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Defects (M)

Muses: jungkook x reader
Genre: Angsty angst angst
Warning: mentions of cheating, sex (it’s all over the place) and plain old defect in the soulmate system.
Words: 4.1k
Note: Wrote all this Jungkook’s cover, Beautiful, a Goblin OST is on replay.

Concept: Every time you meet your soulmate, your pocket watch will start counting down the time you have with them until you part. For the amount of time you’re away from each other, whether it’s a month, a day, or just hours, the time is at a pause as your watch stares back at you with unmoving hands on the 12th hour. When you meet again, the countdown restarts.

Summary: Your watch comes alive in Jungkook’s presence, but often time, never as long as you will it to be no matter how hard you pray to the fates. The moments with him are fleeting and brief like the akin-to magical seconds you spend watching the cityscape buzz to life on nights you can’t sleep - nights Jungkook isn’t there to kiss your worries away and disappear like the wind blowing through cities at the break of dawn. When your the hands on your watch stills with glaring zeroes, you know where he’s at, you know who he’s with - he goes back to her, the woman who his time starts and ends with.

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anonymous asked:

Is it just me who can't help notice how glaringly obvious it becomes that Dan and Phil don't put their arms round each other for photos when they do put their arms round other people in photos? (If that makes sense) it's kinda awkward lol. I mean I guess I get why they don't touch in pics but to other non dnp fans it must seem strange

seeing dan with his head resting on caspar like that made me realize how completely uncomfortable DnP are with each other still and then i got sad

yes,,, i mean–hasnt this always been obvious? theyve always seemed to be quite tactile people. just watch their collabs with people theyre moderately close to (louise, tyler, pj, caspar, anthony, etc.) they seem to like hugging and touching and being generally soft and cuddly lmao but obviously their boundaries are different with each other. that’s been true pretty much always. but i don’t take it to be ‘strange’ or ‘awkward’ or a sign of their being ‘completely uncomfortable,’ at least not with each other. as far as we can tell, they seem to have certain baseline boundaries for their behaviors with each other because of a desire to maintain some control over how their relationship is perceived by the public and a calculated knowledge of how much of themselves they want to share with the world at large. so, to me, photos like that are not a sign of discomfort, they’re a reminder that certain things between them are just for them, not for us. hugs are theirs. head-resting-on-shoulder cuddles are theirs. holding each other is theirs. all of the things that are precious to them, the depth of their affection for each other–all of it is for them alone and not for anyone else to see or take part in. and i’d add that on balance, overall, this kind of control over their interactions in public (esp after so many years of maintaining it) likely feels second nature and is completely overshadowed by the rest of their time together. all we see is one or two fleeting seconds captured in a photograph like this. they have hours and hours, endless time really, between photographs and public outings, and all of that time is almost certainly filled with all of this affection that they actively choose to keep precious and closed off and far away from prying eyes. and it is a choice, ultimately. theyre in control of how they behave and they continue to choose this. so even though it might be frustrating from time to time for them (let alone outside viewers or fans, whose potential frustrations or curiosity matter exactly zero percent in this equation), i have no doubt that on the whole they keep making this choice every day, every single time theyre out and about, with thought and consideration and intentionality, because they continue to feel it’s what is best for them, because the benefits of it outweigh any frustrations they might feel, and because (let’s just be specific here) forgoing pda is a relatively minuscule sacrifice in the face of keeping their relationship and love for each other safe (and it’s a sacrifice that lots and lots and lots of queer people have to make in so many walks of life, even without the audience of millions that dan and phil have.) 


               “Stupid ghosts and their lack of respect for personal space.” Harry complained as he pulled the invisibility cloak around him tighter. He couldn’t believe how creepy Myrtle was. Her odd crush hadn’t disappeared and that was made painfully obvious during the travesty that was his bath.

                Although, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for Cedric.

