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Soo i'm totally in love with my crush ❤️ but i can't do anything about it.. our charecters are so differend. I'm too shy to do something. i tried going out and we were out one time. Then she told some things about me. I texted her sometimes buuut she is just like levels above me and i am too shitty for her. Such a stupid story but u know i had to tell it by the way thank you, your blog is amazing <3

As i said here like a hour ago, different charged magnets are attracting to each other. And never say that you’re not worse someone, what if this person is completely in love with you and you’re completely wrong? Just continue making moves and maybe even tell her about your crush, there nothing to be afraid of


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heh um.. thinkofitasasmallgift

looking at your second rp blog, and noticing the small details (like the colors of the blog being similar to her hair pin and your choice of wording when it came to names) i think you’re referring to this marilyn, from the second fnac game

yyeah, i also thought that they were too, but according to wolfcon-f’s au they’re two different ppl. i can only assume that the differences between the two, not just very opposite appearances, but the times in which they make their debt in each game.

please don’t take this the wrong way, i’m not trying to be pushy (and i was actually contemplating this for a very long time) i just wanted to… let you know

feel free to use them if you want. otherwise i’ll back down and leave the blog to you

((the thing is, i’ve really wanted to start an rp blog for, like, a really long time and it took me forever to find a character to work w/. i was just wondering if i could be mary and you marilyn..))


generalizing groups of people is usually pretty bad. it can be hard but i think people should try to hold back their immediate perceptions until they really kno someone. i think we can learn a lot from those we disagree with. most people aren’t evil they just don’t understand. if u approach them right u could make a difference in their life and maybe change their thinking.!! no one is entitled to your time and u don’t have to be the person who changes them BUT showing them a little respect n human decency in itself can work wonders. it’s understandable 2 need a ‘safe space’ tho.. dealing with people who wanna angrily tell u your wrong can be exhausting..  just a thought. it bothers me to see actual discourse blogs being so close minded, not even trying to discuss or listen to each others positions. :< it’s like they wanna stir up drama but won’t even give anyone who disagrees a chance. i have met a few good kind ones tho  but they seem so rare.

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Um I'm a 21 year old woman dating a 32 year old woman. I approached and pursued her, not the other way around, and there has never been any kind of predatory aspect to our relationship. We get along extremely well, have loads in common, make each other laugh and support each other fully. How is that wrong just because we have a large age gap? Not all age gaps are wrong or predatory 🙄

you’re 21 not 17 there’s a whole world of difference and there’s no place on my blog where I said #allagegaps so please try to read next time


So some of you fuckbuckets are probably scrolling through this blog, and you come across this post are you’re either like,

“the fuck is all this trash doing here? Where the fuck’s all the anime food?”


“omg the mod took another selfie”

Well I’m here to clear some shit up and reveal some fuckin magic to all of you.

First off, while these look really similar to my selfies, they are not my selfies, they are actually just really shitty pictures of what my kitchen looks like right now.

Second off, I tried cooking shit today and I can say with a whole lot of certainty that I totally fucking failed. And the reason I’m telling you losers all of this is because I want to let you all know that It is okay to fail.

It’s okay if you try and make a recipe healthier by replacing veggie shortening with butter, but ending up with a weird, flaky goofest instead of tortilla dough.

It’s okay if you try and make frosting and it comes out all grainy and weird, despite you following all the directions.

It’s okay if you’ve tried to get your bread to rise, but each time you make a batch the yeast just never decides to do it’s fucking job.

It’s okay to fail. It happens to everyone at some point. And this picture is supposed to prove that even though some of y'all think I’m this Top Chef coolkid, I can also fail. Like, hardcore fail. Like attempt to make the dough 4 times in 4 different ways and still fail. 

So next time you decide to make one of the recipes on this blog, or any sort of recipe really, and you try it the first time and some shit goes wrong, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop trying.

Because let me tell you, it may take a few tries, maybe 4 bags of flour and infinite sticks of butter, but you will get it right. And when you finally, after countless attempts, take that first delicious fucking bite of whatever the fuck you decided to make.

Holy shit. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

SM64, Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye at the same time

Dude beats all three in less than an hour.

