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2015 Camren Analysis Part 2: Complete Analysis So Far

||31Jan2015|| OK guys, it’s go time. (I will edit as they continue to post, so if you’re interested, stay updated on this blog)

So, what I’ve gathered from Lauren so far is that she still isn’t willing to take things to the next level with Camila/go public with their relationship. Her level of discomfort with that whole notion is at the point where she seems to be willing to end things with Camila (which is really fucking heart-breaking and unfortunate). She posted this mid-day on 30jan2015:

It’s gotten to the point where Lauren is willing to throw 2 and a half years with Camila because she’s so apprehensive to come out with their relationship. I understand why she doesn’t want to do it for a couple of (possible)  reasons. 1: when she decides to go solo (let’s face it, Fifth Harmony isn’t going to be Fifth Harmony forever) she doesn’t want to pigeon hole herself as the non hetero female artist (sort of like those actors who get classified as character actors; Google it if you don’t know what that means). 2: she is legitimately undergoing an internal struggle with her own sexuality and isn’t ready to accept that she may not be 100% straight. Or 3: (and i reallyyyy fucking hate to say this) maybe she thinks she has genuinely outgrown Camila. I say that because she posted this (around midnight):

In my 100% honest opinion, I think it was fucked up of her to post this, because she was basically telling the world that she thinks Camila is emotionally immature. It would have been more tactful to say all of this to each other in person, not passive aggressively on Tumblr. Cuz at the end of the day, she is equally immature because she’s doing the same thing that Camila is doing.

She also reblogged a quote pretty much saying that she wants Camila to talk to her because she’s getting sick of the silence between the two (Camila just reblogged a quote talking about ignoring her, so it does line up). So there is a glimmer of hope that these two will cut the bullshit and passive aggression and actually talk about the issues they have with each other. Lauren seems to play the role os a hard-ass in this whole ordeal, but at the end of the day, she truly does miss her connection with Camila and wants to talk. This is what Lauren posted earlier on Jan. 30:


And on Camila’s part….well first of all, she reblogged this for about the 3rd time:

So Camila is clearly still hurt about Lauren’s unwillingness to compromise. I understand Camila’s point of view as well. Because think about it, hiding a relationship for over 2 years has to be fucking exhausting. That shit would get old real quick, especially when so many people already know about it anyway. They can’t keep up the charade of Camren only being a “lovely, divine friendship” (Camila’s own words) forever. She is also hurt because over the years, she has probably told Lauren her inner most thoughts secrets (which contributed to their closeness) and she probably feels betrayed that after all they’ve been through, Lauren still isn’t cooperating with her. She may also feel that even if they’re just on a friendship level, Lauren would be more understanding of her point of view. She posted this:

It also seems as if Camila wants to draw attention to her Tumblr, which makes me believe that their main argument is about them coming out. She posted this:

This next post mirrors Lauren’s previous post (so they’re obviously talking to each other):

I honestly thought Camila was ready to call it quits when she posted this:

She also posted this for the second time in a week:

But I think they are both still hopeful (as well as me) that they can work something out. It will only work though if they meet each other in the middle. It seems as if Camila realizes that relationships (especially one as high profile as theirs) aren’t always going to be perfect or easy, but if you’re willing to work on them, they can end up happily. She posted this:

Camila also addresses why she has been giving Lauren the cold shoulder in this post:

This was Lauren’s reaction to Camila ignoring her:

Camila then went on to post various quotes saying that she wants lay with and talk to Lauren (probably to relax the tension between them and hopefully make up). We all know that Lauren can be head strong at times but hopefully she’ll be receptive to what Camila’s saying and call a truce. Camila posted these:

Also, Lauren posted this on Instagram earlier :

You can tell that this is weighing heavily on their hearts and minds because Camila posted this:

Whoo! lol it took alot of work and time putting this all together. But to sum it all up, Lauren and Camila really just need to be mature and talk to each other personally about this. I think it would be beneficial to have a mediator help them work through their issues because they can’t seem to find a resolution. It would seriously be a shame for them to throw everything away over a temporary impasse.