                “Stupid prefects with their perfect hair and vague clues.” Couldn’t the Hufflepuff had just told him what the clue was? It wasn’t as if he had just told Cedric, ‘Oh, by the way, here’s this roundabout answer to the first task. Take a walk through the forest and mull it over.’ Where was the justice? It was almost like the older boy was trying to make this complicated.

                Harry rushed out of one of the secret passageways and made his way towards the Black lake. He knew it was pretty late but there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to figure out this clue anywhere where Myrtle could spy on him. That was an experience he was not willing to repeat.

                The darkness of the night was soothing in ways that he wished his day-to-day life was. The still air and rippling waters of the Black lake were calming and enticing. Harry looked around as he quickly disrobed and stepped into the shallow parts of the lake. It was cold and made him question if this was worth it but the thought of having to go back to Cedric and admit defeat was not an option.

                With a deep breath and a firm resolve, Harry dunked under the water and opened the egg. He dropped it in surprise when instead of the horrible screeching he expected, soft music emitted.

Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
And while you’re searching ponder this;
We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss,
An hour long you’ll have to look,
And to recover what we took,
But past an hour, the prospect’s black,
Too late, it’s gone, it won’t come back.

                What did that mean? They can’t sing above the ground? Who can’t? He decided to leave the egg there for a moment as he went back up for air. ‘We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss.’ So, they were thieves too? Material possessions weren’t really important to him. So, he was kind of tempted to tell whoever they were to just keep it and let him pass on. Did that count as a bribe? No one ever really said bribes were cheating, did they?

                The rest of what had been said was lost in his mind so he went back under to hear it again. Only… the egg wasn’t where he had left it.

                Harry tried squinting but it was dark, very dark. He could barely see his own hand in front of him, not to mention his eye sight was horrible to begin with. He craned his head in multiple directions, hoping to see if it had rolled some. A nasty, sinking feeling of dread filled him when the search was becoming futile. Had he lost it? Oh Merlin. It would be just his luck if he had really lost it.

                Just when he was about to give up, a flash of gold had him jumping forward, quickly reaching out for the egg. Before he could get a grasp on the egg, it started to slide amongst the sand and move just out of his reach.

                Harry reluctantly had to go back up for air once more. He barely gave himself enough time to gasp and allow his lungs to refill before he was diving back down. Fortunately, the strength of his dive was right on top of the egg. Unfortunately, someone was already there.

                The shock of another face inches from his own, had Harry’s mouth dropping open in surprise. Which led to an intake of water into his lungs and a spluttering of panic as he choked. His mind barely registered the alarm in the stranger’s eyes as a strong grip pulled him to an equally strong chest. A warm hand lifted him up and placed his own arms around the stranger’s neck.

                An odd noise was the first thing that registered the moment he was out of the water and able to breathe. It took a few breaths before Harry realized that it was the same sound that had been coming from the egg.

                A hard slap to his back had him coughing up water that had gotten lodged in his airways. There was a soft whisper of the same language, it almost sounded like a coo, as if the stranger was trying to calm him down.

                When Harry felt calm enough to look up, his newly regained breath left him in a whoosh at the sight of his savior.

                A boy nearly his own age was staring down at Harry with open curiosity, soft grey eyes with intricate shades were gleaming in the moonlight. Nearly white blonde hair was framed around strong cheekbones and a sharp jawline. He was pale, so pale Harry wondered if he had ever been in the sun before. There was something so ethereal about the boy’s appearance that Harry knew he wasn’t fully human, if human at all.

                “Beautiful.” Harry whispered without meaning to but couldn’t bring himself to be embarrassed.

                A sparkling inside those breathtaking eyes let Harry know that the boy must have understood what he was saying.

                There was a slight splash and it was as if everything slotted into place inside his mind. The mermaid on the bathroom window, the voices that can’t sing above the water and the easy way the boy maneuvered the water.

                “You are a mermaid.”

                “You are slow.” At first Harry thought that was a reprimand for his abilities to swim but he realized by the smirk on the boy’s face that it was an insult for his mental abilities.


