each a part of the fleet

Front view of the updated #medicalfrigate leading the fleet. The #milleniumfalcon in tow as always. Getting all the pods and details on the front “sword” correct took some time :) Each pod serves a specific purpose - such as command centre or bacta storage. Let me know which part of the ship you want a close-up of :) Instructions in bio :) #instalego #legophotography #starwarslego #legostarwars #lego #starwars #spaceship – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/340514421811454309/


Thank you to everyone who voted for your favorite outfits from Another Man. Considering these editorials gave us over 33 individual looks, I know it was an agonizing choice for us all. Details for each outfit are below. Styling for the shoot was done by Alister Mackie.

#1 - from ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ by Ryan McGinley

Gosha Rubchinsky striped sweatshirt • Lanvin shoelace 

This outfit received 21.4% of the vote.

#2 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Custom Edward Sexton suit • Fleet Ilya collar • Harry’s own pink converse

This outfit received 11.8% of the vote.

#3 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Gucci Heritage floral check print suit • Harry’s own pink converse • Fleet Ilya collar • Alexander McQueen skull coin ring

This outfit received 11.7% of the vote.

Additionally, we can share that the distribution between the shoots was fairly even:

Third Editorial ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ - 39% of votes

First Editorial ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ - 34% of votes

Second Editorial ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ - 29% of votes

What Dean Remembers Most

Part two of a four part 12x11 Destiel coda. I posted part one here.

Feel free to go read on ao3.  

As soon as Rowena gave the Celtic equivalent of abracadabra! they were back. Each of the millions of memories like a homing pigeon coming back to nest among his nerve endings. The feeling of them all arriving at once - it wasn’t pleasant.

But it was fleeting, and soon enough, Dean was himself again.

Except himself wasn’t as simple as he once thought. True, even his stubborn ass had changed over time, so there wasn’t some static and fixed character called Dean Winchester that was eternally true. But it was more than that.

The first thing Dean remembers when the spell is reversed is about what really matters. How when each piece of his carefully curated identity had been stripped away, as his sense of duty and decorum were lost, he was still himself.

Things mattered much less than he once thought. Because - sure - he thought there were few beers that went down as easy as El Sol, few bands as great as Zepplin. But when push came to shove, Dean didn’t fear losing those parts.

No, the real horrors of the curse made themselves abundantly clear in that motel bathroom in Arkansas. Where Dean demanded his mind hold onto what mattered most.

Sam, Mary, Cas.

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Poetry is an experience of what goes beyond words: call it the fleeting perception, then the more active remembrance, of a state of indifferentiation of unity,—that state which characterizes reality at the level that our language cannot reach. […] This unity deserves to be perceived by us because in it, the part becomes the whole, consciousness is no longer kept separate from it, and as a consequence, death ceases to be; it becomes simple metamorphosis…
Language has replaced this immediacy in our relation to the world with a system of representation which is nothing more than a partial view of it: it thus fragments this unity, drives it away, and so condemns us to exile and makes us fear death. And therefore, we would be lost if it weren’t for poetry…poetry allows a relation to be established between words that is no longer simply the play of those abstract concepts that normally constitute our language. For a moment, the usual reading of the world, that network of figures which keeps Presence hidden, is neutralized, torn open; we stand before each thing as though before the entire universe, in an absolute that seems to welcome us. And this is why we write poems. Through them, we try to fix in our consciousness—it, too, formed by language—those moments that open to the intuition all that language refuses.
And thus there is something paradoxical about this undertaking, which strictly speaking is an impossibility, and which in any case needs to be constantly questioned, rescued from the language that takes form the moment writing begins: this dissatisfaction, this negativity being ultimately through the rigorousness of the witness it bears, the poets’ contribution to truth. Poetry, is from this point of view, the repudiation of poems.
—  Yves Bonnefoy (trans. John Noughton), In the Shadow’s Light 
In the Office (Part 2)

Summary: Dean finishes what he had started and more. Meanwhile, your best friend, Sam, is worried about you. 

Word Count: 1,855

Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Oral sex. Dirty talk. Overall dirty smut.

