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MELODRAMA (2017)  song titles

Brass Quartet Rehearsal Today:

1st Trumpet: Wait instead of release the pressure can I write ‘release the kraken’?


Trumpet 1: *plays forte* oops that was the release the kraken part hehe Trumpet 2: no no no please don’t. Put the kraken back.

Horn: uhhh guys are we breathing there because everyone took breath except me and it was awkwaaaaard

Trombone: *Gets ready to queue*

*Burps while queuing*

Everyone: *chaotic laughter for about 5 minutes*

I did a screenshot redraw and, woah, what’s that? By the Keep Reading… I think there’s a playlist! Did I make that playlist? Hell yeah! (with help, thanks piggymintz) Does it follow Zuko’s entire redemption arc from the series with indie, folk, and alternative music? Listen and find out! (the answer is yes)

When Your Hope’s On Fire // LISTEN

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AHAHHAHDASKJD this is amazing, I can’t even believe I could ever get this many friends followers!!!!! I appreciate and cherish every. single. one. of. you. Since this is such a huge milestone I thought I would celebrate with a few different things. 


  • please be following this katie bell enthusiast  
  • reblog this post please!
  • send me the emoji/symbol of one of the items from section 1 and one of the items from section 2 that you would like (under the cut)

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Today, the girls finally decided to say fuck it and start changing outside of the bus like the boys do and I’m honestly so proud

How To Slay TOEFL - My Tips & Tricks!

Hi guys, I rarely see study tips for those who are studying English as a second language so I thought I should make one!

TOEFL is usually an essential exam especially if you want to study in the US as an international student. I took the test for my transfer exam which required at least 79 for the application. It was my first time taking the test, and I got above 100 out of 120, which is an “okay” score.

Here are some of my tips and tricks:

1. Preparation. is. everything.

TOEFL is super expensive. You don’t wanna take it for multiple times, and you won’t. So practice as much as possible. I only had a week to prepare because I was in a huge rush, but don’t be stupid like me if you want to get your best score. At least take a month or two for preparation.

  • Know each section well  - there are reading, listening, writing and speaking sections!
  • Use the study guide (the official one [easier than the real one] or Barron’s [a bit harder]) and practice like the real test
  • Don’t try to memorize too much - there will be some professional words you might not understand, but they should be explained in the question. if not, just don’t memorize all of them. you don’t even know whether it’s gonna be in the real test or not.
  • For listening: use TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -  some of the listening parts are really similar to TED talks. if you wanna practice the listening more, go download TED’s podcasts/app. Keep listening. I kept listening to them all the time and got 30/30 for the listening section!
  • Get used to it - each section is just super long. you gotta finish all of them in time.

2. During the test

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna take the test with many people, but they don’t finish each section at the same time. 

  • When you’re on the break, some people are not. When you’re back for the next section, some people will walk around you - it’s very disturbing. but you can’t do anything with it.
  • And what’s worse, you will hear other people’s voice during the speaking section. 

But don’t panic, focus on what you gotta do. Don’t give them a shit.


aaannddd I guess that’s it! If you have any question, feel free to ask me! 

How to Replace Your Planner: For Attention/Executive Issues

So this is the grand total of my planner.  For people with executive issues, massive, detailed planners can be worse than none - it takes a lot of time to flip through all those pages figuring out what’s next, it takes time to meticulously over-schedule your day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by and ignore, it’s easy to miss things.  It’s stressful and time-consuming and doesn’t let you see what’s actually important.  But there is a solution!

Your primary goal here is minimalism.  You want to strip your planner down to the absolute basics.  The less you have to see, the easier it is to decide what you need to do.

  • Open up a textedit or notepad file, or use Google Docs.
  • Start with each of your classes.  Make a section for each.  A “section” here means just type an abbreviation and then two enter/returns.
  • Go through your syllabus for each class.  Mark down the exams and major assignments.  (Research papers, that sort of thing.)  Make a quick note for each of them in that class’s section with the due date, in order, like “research paper Sep. 3″ “exam Nov. 3″.
  • Go through the next few weeks on the syllabus and mark down the small, weekly assignments and put them in, in order - no more than three or four.  Write these assignments with the due date at the end of the line.  Write a … in the file to indicate the end of where you’re marking down minor assignments in your planner.
  • Make a new section for General.  This covers everything outside of classes - doctor’s appointments, e-mails you need to send, etc.  Put stuff in there in order by date.
  • Make a new section for Readings.  Make one line for each of your classes.  Write the reading only for the next day/overdue.
  • You’re done!
  • When you complete something, delete it.  After class, write down the next reading.  When you get to a …, fill in the next few weekly assignments.  
  • When a professor gives a new assignment that’s not on the syllabus, or changes a due date, adjust your planning file immediately.