                The mermaid tilted his head to the side. “That one… confuses me.”

                Harry grinned widely as he shook his head. “What’s your name?” He lifted one hand from the boy’s neck and placed a single finger on his chest, gesturing to him, hoping that would explain things. Belatedly, he realized that he was still being held by the mermaid but neither one of them were quick to move.  

                The response wasn’t in English and had him realizing that it was Mermish. Which he didn’t have a single hope of translating or even repeating.  “Is there something that sounds close, something that I can call you?”


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East of Nowhere - Year Four

Master Post Here

Sam x Female Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part four of a seven part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year.

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

If you’d like to be added to the tags just drop me an ask.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, gore and explicit sexual content.

Word Count: 5900+

Your name: submit What is this?

Three Years, Three Weeks

You twist in sweat soaked sheets, your body writhing next to Sam as a dream flickers to life behind your closed eyes.

The bunsen burner is a burnished silver and far larger than any you’ve ever seen before, the flames a brilliant blue and strong as they lick upward. You reach over to turn the base, to feed it with oxygen. At once, the fire becomes golden and takes the shape of a flower head. You watch the many petals became more distinct, folding outward, radiating light and warmth. It’s the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen, more fleeting than any other, yet seemingly eternal.


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So I really wish Atomic Blonde had ended differently. Here’s an alternative ending based on @foolishmortal‘s post where Delphine didn’t die and Lorraine’s trip to Paris wasn’t just for spy business. Picks up during the scene where Lorraine kills Bremovych. 

(Content warning for some graphic violence from the scene in the movie)


Paris, Three Days Later

“And let’s get one thing straight. I never worked for you. You worked for me.”

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Consider this: Miraculous Ladybug PIRATES AU!

In which the two most widely known pirates fight for treasure and compete for dominance over the seven seas. I see it as kind of a rivals/enemies AU..

- Ladybug is widely known for helping all of the small, rural towns by pillaging rich people and trading to the poor towns for cheap(a robin hood sort of deal), she is a widely loved and welcomed pirate around many rural parts

- Chat Noir escaped his life as a noble/prince sort of deal to live the free, unrestricted life of a badass pirate. nothing to his name but the noble seas and an infamous reputation. He enjoys the lifestyle, and badgers Ladybug’s fleet/competes with them to pillage all of their treasures, just for the adrenaline.

- Both end up meeting on accident in civilian clothes, while trying not to be recognized while getting supplies for their ships. Marinette ends up getting a soft spot for him, and he’s oblivious, but they always grab supplies and run into each other on the same few islands by some miraculous coincidence.

- Hawkmoth/Gabriel is searching avidly for his son, putting all the blame on these pirates in the belief that they kidnapped his son. He lost his wife to sickness first, and Adrien ran away because he couldn’t take the loneliness or knowledge of his eventual (and more than probable) betrothal to Chloe, another noble

- Chat won’t stop bothering Ladybug because he’s head over heels for her, and although he enjoys stealing her valuables and victories, he won’t land a killing blow on even one of her crew members, as is his crew’s policy

-Nino is Adrien’s first mate, and Alya is Marinette’s, and their crews are divided of who is in their class

Just some thoughts to throw out there!

Dating Lena Luthor (clingy and cuddly)

Originally posted by jediranger

Request: Dating a clingy/cuddly lena luthor would include

a/n: I’ve dabbled with this style of formatting in one of my earlier posts, but it really did not look as nice on the app at all as it does on desktop and mobile web browser. I’ve thought to try it again to give myself a little break from all my long exposition. If the formatting messes up monumentally when it’s translated to the app, then I fully apologize for how ugly it looks LOL

I say this often to the point of being redundant and annoying but I really do mean it; I love seeing what you folks come up with for me to write. So don’t be afraid to hit up that ask box! I’m going through them all at a steady pace and hopefully I can do it justice. Thank you all again for reading, I’m so happy some of you enjoy what I do :D