It’s easy to get spoiled by some of the really crazy types of speedruns and alternate play methods highlighted on this blog, to the point where my first reaction upon watching this video was, “pff – he’s not even playing them at the same time on the same controller? He’s just SWITCHING between each game? How DULL. How SIMPLE.”

Until I realized how much mental agility it must take to suddenly jump between three utterly different games with utterly different speedrun techniques, while also memorizing the best time to pause and switch between each game.

This was sent in by Benjamin Lu!

Being Not Fluent In Korean Really Sucks

The biggest setback I struggle with as a half Korean who has been in the US my entire life is not being fluent in the language. My mother was completely fluent as she was born in Seoul and lived there for years before she moved to the US for my white dad. She still spoke Korean when she was talking to herself and her Korean friends/family but for some reason, she spoke English with me and my sister.

The only time she ever really used Korean for us is when she would call us “이쁘다” (pretty), and sometimes she’d ask if we knew what that meant and we’d say yes, because we picked it up easily. She would always look so happy and proud about it. It makes my heart ache. The only other words we knew were really basic ones like “안녕하세요” (hello) and “감사합니다” (thank you).

For years, the only Korean I knew was that, and I didn’t feel the need to learn any more because I didn’t care much about connecting with my Korean side. That changed after I got into Kpop. I’ve been a fan for years now, and it still amazes me how I can see actual living, breathing Korean people singing and dancing and acting and being stars. Because we all know how Koreans are nonexistent in American entertainment.

So, my feelings took a complete turn around. I started to get immense urges to learn Korean. I started with Hangeul, and I got the hang of it much easier and quicker than I thought I would. That was last year, and now I know how to read and write it, and I’m confident about it. I still struggle with the bottom character sounds because they can change from their original sound, (like ㅊ usually has the “ch” sound but sometimes it can be a “t” sound), but other than that, I’m 100% good.

I now know a lot more words than I did in the past. I aim to learn a new one all the time. Sometimes I get discouraged because I know that learning Korean is hard, and that it will take years before I can speak it as good as other Koreans, but I always get motivated again.

My spaces to use Korean are very limited however, as my mother passed away years ago and my sister is also a beginner. My dad knows how to read and write it, but he is only a beginner too. The only time we can be around Korean people in real life is at church, because it’s a Korean church.

I use much more Korean online than I do in real life, because I have a Kpop blog. Sometimes when I comment in the tags, I’ll use Korean instead of English. I’m sure that most of the time, my sentences are terribly disarranged, and that I might be using the wrong words for the specific context, but being able to make simple sentences in Korean makes me so happy. Because it’s a huge difference from my nonexistent Korean when I was younger. It feels like a big accomplishment.

Despite this, I’m still struggling. I’ll see other Korean bloggers talking to each other in Korean, and talking shit about Koreaboos, and I feel left out because I can’t join them. Being a mixed Korean, I feel like they see me as less. I’m scared that they see me as a yankee or not Korean enough because I can’t speak it well. Especially since I’m American and know more about Florida’s weather than I do about Korea’s culture and history.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t regret not asking my mom to teach me. I always feel desperate about my Korean. I constantly daydream about what it’d be like to be fluent, to be able to engage in conversation with Koreans, to understand what the members of my church are saying. To read the posts Korean bloggers make and laugh with them because some Koreaboo did something hilariously ridiculous.

I can’t deny that I wish I was fluent, or at least know Korean well. There have been, and still are, days when I feel so bad about my Korean that I get really distressed about it and find myself tearing up. That I’ll have actual chest pain because it hurts that much to not know my own language. I can never find others who struggle with learning their language, so it makes it even worse, because I feel so alone. Everyone else seems to know theirs well.

And on top of that, I have to sit here and watch non-Korean people learn my language and become good at it, appropriate my culture, get Korean friends, and go to Korea. It makes me so angry because they have the money to go to my home country but I don’t, and probably never will. The worst of it is when Kpop bloggers are throwing around “oppa”, when they use “selca” and “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” and claim that it’s not offensive because other cultures use those (???????)

I don’t know my own language, and I have to watch other people use it as a toy. It’s so frustrating.

Being a diasporic, mixed Korean that is nowhere near good at Korean is exhaustingly frustrating.