each version is slightly different with the colors

Art trade for @midluuna!!

I really love how everyone’s interpretation of characters is slightly different. There are so many different ways that people draw characters, and I love exploring all of the different versions.
With Undyne specifically, there are SO many ways that people take her design and make it their own. For our art trade, @midluuna and I swapped Undynes and challenged each other to draw the other person’s version of Undyne… but in their own style. So… the above is what I did for that!!

It was very interesting to get to work with @midluuna’s color scheme and style work while still using my own art style. I really admire @midluuna’s expression work and work in general, and it was an honor to make this piece for her using her ideas to make something of my own.

@midluuna, I hope you like this! I worked pretty hard on it and had a lot of fun along the way.✨

the-last-alicorn  asked:

Well, Ex-Aid: True Ending looks amazing, and it's showing a new ninja Rider called Kamen Rider Fuma, and he looks pretty awesome! And since, for better or for worse, Movie Exclusive Riders have been a tradition ever since Agito, I might as well ask: What are your Top 5 Best and Top Five Worst Movie Riders?

Good question!  Movie exclusive Riders are always frustrating to me.  They are either amazing and I want more of them but they only get that one appearance or I just want them to go away so I can get back to characters I actually give a care about.  So, that makes this list pretty fitting for those Riders who only exist on the big screen to either get their day in the sun or return to the end credits where they belong.

Let’s start positive!  These are my top 5 favorite Movie-Only Kamen Riders!

5) Kamen Rider Eternal from Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

Katsumi Daido is a dead man walking, literally.  He was returned from the dead by his mother as the first of a group of super soldiers called the Necro-Over.  As such, he leads a group of similar revived mercenaries known as NEVER.  They once worked for Foundation X but rebelled and stole the T2 Gaia Memories.  Katsumi uses the Eternal Memory to become Kamen Rider Eternal and can also use all of the other Gaia Memories thanks to his bandoleers that function as slots for them.

4) Kamen Rider Kabuki from Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki

This is one of five movie only Riders to appear in this film but he’s the most memorable. He at first appears to be a hero, joining with the other Seven Oni recruited to save a young woman from being sacrificed but it turns out he’s working for the monsters, as he wants to become one of them.  Shifty, treacherous and a trickster of sorts, I just love his outift!

3) Kamen Rider Psyga from Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost

Our second evil Rider is one of the enforcers working for Smart Brain. His real name is Leo and he is one of the most powerful of the Riders, using a new Gear that is ‘perfect’ and can only be used by the elite Orphenochs. He is cocky, egotistical and has a superior attitude.  He also has a jetpack so he can back u that attitude. Oh and he speaks perfect English!

2) Kamen Rider 3 from  Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Hey, who’s that guy? That’s Kyoichiro Kuroi a.k.a. Kamen Rider 3, Shocker’s most perfect Rider in the altered timeline where he was completed and defeated Kamen Riders 1 & 2, allowing his evil Masters to take over the world. He has a fantastic design somewhat reminsicent (Thanks to his gold scarf) of Shocker Rider but he has his own motives and eventually, at the cost of his own existence, ends up becoming a hero of Justice.

1) Kamen Rider Femme from Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final

Out first Rider to start out as anything better than a villain on this list, Miho Kirishima is a shadier figure than most riders. She’s a con artist using her looks and wits to lure in rich men and then rob them.  She secretly wants to win the Rider War to bring her dead sister back to life and also wants to kill the man who took her life, Asakura a.k.a. Kamen Rider Ouja. She also has the distinction of being the first official female Kamen Rider!

And now for something a little less positive…

Now, some of these are characters I am ok with but I don’t like how they were used in the story or how they interacted with the established characters. Also, this is entirely my own opinion and I know there will be at least one entry on this bottom five that people will disagree with me about.

Let’s get started.

5) Kamen Rider Nadeshiko from Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max

Let me start by saying I have no problem with this character in theory and I do find her cute however, I am fundamentally opposed to the idea of Gentarou having a girlfriend. He even stated in the series proper at one point that he is only interested in people as friends. He seems oblivious to romantic gestures and suddenly, in this movie, he’s interested in this new girl. It doesn’t really help that she’s actually sentient space slime capable of copying just about anything, even his powers.

4) Kamen Rider Kivala from Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

I like this design! That’s the best thing I can say about this movie only Rider. I also like the character who becomes Kamen Rider Kivala.  However, what’s the point?  She’s a pointless addition to a meandering story that seems to come out of nowhere.  Had she been in the actual series, I would have been more ok with it but she was the payoff to a setup I didn’t care about.

3) Kamen Rider Glaive, Kamen Rider Larc and Kamen Rider Lance from Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace

I did not like this movie and I did not like these designs.  They seems too simple after the elegant and complex designs of the Blade TV suits.  They are all equally underwhelming and so they tie for third place.