Also, I think it’s important for them to realize that if they let this issue get too out of hand, it could negatively affect their band mates, family, friends, and fans. Let’s be honest, the main reason they have fans is because we enjoy seeing the chemistry and positive energy between Fifth Harmony. We’re not idiots. We will definitely be able to pick up on any tension or negative energy within the group during any of their interviews, live performances, etc. and it will get awkward and uncomfortable. Something like this could easily lead down a road to destruction for the girls if they don’t get it under control.

It even seems like Ally (the mother of the group) may also be getting involved in their problem. Ally posted this:

This is the wrong time to allow something as silly as relationship drama to destroy everything Camren/Fifth Harmony has worked for. Their best bet at the moment is to seek an outside opinion of someone they trust and to take a small break from each other until they both cool off. Maybe taking a step back will give them the clarity that they so desperately need. BUT, you also have to take into consideration that they are both young and they will continue to make mistakes (which is a huge factor in this whole thing). Lauren’s stubbornness and Camila’s persistence is only going to create a rift between them and they both should just chill out for a moment, step back, realize what’s actually important to them, and continue to be the beautiful, intelligent, passionate women that they are. I honestly feel like this will blow over if they both just have a little patience and faith in each other. We all want nothing more than for them to be happy.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: 2015 is going to be the year that makes or breaks Camren (if they don’t get their heads out of their asses).  I say this because they’ve moved pass the phase of attraction and lust and they seem to be taking their relationship more seriously this year.

(I apologize if this is incomprehensible, but I’m tired as fuck)

Again, thanks for reading! Love you all! <3

**I will continue to make edits once more information is available and when I get some rest, so stay tuned!**

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so whos who during baeksoo sexy times??? whos t! n b! ????


The reason being is that it really just depends on what you’re craving. For me, most of the time, it’s top!Baek and bottom!soo. But like I said, Baeksoo (with my 2 top biases) its a win-win type of ship because it really does work either way.

Most people see Baeksoo as a cute ship, but not a serious ship, AND I WOULD LIKE TO BEG TO DIFFER. Part of the reason why people only see Baeksoo as the cute-cute friendship is because of this:

Most people see two bubble butts and scoff, “They’re two bottoms. Maybe they’re good for nc17 with double sided dildos, but thats about it!”

WRONG, i say, WRONG!

Here’s the explanation presentation. Take a seat. I’m about to inject you with feels.

SIDE 1 OF BAEKSOO: Top!Baek & Bottom!Soo

Baekhyun is the dominant one in the relationship. With his cool demeanor and stone-face expression, many are afraid to cross him. For someone his frame, he’s extremely protective of those he loves and won’t put up with any bullshit that comes his way. Although he has delicate hands, he’s stronger than he looks. Having took Hapkido, he knows how to fight.

When he sweats is when his inner man comes out. Hair rough, skin slick in tone, it can’t get any more manlier and testosteronic. Byun Baekhyun wears the pants in the relationship.

He can be cute, but the manly kind of cute. Like the boyfriend that’s willing to hold his boyfriend’s cute things (look at the gift)

There, there’s Kyungsoo.

Cute faced with perfect round eyes, Kyungsoo is the adorable bottom. Although he has Baekhyun to protect him, he’s still clumsy with himself and often finds himself struggling to keep up with things. Kyungsoo is thoughtful and kind, often fitting nicely into Baekhyun’s protective personality. 

When they fight, Kyungsoo will tear up and cry, but try to hold it. Baekhyun will feel bad about himself for making his doe-eyed babe tear.

NOW, SIDE 2 OF BAEKSOO: Top!Soo and Bottom!Baek

need i say more about top!soo

Kyungsoo’s manly side becomes defined in Baeksoo. His personality traits of being a private man (sometimes jealous, depending on what baek does) is more outlined than it is in Kaisoo, where he is often depicted in a bubbly way.


need i say more about bottom!Baek lol

He drives Kyungsoo crazy. The difference between bottom!soo and bottom!baek is that bottom!baek contrasts with top!soo’s personality A LOT because they just seem like they’re from two different words, its not even possible for the two to be together (for ex. look at the gifs and see how different they are.) They look like they would annoy each other alot.

Essentially, their roles are reversed from my long description up top.

Anyways, thank you for the simple question, but here’s a long ass answer hahahaha

happy shipping!