each a part of the fleet


Consider this: Miraculous Ladybug PIRATES AU!

In which the two most widely known pirates fight for treasure and compete for dominance over the seven seas. I see it as kind of a rivals/enemies AU..

- Ladybug is widely known for helping all of the small, rural towns by pillaging rich people and trading to the poor towns for cheap(a robin hood sort of deal), she is a widely loved and welcomed pirate around many rural parts

- Chat Noir escaped his life as a noble/prince sort of deal to live the free, unrestricted life of a badass pirate. nothing to his name but the noble seas and an infamous reputation. He enjoys the lifestyle, and badgers Ladybug’s fleet/competes with them to pillage all of their treasures, just for the adrenaline.

- Both end up meeting on accident in civilian clothes, while trying not to be recognized while getting supplies for their ships. Marinette ends up getting a soft spot for him, and he’s oblivious, but they always grab supplies and run into each other on the same few islands by some miraculous coincidence.

- Hawkmoth/Gabriel is searching avidly for his son, putting all the blame on these pirates in the belief that they kidnapped his son. He lost his wife to sickness first, and Adrien ran away because he couldn’t take the loneliness or knowledge of his eventual (and more than probable) betrothal to Chloe, another noble

- Chat won’t stop bothering Ladybug because he’s head over heels for her, and although he enjoys stealing her valuables and victories, he won’t land a killing blow on even one of her crew members, as is his crew’s policy

-Nino is Adrien’s first mate, and Alya is Marinette’s, and their crews are divided of who is in their class

Just some thoughts to throw out there!

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Can I see some brogane(keith and Shiro being bros) headcanon. No angst please, sorry. Thank you.

Of course! I love the broganes, I’d love to add more but I honestly can’t think of many right now. Keep an eye out for an additional post soon!

  • Keith will never let Shiro forget the fact that he has a leap year birthday. Never.
    • Lance: How old are you Shiro? Keith: He’s actually going to turn seven soon.
    • “Have you seen my little brother? He’s only six years old and I’m worried about him.”
    • It is the bane of Shiro’s existence.
  • When Shiro first heard Keith use Texan slang he had to walk out of the room he was so shaken. Now Keith isn’t allowed to say anything remotely Southern if Shiro’s around.
  • Shiro is the older brother that steals his food and then proceeds to hold it as high up as he can. He’ll literally take anything that Keith’s eating there are no limits.
    • This started because Keith once stole Shiro’s ice cream cone and Shiro threatened revenge if he didn’t give it back and Keith ate it in, like, two seconds.
      • “Keith what the fuck you’re lactose intolerant?!”
    • Now Keith knows to keep his food out of Shiro’s reach at all costs.
    • Except for black licorice, that’s Shiro’s one limit.
  • The minute Shiro found out that Keith was trans he immediately offered to pay for anything and everything Keith needed to feel as comfortable with himself as possible. This is one of the few times he’s ever seen Keith cry our of sheer happiness.
  • They are both pining for their crushes incessantly and they’re always teasing each other as a result.
    • Shiro and Allura are always conspiring to send Keith and Lance on missions together and it’s only in part because they make such a great team.
      • One time Keith (with Lance’s help) managed to convince everyone to ditch Shiro and Allura behind during a reconnaissance mission in an attempt to take revenge but when they came back they found that the two of them had taken down an entire fleet of Galra on their own. They’re the most badass couple.
violent delights :: shallura valentine’s day

Summary: have violent ends. rival gang families au. shallura valentine for onemerryjester

A/N: this is for the one and only @onemerryjester​, a talented and wonderful part of the shallura community! happy valentine’s day! I know it’s on the shorter side but hopefully quantity over quality <3

rated high T for very light nsfw content & brief mentions of violence


“Miss Altea?”

She turns, a smile already tugging at her lips despite her best efforts, the shimmering fabric of her grown swishing along her hips. Takashi Shirogane is no less impeccably dressed, with crisp cuffs and a black suit that matches his eyes. His bangs, a peculiar streak of white hair, is off his forehead for once, and now there’s nothing to disguise the pink scar running across the bridge of his nose.

Her eyes trace the hard edge of his jawline, before meeting his gaze. “Mr. Shirogane,” she greets politely, brushing her hair out of her eyes. Her hair of starlight has been pulled into a thick braid that goes down almost to the low backline of her dress. It’s a deep navy blue with diamonds sewn into the fabric, and she watch the way his eyes follow the small sash of fabric tied around her waist.

“Don’t tell me someone as lovely as you doesn’t have a date for the evening?” he asks, raising his brow.

