I was a brave handsome knight in the 100 years war fighting for my country but alas I was defiled in such this wa—

Fine– I was actually nervous to die in the war so I stumbled upon a witch and asked for agility and quick wit and this is what I landed with and it refuses to wear off after all these years. And this infernal woman doesn’t wish to aid me.

Saxon Kings Asks

EGBERT - Can you ever be satisfied? Is there something that you never can have too much of?
AETHELWULF - How do you feel about long road trips with relatives?
AETHELBALD - Ever had a crush on someone you really should not be crushing on? Did you act on it?
AETHELBERT - Ever feel like you suffer fighting other people’s battles?
AETHELRED I - What was the worst job you ever held?
ALFRED THE GREAT - Do you feel like people only know you for one thing? What are you typecast as?
EDWARD THE ELDER - Nepotism: Bad, or are you making it work for you?
ATHELSTAN - Ever get so angry that you stop caring how much damage you do to the people around you?
EDMUND - What was one time when you felt you were wholly unprepared for the task you were handed?
EADRED - Did you ever get a sudden windfall that turned sour? What happened?
EADWIG - Would you rather live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse?
EDGAR - So, that one time you got ahead because someone else got screwed… Was that your doing?
EDWARD THE MARTYR - Ever felt victimized by other people’s bullshit? What happened?
AETHELRED II THE UNREADY - Tell us about an unrealistic expectation you have been faced with.
EDMUND II IRONSIDE - Are you good at compromising?
CANUTE THE DANE - Ever had to deal with being someone’s hero? Did you enjoy it or did it make you uncomfortable?
HAROLD I - What is your best skill?
HARTHACANUTE - Are you petty?
EDWARD THE CONFESSOR - Does sex make you feel guilty?  
HAROLD II - Do you feel like you have something to prove?

Bonus question SWEYN - Tell us about a lost opportunity that still niggles at you.