each one of these chapters is perfect oh god

You know me so well!! thank you!! (and and!! @ten-semi i love your icon!!)

It’s time for me to talk about the most wonderful and marvelous pairing EVER!! (in my oppinion ahem) TENSEMI!! o(≧∇≦o) nena

-When or if I started shipping it:

It was beautiful, love at first sight! i didn’t need more xD that “Now now” was enough to made me stop reading, thinking “Okay i give up i ship them just a little” HA! good joke past me (?), also! i remember that i wanting to read the latest chapters of HQ!! but i didn’t have time, then one day i saw a fanart of a pretty boy standing next to Tendou and i wanted to know who was him and!…thanks god for this!!

-My thoughts:

About them? together? being a perfect, funny and adorable couple that i would love to stalk if they were real? oh nena is my fuckin’ HQ!! OTP!!! they’re perfect for each other!

-What makes me happy about them:

Well, that! they’re perfect for each other, i think it’s totally canon what kind of relationship they have, Tendou being playfully mean with Semisemi but cheering up him always, and Semi ignoring it or reacting with bad temper, but in the end they can understand each other and be friends! (coffcoff lovers coffcoff), i love their relationship!! they complement each other very well!!

-What makes me sad about them:

WHY ARE THEY STILL A RARE PAIR!!? i cry every day over this ‘cause i can’t understand!  Ahem…they’re third years do i need to say more?

-Things done in art/fic that annoys me:

When one of them are so mean to the other and them feel sad or bad, it’s not like that annoys me ‘cause in the fanfics i read there’s always a happy ending and they have a reason for that, but if that’s not the case i wouldn’t like to read it honestly…okay i lied, i would read it i mean, it’s Tensemi! but wouldn’t enjoy it at 100%. And for fanarts, someone draws Tensemi once in three weeks do you think i could possibly complain? xDD

-Things I look for in art/fic:

Sappy content, a healthy relationship? Tensemi being Tensemi and being dorks in love, I love a Tsundere Semisemi or teasing Tendou, and, AND! last but not least, comfort?! maybe?!! a fanfic with Semisemi being replaced as the team setter or Tendou feeling insecure and the other making them feel better with love and sweet words!!…#iknowhowtolive

-Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

…this is a hard one 'cause i don’t ship them with anyone else xD uhhh…well, maybe i…c? xD

-My happily ever after for them:

I would LOVE! if they could go to the same University, keep playing volleyball, flirting in classes or in the court making everyone feel uncomfortable with their love!! and a even happier ever after! i want them to get married, buy a house, adopt a dog/cat and later a baby…and when they die, i want them to flirt in heaven making angels feel unconfortable!!! xD

-What is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Besides volleyball, watch anime or read manga together, i guess? although Semisemi doesn’t know much about anime he tries really hard and Tendou is so happy about that! ohh that pic is so cute in my mind I LOVE TENSEMI!!

I love my OTP they will give me diabetes and i know i’ll feel thankful!! i really love them i can’t express it in words!! ahh!! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ I! NEED!! TO SEE THEM!! AGAIN!! Furudateeeee you gave us twins A LITTLE TENSEMI MOMENT IS SO EASY FOR YOU!!

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hi! I was wondering what your favourite ginhiji moments are from either the manga/anime? I'm new to watching gintama but ginhiji are my #1 otp already and I just love their chemistry! <33

Literally like all the moments. I’ve answered a bunch of asks about this LOL

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There’s a bunch more in my archives somewhere pfff But recently there has been so much GinHijiGin in the manga it’s AMAZING. Ship aside, platonically they’ve become great friends and the character growth for the both of them has just been incredible to watch! They honest to god care about each other and want to protect each other, it’s so perfect! The latest chapter has been phenomenal! Them fighting together is one of my favorite things, but just them being together no matter in what sense is just the best. Of course I loved it when they danced together –

But honestly just any time they spend together is something I’m going to love.

I don’t have a super favorite moment, all the moments are my favorites OLOL THIS SHIP OWNS ME AUS8DFUHOAIJSLKF I’ve written so much for this pairing and I still have so, so much more to post I CAN’T STOP OH MY GOD but whenever they’re together in canon, you can bet I’m a happy girl.

Welcome to Gintama, by the way! 

TheLastPilot presents “One sentence summaries” - Secret Santa

Chapter 1- We got each other in the secret santa and i want it to be perfect ooooooh god

Chapter 2- This story no longer has anything to do with secret santa the title has mislead you, however they are adorable and hanging out in the snow

Chapter 3- Holy shit we are so good for each other look how cute and shit we are also Nino ships it a lot and so does everyone else

Chapter 4- Windwaker, heart breaker, game changer, ‘stay’

Chapter 5- He sad then he not, then he really really happy, then oh my GOD YOU’RE WHO

Chapter 6- Holy shit this is sorta awkward but i’m staying with you for christmas and i just… really really appreciate that everything is okay between us

Chapter 7- They made everything okay… they always did