Now you can see all the assignments you need to worry about at once - and only the assignments you need to worry about.  You can see major assignments way ahead, minor assignments a couple weeks ahead, and readings one class ahead.  And they’re all in order!  So you can just run down the list and see which due dates are really close, or look at what the more major assignments are.

Never struggle with a planner again.  Cut it down to only what you need, and watch as you actually meet those deadlines instead of remembering about them a day too late.  Have fun!  :)

Anna’s Favourite Things Writing Challenge

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and seeing as I’m almost at 3k I figured why not do it now. I’ve seen a couple of these types of challenges and I thought it would be a good one to start with, nothing too complicated about it. All the choices will be under the cut. 


Due Date: 1st November 2017

Sign Ups: Open now up until there are no more prompts left. Please send me an ask detailing what fandom you are writing for and what prompt / prompts you would like. 

Fandoms: Can be either Marvel or Supernatural. Characters or RPF

Word Count: Minimum of 500 words. If over that please put in a keep reading line.

Style: It can be a drabble, oneshot, or the very start of a series. 

Genre: Anything !! Smut, fluff, angst or an AU - go nuts with it. 

* It has to be a reader insert fic
* I will not tolerate any hate given to wives, girlfriends, family or friends in rpf’s

Posting: Tag me in your A/N and state that it is for my (missxavenger) Anna’s Favourite Things Challenge. Please also use the tag: #annasfavouritethings in the first 5 tags

If I haven’t liked / reblogged your fic it means I haven’t seen it. Shoot me an ask that you’ve posted your fic and I’ll check it out. All fics will be added to a masterlist after the due date. 

If you can’t post by the due date please let me know so I can give you an extension. 

Anyone can join in on this, even if you’ve never written anything before !

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

You can choose a prompt from each section or just one, it’s up to you. If you choose more than one prompt they all have to be used in the same fic. 

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Film Studies Department Chair: Hey guys, tell me how we can improve registration this year so that everyone can get what they need :)

Film Students: Give us more classes with more sections and more seats in each section.  Oh, and don’t offer all the classes we need at the exact same time.

Department Chair: Sure thing :)

Department Chair: *does nothing*

Diamond in the Rough

Regency Cullen art by @feylen!

Chapter 1

Pairing: Cullen x Trevelyan

Rating: SFW (NSFW Eventually)

Link: AO3

In Regency Era Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden are at war. As an officer in Ferelden’s army, Cullen is entrusted with an important document, one that he must keep secret and deliver it to the right hands at any cost. He is betrayed, someone leaking his position and he and his men are set upon by Orlesian soldiers. Grievously wounded, Cullen flees into the Orlesian countryside. Elya saves his life, healing his wounds and keeping him hidden. The mysterious woman reveals nothing about her past, but Cullen knows there is more to her than meets the eye. Her manners give her away as more than just a typical country girl. As he grows stronger and they grow closer, he becomes more and more intrigued by the quiet woman and her secrets. Cullen knows that he cannot stay, his duties calling him away. He also knows that he put Elya in danger, and he convinces her to travel with him to Ferelden. Unbeknownst to either of them, Elya has attracted the protection of a certain Spirit, one who follows them and aids them as they navigate through hostile lands and deal with their enemies.

A world of Thedas retelling of Aladdin, in a Regency Era setting!

Just some quick housekeeping about this story! Aladdin is based on one of the stories that Scheherazade tells to her husband in the work called One Thousand and One Nights. The stories are a collection of predominately Middle Eastern folk tales, and as such I wanted to make the heroine of the story Middle Eastern. However, since Thedas doesn’t really have a strictly Middle Eastern based country, I played around a bit with what was available to create someone who looks to be of Persian descent. (It will come up in later chapters more). So for now, I hope you will understand Elya’s descriptions a little bit clearer!

Diamond in the Rough won my contest, so I will be writing this story first!

