WWE Fallen Superstars: Dino Bravo

This is the fourteenth in a series of drawings dedicated to my childhood heroes, the WWE Fallen Superstars.

Dino Bravo, Canada’s Strongest Man, was a WWF staple throughout the 80s for me growing up. Dino Bravo was a true strongman having been known to bench press up to 500 pounds and often claimed to have lifted 715 pounds, a world record at the time. Dino Bravo’s death is perhaps the most unusual death of any WWF wrestler. Dino Bravo’s real name is Adolfo Bresciano. He was the nephew by marriage of Montreal crime boss Vic Cotroni, and was believed by authorities to be involved in his organization for some time. It is also widely believed that his alleged role in an illegal cigarette smuggling ring in Canada led to his murder. He was shot 17 times, 7 in the head and 10 in his chest and abdomen area while watching hockey in his Vimont, Laval, Quebec home. Crazy I know!

…intutive mind art, …pointlessness, …supermatism, …out of circle of things, …zero forms, …each form is a world, …increase of life, …with sharp eadge we divide time, …I broke the blue shade of color restrictions, …entered white, …the face of my square, …white free abyss, …infinite, …flatness of a square as a contemporaneity perfection, …the square is alive royal baby, …the 5th dimension is set, …muscles of life, …changes architecture of things on earth, …path of things Inside of me, …I am a step
—  Kazimir Malevich (Russian, born Ukraine, 1878–1935)

WWE Fallen Superstars: Junkyard Dog 

This is the fourth in a series of drawings dedicated to my childhood heroes, the WWE Fallen Superstars.

Sylvester Ritter, best known as the Junkyard Dog (JYD for short), had a brief but memorable run in the WWF lasting from 1984 through 1988. Although he never won a title during his run with the WWF, JYD was easily the most charismatic wrestler on the roster. I will always remember the “THUMP”!


PLEASE NOTE: This picture takes place before Mr. Incredible ever met or dated Elastigirl! 

The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie hands down. So with all these Pixar sequels and prequels coming out recently, I’ve been wondering where is my Incredibles sequel or prequel?!? Sure it would be sacrilege to do another Incredibles movie without Brad Bird, who is currently off directing the Tomorrowland movie (which I’m excited for btw), but this movie needs to be made. To be honest I haven’t been excited for a Pixar movie in quite some time and this would do it for me. Monsters University and Cars 2 were safe pictures with proven properties to make the studio money. If Pixar is going to do a sequel, I want it to be a story worth telling–a story that adds character development like Toy Story 2 and 3 did and a universe that is ripe with possibilities like The Incredibles. Keep in mind I do have a little more hope for Finding Dory mainly because Andrew Stanton is back onboard as the writer/director. And I’m also excited for the original stories of The Good Dinosaur directed by Bob Peterson and Inside Out with Pete Doctor but not as excited as I would be if Pixar were to announce a new Incredibles movie. That would be right up there with Star Wars 7 and Avengers 2 for me. So with that being said…hey Pixar, I want more Incredibles please!

Hope you dig.