Allura allows herself to smile, and bows her head when he offers her his arm. The slight creak of metal tells her it’s his prosthetic, but she still places her hand on the crook of his elbow without hesitation. “Apparently I do now.”

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Favorite Couples, Past & Present

By Charity / ENFP Mod

I told my co-mods to do their own thing. I intended to do a list of my favorite romantic movies but… truthfully, it’s the couples that interest me. I also noticed a distinct pattern when compiling my list of favorite couples: they improve one another in being together, or lead each other on a redemptive path!

Monroe & Rosalee, Grimm (ESFJ + NFP)

They’re adorable. They support one another. They stand beside each other. They overcome arguments, face their differences, and compliment each other. One of my favorite episodes is when they come under persecution for marrying someone of a different “kind” – a group takes Monroe, and Rosalee stops at nothing to get him back. They’re the only reason I still watch Grimm.

Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries (ENTP + ESTJ)

Stefan is the better man, but I like that Elena brings out Damon’s humanity. He tries to become a better individual for her, and in the process starts finding his true self. You can’t force someone to change, but sometimes they will change for you. I liked seeing the shift in their dynamic, as it slowly built up over a few seasons, from hatred to love.

Erik & Christine, The Phantom of the Opera (INTJ + ISFJ)

This one doesn’t have a happy ending, but that’s fine – I’m okay with sad endings. It’s also not a healthy relationship at all, with Erik manipulating and controlling Christine… but what I like about it is that Erik is redeemed through love; he finally lets go, and truly loves Christine, in giving her up – in recognizing through her kiss that true love is sacrificial.

Oscar & Lucinda, Oscar & Lucinda (NFPs?)

This film is a tragedy and I’d love to punch the author in the face for the ending, but Oscar and Lucinda are so adorable, so perfect for one another, so quirky, with all the same flaws, that 90% of the story is utter delight in watching two unique souls find one another and dream big together.

Lex & Lana, Smallville (INTJ + ISFJ)

Don’t get me started on the train wreck this ship turned into due to incompetent writers – what I loved most about Lexana was that they made one another stronger, better people. Lex never tried to protect her, he handed her the tools to protect herself and challenged her to grow up; Lana was a moral balance, a compassionate voice of reason in his darkest hours.

Adama & Roslin, Battlestar Galactica (ESTJ + INFJ)

What I loved about this show, other than the TOUGH QUESTIONS it asked week after week (like, would you sacrifice many to save more lives? is stealing an election to prevent a horrible person coming to power still immoral?) was this duo – the “father and mother” of the fleet. They started out distrusting and hating one another, even planning to assassinate each other (yes, that’s how epic it was) and by the end, as they guided one another toward greater faith in the unknown (on his part) and more stability and moral decisions (her part), somewhere along the way they fell in love. And the series gutted me with it. But that’s fine, it’s part of the beauty of this pairing.

Darcy & Lizzie, Pride & Prejudice (INTJ + ENFP)

I know, it’s a cliche to love this pairing, but there’s something emotionally fulfilling to me about the repressed, socially awkward, super-rude Darcy falling in love with the opinionated, witty, flippant Lizzie. This is my favorite adaptation because Lizzie’s personality is so marvelous (I know, I know, somewhere twelve former friends are getting ready to lynch me), but I love them all.

But… my favorite romantic film is…

Emma (1996)

Jeremy Northam’s Knightley is far more likable and charming to me than any other variation – elegant, with a hint of teasing beneath his criticisms, while Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma is so catty I can’t help loving her. Everything about it from the picturesque shots to the wry humor (Knightley, standing in front of an enormous house, deadpans, “I just want to stay here, where it’s cozy”) and especially the proposal beneath an enormous, sprawling tree, is perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tumblr!

I finished Call Me By Your Name last night. I don’t know where to begin. This book fucked me up on every conceivable level. The plot is elegant and tightly constructed with no scene wasted; characters are richly drawn and the voice agonizingly true; stylistically, it’s breathtaking. I had to put it down at one point because the prose LITERALLY TOOK MY BREATH AWAY.  I didn’t just read this book, I lived inside it, experiencing all of Elio’s feelings: his desire, his anxiety, his shame, his sorrow. 

I read the book in two sittings, both times stopping when the title was invoked: “call me by your name”. The first time this line appears, it’s like a drug. I felt elated after reading that scene and went to bed at 4am with heart palpitations. (Yes, this book almost fucking killed me). When these words are echoed at the very end of the novel, it’s with profound melancholy and I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. No, I’m not being dramatic. I was in physical and emotional distress.  


