Eadible Field Elf?

There’s going to be a couple of throwbacks of characters I used to do this year. It’s probably appropriate to bring them back, even briefly, after my clean-up on DA.

This one’s Wesley, a sprite character I used to use for size-related fan art. I retired him from fan pieces a while back, but his meetings with death never end for him. At the end of his day, he’s revived and gets to go back home… or which ever one. He wants his real home with his taller wood elf wife, but ends up somewhere else everyday.

anonymous asked:

higuchi ichiyo valentines day????????????

Higuchi does not celebrate it too much, but she surely appreciates it. If this day is important to her partner, she will give them something they enjoy to do.
Hunting? Have a new weapon.
Reading? She bought you as many books from your favourite authour and genre as possible.
Cooking? Look into your kitchen, there is completely new utensils.
Sport? New clothes and work-out machines.
She forgets, that she possibly should save the money for the next holiday or birthday, but she wants you to be happy and enjoy the day as much as she enjoys being by your side.
(She also tried to cook a whole menu for you, but it got a bit burnt. Well, the soup and dessert are still eadible.)