat under the shade of a tall oak tree where bright songbirds trilled merrily from their nests. One of the graves was clearly much older than the other, the carved letters on the headstone already showing the signs of over thirty years’ worth of weathering and age. She reached out a hand and carefully traced the lines of his name, rarely spoken but never forgotten.


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Hot For Teacher

 A metal locker swung open and a black, duffel bag was dropped onto the tile floor below. The young woman quickly changed from her street attire into workout clothes, consisting of a black tank top and Everlast martial arts pants. Karuna had been asked by her cousin only a week before to work part time as an extra teacher at her bending school. It had always been a sort of goal for the blind earth-bender to have an academy, and Karuna agreed to help her relative live this dream.

It hadn’t been difficult coming up with the money to open the building. After all, their family was one of the richest in the state. Their location was in the city; not quite in the heart, but still around the hustle and bustle. Toph was ready for success and Karuna ready to aid her in any way she could. 

The academy had only been open officially for a month and Toph’s students had already begun learning. While the small Bei Fong would be giving orientation and direction to the newest members that day, Karuna was to be instructing the ones who had joined from the start. 

Karuna entered the main dojo, barefoot like the rest of the students. She paced to the front and silently studied the ten eager and potential filled pupils. “Cha Ryhut!” The martial artist wanted to test the students’ knowledge.This was the Korean command for attention. She was impressed that each and every one moved their stances so that their feet were together and arms at their sides. The brunette initiated the bow, and the students followed suit.

“Good afternoon,” She began with a loud and full, military sounding voice which she had inherited from her father. “As I hope all of you have observed, I am clearly not Sifu Toph. For the past few weeks she has guided you through basic movements, katas and techniques. While she is preoccupied with enrollment and new students, I will be instructing you on the art of combat.” The grey eyed girl paced back and forth. “This decision was made not solely on the grounds that your master is blind as a bat, but because of my extensive experience.”

Somewhere else in the building, a faint, “Why you!” Could be heard. Karuna hoped the kids understood the statement was a joke, 

“You may address me as Kyo Sa, Sensei Karuna, or simply Sensei,” The young woman continued. “Are there any questions or concerns before we begin?" 

Our Father's Tongue

For fieldofheathers-stuff, who wanted more fic addressing the ban on Quenya

The new lamps, Curufinwë realizes, have been installed for his benefit. Telchar maneuvers with perfect confidence around work-tables and racks of equipment, lit only by the bright red glow of the forge, and Gamil-zirak cannot see at all.

“You didn’t have to.” He gestures at the wall sconces. “I could easily have managed without them.”

Telchar is staring at him, blankly.

“The lamps – gimâl, gim –“ He throws up his hands. “You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

He can see the other smith repeating the words to himself, as he attempts to parse the sentence. Finally, he responds. “Your Khuzdul does leave something to be desired. At least, in terms of pronunciation”

Curufinwë raises an eyebrow. “You don’t say.” He privately suspects the Dwarven language, and the correct mode of speech therein, relies on an entirely different configuration of the throat than that of the Quendi. Most of them speak Thindarin with the same guttural accent. 

Telchar speaks that language as if it hurts him. As if it scrapes the inside of his throat raw, ungainly consonant clusters sharp and heavy on his tongue. He spits out each word, quickly, each one carrying the poisonous weight of history. Curufinwë takes a certain vicious pleasure in the ugliness of it. Bitter, stunted. 

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