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the idea originated from a friend, but.... zenyatta is a gentle prankster. he totally gets genji early on in their mentor/student relationship by putting a whoopee cushion under his meditation pillow. and he's excited because he could never pull that on mondatta as mondatta just.... floated above his meditation pillow......

He is VERY proud and proceeds to tell everyone about this LOL

Good News: We are getting more Kiznaiver!
Not-so-Good News: It’s in the form of a novel, so we’ll be lucky if we hear anything about what actually happens in it. Sobs.

キズナイーバー -あの日のキズ、これからのキズナ- Kiznaiver  - That day’s Wounds, Here Onward’s Bonds - will delve into each of the 8 characters feelings and it won’t only tell us what they are up to after the ending of the series, but also about their untold pasts.

It has 10 chapters: 1 chapter per character, a prologue and an epilogue. And it’s coming out on October 27.  

…Let’s pray so someone is able to buy it and at least summarize it.

jimin being possessive af and jk using ‘jjoggomi’ to describe jm because isn’t jjoggomi used to call someone who’s small and manggaetteok looks so cute and jjoggomi is also cute everything about him is cute so jk probably means something like my cute smol hyung and not to mention that lil ugly heart so he probably means my cute smol hyung that i love

Sorry im just blabbering

Jack loves bitty SO MUCH. He can’t stand to see him unhappy, or putting everyone else’s feelings before his own. Jack can’t be happy unless bitty is happy–bitty’s happiness is necessary to him. And he’ll do anything in his power to make to make that happen.

Bitty loves jack SO MUCH. He can’t stand it when anyone talks badly about Jack, because he just wants so badly for all of Jack’s good qualities to be appreciated. He thinks Jack is the most incredible person he’s ever met, and he can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see the same thing.