- - - - -

  • before you two ever started dating, you found she had a bit of an awkward way with her hands, seeming to not know what to do with them

  • you would never have suspected Lena to be all that much of a tactile person, but as anything Lena Luthor would have it, she flipped expectations right on their head and you found you were pleasantly surprised the more you got to know her

  • Lena loved working with her hands - if she really had it her way, she’d spend all her time in the research and development department of L-Corp, preferring to actually do something tangible rather than work the strings behind the scenes of her company

  • initially, she’d allow herself a few fleeting touches when it came to you. Each time without fail, you felt her igniting miniature blazes on your skin

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anonymous asked:

Can I see some brogane(keith and Shiro being bros) headcanon. No angst please, sorry. Thank you.

Of course! I love the broganes, I’d love to add more but I honestly can’t think of many right now. Keep an eye out for an additional post soon!

  • Keith will never let Shiro forget the fact that he has a leap year birthday. Never.
    • Lance: How old are you Shiro? Keith: He’s actually going to turn seven soon.
    • “Have you seen my little brother? He’s only six years old and I’m worried about him.”
    • It is the bane of Shiro’s existence.
  • When Shiro first heard Keith use Texan slang he had to walk out of the room he was so shaken. Now Keith isn’t allowed to say anything remotely Southern if Shiro’s around.
  • Shiro is the older brother that steals his food and then proceeds to hold it as high up as he can. He’ll literally take anything that Keith’s eating there are no limits.
    • This started because Keith once stole Shiro’s ice cream cone and Shiro threatened revenge if he didn’t give it back and Keith ate it in, like, two seconds.
      • “Keith what the fuck you’re lactose intolerant?!”
    • Now Keith knows to keep his food out of Shiro’s reach at all costs.
    • Except for black licorice, that’s Shiro’s one limit.
  • The minute Shiro found out that Keith was trans he immediately offered to pay for anything and everything Keith needed to feel as comfortable with himself as possible. This is one of the few times he’s ever seen Keith cry our of sheer happiness.
  • They are both pining for their crushes incessantly and they’re always teasing each other as a result.
    • Shiro and Allura are always conspiring to send Keith and Lance on missions together and it’s only in part because they make such a great team.
      • One time Keith (with Lance’s help) managed to convince everyone to ditch Shiro and Allura behind during a reconnaissance mission in an attempt to take revenge but when they came back they found that the two of them had taken down an entire fleet of Galra on their own. They’re the most badass couple.

“Anyone who has been following the speedy rise of Québécois filmmaker Xavier Dolan this decade has surely encountered the work of actress Anne Dorval, Dolan’s most reliable collaborator, whose blistering, brilliant work in I Killed My Mother remains arguably the finest performance within Dolan’s young but prolific oeuvre. This year, Dorval featured prominently in Heal the Living, a gorgeous, wide-ranging drama from the skillful French helmer Katell Quillévéré, whose films remain seldom seen or even screened in the States. In her latest, Quillévéré dexterously balances a host of fleeting but fully-rounded characters whose stories are joined together by the tragic, accidental death of a 17-year-old boy. Dorval’s Claire, a former violist preparing herself and her loved ones for the consequences of her rapidly-degenerating heart condition, is the film’s most stirring inhabitant, thanks in largest part to Dorval, whose directness of feeling, however elegantly understated, allows us to perceive each and every shift in her character’s uncertainty journey. So often cast by Dolan as brittle or gaudy matriarchs, Dorval excels here as a mother whose soothing tranquility doesn’t conceal but actually deepens the flickers of fear that occasionally come to the surface. That Quillévéré builds her entire film towards a sublime close-up of Dorval, beaming with a sense of joy that renders her almost translucent, is only a testament to the abilities of this seasoned actress, whose technical control never comes at the expense of deep-seated emotional connection.” — Matthew Eng

The 10 Best Female Performances of Early 2017

(Source: TribecaFilm.com)

Hold Me Tight Pt. 2

Catch Up: Prologue, Part 1

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook

Genre: Bodyguard!au, fluff/angst

Word Count: 5.6k

Summary: After a frightening experience for the both of you(oc), Jungkook vows to make himself your unofficial protector. When his job suddenly becomes much more permanent, he finds the lines between professional and personal feelings blurring.

