each one of these chapters is perfect oh god

TheLastPilot presents “One sentence summaries” - Secret Santa

Chapter 1- We got each other in the secret santa and i want it to be perfect ooooooh god

Chapter 2- This story no longer has anything to do with secret santa the title has mislead you, however they are adorable and hanging out in the snow

Chapter 3- Holy shit we are so good for each other look how cute and shit we are also Nino ships it a lot and so does everyone else

Chapter 4- Windwaker, heart breaker, game changer, ‘stay’

Chapter 5- He sad then he not, then he really really happy, then oh my GOD YOU’RE WHO

Chapter 6- Holy shit this is sorta awkward but i’m staying with you for christmas and i just… really really appreciate that everything is okay between us

Chapter 7- They made everything okay… they always did