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This is just a quick bunch of sketches I’ve been doing… mostly copy pasted and stuff due to lazyness..

Normal cas
Angels wild cas- from the fanfiction, angels wild http://archiveofourown.org/works/775515/chapters/1458760
OotD cas- from the fanfiction OotD/Out of the Deep http://archiveofourown.org/works/548878/chapters/977676
Leviathan cas
Crazy cas- according to dean he appeared naked, and covers in bees.
Meg’s unicorn cas- even though destiel is my top, I still kinda ship megstiel…she called cas her unicorn!

None of the cas’ belong to me… Each to their respective owners/designers

Death of a Bachelorette [Ch.1]

Pairings: KotoUmi, UmiMaki, NozoEli, NicoMaki, EliAnju

Chapters: [Ch.1] | [Ch.2] | [Ch.3]

Summary:  “Death of a Bachelorette” is a story about Eli, Umi and Maki as performers at a big band club. This follows the lives of Umi, Maki and Eli as they try their hardest to come to terms with their lives and find what they have been yearning for.

tl;dr: I suck at good summaries, so its a story about love, drama, jealousy and finding happiness. There’s more to come, I’m separating what I’ve written into chapters.

Words: ~6400

“Hey Blue, fix up your tie.”

“Oh, thanks Eli…”

“Hey are you alright? You’ve been spacing out lately.”

“I’m fine Maki, let’s get the show started.”

The three girls made their way up a set of stairs to a large stage. After they took their places on the stage, three separate spotlights shined on them. Beyond the stage sat many tables and a bar towards one side of the building. They were greeted by numerous applause from the guests enjoying their stay.

They were quickly silenced once an announcer’s voice came from the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to present your performance tonight, Soldier Game!”

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Sorry this is all in one post! Having 10+ Trades though would be a bit of a flood if i did the posts seperatly ;v; ! This is for my lovely sketch trades with:

autistic-2k3-leonardo (he wanted April from TnT c: )
askcaptainbubbles (her pony frosty c: )
askdreambaker (her gemsona!)
equestrias-first-human (his villain Hellfire!)
lotusblossomanswers (her plant fae pony c: as anthro)
ask-pond-pawn (his pkmn trainer c: ! )
ask-rubyrue (human ruby being a spoiled princess pff- )
@trinketslife (her adorable minty pony! )

The others havent sent in what they wanted so I haven’t finished the rest yet! Thanks to everyone who participated in trading with me it was a lot of fun!

Now I must venture forth to Minecraft now that I got my enderman hoodie today. I feel so cool <33333