Jungkook slung his backpack over his shoulder, letting the other strap hang free as he got out of the black SUV

He took one long look at the school before him and gulped hard.

He had never known anything other than the rich lavishness of this side of town. But still, knowing that he was merely the son of a housekeeper, able to attend schools like this through the graciousness of her employers…he was an outsider.

But he’d never let anyone other than you know it.

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I finished Call Me By Your Name last night. I don’t know where to begin. This book fucked me up on every conceivable level. The plot is elegant and tightly constructed with no scene wasted; characters are richly drawn and the voice agonizingly true; stylistically, it’s breathtaking. I had to put it down at one point because the prose LITERALLY TOOK MY BREATH AWAY.  I didn’t just read this book, I lived inside it, experiencing all of Elio’s feelings: his desire, his anxiety, his shame, his sorrow. 

I read the book in two sittings, both times stopping when the title was invoked: “call me by your name”. The first time this line appears, it’s like a drug. I felt elated after reading that scene and went to bed at 4am with heart palpitations. (Yes, this book almost fucking killed me). When these words are echoed at the very end of the novel, it’s with profound melancholy and I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. No, I’m not being dramatic. I was in physical and emotional distress.  


I wonder if this novel is so affecting, not because Elio and Oliver didn’t stay together but because we know that if they did, their relationship wouldn’t have held the same meaning for them–that meaning is shaped by loss. The greater the loss, the greater the meaning. Another thing that struck me was Elio’s father’s take on the relationship. He recognized how rare and precious their bond was, even if it was just for a few fleeting summer weeks. (Oh God I’m crying again). Elio and Oliver really truly understood each other, inhabited each other, became each other, and I don’t think I appreciated just how rare that is until Aciman brought it to life on the page. And that is, I think, ultimately the saddest part of the book–that we’re lucky to experience a connection like this once in our lives, that most people don’t experience it at all. 

In short, I’m emotional. 

Took me a while to get to this one, but imagine how the boys would react the first time they make out with their s/o:

Leonardo -

It’s my personal belief that Leo would be very close to his s/o from the start. While the others might meet a girl, know her maybe a few weeks or a month before working up the courage to make a move, Leo would wait longer. As the leader, he has to be very careful who he trusts and all that meditating makes him a patient person. He can wait.

So, by the time he and his s/o get to finally making out, it is long over due. Both of them have probably been longing for this, and more, for a long time coming now. It might start off a little awkward, bumping noses and nervous laughter, but once their lips met there’d be no separating them for at least a good, breathless half hour.

Their lips are so soft and Leo just doesn’t want to let go, his hand finding its way to their hair, carefully working out any small kinks or knots while his tongue begs for entrance at her lips; groaning softly when they accepted, exploring and claiming this new territory at leisure.

And, as I said, chances are they are very close. They’ve probably been dating for a couple months and friends for much longer. So once they get going, there might be no stopping them, if you catch my drift, ;)

Raphael -

Raphael, as far as relationships go, is very physically based. Not because he doesn’t care about his s/o. He does, he adores them, he thinks they’re wonderful and he’s blessed to have them. It’s just, he’s never been very good with words and he’s much more primal than his brothers. While they might try and cheer up an unhappy s/o by talking it out, for example, Raph is more likely to cuddle. The same sentiment is still there, he just shows it differently.

So it’s likely this happens earlier on in the relationship. Maybe it leads in from a usual kiss, just the normal little pecks his s/o had been gracing on him up until this point. Maybe he’d done something nice for them, maybe he was looking good after a workout, maybe there was no reason other than they missed his lips.

