Hey guys friendly reminder the ENTIRE APPLE is eadible. INCLUDING the core and step AS WELL AS the sticker (that’s right they specifically make those stickers they put on fruits edible becasue ppl forget to take them off.)
Stop wasting your time cutting apples and waisting 20% of the thing by throwing out the core. And gOD HELP ME IF I SEE ANOTHER PERSON PEEL THE SKIN

Eadible Field Elf?

There’s going to be a couple of throwbacks of characters I used to do this year. It’s probably appropriate to bring them back, even briefly, after my clean-up on DA.

This one’s Wesley, a sprite character I used to use for size-related fan art. I retired him from fan pieces a while back, but his meetings with death never end for him. At the end of his day, he’s revived and gets to go back home… or which ever one. He wants his real home with his taller wood elf wife, but ends up somewhere else everyday.