Part 1

A/N: Oh, look what’s turning into a series? As if I need more. @aprofoundbondwithdean, hope you love!

Originally posted by freetobesamanddean

With a wavering voice, you counted each smack of Dean’s palm against your ass. Your body was thrumming with equal parts pain and pleasure, fingers curling on the wood and nails scraping desperately. There’s a fleeting thought in your mind, one that told you that you just had a manicure two days ago, that you were going to ruin the job done, but then Dean decided to bring his hand down on your ass cheek and your back arches spectacularly.

Dean groaned as he fondled your buttocks, eyes solely focused on the imprint of his hands on your skin and he digs his fingers into the supple flesh. Moaning his name, your hips jerked back and Dean’s hand descends to your wet heat. He’s pressing kisses and licking across your ass cheek, nibbling on the slightly sore skin as he cards his fingers through your folds, spreading them to really look at you before bringing them together to squeeze your clit. You bucked down, seeking friction to ease the goddamn tension inside you.

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Time By B.Kane

Time doesn’t touch her yet I love her still

She lives and lives as I can only die

I will die again and again while she remain

Time, though merely a concept, is fleeting and yet it feels slower under her gaze

She remembers ever face I’ve taken but only individually and looks at each with such a sense of love I forget the new face

Her looks strip me to my soul

I always remember her no matter the face

Time isn’t real and yet she is the realest thing I know

We’re both impossible

She can never die while I can never truly live

Yet with her I have never felt the weight of my curse and with me I know every time I die parts of her die too

I hope I get the chance to tell her

Maybe she already knows

All I know is time doesn’t touch her and I will forever love her still

HSC Guide ~ Sora & Donald & Goofy B

New High Score Challenge!  This HSC has a lot going on medal-wise, so let’s do a quick breakdown.

There are only six multipliers, which is sort of a dick move on SENA’s part.  Four of them - HD B, HG B, Shark, and F&J are 10% and one of them is guaranteed from each 10 pull during the event.  Then Key Art 3 (14%) and Ursula (21%) are the premiums, which have no mercy pull but come with three dots already.  Why KA3 is less than Ursula I cannot fathom.  Money-grabbing I guess.

There’s more to say about this, but let’s get the enemy list out first.

Right to left, in sort of a zig-zag fashion:

Lv. 180 Yellow Copter Fleet* (S)
Lv. 180 Invisible (S)
Lv. 350 Red Copter Fleet***** (P)
Lv. 120 Fire Plant (M)
Lv. 25 Bandit x3 (S)
Lv. 80 Armored Knight (P) & Bad Dog x2 (P)
Lv. 120 High Wizard (M) & Fire Plant (M)
Lv. 25 Bad Dog x3 (P)
Lv. 80 Armored Archer (S) & Bandit x2 (S)
Lv. 25 Blue Gummi Copter (M) x3
Lv. 120 Aeroplane*** (S)
Lv. 80 Ice Plant (M) & Blue Gummi Copter x2 (M)
Lv. 180 Wyvern (P)**
Lv. 150 Gargoyle (S) & Aeroplane*** (S)
Lv. 200 High Wizard (M) x2
Lv. 150 Large Armor (P)
Lv. 180 Chocolate Gargoyle*** (S) x2
Lv. 300 Red Copter Fleet***** (P)
Lv. 250 Cannon Gun**** (S) & Fat Bandit (P)
Lv. 400 Fat Bandit (P)
~*Target*~ Lv. 25 Bandit (S)

15 Special bars over 5 chests

*SM Def +2
**Str +1
***Def +2
****PSM Def +2
*****PS Def +2

As you can see, the “ignores attribute” damage of WoFF medals are a huge advantage here.  The Red Fleets are probably going to be your biggest problem with their high damage output and multiple hits, plus that type defense.  You can Defense Boost through the Fat Bandit pretty easily.  You should always try to attack the Red Fleets first so you don’t waste time retrying if you get killed.  If you don’t have good WoFF medals, you should be stacking magic medals. (I suppose that’s Ursula’s role, if you manage to pull her.)  On another note, Flotsam & Jetsam lower strength by one tier for one turn so it might help survivability during multiplier runs.  Moana + Classic Donald is a great F2P model, but you’re going to need some AB2/3 and a decent Nova.  Then there’s always Sleep+.