I wonder if this novel is so affecting, not because Elio and Oliver didn’t stay together but because we know that if they did, their relationship wouldn’t have held the same meaning for them–that meaning is shaped by loss. The greater the loss, the greater the meaning. Another thing that struck me was Elio’s father’s take on the relationship. He recognized how rare and precious their bond was, even if it was just for a few fleeting summer weeks. (Oh God I’m crying again). Elio and Oliver really truly understood each other, inhabited each other, became each other, and I don’t think I appreciated just how rare that is until Aciman brought it to life on the page. And that is, I think, ultimately the saddest part of the book–that we’re lucky to experience a connection like this once in our lives, that most people don’t experience it at all. 

In short, I’m emotional. 

a little bit of magic.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,652
summary: riley matthews thinks that lucas friar’s lips are their own special kind of magic and she’s completely under their spell // or riley just really loves lucas’ lips 
notes: this is just a lil drabble that i was inspired to write, 99.9% of the inspiration came from this amazing drabble by my girl @friarlucas who also was the major encouragement for me in writing this. not much happens plot wise, but there are feelings. enjoy! 

At the tender age of twelve, Riley Matthews has yet to have her first kiss.

She knows that it isn’t that big of a deal, there are plenty of other girls her age that haven’t locked lips yet, but she’s waiting and the wants the moment to be perfect. Her only problem is that none of the boys in her class have lips that she wants to kiss. Dave’s are too chapped, constantly cracked and look unpleasant to touch. Wyatt’s are too wet, due to his constant lick lipping and smacking. Farkle’s are always moving too fast, she’s never able to get a good look at them as he’s always spewing words from them at a mile a minute, far too fast for her to keep up with it.

It isn’t until she meets Lucas Friar that she knows what perfect lips look like, and she wants nothing more than to kiss them.


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Cheer 4

Cheerleader Waverly. Basketball star Nicole. A sort of canon-ish HSAU. Parts 1, 2, 3.

Despite falling asleep only a few hours earlier, Waverly still blinked her eyes open minutes before the break of day. Darkness cloaked her room, but the creeping dawn made it possible for familiar shapes to take form: the spines of the books on her shelves; the edges picture frames and posters; her stuffed Pikachu sitting lopsided on the windowsill.

Most of the time, Waverly loved getting up early. She enjoyed basking in the quiet tranquility of the morning mingled with the anticipation for the day ahead. But sometimes, like on that particularly groggy morning, she cursed her internal clock. Groaning, she turned onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. She fully intended to pass out again until Gus hollered up the stairs that breakfast was ready. That is, until the events of the night flooded back in her mind.

The championship game. Wynonna’s return. Nicole.

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Addict With A Pen || Part One

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: you’re a famous singer/songwriter and you and lin accidentally take each other’s notebooks.

a/n: this is just a lil imagine that i came up with when listening to addict with a pen by twenty one pilots 

part 2


You could never truly explain your method of songwriting.

With your brows furrowed and teeth latched onto your bottom lip, you sat on the ever busy subway with your hand clenching your pen, aggressively writing whatever came into your mind as fast as you possibly could in fear of the phrases that would come into your head would fleet and never return if you didn’t write them down as fast as your mind created.

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Took me a while to get to this one, but imagine how the boys would react the first time they make out with their s/o:

Leonardo -

It’s my personal belief that Leo would be very close to his s/o from the start. While the others might meet a girl, know her maybe a few weeks or a month before working up the courage to make a move, Leo would wait longer. As the leader, he has to be very careful who he trusts and all that meditating makes him a patient person. He can wait.

So, by the time he and his s/o get to finally making out, it is long over due. Both of them have probably been longing for this, and more, for a long time coming now. It might start off a little awkward, bumping noses and nervous laughter, but once their lips met there’d be no separating them for at least a good, breathless half hour.

Their lips are so soft and Leo just doesn’t want to let go, his hand finding its way to their hair, carefully working out any small kinks or knots while his tongue begs for entrance at her lips; groaning softly when they accepted, exploring and claiming this new territory at leisure.

And, as I said, chances are they are very close. They’ve probably been dating for a couple months and friends for much longer. So once they get going, there might be no stopping them, if you catch my drift, ;)

Raphael -

Raphael, as far as relationships go, is very physically based. Not because he doesn’t care about his s/o. He does, he adores them, he thinks they’re wonderful and he’s blessed to have them. It’s just, he’s never been very good with words and he’s much more primal than his brothers. While they might try and cheer up an unhappy s/o by talking it out, for example, Raph is more likely to cuddle. The same sentiment is still there, he just shows it differently.