Cullen slouched negligently in the back of the cart, a battered hat low over his head. His usual uniform of navy blue superfine decorated with gold braid was waiting for him back home. For this trip, nothing ostentatious was worn, simple cotton clothing of low quality. He had one leg pulled up, an arm draped carelessly across the raised knee. Behind him and up on the seat, Blackwall was similarly relaxed, driving a pair of nags. The others of his company lounged in the old, rattling vehicle, supposed farmers making their unhurried way down the road.

What anyone watching them could not see was the intelligent flicker of eyes carefully taking in the rolling and wild countryside they were passing through. Nor the wickedly sharp weapons concealed at each soldier’s side, shields hidden beneath burlap bags, and a staff hidden against the cart side. It was impossible to know that resting in a concealed pouch sewn into his clothing, Cullen carried a secret document entrusted to him personally by The Nightingale.

Blackwall lazily flicked the reins along the horses’ backs, but the cart did not pick up speed. Cullen was content with their pace. Slow it may be, but it was not speed which they required right now. While they were within Orlais’s borders, it was stealth they valued.

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anonymous asked:

Hey <3 thank you so much for all the help you offer and I'm really sorry if you're the wrong person to ask. But I've noticed on a lot of people's pop-up verses they have the images / icon next to the description. Do you know how that's done? Thank you either way x

hello anon - i’m usually the wrong person to ask, but that doesn’t mean i won’t give it a shot anyway XD

but yes, i do know how it’s done - please also refer to my tutorials page for installing your popups in the first instance and additional help with customising your popups, but for this specific one, here’s a basic code to style the popup for either verses/relationships or any other info where you’d like an image associated! – e.g.

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Without You (Yoongi Smut)

First time ever posting an imagine. There are probably a lot of grammatical errors, I apologize. Excuse the length, couldn’t help it. Enjoy


You threw the last bit of trash away that was on the kitchen cabinet and huffed with a loud sigh at you’re accomplishment. You had finally finished cleaning your house that took longer than you thought. Part of the reason the house was filled with so much laundry, dishes and trash was because of how busy you and Yoongi were these past few months. You weren’t mad at him of course for having such a busy schedule; being at the studio producing, dance practice or fan meets. You praised him for his dedication. You wanted him to come home from dance practice today to find a spotless house. Of course he wouldn’t have cared what condition the house was in but you had been lazy all day. You imagined how his godlike form would enter the house, most likely exhausted but ready to greet you with delicate kisses. You’re mind went haywire at the thought of feeling his soft lips against your own. To make yourself dismiss the sensual thoughts so it wouldn’t cause any hot emotions that would backfire as soon as Yoongi entered the house, you skimmed over each section in the house. Just to make sure everything was spotless.

After approving of how the living room and kitchen looked, you headed to the bedroom you and Yoongi shared. Just the sight of the bed caused the memories of feeling you and Yoongi’s sweat licked bodies pressed together in sexual bliss flooded you’re mind. Heat not only reached you’re cheeks but to other parts that were owned by Yoongi; such as you’re core that suddenly began to ache with need for him. It had been a painfully long time since the both of you engaged in any sexual activity with all the hard labor both you. When you thought about the last time, you’re mouth hung agape and you immediately began to blame yourself for not allowing anything to happen. It had been at least 6 months, and the reserved person that Yoongi was never complained about it at all. You knew he loved sex but he never hinted towards it lately and that made you worry. But then again, busy busy busy.

You instantly became determined, But then again, you needed him on top of you, trailing kisses down your body achingly slow, causing goosebumps to form on your warm skin, his feathery mint hair filling the spaces between your fingers as you pushed his head closer and close to your core….

You shook you’re head fast; causing you to get a head rush. The sound of your phone vibrating made you alert and you ran through the long hallways that led to the living room to quickly grab your phone. The caller ID read Yoongi and the recent selca of him with his large glasses, trench coat and black turtleneck was the picture that popped up and you squealed out of excitement. You didn’t even answer the phone yet he managed to make you die inside day by day. How he managed to fall in love with you from the moment he met you?? You never knew. When Yoongi came into your life, you never imagined that you would become such a better person, always positive and determined to work hard.
“Hello?” You answered in a shaky voice and you knew Yoongi noticed you’re tone but you didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. You were beginning to get aroused as you heard his heavy breathing on the phone. His breaths were always raspy and you only hoped he was done with dance practice because you’re imagination went wild….