2) Kamen Rider Sorcerer from Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land

I didn’t really care for this movie and I was disappointed that this supposed Sorcerer and evil magic user turned out to just be another Phantom. Also, he came across as a pretty generic ranting villain.

1) These Three from Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love

Kamen Rider Kabuto had some great, original designs and each new Rider was a surprising interesting and unique character. These three are different colored versions of the same suit with slightly different helmets. They are fairly unmemorable and if Toei couldn’t bother to come up with new suits, I can’t be bothered to remember their names. I don’t hate them, I just feel meh about them and that’s worse than hate in many ways. Hate at least elicits passion, these just make me shrug and want to go back to the TV series, which is something a movie should never do.

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to decide which of the (newer) tamagotchi I should nut?? I have been wanting to buy a new one for awhile but my last ones I bought were music stars when I was in high school and I've been inspired to buy a new one because of your blog!!

i’m not sure exactly what to recommend but i’ll explain what the different kinds are to help you make a decision!

tamagotchi plus color

  • first color tamagotchis ever
  • your tama earns “happy badges” by experiencing cute life events (seeing a shooting star for the first time, finding a four leaf clover, etc.)
  • all special item codes can be found online.

tamagotchi ID and IDL

  • they apparently have downloadable items and are the first to let you dress up your tama
  • IDL version is just the next-gen, has more items and stuff, and your tama can have their own pet!
  • IDLE is the english version.

tamagotchi P’s

  • shell has a port in the front for plugging in accessories called “deco pierces”
  • theyre like tiny thumb drives with various games, locations, and just extra stuff.
  • SO MUCH custom content for tamagotchi P’s! people fill google drives with custom clothing and backgrounds, i’ve seen everything from sailor moon to vocaloid outfits!

tamagotchi 4u and 4u+

  • removable faceplates! you can replace with official ones or custom ones people make and sell
  • send your tama to school to earn skill badges in various fields (science, fashion, cooking, etc.)
  • discover your tama’s favorite food / snack / etc to earn all four clover pieces
  • 4u+ is just updated, it’s prettier and has more items and stuff

tamagotchi m!x

  • newest color tamagotchis
  • lots of locations to unlock, different models have different possible locations and characters to meet (sanrio version has puroland and sanrio characters, melody version has melody land, spacey version has etc etc etc)
  • most expensive lol
  • GENETICS! the most shining feature of the m!x is its ability to “mix” the parents’ appearances when they have a child. it’s slightly randomized but if you selectively marry your tama, as each generation goes on you can fine-tune their appearance. yes you can marry and mix with sanrio characters!!!

I hope this helped, if you have any more questions lmk <3

personally, my favorites are the plus color and the sanrio m!x. good luck!

eBay Cosplay Review: petery2011

So about a few weeks ago (about 20 days, actually), I ordered a Rebecca Chambers custom cosplay that was made by eBay seller petery2011!

Account:  https://m.ebay.com/itm/Custom-made-Resident-Evil-Rebecca-Chambers-Cosplay-Costume-/191657328016?hash=item2c9faabd90

Here is the render of what the ensemble looks like on the game (NOTE: this is one version of the same outfit; over the years, each installment that has this character has been slightly tweaked. The costume I got in the mail is actually unique from all of them):

And this is what I got instead!: 

As I said, the details of the outfit has different features that draw inspiration from pretty much every version of Rebecca in her S.T.A.R.S uniform. The colors are different but I think that they compliment each other nicely. And it looks great with my boots!

In here, I’ll give a descriptive breakdown of the outfit, pros and cons, and general thoughts about the seller and the cosplay are under the cut!

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In this life we are painted by many hands, each version of us slightly different in the eyes of the countless people we encounter. And although there are thousands of ever-changing portraits of us painted by different people and with different colors, there is a bit of truth in every single image of us that another person creates. Many people will only paint your flaws, taking little time to observe your beautiful parts, and a few people will see the complete opposite, celebrating your lovely parts and ignoring our flaws, but the right person will see you and know you are the most lovely piece of art they have ever encountered.

The right person will see your light and your darkness, your beauty and your ugliness, and they will paint you exactly as you are, raw and real. They will paint you with the colors of your soul, full of vibrant oranges, yellows and pinks, and deep blues, greens and reds. They will paint you honestly, and you will know you are loved for everything that you are instead of everything they want you to be.

—  Z.M., Wait for the one who sees all of your dirty flaws and still understands that you are a masterpiece.