So there are two new reward medals: the tier 4 premium Sora & Donald & Goofy B and the epic Young King Mickey.  Both ignore target attributes, but SDG B is AOE and YKM is single target.  SDG B is also only one cost.

The first YKM you get is at 10 million points, which is a full clear with 0% multiplier.  If you manage to get to 20 million, you’ll have a total of 4 YKM.  In Ranking, you can get one in the top 20k.  The easiest way to guilt here is Top 2k with 20 million points, which I find incredibly unrealistic.  But we’ll get to that.

SDG B is rewarded to the top 5k but is only guilted in the top 1k with at least 23 million points.  Since my 0% run got me 11.56 million, you’re looking at around a 100% multiplier.  

For the sake of our own personal sanity, let’s say you only need 91%.  That’s three Ursulas and two KA3.  Your extra slot in this case would go to iKairi.  Let’s assume you can take a friend’s Ursula.  But you’ll need another Ursula because you’ll need at least one guilted to get enough damage to take out those Red Fleets in one turn.  That’s a lot of luck - five premiums in however many pulls you do.  And the truth of the matter is, you’ll probably need 98%, which is even less likely.  Hell, you could pull 10 KA3 and still not have the necessary multiplier to guilt SDG B!  O_O  How’s that for perspective?

So then we come back to YKM, which is requiring 20 million.  That’s still at least 66%.  Taking a friend’s Ursula, you’d need a full load out of the 10% epic medals to get that percentage.  And with those medals, you won’t clear the Fleets.  So you need at least one premium to guilt YKM.

Four hours ago I was a little excited for this event.  I was actually checking my finances to see if I had a hundred bucks spare cash, because two guaranteed guilted premiums sounded too good to pass up.  Now, I’m not sure I’ll pull at all.  Tieri and Anniversary event are soon, and if there’s no chance at guilting even YKM…

This event frustrates me…

Anyway.  Good luck.  I’ll be praying for all your 10-pulls!!

Your cynical guide-writer,
<3 KCM

Edit: Here’s a video guide for F2P players. 

PCT Day 130: The Goat Rocks

I am paying attention this morning. I am entering the Goat Rocks, which I have been told over and over again is one of the most staggeringly beautiful sections of trail, so I am paying attention. But before I even get to the rocks, before I leave the heavy forest in which I camped, I am rewarded. My footfalls rouse the attentions of four elk–a pair each of bulls and cows–and they crash away through the underbrush, flattening saplings with their bulk. 

I wonder if hunters find it difficult to cut elk sign. 

Annie Dillard once wrote that “beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.” I feel very much the same this morning. For a fleeting second, I got to bear witness to something much older, simpler, and more majestic than myself. That it happened too quickly to catch with my camera is part of what made it so lovely.

Heart steadily filling, I hike on. Every spider in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest seems to have woven its web at face height–this is my lot as an early riser. To break the spiderwebs for every hiker who follows me down this trail. 

My right heel is complaining. It’s going to be one of those days, I guess. But one of the crazy things about being out here is how certain views, certain features of landscape, can make everything feel so perfect as to whitewash pain and hunger and exhaustion. To wit: I come around a bend and meet two hikers, a couple at retirement age, heading south. 

“You must be a thru-hiker." 

"What gave me away?" 

He smiles at that. He is probably too kind to say, "the smell,” or “the salt caked all over your shirt." 

"If you’re a thru-hiker, then you’re just the man I was looking for.” By way of explanation, he drops his pack and rummages around in it, pulling forth a small apple. “Does this interest you?" 

Does it ever. Fresh fruit, heavy and spoil-prone as it is, is a luxury that most hikers by necessity avoid altogether. (Berries being the exception, as they don’t have to be packed–they just appear.) I wish them well and hike on. Soon after I meet another southbound weekend hiker, of similar age, who stares in disbelief when I tell him I plan to go 28 miles total today, all the way through the Goat Rocks in one go. We chat for a few minutes before we part, and after a few steps up trail he turns back to me. 