He sprawled himself across the cold, glossy wooden floor of the dance studio. His skin was on fire and his cheeks pulsated from the amount of dancing he had just done. He looked up at the bright ceiling and glanced over at the multiple mirrors showcasing his exhausted form and his best friends who were mingling after quenching their thirsts; they had to go through the same difficult dance routines. But Yoongi had other thoughts on his mind…his babygirl. Even though his muscles ached, he was never too tired to pleasure himself to the thought of the love of his life breathing heavily underneath him, her wetness coating his manhood, allowing slick thrusts to make both of them moan. He groaned as quietly as he could so an echo throughout the studio wouldn’t make the boys suspicious of how aroused he was. He quickly excused himself to the lounge room situated in the very back of the studio. Pulling down both his shorts and underwear in one quick movement, he plopped down on the cold leather couch and the difference in temperature made his sweaty body begin to cool down but he knew too well how wild he could get. Looking down at his second half that was upright and hard before him, his hands began trembling as he brought his slender fingers up to his head. He winced from the pleasure and it took him a while to trail his hand down out of fear of how fast he would release but he wanted to save all his remaining energy and substance for his babygirl. He hadn’t done anything when it came to sex for 6 months and he was needy and sensitive. His fluffy bangs were no longer covering his red face, instead they were stuck to him from the sweat.

After you talked to him on the phone, you rushed to the bathroom and in 20 minutes, you had freshened up: took a shower, brushed your teeth etc. You put on one of Yoongi’s large white t-shirts that you found buried in one of the two clothes drawer. Y didn’t bother putting on anything but the tee, some thin panties, and fuzzy socks.

You threw yourself on the bed and just looked up at the ceiling after opening the curtains to allow the moonlight to seep through, waiting for Yoongi to bust through the bedroom door and dominate you. You began to internally scream; trying to keep your composure when you heard the front door unlock and keys jiggle frantically, similar to how fast your heart was beating. His light footsteps scuffed across the tan colored carpet and he searched for you silently. It turned you on even more at how quiet he was as he looked for you, he wasn’t calling out your name yet… but this simple mysterious action made you anxious.
You kept your face covered with your hands even when he opened the door and you felt the air from the force of the door brush against your skin; the hairs on your arms standing on end and you gasped when you felt the gust of air brush against your core through your soaked panties. Your knees were pressed up against you with your pussy slightly exposed through the almost transparent panties.

“(Y/N) I’ve missed you so much…” He said in his raspy voice. You rose up slowly, trying to ready yourself. You knew Yoongi all too well that he was going to treat you well this evening. When you set your eyes on him, you whined and his head tilted with his usual teasing smirk and his gummy smile gleaming at hearing how needy you sounded. His alabaster skin was shiny and contracted perfectly with the moonlight that peaked through your bedroom. He was a god, and you had the honor of seeing him. He wasted no time to take off his shirt to expose his smooth creamy skin. His hair rose and fell from his fast paced undressing, you would’ve done the same…but you wanted him to undress you.

He left his boxers on and crawled on the bed before you and the bed dipped slightly. He took his cold hands and began trailing them down your body just as you expected, achingly slow. His eyes gleamed and as you looked back up at him, you chewed on your own lips, making it apparent that you wanted him to kiss you. His chocolate irises slowly started to change to a coal black shade.
You laid beneath him frozen but he changed that when he leaned down; his body still perched between you completely; his body hunched over and his hands cupping your thighs. Every so often he rubbed circles and his cold skin made you shiver.

Your eyes fluttered closed as he pressed his lips to yours. Feathery soft as his lips were, you thought they were clouds and the way his mouth latched onto yours caused you to moan. Treasuring this moment was your priority and you threw your hands up to pull softly at his teal strands. You sucked on his bottom lip, pulling it between your teeth and his groaned at the pleasurable feeling. Yoongi wanted to taste the inside of your mouth, so he did by swiping his warm tongue over your swollen bottom lip. You were used to this; how he always asked for permission and you loved it…

Your soft wet muscle made contact with his and your moans filled his mouth. Open mouthed kisses was what Yoongi loved the most and you agreed. There wasn’t any sloppy kisses yet, just the intimacy of both of your tongue swirling and making sensual contact. Yoongi pinched your thighs; loving how you teased him by only sucking on his bottom lip and touching his tongue with your own. Yoongi was eager to feel your core around his tongue, fingers, and length; he was determined. You whined his name when your mouths detached; a small string of saliva between the spaces of your lips. You became needy but Yoongi reassured you…

“(Y/N) tell me what you want.” He grunted in his raspy voice. You didn’t waste a second explaining to him as he look at you with his dilated pupils and slight smirk on his beautiful face. He chewed on his bottom lip and your face flushed when you saw him release his bottom lip with a bounce.