The Ten Worlds

Yes.  The image above is the chart of Sefer Yetzirah, the Tree of Life, shown without the twenty-two paths, but superimposed upon the earlier Ceremonialmagic101 image of the Four Worlds. And there’s a reason for that: the geometry of The Tree of Life is based on the geometry of the Four Worlds layout — four circles representing the four elements, joined and delimited and connected by a single line representing Spirit.  Moreover, the Ten Spheres represent the intersection and interoperation of the Four Worlds.

Which is to say, that if you can draw the Four Worlds with a ruler and compass (more accurately, sadly, than the author can do with digital tools), you can draw the Tree of Life.

Our Ten Worlds here in this diagram are as yet nameless, and there’s a reason for that.  Different parts of the Western Mysteries use different names for these spheres; the Hebrew names are not the only options available. Even so, take the time to consider the relationship between the spheres, without knowing their names as yet.

First of all, note the three spheres at the upper part of the diagram. They are colored pure white, pure black, and an intermingling of the two in a balanced shade of gray.  The white sphere sits at the center of the World of Fire — a bursting-forth of pure brilliance and energy, unable to be restricted or bounded in any way.  The spheres of black and gray sit at the edges of the World of Fire — complete darkness on one side of the line, and the flickering edge of shadow.  These three spheres are rarely encountered separately from one another — we may pay attention to the Light, or to the Darkness, or to the Shadow — but none of these exist entirely without the other.  Indeed, all three of the Upper Spheres lie along the outermost, uppermost edges of the World of Air — the intellectual realm where ideas begin to differentiate one from another as they emerge from the mind of God.  To comprehend light-as-light is to also comprehend both shadow and darkness, and to understand the relationships between them.

In the next triad down, we see the primary colors, of blue, red and yellow. Just as light and darkness and shadow make themselves known one from another, so our intellectual capacities begin to distinguish how different light and energy and physical matter carries color to our sensation — and in another version of this tree, the Spheres are associated with musical chords, such that the Tree of Life is understood to vibrate with musical power, each Sphere humming a slightly different tune.  Black, White and Gray are almost purely intellectual experiences, but color begins to carry us into the world of emotion.  In another version of the Tree of Life, of course, these Spheres carry associations with planets and metals and plants — and these materials carry great emotional weight as well has assisting us with the understanding of intellectual matters. 

The Ten Spheres are, in another version of the Tree of Life, associated with the physical organs of the human body. The heart sits at the edge of the intellectual realm, but it is understood on the Tree as the center of the emotional realms, the World of Water.  In orbit around it, at the extreme edges of this World, is the red sphere of Anger (or severity), the blue sphere of Generosity (or kindness), the orange Sphere of Symbol (or language), and the green Sphere of Love (or desire).  Halfway between Symbol and Love is the purple Sphere of Imagination, the heart of the physical world and the transmission point where Spirit and the World of Earth meet and integrate with one another.  

Finally, the brown Sphere of Kingdom, right on the very edge of the World of Earth, represents the place/time you find yourself standing or sitting right now: in a lonely spiral arm of a relatively insignificant galaxy, on a planet at least six light-years from anything particularly important, probably in a backwater town far from a major city and a long way from the levers and systems of power that run and control your world.  

If you want to change that — if you want to have power, if you want to love and to be loved, if you want to rule, if you want mastery over yourself or others, if you want to be known and celebrated — the first thing you’ll have to do is stop thinking that if you physically move to a new place, things will be better.  No, they won’t: because all you will have done is shifted your Sphere of Kingdom… but all the old habits and behaviors and patterns will come with you, intact.  You’ll still be the same old person you were, with all your faults and fortes, all your strengths and weaknesses.

No, if you want to change the world, start right where you are sitting now:  Don’t change your Sphere of Kingdom, where nothing much ever changes — start with your Spheres of Symbol, of Love, and of Imagination. When you learn to imagine, and to love, and to communicate, your work transforms the Worlds of Water and of Earth.  

— ABWatt

Advice: Different Writing Styles for Different Genres

Anonymous asked: I know this is a silly thing to ask but as a writer, how can you come up with different writing style for different genres?

An author’s writing style is one of the main things that defines them as an author. It’s unique to you and it helps the reader identify a story as being yours. If you have a different style for every genre you write, you essentially don’t have a unique voice. That’s not to say that your voice couldn’t vary a little from one genre to the next, but that would have more to do with the needs of the genre and less to do with you as a writer. Think of it this way: if you have three groups of friends–one for school, one for work, and one online–you wouldn’t want to be a completely different person for all three of them. It’s not that you couldn’t do it, but if you did, none of them would be getting the real you. They would just be getting modified versions of you. It’s better to just be yourself and then let the variations required by the different settings (constraints of school, work etiquette, online anonymity) slightly color your style with each group. In other words, focus on finding your one true writing style, and the variations for each genre will come with the territory. :)