The latest (and final!) chapter of “Each Of Us” has been posted here!


            For several seconds Jim simply stood facing the door, centering himself from the powerful flood of emotion.  The buoyancy of the experience was countered by the growing weight of fatigue that still persisted, and when he finally swayed, Spock was there to support him again, arms coming around his body from behind, and Jim leaned his head back, feeling warm lips press to his temple.  It seemed impossible: they were alive, together, alone, and the need for intimate closeness, for reassurance, streamed through them both. Jim turned slowly, barely noticing the small coziness of the plain room, registering the bed and then meeting his bondmate’s eyes.

           “Remember when I said I wanted to sleep with you?  To dream with you?”  I want to do that now.

           Spock hummed, moving even closer so that their bodies were flush, lowering his head to brush his lips along Jim’s jawline, to breathe in against his throat.

           Jim licked his lips, some part of him wanting sex, but the rest of him knowing that his body needed simple touch and rest and that Spock did, too. He craved the presence of his bondmate, mind and body, and leaned against Spock’s warmth, closing his eyes and bowing his head and feeling hands unfasten his jumpsuit, feeling lips move to brush his hair.  The room held the barest chill, and Jim opened his eyes again to undo the seal on his bondmate’s clothing as well, needing the feel of skin against skin.  Their connection was calm, suffused with shared exhaustion but free of pain, free of tension.  It was almost the first time since they had come together that they were meeting in this way, with trials behind instead of ahead, with the possibility of uninterrupted sleep and unhurried, unfrenzied lovemaking.


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Rare Merchandise

Summary: Jim and Spock are kidnapped by Orion slavers during a diplomatic mission, transported to a location outside of Federation space and sold to a mysterious woman who commands an entire world.  Once there, they are forced to participate in her terrifying agenda: their friendship used against them and their strength brutally tested.  Can they survive and escape, or will they be used to bring down the Federation itself?

Cover Your Eyes And Hear My Voice

The latest chapter of “Each Of Us” is up here!


            “I thought I lost you.  I thought I had lost you.” He murmured the words over and over, letting his emotions spill over across the bond, feeling Spock shudder against him with the force of them.  And there, alone together, he whispered the thing he hadn’t wanted to admit, even to himself, “I can’t do this anymore; I’m not strong enough.”

           “Your strength exceeds mine, t’hy’la.”

           Jim felt warm fingers tentatively slide under his loose shirt to rest against his skin and he clung ever tighter, “This isn’t fucking over, no matter what they say, I know it.  And I’m terrified that whatever happens next will just be more pain and more fear and I think I’m reaching the limit of what I can take and I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry.”

           “Jim, when T’Khasi fell, I nearly fell, too.  And you were there.  You saved my life, my t’hy’la, even then. You reached out to me and you saved me. Your strength helps define each of us, allows our bond to be as it is, supports the depth of our connection. And I will not let you fall, now.”

           Jim felt tears on his cheek, felt wetness from his own eyes on Vuhlkansu skin, felt Spock’s warmth and love and profound surety flood into his mind.  And they stayed that way for several minutes, each supporting the other, each sharing the other’s strength, filling the broken places, illuminating the dark.

The Heavens Rain Down

The latest chapter of “Each Of Us” is up here!


            He took a breath and they moved.  Past an empty corridor and then around a corner, Jim and Nyota switching off on point as they progressed, McCoy following and Spock covering their backs. Jim could feel his bondmate’s focused concentration, the bond refined down to the most basic awareness, intense without hindering.  And he followed the dark-haired woman’s lead, remembering her instructions, her rapid-fire directions, turning as she turned, matching her motions. His heart was racing, adrenaline pumping, and as they cleared the next hallway he heard her low hiss.

           “Two more turns and we’re in; they’ll have this guarded. Rack ‘em up, gentlemen.”

           Jim exhaled through pursed lips, heard McCoy’s whispered curse and felt Spock’s controls shift abruptly.  The emotion that he had battled against before suddenly flowed through, and it was as if the young alien’s mind was on a coiled spring: raw power, banked anger, bloodlust.  Jim’s systems jumped in response and he was suddenly soaring, “Shit!”

Chapter 15 of “Each Of Us” is up!


     The doctor nodded, reaching out and gripping Jim’s arm. He hesitated, and then reached for Spock, too, laying a gentle hand on the young alien’s shoulder. The close contact caused McCoy’s emotions to slip past Spock’s shields, and Jim felt his friend’s tension, his deep worry and gentle kinship. The doctor bowed his head, his fingers tightening, “Look, I… ,” he shrugged, “I’m not good with speeches, and I know that this isn’t the time anyway, but I wanted to thank you. Before we go down there and get into whatever we find, I wanted to let you know that I…fuck.” He broke off, frowning and pulling his hands away, and Jim hastily reached back, grabbing his friend’s hand in his own.

     “I hear you, Bones.” He smiled softly, “I get it.”

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The Ashes Of This New Day

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Her eyes met his, and he thought of years of opacity and evasion and ignorance, of a woman who didn’t need to be saved and her son who, in a sense, did. And he thought of all the things that had led to this understanding between them, seeing himself in her stubborn cerulean eyes, and also seeing her pride and her love.  “Your father would have been so proud, Jim.” She looked at Spock, “Of both of you.”

Just posted the latest chapter of “Each Of Us”!

Here’s an excerpt:

“He managed the briefest smirk before his mouth was taken in a heated kiss, and Jim kissed back just as forcefully, his hands coming up to frame his bondmate’s face, sliding up to fist into silky, black hair.  He tugged sharply, just because he wanted to see what would happen, and heard Spock make a low, dangerous noise into his mouth.  Jim grinned into the kiss, feeling decidedly out of control and relishing it. Finally, finally, he was back where he was most comfortable: pushing his way into some daring, stupid scenario. This time, though, he really didn’t want to try to figure his way out of it.  Instead, he wanted to drown himself in it, he wanted the marks of it over his body, the smell of it on his skin, the awareness of it overwhelming his thoughts. This was higher than adrenaline, stronger than a drug: waves of primal possessiveness and lust and heat pouring across the bond.  Even as they kissed, bodies pressing against each other, their minds entwined along their connection, Jim let out a triumphant noise.  Somehow it had all been building to this.”