So it’s likely this happens earlier on in the relationship. Maybe it leads in from a usual kiss, just the normal little pecks his s/o had been gracing on him up until this point. Maybe he’d done something nice for them, maybe he was looking good after a workout, maybe there was no reason other than they missed his lips.

But from there, when his s/o would go to part from him, he’s place a hand on the small of their back. Not roughly allowing them still to break free if they really wanted to, returning the kiss with passion. And who was their s/o to deny him if he was looking for a little more today? Especially since his lips were so inviting.

Donatello -

It happened one day when Donnie was at his computer chair, doing his usual thing, eyes staring into the screen. It was beginning to give him a headache, he’d been there far too long. Luckily, he would soon find himself too distracted to care for programming.

Sauntering in, his s/o would sigh and insist, against his protesting, he needed to take his mind off of that and take a break from the work. When Donnie stubbornly refuses and continues anyway, they would scoff and walk over. Sure, it wasn’t very easy to push Donnie around or anything but the wheels on the chair made it pretty easy to drag him away from the screen. After distancing him from the machine, his s/o would move to straddle him against the chair, whispering something about a distraction before their lips pressed to his.

His head was slightly spinning, from the headache and from his partner’s actions. This daze made it pretty easy for his s/o to win dominance of the kiss, their tongue playfully running against his lips or he’d moan as they sucked on his tongue. As far as distractions went… He liked this one.

Michelangelo -

Mikey is pretty much up for anything. He’d be ready to do whatever- Just as soon as his s/o was! Being so laid back and free spirited, he would go with the moment and whatever his partner was feeling. So, assuming his partner was as happy-go-lucky as he is, they might very well get down to it as soon as the first date. Which could feel quite natural. Like Leo, Mikey is probably great friends with his s/o before they start dating but Mikey being Mikey, he can build that friendship much quicker, maybe a month or so.

So he’d be happy to take their fleeting kisses further, to prolong it to something much more enjoyable for both parties. And while he wouldn’t venture too far, his hands might find their way to his s/o’s hips, grasping softly as their tongues dances off of one another. They might occasionally part, snapping beads of saliva, to whisper something in the other’s ear, Mikey taking great pleasure in nipping his s/o’s earlobe.

But mostly it would be really comfortable and easy for both of them, since they’re quite happy in each other’s arms and it would feel like the next natural thing for them to do. So while to others it might seem rushed, given how well acquainted they are already with each other’s tongue, to them it feels perfectly paced.

What Dean Remembers Most

Part two of a four part 12x11 Destiel coda. I posted part one here.

Feel free to go read on ao3.  

As soon as Rowena gave the Celtic equivalent of abracadabra! they were back. Each of the millions of memories like a homing pigeon coming back to nest among his nerve endings. The feeling of them all arriving at once - it wasn’t pleasant.

But it was fleeting, and soon enough, Dean was himself again.

Except himself wasn’t as simple as he once thought. True, even his stubborn ass had changed over time, so there wasn’t some static and fixed character called Dean Winchester that was eternally true. But it was more than that.

The first thing Dean remembers when the spell is reversed is about what really matters. How when each piece of his carefully curated identity had been stripped away, as his sense of duty and decorum were lost, he was still himself.

Things mattered much less than he once thought. Because - sure - he thought there were few beers that went down as easy as El Sol, few bands as great as Zepplin. But when push came to shove, Dean didn’t fear losing those parts.

No, the real horrors of the curse made themselves abundantly clear in that motel bathroom in Arkansas. Where Dean demanded his mind hold onto what mattered most.

Sam, Mary, Cas.

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I’m not sure this is going to break your heart but I tried my best to angst it up >:3 hopefully it lives up to expectations! (ALSO THIS IS OVER 2000 WORDS AND I’M ABOUT TO CRY SO PLZ ENJOY!) @brunowritings

- Ghost


·         Battles with other stand users were unpredictable in every sense of the word, no matter how much information was known about the user very little can be collected about the stand until it actually reveals its abilities; caution was always the best way to go about these missions because it was the best chance to keep everyone safe, but it was only a matter of time before there was a slip up, and it came so at the ultimate price

·         The mission was supposed to be simple – every possible enemy that was supposed to be present was accounted for and Buccellati and the other Passione members were prepared to finish the job with as little trouble so that they could return to Passione’s headquarters; however as Bruno and S/O ensured that the enemies were no longer an issue

