each version is slightly different with the colors

In this life we are painted by many hands, each version of us slightly different in the eyes of the countless people we encounter. And although there are thousands of ever-changing portraits of us painted by different people and with different colors, there is a bit of truth in every single image of us that another person creates. Many people will only paint your flaws, taking little time to observe your beautiful parts, and a few people will see the complete opposite, celebrating your lovely parts and ignoring our flaws, but the right person will see you and know you are the most lovely piece of art they have ever encountered.

The right person will see your light and your darkness, your beauty and your ugliness, and they will paint you exactly as you are, raw and real. They will paint you with the colors of your soul, full of vibrant oranges, yellows and pinks, and deep blues, greens and reds. They will paint you honestly, and you will know you are loved for everything that you are instead of everything they want you to be.

—  Z.M., Wait for the one who sees all of your dirty flaws and still understands that you are a masterpiece.