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windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them//

1) @ndbrt6 is AMAZING!!! I love her!!!!! Her blog is v similar to mine and she’s literally one of my best friends so!!

2) @feeblepink I love them! Also such an aesthetic blog!!

3) @fragilecapricorn maggie my actual mother and a really good panic blog

4) @doddlepoddle is the Best dodie blog and such a sweet heart I love her

5) @vhs-hannah is amazing and such a pretty blog I love her

But, like... (virgin!Michael smut)

This is my first piece back after a writing hiatus and it’s quite nice to be back. I used to be but-im-punk-rock and have since changed my url.  

 Requests are open again, so feel free to do so here


Basics:  Michael and Y/N are studying when Michael gets side-tracked and begins to ask a question or two that leads to an even bigger distraction.  

This semester had been long, much, much too long.  You sighed, continuing to read through your mind maps from lectures.  You mindlessly grabbed a doughnut from the box next to you, awarding yourself with a bite at the end of each section.

You were just about to flip the page when you heard a muffled chuckle and looked up to see Michael thrusting a blue highlighter in and out of the hole of a doughnut.  He was sprawled out aside of you on your bed, dark sweater pulling up a little to expose his pale tummy.  

“How long have you been doing that?”

“About a minute.  You wouldn’t look up.”  

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like not to sound Too Real™ but Tumblr has enough history to fill a small book and that’s kind of fucking me up thinking about how I’ve been around for all of it and it’s kind of divided up into sections in my mind where like? Each section just feels like I was using a completely different website because of the phases it’s user base has gone through and the different updates and adding and subtracting features constantly and just yikes this websites a hot mess


lost meme

[2/8] quotes

“Leave and go where?”
“Let me show you.”