You: “Why did you have to do that?! I thought you were dead. I thought.. I thought I would never see you again. Damn it, Derek. I was afraid I could never tell you how much I loved you. Why did you that!” - “Wait, I just told you I like you. Oh shit.”
Derek: (smiles) “It’s my job, risking my life for friends. Help them survive. I’d do the same for you. You’d be the first I’d save actually, now that I know that we have the same feelings for eachother.”
You: “You like me back?”
Derek: (laughs) “I thought you were mad at me?”

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Happy camp EXO Message End [140705]
  • After the clip talking about starting as 11 members
  • host:Because they filmed individually so they don't know what eachother said (trying to say why they are crying I guess).. but when we were editing the videos we disconverd... as if they all promised the same things together. All the journeys/days they were together.. it will bring them the same emotions so from this clip what we see is the bond between brothers, supporting eachother and be the strength for eacother to continue to walk down the road.. Suho please say how you feel after seeing what everyone said
  • suho:first of all, I really thank the members, thank them for being thoughtful for eachother and loves eachother, i hope from now on we continue to believe in eachother, and rely on eachother and be together happily.
  • host:Ok now our little pride Yixing (because earlier yixing said he was the little pride of changsha)
  • Lay:(can't hold back the tears T^T) I promised to you guys (fans) that I won't cry .. it's not easy to all come together (fate) and I treasure each moment being together... I don't know how long but all I know is that I will treasure all the moments when you are by my side ( refering to fans) and I will be satisfied of that. Staying with me/beside me.. those moments....
  • .... Its tiring.. of course there are tiring moments, but just hang on and it all will pass.. because we are a team!! (not like preview translations i seen.. he didnt ask. we are a team right? it may sound like it because of how ppl might split the words... but he didnt ask we are a team.. right?)
  • everyone:(hands together) EXO~~ LETS LOVE
  • there might be typos and such.. sorry in advance.. I am multitasking while at work

[my art]  FOR AMERICA!  Or when in doubt, OT3.

No really I walked out of that movie not knowing what to ship.  Because Natasha and Bucky in the comics (but not the movie).  Nat and Steve kissed.  Steve and Bucky have so many feeeelings for eachother.  And after a month of reading various fanfics, I say the heck with it, the three of them together. Bucky/Steve/Nat is where it’s at.  (Don’t judge me!)

“Thats the thing your followers love so much about toy. You bring Hiccup to life for us, you show us that he is human. And that makes us feel like we can do anything.”

This is so powerful for me.
My appreciation, love, and gratitude for having all my followers support me like you all do is seriosuly something I wouldn’t give up for the world. You all mean so much to me, and its an absolute honor to be able to bring Hiccup to all of you.

This fandom lately has been blowing me off my feet. The amount of support we seem to have for eachother is enormous? We understand that we are all going through -something- really in life as individuals, and throw around hugs as needed and a pat on the back just to say “we are here for you, friend. ” its awesome. At the end of the day we laugh and appreciate eacother as dragon geeks and its just awesome. And you all somehow deem me worthy of this amazing role as Hiccup, as I do my best to bring him to you, and you accept me. And…that really just….wow. i feel like its so unreal. Like maybe I’m just trickibg myself to believe this or something. I don’t even know…but
You guys are amazing. Thank you for everything so far. Because without all of you, even to my followers who aren’t in this fandom, I’d be nothing without you guys.

This got so much more mushy than I planned to originally have it but hel, let the feelings roll out I guess.

You all give out *dragon hugs*, allow me to give you all *hiccup hugs.* :P lol


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Can I request a Donghyuk scenario where you two are dating in high school and he cheats on you? And like you get together again after he apologizes but you catch him with that girl again? So you break up and stay away from eacother? And then years later in college your having a fantabulous life and he sees that you've moved on but he low key wants to get back together. But ur like nah bitch i don't date cheaters. And can it be rly angsty? Thanks! And I live your blog btw !!! ❤️

OMG  thats epic, I would totally do this!! and Thank you so much baby!!!!

-Admin Casper

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yo, its maddie, people are going crazy with this pet, just because they have living pumpkin for a pet doesn't mean its romantic like what the heck. These anons notincluding me are so anoying they just want to make you feel bad heck, they dont respect your opinions and choices and they never will and I dont know if you remember what I said, I keep seeing purple and green next to eacother, Im seeing it right now, I think my life's telling me something

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1/3 hi, pls tag as Totem. around april this year i was disowned by my flatmates and friends of 3 yrs. we are estranged now. the whole experience was traumatic, they said things like i had been a burden on them, said the excuses i used (issues with my bf etc.) were not valid enough. i had a problem with depression & anxiety but the year prior i felt i had been making progress. they made it out like i had made no progress and that was really insulting, making me feel like i should be

2/3 Totem. institutionalised. they started yelling and i was crying, and every time i’d go back to the flat they’d be so cruel. i almost believed everything they said, because they were all backing eacother up, and i had no one to back me up. they made me feel guilty for ‘not being there’ when they never told me if they had problems in the first place, like they expected me to be telepathic. i hadn’t told them about my issues for awhile but i also didnt just expect them to magically know about

3/3 Totem. my issues. i’ve also had a rough few years in terms of an unhealthy long distance relationship, which they knew about. i’m going back for the new semester in a few days, i’ve had to find a flat on my own. I know i will see them around and it makes me feel sick. i didn’t stop shaking for 2 months after. i still feel so bitter, hurt, and hateful, but i don’t want to be consumed by it when i see them around. i want to succeed in my studies and make better friends. how do i ignore this?

Hey anon,

Turtle Girl answered an ask about a similar situation a while back, and I think it might do you good to read that.

I think that the answer to your specific question is: you don’t ignore it. I have a long history of trying to ignore things that are bothering me, but let me tell you, it makes it worse. Because you ignore something but the feeling is still there, you just don’t deal with it and it festers.

Instead, try to acknowledge the way you feel and validate it. It’s completely normal to have been hurt by this and to still feel hurt and bitter. It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. And it’s also ok to do what you can to not interact with them. Instead of ignoring the feeling, tell yourself something like, “It’s ok that I’m upset/anxious/feeling sick. That is the way I’m feeling right now and that feeling is valid. I’m not going to give into that feeling even though it feels bad, and I can get through this.” 

It sounds like your flatmates weren’t good at expressing their needs in a way that made it possible for you to know there was a problem in time to fix it. It sounds like there very well might have been issues on both sides, but if they were having a problem, it was their responsibility to tell you about it before it got to a point where it was unfixable.

That said, it sounds like you all are in college. Even older people aren’t always good at effective interpersonal communication, and it sounds like a lack of knowledge of how to confront an issue properly really fed into this from their end.

Personally, when people have hurt me, I’ve found it helpful to write a letter as if I were writing to them. It helps get my feelings out in a safe way, and sometimes it helps me figure out exactly what I’m feeling and why.

If you aren’t already, talking to a professional about this would be a good idea. If your college/university has a counseling center, that could be really good, as situations similar to this (interpersonal relationships falling apart, etc) are something they see fairly often.


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Not sure you got this ask but my fatesona, Cresent, is half Hoshidian but doesn't know enough of the cultral norms of Hoshido to "blend in". Maybe Ronya and Cresent can be awkward if they ever befriended eacother in that AU.

Ahh!! That sounds lovely!! More friends means more fun and happy times~!(๑>◡