"Hey,” he says, with a pointed look at my headphones. “Don’t forget to look up once in a while." 

I do some mental math and figure that he’s too old to be Ferris Bueller, but I take the advice to heart. I wend my way up Cispus Pass, a saddle that crosses into Yakama reservation territory. Mount Adams looks stunning behind me, and again I am struck with that reference point phenomenon–I cannot believe I was on the other side of that mountain yesterday. For hours I can see Adams looming behind me, black and white and stern, austere and beautiful. It makes a lovely contrast with the red soil, the greenery, the rainbow of wildflowers that stretch out before me. 

I walk the rim of the Cispus Basin and take a break at a waterfall rushing down next to the trail. There’s a sapphire pool at its bottom and a tiny rainbow stretched across it. A fine mist sprays me as I sit, and I cannot think of a better way to beat the heat of a cloudless late summer day. 

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Anakin and Padme swapped droids with each other at their wedding.

Up until the end of Attack of the Clones, R2-D2 belongs to Padme (after earning distinction near the beginning of Phantom Menace he never goes back to his original function as being part of a fleet of astromechs). C-3PO was, of course, created by Anakin and lived with Shmi until her death when Anakin and Padme swooped in and just, um, liberated him from the Lars’ homestead.

But basically, up until they got hitched, C-3PO was a Skywalker family droid and R2-D2 was a royal Nabooian droid that Padme seemed to especially like and kept by her side.

Originally posted by eagle1sky

Throughout The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith C-3PO is Padme’s personal protocol droid and R2-D2 is Anakin’s personal astromech droid.

So C-3PO is Anakin’s wedding present to Padme and R2-D2 is Padme’s present to Anakin. And unlike C-3PO, R2-D2 never had his memory wiped. He remembers EVERYTHING.

Originally posted by galaxysatangoat

I used to dislike the fact that the droids were shoehorned into the prequels – like that was my top complaint. But thinking of R2-D2 as this super old droid (like, at least 80 years old by now) who is an integral part of the Skywalker family, like the immortal family dog, passed from Padme to Anakin to Leia (with help from Obi Wan and Bail Organa) to Luke and now to Rey…. I have no defenses against this.

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But can you imagine

- Next time Zeb and Kallus have to face in battle one on one. They stop a few feet from each other and salute the other before they begin to fight. Both of them fighting to win but without rage and hate, just pure skills.

-The rest of the Ghost crew being a bit confuse when they have to fleet and Zeb is just grinning like an idiot because, man it has been so long since he finds someone that could match him with a bo-rifle.

- Kallus watching them go, part angry to have failed again and part glad he could continue to face enemies like them. He can’t wait to face Zeb again. For the moment he has to practise some move he has seen the lasat do.

- Kallus trying to find information about Lasat culture in particular the Boosahn Keeraw.

-At some point having Kallus communicating with the ghost and asking to talk with Garazeb. He has finally questioned some Empire action and now he has to stop them from making another massacre.

-Just Zeb and Kallus forming a weird “friendship” out of mutual respect and wanting to outmatch the other.

anonymous asked:

*coughs to hide back tears* a second part to you fighting with Dylan would be phenomenal

Aw, I had to make it better!

part 1

Over the next few weeks, you and Dylan stay far away from each other. You’re still confused about the journal incident and he’s convinced you’ll never want to talk to him again. Why would she, he thinks angrily to himself, I never even deserved her as a friend. He’s still keeping his eye on you, though. You pass each other in the school hallways a couple times a day, making fleeting eye contact before continuing on. Ignoring each other is so painful. You’ve caught Dylan watching you a few times in the commons. You swear you saw him leaning against your car one time you walked outside, but he was gone by the time you got there.

