each tweet is like a bible verse

anonymous asked:

Why do you like the seahawks? Everyone hates them...

Uh maybe because I’m from Seattle and I love my teams no matter what? And everyone only hates them because they’re not afraid to say so when they’re the best. But even so, why hate an entire team because one player has a big mouth? Anybody notice that the first thing Russell Wilson did was thank God? Or that the entire rest of the team stays humble?

And to be candid, Richard Sherman can say he’s the best corner in the game when he leads in interceptions and keeps teams from throwing the ball so he won’t catch it if you ask me. He didn’t swear, he didn’t say anything bad. He said the same thing most analysts say about his own team directly after he made the play that propelled his team to the biggest game of their lives. Additionally, the man not only has a degree from Stanford but he played under Jim Harbaugh for four years and enrolled in graduate school so he could fulfill his football eligibility. He could have said much worse things in that post-game moment.

So the rest of the world can hate on the Number One team in football if they want, but know that any publicity is good publicity, and hating on them is still talking about them, which is exactly what they want. Also know that they’re not going away for a long time to come, so you might as well learn to love them.

And maybe if you paid attention to the things they said instead of “everyone else” talking about them, you’d realize they’re actually a really great group of guys. Like how they constantly are visiting children’s hospitals or donating their own clothes that they don’t want anymore to charity. Or how instead of acting like they’re entitled to a Super Bowl they went at it like each game was a championship game and they had to work for it. They went at it with the attitude “Why not us?” instead of “It will be us.” Or you could see how every day the QB is in the film room at 5am working towards the next game, but not before he tweets his Bible Verse of the Day, because his life revolves around God, then Family, then the Seahawks.

So instead of buying in to the East Coast network bias or even the California bias, and instead of buying in to how the media portrays the Seahawks and their fans as such terrible people, maybe you should take a minute to get to know the real Seahawks and you’d realize that they deserve the Super Bowl just as much if not more than any other team out there. They’re not out getting DUIs. They’re not getting arrested for murder. They’re not bringing brought up on gun charges. They’re hard working, well educated football players who are working hard to do what they love and bring pride to a city that they love to represent, whether it’s where they grew up or not.

Seattle is my home. Seattle is where my pride is. So when you say “everyone hates the Seahawks,” I won’t sit here and tell you that you’re wrong, because you’re probably not, but I will tell you all the reasons why you should give them a chance. Because I’m loud, and I’m proud, and I will call myself a 12 until the day I die.