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“Sometimes you even look like her…”

He’s just a Crystal Gem
Each day he watches them
Cry and then cry again
He’s Stevennnnn

He’s got a pink lion
Rose shattered Pink Diamond
Opal is the best fusion
He’s Stevennnnn

Pearl is still hurting
Garnet is gay!
If you think they can’t, they’ll always find a way!

The Cluster will erupt
Jasper will become corrupt
The Rubies will float through space
He’s Stevennnnn
Stevennnnn, Stevennnnn
He’s Stevennnnn!    

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stay, you’re not what you’re hearing. ‘cause i’ve been watching you changing. and who said you’re one in a million? you’re so much better than that

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new here. I really like your blog. Can you please say something about that scene in the latest episode when Sorey was saying "I had Mikleo" and we see Mikleo sitting in the rain looking like he was crying? I had a very strong feeling about it, like he was feeling lonely, confused and a little bit scared but he really wanted to be useful, to be by his side and fight as equals.

Sure thing. I mean, I’m sure most of what I have to say has been said before, but I don’t mind flailing a little more. Bear in mind, I’ve played the game, so I’m going to be coming at this from the perspective of having played the game, rather than just the anime. So you might get spoiled a bit. Nothing huge, but yeah.

I think you nailed it. This whole subplot is about Mikleo feeling like he has to catch up to Sorey in order to stay by his side and continue to help him. He doesn’t want to be a liability, to use the phrasing from the game. If you’re familiar with the game, you know that Gramps told Mikleo that Sorey would leave Elysia one day to live with humans, and that Mikleo prepared himself, studying maps of the outside world, plants and animals, and so on so that when the day came that Sorey could leave, Mikleo would not only be able to join him, but be helpful in the process.

Plus, during this time Sorey is making friends with a human for the first time. Mikleo has also always known that “Sorey will leave to live with humans for the rest of his life,” so even though there’s nothing romantic about Sorey and Alisha’s relationship, that’s got to be confusing too. How long has Mikleo been Sorey’s only friend? Even if he’s not jealous of Alisha, Sorey is now torn between his duty as a Shepherd and his duties to Lailah and Alisha as their friends. And during that scene you’re talking about, Mikleo actually IS alone. So yeah, lonely, confused, and scared are all really good words for that scene.

Basically, Sorey’s damn right he always had Mikleo. And he always will. Mikleo has always planned on following Sorey, but he never expected Sorey to become the Shepherd. That’s a whole different ballgame, with its own dangers (which is why Sorey wanted him to think before becoming a Sub Lord: they didn’t plan for this Shepherd-stuff, so even though Sorey knows that Mikleo wants to stay with him, he wanted Mikleo not to rush in without thinking). During the rest of the game, though, we see how determined Mikleo is to grow stronger to match the powers of the other, older and more experienced seraphim. He has secret training sessions, and asks for advice from Lailah and Dezel and even Edna.

As far as that scene in particular, it’s really really interesting to note that Sorey singles out two people: Gramps and Mikleo. And if it was just a familial thing, Gramps and Mikleo would have been said together, but they were separated. Gramps is his own influence on Sorey’s life, the seraphim are their own influence, and Mikleo is his own influence. They’re all different but important parts of Sorey’s life, people who were there for him. Gramps as a parent, the seraphim as a community, and Mikleo as a partner. And crossing to Mikleo at that moment only emphasizes that more: Sorey had Mikleo, because Mikleo is willing to do things for Sorey, and that’s why he left: for Sorey’s sake, as much as his own.

White radfem and radles/les-sep problems

White radfem and radles/les-sep problems

Past and present white radical feminists, and white radical lesbians, or white lesbian separatists have consistently struggled with accepting how white patriarchy simultaneously oppresses them based on their femaleness and lesbianism while granting them racial power over non-white, women and girls of color.

White feminist racism has always existed on all sides of the political spectrum, both liberal and radical, and present-day white radical feminists, white radical lesbians, and white lesbian separatists need to decide not to have their history of racism repeat itself in the next “wave.”

Quote by Kathy Rudy, excerpt from “Radical Feminism, Lesbian Separatism and Queer Theory”:

“Drawing our attention to racism meant putting us white lesbians in the role of oppressor, a role with which we had no experience or history [articulating and acknowledging]. Our community was founded on the belief that we–as women–were oppressed, so much so that identification as the oppressor then seemed impossible. For us at that point, the equation was simple; men dominated and oppressed women. The question of race (and later ethnicity) challenged this simple formula and the seamless social world we had built on it.

I do not mean to imply that we were in any way morally right to question or deny the power of racism. I do want to show, however, that our resistance to more complex systems of analysis that could include race rested on our attachment to the purity of our political analysis: men dominated and oppressed women. Complexifying this equation to include race meant identifying ourselves as white oppressors; it meant, therefore that our politics were now less absolute, we ourselves less pure.”

Perpetuating overly simplistic, racially naïve, ignorant, “colorblind”, racist white “radical” feminist and lesbian separatist analysis will ensure the failure of radical feminism, radical lesbianism, and lesbian separatism. Feminist “sisterhood” will never survive as long as female racial and ethnic power differences and hierarchies remain ignored, unattended, unaddressed issues.

White patriarchy’s systemic and institutional racism are colossal barriers with devastating and traumatic histories that not only divides women and girls but also, and very importantly, collectively grants white women and girls power over non-white women and girls.

“Sisterhood” can never happen as long as white feminists, in the gilded cages white patriarchy has them in, deny that they’re collectively and systemically afforded certain protections, resources, representations, and opportunities at the collective expense of millions of non-white racialized Others. This is made even more evident when white women are middle-upperclass or upperclass

Let me be clear: It’s possible to acknowledge racial and ethnic power-dynamics and divisions, incorporate anti-racist analysis into radical feminism, radical lesbianism, and lesbian separatism, and still maintain a sharp focus on female people (or in the case of radical lesbians and lesbian separatists: lesbians primarily or lesbians only) as the priority population in your activism.

What this looks like is keeping your focus on female people or lesbians primarily and only, while also expanding the range of focus among women and girls to be more racially and ethnically diverse and racially/ethnically politicized.

Non-liberal white feminists need to be not just against male power, but additionally white male power and the power that white patriarchy gives them as white females.

If non-liberal white feminists care about sisterhood as much as so many claim, then as an extension of that belief, they should also care to wholly fight against the white male oppressors of their non-white sisters while making a strong deliberate effort to counteract their own racist white female socialization and systemically supported white power.

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Leo isn’t strong enough😅


English report on the conversation between Kentaro Miura (Berserk) and Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star, Ikusa no Ko)

Mr. Miura says “If I continue to age like this, I have a bad feeling that my pleasure could turn to pain. But I want to continue drawing until I’m 90 years old! I want to devote myself to my creations!”

At the end of the discussion, Hara-sensei had this message for Miura-sensei. “When you get past 50, your wisdom and experience goes up, so I want you to keep going at it! On the other hand, your body becomes more frail, so don’t think that you can do everything by yourself. Leave it to the guys in their twenties to power through things. Your role should be to guide them.” Miura-sensei has already been drawing Berserk for 27 years. Savouring this message from his idol, Hara-sensei, he felt renewed excitement!