But from there, when his s/o would go to part from him, he’s place a hand on the small of their back. Not roughly allowing them still to break free if they really wanted to, returning the kiss with passion. And who was their s/o to deny him if he was looking for a little more today? Especially since his lips were so inviting.

Donatello -

It happened one day when Donnie was at his computer chair, doing his usual thing, eyes staring into the screen. It was beginning to give him a headache, he’d been there far too long. Luckily, he would soon find himself too distracted to care for programming.

Sauntering in, his s/o would sigh and insist, against his protesting, he needed to take his mind off of that and take a break from the work. When Donnie stubbornly refuses and continues anyway, they would scoff and walk over. Sure, it wasn’t very easy to push Donnie around or anything but the wheels on the chair made it pretty easy to drag him away from the screen. After distancing him from the machine, his s/o would move to straddle him against the chair, whispering something about a distraction before their lips pressed to his.

His head was slightly spinning, from the headache and from his partner’s actions. This daze made it pretty easy for his s/o to win dominance of the kiss, their tongue playfully running against his lips or he’d moan as they sucked on his tongue. As far as distractions went… He liked this one.

Michelangelo -

Mikey is pretty much up for anything. He’d be ready to do whatever- Just as soon as his s/o was! Being so laid back and free spirited, he would go with the moment and whatever his partner was feeling. So, assuming his partner was as happy-go-lucky as he is, they might very well get down to it as soon as the first date. Which could feel quite natural. Like Leo, Mikey is probably great friends with his s/o before they start dating but Mikey being Mikey, he can build that friendship much quicker, maybe a month or so.

So he’d be happy to take their fleeting kisses further, to prolong it to something much more enjoyable for both parties. And while he wouldn’t venture too far, his hands might find their way to his s/o’s hips, grasping softly as their tongues dances off of one another. They might occasionally part, snapping beads of saliva, to whisper something in the other’s ear, Mikey taking great pleasure in nipping his s/o’s earlobe.

But mostly it would be really comfortable and easy for both of them, since they’re quite happy in each other’s arms and it would feel like the next natural thing for them to do. So while to others it might seem rushed, given how well acquainted they are already with each other’s tongue, to them it feels perfectly paced.

The Uchiha’s Wife

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rated: M
Summary: She was an otherworldly being of healing. An absolute nymph of spring. He was an otherworldly being of destruction. An absolute god of war. In a world where war makes him death, and chaos she will be the life, and love his people will talk of for years to come. AU x Warring States Period.


Chapter 2
The Uchiha

The air is chilled in the early morning as it has been in the last weeks since their joining and yet nothing is questioned. His clan has welcomed her easily enough and only minor gossip seems to follow her trail after his public performance.

Madara had made it clear not to bed her. Madara seeks for him to have pure children. At first he doesn’t not question it. His thoughts are among the same as his leader, but it’s within that same notion that he then questions why he had made him wed the creature of spring at all. Why have him take her hand when he would be expected to provide heirs?

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Dating Kara Danvers (a crush on you would include)

Request: I really love your “Lena Imagine includes if she have crush on you” so much. Can you please do Kara version of it?? Thanks so much!! 

a/n: well, first off THANK YOU! :D and now… since I have nothing of substantial weight to add further, just let it be known that I love Kara Zor-El Danvers very much and she deserves to be happy and emotionally at peace, to be quite honest!!! That’s all, LOL

I hope you all have an awesome day! Thank you for reading! Send in some requests and prompts if you want to see me make something, I’ll finally be able to get back to actual fic-length stuff when I come back from vacation. Hopefully I can write something that y’all will enjoy! ;)

- - - - -

  • it’s not hard to decipher Kara’s love language (for lack of a better term only - you wouldn’t call it that right now) and in fact, you were enamoured in a way the moment she stumbled hastily through apologizing to you when she’d quite literally ran into you at Noonan’s