Both of your parents have started to notice how badly this is affecting you. They’re encouraging the two of you to eat more and have conversations, but you feel horrible. It hurts every time your parents mention they haven’t seen the other person lately. You’re not even upset about that day anymore, you just want Dylan back. He doesn’t seem to want that, though. Little do you know, Dylan’s been having a really hard time when he’s alone at home. He’s been drinking and self-harming more than usual. He doesn’t see the point in taking care of himself if he can’t have you. One afternoon, you’re outside in the smoker’s pit with a couple friends when Dylan walks outside. You make eye contact for a moment and then look down, chewing on your lip.

You look back up as he starts talking to one of your friends, continuing to glance over at you. “Hey, Dyl,” you say softly. He stops listening to your friend, looking at you with surprise, ”Hey.” You’re all quiet for a moment and you glance at your friend as she says, “We have to go in.” You nod, saying goodbye to them. You and Dylan are now alone, watching each other cautiously. “I, uh…” Dylan starts, widening his eyes as you throw your arms around him and hug him tightly. He breaks into a relieved grin, wrapping his arms around you just as tightly. “I’m sorry,” you both say at the same time. “I shouldn’t have read anything-” you start. “No, I’m sorry,” he mumbles, still hugging you, “I went crazy and you don’t deserve that.” Dylan picks you up for a moment before gently placing you back down. You pull back to smile up at him. “Come over later?” he asks quietly. You nod, grinning as you hug him again. Dylan smiles when he feels you breathe him in. He looks down at you lovingly, placing a subtle kiss on the top of your head.

Ziam and tender touches

One of my favourite Ziam things is the tender touches especially when they touch each others chest and bellies.

Ones where the touches are so protective

Ones we can sometimes see

Ones we aren’t meant to see

Ones when they don’t care who’s watching

Ones where they appear to do it as an essential part of making conversation, as you do.

Ones where they touch because why the hell not

Ones where its just a fleeting moment in a concert

Ones where they dance and of course its necessary to touch his stomach Liam

And don’t think we didn’t notice you Zayn

So yes Ziam and those touches, basically don’t never stop

credit to all gif creators. 


Bart’s learned a lot of things since coming to the past. Here, people don’t restrict the number of times they touch each other. It’s ingrained in their nature to ruffle each other’s hair, or pat each other on the shoulder after a successful mission. The past is made up of handshakes and high-fives, hugs and head pats, absentminded touches without any real meaning behind them.

That’s not something that occurred often in the future.

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What His Kisses Are Like

Mark: His kisses were always long, it wasn’t that each kiss lasted long, it was more like total time he kissed you was long. The first kiss was always fleeting, a mere brush of his lips against yours. The second kiss was a little longer, the third kiss lasted longer than the previous one. The last kiss was so long that when you part, you were both short of breath. You both would chuckle, his forehead leaning against yours, as you catch your breath.

Jaebum: You had no idea how he did it, but when Jaebum kissed you, he kissed you with his whole body. His lips were against yours, and you could feel the kiss in every part of your being. It was magical to say the least, because you had never been kissed like that before. One of his hands always drew patterns against the small of your back, your bodies pressed tightly against each others. Every part of your body was in contact with his, and maybe that was how he managed to kiss you so that you felt the kiss in every part of you.

Jackson: His kisses bordered on rough but they were still loving. The intensity of his kisses always caught you off guard. They were shaking, so strong that it could mirror an earthquake and you could feel the tremors in your body afterwards. There would be multiple gentle pecks on your lips after one intense kiss, followed by another intense kiss. Then he’d pull you to bed, cuddling and showering you with kisses the whole day.

Jinyoung: His kisses were always fluid, his lips always moulded against yours perfectly. His kisses reflected the mood he was in, if he was playful, there would be a light nip of your lower lip and if he felt loving, the kiss lasted for a moment longer. Jinyoung was so good at kissing, you’d often tease him about the number of girlfriends he had before you. “It doesn’t matter,” Jinyoung replied, bending down to kiss you again.

Youngjae: You and Youngjae didn’t kiss often, much preferring to hold hands, or embrace because you never thought that a relationship was just about kissing to express your love for each other. When he did kiss you, he always smiled against your lips, the memory of his smile imprinted on your lips. An ‘I love you’ always followed, and that was what made your relationship so much more special.