“I want you to lick my wet pussy Yoongi. I need you.” You whimpered heavily; heat rising to your cheeks because it had been a long time since you ever felt so dirty and you loved the feeling.

“Yes babygirl. I’ll do whatever you want.” He whispered after planting a soft kiss on my swollen lips. He then helped you take off your shirt and threw it across the room.
“Scoot down for me.”

You obeyed his words, scooting towards the edge of the bed where your legs practically dangled. He settled himself between your legs that were shaking with anticipation. Yoongi played with your neck first. Biting your thin flesh, then licking over the small wound as if he was healing it with his saliva. He moved over to the other side of your neck, his lips locking again. This time sucking eagerly. Your mouth hung agape from the painful pleasure. You encouraged him by moaning his name in a slurred voice and pushing his head closer to your pulse. You could feel his gummy smile appearing on your skin before he sucked harder; feeling the blood rush to the layer of your skin.

“Yessss.” You hissed through gritted teeth. You managed to look down at how both of you were positioned. Yoongi’s body hunched over between your wobbly legs. And his mint hair covered most of what you could see; but you felt more wetness pool down in your damp panties that were now ruined from your arousal. His shoulder blades moved as he nibbled at your skin; creating love bites that you would have to hide whenever you went out. His creamy skin glowed and he seemed angelic; the moonlight that seeped through creating sexual auras.

You winced when his mouth left your neck and he rose up to look down at you. Seeing him stand there and look at how needy you were made you squirm; arousal took much for you to handle.

“You’re so beautiful…” He whispered again and tears almost formed at your eyes. You loved Yoongi with all your being. He treated you so well and you were grateful for him. He then bent down on his knees, and as left burning kisses on the inside of your thighs you began to tremble. His eyes were closed the whole time he trailed down to your pelvic area. But they fluttered open when knew he had made it to what he wanted; he could smell your arousal and his dick was straining in his boxers. His long fingers hooked in your underwear and pulled it down your legs slowly.

You looked down during this time and your face burned from passion when you saw a smile appear on his face. He finally saw your wet lips glistening before him. He scooted back before delving into your velvety walls. His hands remained on your knees to keep them open as he knew you would squirm from the pleasure of how well he worked his tongue. You instantly yelled out when he licked a long strip up your bare pussy. You jumped when his tongue tensed up and tapped your throbbing clit.

“I haven’t tasted you in so long, such a delicacy.” He hummed inside you which created vibrations that surged throughout your body. Your hands covered your mouth to muffle your moans and Yoongi could tell.

“(Y/N) don’t hold in your moans, I want to hear you.” You obliged and rested your shaky hands down on the satin sheets.

Yoongi continued and ate at you like you he never get the chance to again. His lips latched onto your swollen clit and he left his mouth open on your sensitive area but also swirled his tongue fast. Now he was getting impatient.
Your eyes closed shut, focusing on release. Yoongi’s index finger now entered you slowly. He looked up from your lower half to check and make sure you could handle fingering after not doing it for a while. A “please” was all you could muster before he ushered it inside your wet cavern.

“Damn, just my finger alone is getting suffocated by you, imagine how it’ll be when I finally get to feel you around my dick.”

You cried out at his sharp words and you could hear a chuckle which made you curse out loud towards the ceiling. Your hands patted the bed quickly, not knowing what to hold. But then you grabbed fistfuls of his feathery hair and massaged his scalp which made him moan. He pushed his finger in and out fast and moved it upwards inside you where he hit your sensitive spot. You tried not to yell since he had found your spot but it was difficult. So many of his motions: sucking on clit, swirling his tongue, and sliding his finger in out of your dripping core made you realize you were close to cumming.

“Yoon-” You gulped but he didn’t reply. He just continued to indulge in how good you tasted to him.