  • luckily, that was before she had to somehow juggle two trays of coffee and a bag of pastries in her hand, much to either of your outfits’ fortune. You’d offered to help her out after realizing you were staring at her in amused perplexity as she (much more nervously than she normally would, you suspected) tried to balance everything in her hands under your gaze

  • she gave you a radiant smile once she found a solution to her having a lack of hands only shortly after you offered your assistance, and you acquiesced with a smirk as she gave you a hurried goodbye over her shoulder in departure; you were only able to half-concentrate on your work when you sat at your table even hours after the encounter

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Favorite Couples, Past & Present

By Charity / ENFP Mod

I told my co-mods to do their own thing. I intended to do a list of my favorite romantic movies but… truthfully, it’s the couples that interest me. I also noticed a distinct pattern when compiling my list of favorite couples: they improve one another in being together, or lead each other on a redemptive path!

Monroe & Rosalee, Grimm (ESFJ + NFP)

They’re adorable. They support one another. They stand beside each other. They overcome arguments, face their differences, and compliment each other. One of my favorite episodes is when they come under persecution for marrying someone of a different “kind” – a group takes Monroe, and Rosalee stops at nothing to get him back. They’re the only reason I still watch Grimm.

Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries (ENTP + ESTJ)

Stefan is the better man, but I like that Elena brings out Damon’s humanity. He tries to become a better individual for her, and in the process starts finding his true self. You can’t force someone to change, but sometimes they will change for you. I liked seeing the shift in their dynamic, as it slowly built up over a few seasons, from hatred to love.

Erik & Christine, The Phantom of the Opera (INTJ + ISFJ)

This one doesn’t have a happy ending, but that’s fine – I’m okay with sad endings. It’s also not a healthy relationship at all, with Erik manipulating and controlling Christine… but what I like about it is that Erik is redeemed through love; he finally lets go, and truly loves Christine, in giving her up – in recognizing through her kiss that true love is sacrificial.

Oscar & Lucinda, Oscar & Lucinda (NFPs?)

This film is a tragedy and I’d love to punch the author in the face for the ending, but Oscar and Lucinda are so adorable, so perfect for one another, so quirky, with all the same flaws, that 90% of the story is utter delight in watching two unique souls find one another and dream big together.

Lex & Lana, Smallville (INTJ + ISFJ)

Don’t get me started on the train wreck this ship turned into due to incompetent writers – what I loved most about Lexana was that they made one another stronger, better people. Lex never tried to protect her, he handed her the tools to protect herself and challenged her to grow up; Lana was a moral balance, a compassionate voice of reason in his darkest hours.

Adama & Roslin, Battlestar Galactica (ESTJ + INFJ)

What I loved about this show, other than the TOUGH QUESTIONS it asked week after week (like, would you sacrifice many to save more lives? is stealing an election to prevent a horrible person coming to power still immoral?) was this duo – the “father and mother” of the fleet. They started out distrusting and hating one another, even planning to assassinate each other (yes, that’s how epic it was) and by the end, as they guided one another toward greater faith in the unknown (on his part) and more stability and moral decisions (her part), somewhere along the way they fell in love. And the series gutted me with it. But that’s fine, it’s part of the beauty of this pairing.

Darcy & Lizzie, Pride & Prejudice (INTJ + ENFP)

I know, it’s a cliche to love this pairing, but there’s something emotionally fulfilling to me about the repressed, socially awkward, super-rude Darcy falling in love with the opinionated, witty, flippant Lizzie. This is my favorite adaptation because Lizzie’s personality is so marvelous (I know, I know, somewhere twelve former friends are getting ready to lynch me), but I love them all.

But… my favorite romantic film is…

Emma (1996)

Jeremy Northam’s Knightley is far more likable and charming to me than any other variation – elegant, with a hint of teasing beneath his criticisms, while Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma is so catty I can’t help loving her. Everything about it from the picturesque shots to the wry humor (Knightley, standing in front of an enormous house, deadpans, “I just want to stay here, where it’s cozy”) and especially the proposal beneath an enormous, sprawling tree, is perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tumblr!

