Elven’s Year in Cosplay 2014~

Better late than never, right? While putting this together, I realized that I actually did a lot more cosplays that I originally thought XD 

Click the pictures for more info!


I never did make a photoset from The NorCal Winter 2014 Gathering… oops.


I’m Neptune obviously lol, gravitiger is Uranus, baconshinobi is Raven, and sunnystarscosplay is Jupiter.

If you see yourself, shoot me and ask and I’ll add you :)

Photos by Steven Regalo & Duo Imagination

Sure, Superboy was still miffed about being without his powers. Who cared that they were still in plain sight of the other heroes.

Right now it was just the two of them; no one else mattered.

Leaning back into the other boy’s arms, Robin sighed. What could it hurt? To drop the stoic Robin demeanor, at least just this once…

And so he allowed himself a smile, just as Bart snapped a picture.

Tim Drake/Robin is elvenarcher (me)
Kon/Superboy is gravitiger
Photo by floating-sheep

Happy TimKon Week~

ElvenArcher's SacAnime Summer 2014 Cosplay Lineup

Friday: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Shinji Ikari (School Uniform)

Saturday: Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars - Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune (Senshi Uniform)

Sunday: Teen Titains: Year One - Donna Troy/Wonder Girl (First Uniform)

I am so excited for this con!


SacAnime Winter 2015 - Masquerade

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club:

Rei Ryugazaki (SPLASH Free) cosplay by: elvenarcher (me)
Makoto Tachibana (SPLASH Free) cosplay by: hero-of-pants
Nagisa Hazuki (SPLASH Free) cosplay by: gravitiger
Haruka Nanase (SPLASH Free) cosplay by: sheepish-cosplay

Photo by: Chad Cosplay

I still can’t believe we won an award :’D And not just the four of us, the entire C4 Group won this award. I love you guys so much and am so lucky to be in this group with such wonderful people <3