“You taste amazing.” He finally whispered in a sensual tone. Yoongi felt you walls contracting around his finger and took the time speed up the pace of his motions. You grabbed his hair harder this time and he grunted at the feeling.
“Release for me babygirl. I need to taste more of you.”

His words were your undoing as you cried out his name in sharp cacophonies and incoherent sounds that made precum leak from Yoongi throbbing dick.
“Fuck!” He yelled inside your pussy and you could feel pleasurable waves crashing over your body; sparks dancing on your skin. Your juices entered Yoongi’s mouth instantly and his finger became drenched; some even trailing outside of your walls but he managed to lick up all that he could. He rose up to look at how you spasmed lightly in front of him. Your breathing was uneven and your chest heaved. Yoongi never wanted this to end, to see you beneath him moaning his name. He loved your innocent sounding voice. He brought his hand up to his mouth to suck on his finger and savor your juices. The corners of his mouth was covered in your wetness but he also wanted you to lick it off. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of him savoring your taste with heavy lidded eyes.

Your body settled tiredly on the bed, a complete mess. He helped you move the front of the bed and rested beside you. Pulling you close to his bare chest. He smiled at your actions of giving delicate kisses along his chest.

“Mhm?” You hummed and looked up at him. No words were spoken as you shared another kiss this time you could taste yourself on his tongue and it made your heart feel like it dropped. Yoongi was sneaky enough to get his finger between the two of you and you took in your mouth. Sucking lazily and swirling your tongue, moaning at how you could taste more of yourself on him and cussed under his breath at how wonderful it felt.
You both rested on the bed, sleep apparent for the both of you.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you Yoongi.”
“I don’t know either but I do know that I love you always.”
“I love you too.” You replied.
Your eyes fluttered closed and Yoongi stayed awake that night, relishing in your beautiful sleeping form, keeping you close to him the rest of the night.

IBO has a problem that I had with Tokyo Ghoul. There’s too many characters, some of them are kind of the same blandish character, they kind of appear out of nowhere, and there’s not really a reason for focusing on them.

At least with Durarara!! they make it pretty damn obvious who to focus on, and they do it in the first couple episodes. They also make it pretty clear that it’s going to be an anime focusing on multiple characters in sections of each episode just from the first episode. And it has Izaya. IBO may have Izaya’s voice, but you can’t get more Izaya than Izaya. Plus they make each character pretty interesting that makes you want to focus on them. I swear I didn’t just watch DRRR!! all the way through just for Izaya!

I’m thinking about DRRR!! as an example because I saw the first episode last night at a con. I had to leave when my meekness turned into full-out fangirling.

…I forgot what my point was. Back to Pokemon I guess.


lost meme

[2/8] quotes

“Leave and go where?”
“Let me show you.”

Johnlock Shipping Survey (The Results)

A few weeks ago, I hosted a survey about shipping in canon, the BBC tv series, and in other universes. The goal was to try to get a demogaphic on shipping and to try to see if things such as age or sexuality might be a factor on whether one ships or not, as well as to attempt to get people to give their own thoughts on why they do or do not ship.

The survey was a huge success, with over 800 responses recorded (only one was allowed per person), and tons of awesome comments and feedback. It was shared here on tumblr by many well to do Sherlock blogs, and also on several Sherlock Holmes facebook pages.

So this post is the demographic results of the survey, and some conclusions drawn from this.

There is also a link to another post, which shows some of the great comments we got about shipping in the course of the survey. 

The post will be under a cut in an attempt to avoid cluttering people’s dashes. Enjoy the results (the main points will be at the end if you don’t want to read the whole thing).

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The Funniest Responses to TMZ’s BG Video: A Masterpost

So in case you guys missed it, TMZ decided to respond to the rumors that they had the inside scoop and were going to end BG. Three minutes that are well worth your time because it’s very funny. 

Naturally Larries weren’t too happy though. The masterpost includes four sections: Funny responses that show Larries being in deep denial, Larries trying to make it look like antis are the stupid ones, Larries trying to make it sound like the video was about seeding, and funny YouTube comments about the video. 

These first two are my favorite even though they didn’t make it into a category:

This is going to be long, so I’m going to put the rest under keep reading. I did my best to add commentary under each one, so it will be easier to tell the posts apart. (I took the screenshots on mobile, so I don’t have the links sorry.) 

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