Fate of Konor Final Week Result: Imperial Victory!

‘There was no sense in the Imperium of Man withholding forces from the assault upon Loebos, for if the corrupted death world remained on its relentless course, there would be little of the Konor System remaining to save. As the planet soared through space, trailing warp energies in its wake, the Imperial Navy launched every transport ship, cargo hulk and battle cruiser available, each vessel packed with soldiers and vehicles. This makeshift fleet made for low orbit, even as the vast Chaos armada escorting the death world blasted thousands out of the skies in an eruption of coruscating fireballs.

Though the first wave of the planetary assault was almost entirely obliterated by ground fire or torn part by circling clouds of Plague Drones, the second and third made landfall. Even as the loyalist troops rushed forth to pre-designated positions, the forests of Loebos came alive around them; barbed vines snatched screaming troopers away into the shadows, crystal-bladed trees impaled tanks and walkers, and pools of sizzling acid devoured landing ships whole. Yet, led onwards by the fearless champions of the Adeptus Astartes, the Imperial advance pushed through the lethal wilds, through vicious enemy fire and the worst that the maddened death world could throw at them. Soon, the great Death Guard fortresses of the Trifectum Putris were crumbling under a relentless firestorm of super-heavy tank shells.

At the Circle of Mehnauris, the raging centre of the world spirit’s agonised torment, a shimmering portal emerged and disgorged ranks of agile, graceful warriors and speeding grav-tanks. The Aeldari had returned to their shattered world, and they brought with them the righteous fury of vengeance. With sword and shuriken cannon they struck at the contamination that had so corrupted Loebos, shattering the foul icons of Chaos that littered its surface, and slaughtering any worshippers of the Dark Gods they laid eyes upon. Some craftworld warhosts, fueled by grief and horror at the fate of Loebos, took the opportunity to enact their revenge against the Imperium’s warriors, who had so long ago savaged this once pristine world. Yet the majority of their wrath was spared for the servants of the Dark Gods, from whom they enacted a bloody toll before vanishing back into the webway.

Meanwhile, strike teams of elite warriors breached the Chaos perimeter at the Decay of Hope, the largest of the deconstructed space hulks powering the death world’s unnatural momentum. They ventured deep into the warp-touched halls of that dread vessel, encountering mind-shattering nightmares and slavering, flyblown horrors with every step forward. At unthinkable cost, they advanced as far as the fusion core of the great engine array, where they manually detonated a cyclonic warhead. The resultant cataclysmic explosion enveloped the entire southern continent in a coruscating firestorm, setting off a series of chain reactions that ruptured the planetary core. As the remnant of the Imperial forces desperately fell back to evacuation points and made for high orbit upon the remaining transport ships, the tortured world of Loebos began to come apart. In an eruption of white light, the death world detonated. Huge chunks of the planet were sent rocketing through space, shredding Imperial and Chaos vessels alike, yet no neighbouring world was touched by the devastation. With the death of Loebos, the Konor System had been saved from utter ruin.’

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pairing: tattoo artist! taehyung  x reader
genre: angst
wordcount: 970

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There comes one problem with dating a tattoo artist.

But at the beginning, it was wonderful. Taehyung was wonderful. From the day you first met him - brought along by a mutual friend and introduced to you with good intentions - he was mysterious glances and playful laughter. A flamboyant yet cavalier appearance and a bright personality underneath. You fell for him right there and then.

And like a miracle, you caught his attention as well. Large dark eyes that kept glancing at you, flirtatious jokes and an offer for a drink. At the end of the night, he kindly accompanied your tipsy mind back home, and before he left his name and number were carefully saved in the contact of your phone. kim taehyung. All in lowercase and not even an emoji, oh so sleek and intriguing.

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