each respected owner


Sorry this is all in one post! Having 10+ Trades though would be a bit of a flood if i did the posts seperatly ;v; ! This is for my lovely sketch trades with:

autistic-2k3-leonardo (he wanted April from TnT c: )
askcaptainbubbles (her pony frosty c: )
askdreambaker (her gemsona!)
equestrias-first-human (his villain Hellfire!)
lotusblossomanswers (her plant fae pony c: as anthro)
ask-pond-pawn (his pkmn trainer c: ! )
ask-rubyrue (human ruby being a spoiled princess pff- )
@trinketslife (her adorable minty pony! )

The others havent sent in what they wanted so I haven’t finished the rest yet! Thanks to everyone who participated in trading with me it was a lot of fun!

Now I must venture forth to Minecraft now that I got my enderman hoodie today. I feel so cool <33333