BamBam: BamBam was always kissing you, all the time. He always managed to sneak in a kiss no matter what you were doing. You would be watching some show on your laptop and BamBam would hover over you from the back, tilt your head back and kiss you. BamBam did it often, because he liked kissing you that way, with your upper lip between his lips. You would always tease him whether it was because he watched too much Spiderman, and he’d deny it. Other times, he would insist to kiss you and you had to stop whatever you would doing to lean over and peck him on the lips.

Yugyeom: The first time he kissed you, it was gentle and hesitant. You had to lead him the first few times, because you were his first kiss, his first girlfriend and you were more than happy to lead him. After a while, Yugyeom would initiate kisses and damn, he was a fast learner because he kissed so well. He knew what you liked and was eager to please. “Someone’s getting good at kissing,” you’d giggle after a kiss as he blushed brightly, muttering something about having a good teacher.


Picturing a New Life for Odds and Ends with @virgin_honey

To see more of Sabine’s neatly arranged garbage art, follow @virgin_honey on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in German.)

Broken figurines, outworn toys, battered shuttlecocks, random bits of plastic. These seemingly useless items, carelessly tossed away by others, find new purpose in the playful assemblages of German artist Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey).

A practiced scavenger drawn to the sun-bleached and oddly shaped treasures found in flea markets and on beaches, Sabine builds amusing scenes from her collections at her home studio in Düsseldorf. Each arrangement is fleeting — most live only to be photographed and then are quickly disassembled. “I am always a bit sad to part with my ephemeral little creatures,” Sabine says. “But in taking them apart, I can again give rise to new characters.”

We both stood there in the dark and silent hallway. His arms were draped around my neck, resting on my shoulders, and mine were wrapped around his torso, my hands clasping at his back right above his waist. Our faces were mere inches from each other; we were so close, I felt like I could hear the thoughts running through his head and the ocean waves crashing on top of one another in those endlessly blue eyes of his. It took everything in me not to lift myself up onto my toes and kiss him. Our eyes never left each other’s, neither of us even blinked. Everything was still. Momentarily, the Earth had stopped spinning on its axis, and all the planets had paused in their orbit. And then he lowered his head, and for one fleeting second, I was sure he was going to lock his lips on mine. Lightening struck me and not a single body part had been left unscathed by the electricity of the moment. But just when I was sure that my fantasy would come true, he simply buried his head in my shoulder and pulled me into a tight hug. We stood there for a minute, snug in each other’s arms, and as my cheek rested on his shoulder I couldn’t help but wonder if on the other side of me, he was blinking back tears, feeling the same regret I was feeling, and wishing he had kissed me while he had the chance.
—  A Wonderfully Terrible Thing I Experienced Today
Broken Agreement

Word Count: 1017

A/M: A friends with benefits kind of deal going on here. ;P 
Bad words, don’t tell your parents shHHH
I feel like this was song inspired but I can’t remember /: but we’ll see how this one goes. 
Oh. And perfect gif no? lol (not my gif) 


You walked through the door and immediately found yourself pressed against the wall. 
Your lips were already locked as you both started reaching for each other’s clothes, and once the shirts were off you both made your ways to the bedroom. 

Exchanging of kisses and sensitive touches, all for a fleeting moment for either of you just to feel something again; just for the benefits, that’s all this part of the relationship was to you both.

And it worked, and you were good friends for getting involved in such a way. 
Or were you?

He had you on the bed, and slowly climbed on top of you. You looked at him and smiled at him as he looked at you and your body and smiled back.
He leant in leaving little kisses to the side of your neck and onto your shoulder, just how he knew you liked it. 

A moan slipped, and you bit your lip preventing from anymore to follow as you felt his hands go up the sides of your body. 

He looked at you again, “Oh come on [Y/N], don’t be shy.” He teased, as he continued to touch you in the places he knew made you squirm. 

“Are you trying to make this quick?“ 

He chuckled, "Never. I quite like these moments with you. Figured you’d want to skip the foreplay and go straight to it this time." 

