Yuzuru Hanyu appreciating his training partner Javier Fernandez

“When I feel nervous, he (Javier) [is] usually talking about something funny. So, I think I owe what I won to him” (Yuzuru Hanyu 2017)


I fixed the colours for you - the only red that should be seen in this clip is from the heart eyes!

Thank you, anon! A lovely submission for us to enjoy the Captains in full technicolor.

If you are any kind of artist

From music, to cooking, to making videos, to drawing.

(Honestly, this applies to everyone, but I’m talking to artists at the moment)

I know it’s hard. I know some won’t agree to your prices. Some of you have “normal” jobs on top of your art time, some of you managed to make it full time. Some of you are hobbyist, some of you do it for a living.

Whatever you do, please, you are worth your time and money. No matter how good or bad you think you are, someone out there will admire you work, and if they want a commission, charge appropriately for your time.

So many of us are made to believe that this is not a real job, that this isn’t a viable career. I can officially tell you, it is. Both as a freelancer, working for a company, and more. It’s tough, it’s not easy, and you have to do a lot of research, doing your own bills, putting the time in, teaching yourself schedules, even learning bits of retail and other skills. 

But, it is a job. People need your work. From inspiration, to personal projects, to large projects for gaming companies, buildings, even food and industrial work. We THRIVE off of the arts. Both for entertainment and for daily life uses. Just because a project is not NEEDED and ENTERTAINMENT doesn’t mean that it isn’t still very INSPIRATIONAL and USEFUL to people. Our mentalities can’t live without a break, and having things such as a doodle to full movies and such help ease our minds and inspire us.

Even if it means you have to have a “normal” job while doing your art. However it is you want to achieve your goals, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Work hard, feed off of the hate and push to be better than ever. Keep moving. Even if it’s slow, keep moving. The more you keep walking, crawling, running, whatever pace… you are still LEARNING. You are still ACHIEVING, you are still DOING.

I love you all.
Keep it real, fam. Keep the peace. Keep the love.

All of you are amazing, from “normal” jobs to “real” jobs, artists to lawyers and more, it doesn’t matter. YOU ARE LIVING. You are doing what YOU need to do. 

One last piece, if you dislike someone else’s prices, work, or what they do. I am sorry that you have so much hate in your heart to take it apart to try to break someone else down. But you know, you matter too, and they are doing what they need to do in their life, just as much as you are. If you do not agree to it, walk away. Spilling hate onto others only makes your own dreams become even less obtainable. Believe in yourselves, believe in others.

Each house as: Alice in Wonderland characters
  • Gryffindor: Alice – curiosity, bravery, thirst for adventures
  • Hufflpuff: White Knight – kindness, clumsiness, precious bean that should be acknowledged™
  • Ravenclaw: Caterpillar – out of this world, indescribable, O R U
  • Slytherin: Cheschire Cat – s a s s, aesthetic, snarky smirky grinny kitty
hogwarts au (namjoon)

okay I recently saw this picture with rap monster responding a fan about which hogwart house each member would be in and now I have to headcanon each member of course:

kim namjoon (pt.1):

  • namjoon is excited about hogwarts, he thinks that his first year will be great and he’ll finally learn some more complex spells.
  • when he first gets on the hogwarts express, namjoon finds an empty compartment and starts reading one of the few novels he had brought from home.
  • but then 
  • his glasses break
  • he mutters with frustration and quickly uses a reparo charm and is startled when he hears someone opening the compartment door.
  • a boy who is also a first year, smiles at him and namjoon is confused. the boy waves his fingers at the repaired glasses.
  • “how do you already know the reparo charm?”
  • “uh i break things a lot so my mom taught me how.”
  • “i’m jung hoseok! nice to meet you!”
  • “kim namjoon, nice to meet you too.” that’s how he met his best friend.
  • they get to the castle and namjoon can tell that hoseok is nervous so he gives the other boy a squeeze on the shoulder with a grin.
  • hoseok goes first and the sorting hat only spends 3 seconds before calling out: “HUFFLEPUFF!” 
  • when it’s namjoon’s turn, he can hear the hat speaking to him.
  • “smart kid, you could do great things as a ravenclaw.”
  • “but wait you have some courage and nerve with this brain of yours, where do you want to go?”
  • namjoon is torn:
  • as a ravenclaw, it’s a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and he feels like he is intelligent enough to be part of a community like that but,
  • as a gryffindor, he could be known for being a brave individual almost like a 
  • a leader.
  • and then the sorting hat chuckles and in a loud voice announces: “GRYFFINDOR!”
  • namjoon sits down next to an older boy who seemed to have a kind face. as he glances at the older boy, the boy turns to namjoon.
  • “are you dazed by my beauty?”
  • “um sure, i guess you’re handsome?” the other boy beamed.
  • “i’m kim seokjin, a third year!” and that was how he met his future roommate for the next four years.