You laughed, "Is this your idea of sexy talk?”

“It’s working though isn’t it?”

You bit your lip, and brought your hands on the sides of his face to bring him back for another kiss. 

“Asshole.” you said, as you felt his smile against your lips.

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13th century Mongolian ship Kublai Khan sent to invade Japan found

Archaeologists have discovered the wreck of a Mongolian ship that was part of a fleet dispatched by Kublai Khan to invade Japan in the 13th century.

The ship is the second to be located off southern Japan from two massive armadas – each reputedly made up of more than 4,000 ships and with an invasion force of 140,000 men – sent by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to conquer Japan in 1274 and 1281.

Both invasion fleets were destroyed by devastating typhoons, with the storms going down in Japanese history as “kamikaze”, or divine wind, that saved the nation from foreign invasion. The kamikaze were again invoked in the dying days of the Second World War, with the crew of aircraft and miniature submarines carrying out suicide missions against the Allies. Read more.

Recently, the producers of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” announced plans to do something unprecedented[*]: share profits from ticket sales with the actors in the show. This is fitting for a musical that has focused on social justice themes, and it’s a helpful step at a time when even many successful Broadway actors face serious income insecurity.

Yet the move is also significant for a historical reason—one with an important lesson for policymakers in this presidential election year.

As the musical makes clear, Alexander Hamilton and rival Thomas Jefferson couldn’t stand each other. But looking back at a little-known episode in the early history of American policymaking reveals there was one big economic idea on which they strongly agreed: profit sharing and employee ownership.

When British warships destroyed vital New England fisheries, Hamilton and Jefferson agreed the new government should help rebuild the industry in part by lifting costly taxes for fishers – but only under the condition that the owners of the fishing fleets offer profit-sharing or ownership shares to the boats’ crews.

The principle was simple. Both Jefferson and Hamilton believed that for the country to succeed workers needed to have a stake in their industries and the overall economy’s performance.

Fast forward about 225 years, and Democrats and Republicans are locked in an all-encompassing ideological clash that would make the founders blush. Yet this principle—that workers should have a stake in ownership and a share of profits—continues to resonate with people on both sides of the partisan divide. It’s a principle on which even Bernie Sanders and the mainstream GOP actually agree.

Over his long career in Congress, Bernie Sanders has been Capitol Hill’s foremost advocate for policies to expand “employee ownership"— the idea that workers should receive shares in the companies they serve, above and beyond their regular compensation. For Sanders, the idea is straightforward: employee ownership and profit sharing strategies strengthen workers’ bargaining positions and address the decoupling of productivity and wages.

Thomas Piketty, the global guru on inequality, has also spoken favorably of the idea as an antidote to declining economic mobility, explaining that "America used to be based on broad access to wealth and property.”

Ronald Reagan called employee ownership “a path that befits a free people.” The 2012 GOP platform declared, “Republicans support employee ownership. We believe employee stock ownership plans create capitalists and expand the ownership of private property and are therefore the essence of a high-performing free enterprise economy.” Conservatives have long seen these strategies as a road to “capitalism with more capitalists.”

The new announcement by the producers of “Hamilton” is just the latest example of a longstanding tradition in the United States. Throughout the 19th century, worker-owned cooperatives were an important pillar of the economy. Companies today including Google, Ford, and Deloitte give their rank-and-file employees some access to capital through profit sharing and ownership programs on top of wages.


In the early days of U.S. history, Hamilton and Jefferson understood the importance of inclusive capitalism. In an age of perpetually divided government and widespread distrust of Wall Street, this time-tested approach could be the shape of things to come: a path for reversing toxic trends of concentrated wealth and declining social mobility—without big government redistribution.

It’s striking that Hamilton and Jefferson could agree on an economic principle, but it’s even more striking to see Bernie Sanders and the mainstream GOP find common ground.


Toxic inequality? Take a clue from ‘Hamilton’ (CNN)

*not actually unprecedented – as has been noted by other more theatrical-knowledgeable sources, the workshop contract is something that exists & for which the original production of Book of Mormon is an example