·         The enemy stand user had come out of no-where before any of them had the chance to bring forth their own stands and released a horrific screech, which in turn sent forth something akin to a shockwave, not strong enough to wipe everyone off of their feet but more than enough to have the Passione members bracing themselves against the sudden force; the moment the noise and shockwave reached Bruno a wave of disorientation hit him hard – he knew it had done something to him, but he wasn’t sure exactly what it was until he straightened himself up and scanned the surrounding area, preparing himself to confront the enemy stand

·         The stand was nowhere in sight however the user was not too far away from him, staggering forward as if disorientated themselves and Bruno brought out Sticky Fingers to take advantage of this fact before they too composed themselves, lashing out with his stand and taking them down with no issue whatsoever; it wasn’t until he’d finally retracted his stand that the change happened, it was almost as if the image of the enemy stand user was wavering like the reflection in a pool, flickering like a dying candle until disappearing altogether, revealing that it wasn’t them – oh god it was S/O

·         The deafening silence which filled the air was horrifying more than anything – S/O’s breaths had long since stopped as their death had been swift and they were frozen in place, curled up on the floor as if to protect themselves from the blows, and Bruno felt the realization that he had been the one to cause his partners demise crawl its way from his stomach up to his throat as he tried to force down the burning sensation which collected in his eyes; despite this though he wouldn’t cry yet, he’d ensure that the real enemy stand user learnt just what they had done, and it would be a long, long time before Bruno even considered giving them the release of death – he would be putting all of his anger into making the enemy pay

·         He wouldn’t cry in front of the rest of Passione but they all knew, the long nights he would spend mourning for his lost S/O and blaming himself left him mentally and physically drained by the time morning came and it was impossible to ignore the faint tear tracks which lined his cheeks perpetually; he would bury himself into his work as a coping mechanism – the breaks he used to take to visit S/O were now non-existent and his hours spent working would bleed from one day into the next without so much as a wink of sleep, even when Giorno manages to force him to pull away from his work Bruno won’t sleep, the lingering thoughts of his partner’s death keeping him painfully awake with the reality creeping back up on him – S/O was dead, and it was by his hand


·         Giorno prided himself on remaining rather composed when confronted with enemies both gangster and stand user alike, at the end of a fight he and his fellow Passione members would always come out on top and he and S/O would always be able to end their mission returning home together where they could rest up and relax until the next mission came along which needed their attention; of course there were the odd inconveniences but it was hardly anything which they couldn’t handle – after all when the two of them worked together they could be a lethal pair, it was almost as if they were untouchable – until they weren’t

·         They had cornered off the attackers at an abandoned building, fortunately away from any potential prying eyes as they fought – they needed to be rid of them as swiftly as possible before things got out of hand, however Giorno made sure that every person present on the mission exercised caution, if they could prevent any unnecessary injuries then it was best to do so

·         They had separated and spread out across the area to effectively take as many of them as possible, and Giorno had faith that all of his fellow Passione members were able to take care of themselves so he focused on using Gold Experiences abilities to wipe out any straying enemies; thinking nothing of turning all manners of objects into a variety of animals to send right back to the attackers, making swift work of taking down at least a handful of them at a time with the creatures alone and it didn’t take long before the last of them had been dealt with, however there was anything but relief upon doing so

·         Everyone had eventually come back together, albeit with a few minor injuries sustained but otherwise okay, however as more people returned the more Giorno began to realize that S/O was not among any of them, in fact in all of the chaos it appeared no-one else had last seen them since they separated either; this fact set the blond on edge as he turned on his heel and re-entered the building, apprehension bubbling in the pit of his stomach as his eyes scanned throughout the area ravaged by the prior fight before they finally landed on his beloved S/O, slumped like a ragdoll in the far side of the room as if discarded and he wasted no time in rushing to their side

·         Their stare was blank, void of anything that could remotely suggest they were still alive and it was painfully clear that they had perished during the fight, and yet it was only upon noticing the bites and marks which marred their body that the way of which they had died dawned on him – the creatures he had created using Gold Experience had not only killed their enemies, it had killed his S/O along with them; every single breath he took was heavy and quivering as he reached a hand out to close their eyes, using his stand to repair their damaged skin so that they looked untouched once more – it was futile of course and he knew in his heart they were long dead regardless of what he did he still healed all of their wounds, making them look almost as if they were sleeping as he took them into his arms and exited the abandoned building – he was not about to leave them behind in such a wretched place

·         Their death left a permanent scar on his mind, never allowing himself to forget that his S/O’s blood was on his hands and the months he spent wondering about what their potential life could have been like had he not been so carless – would they have been happy? Would they have returned home to spend the evening in one another’s company, falling asleep knowing he was there to protect them? Sadly the one they relied on to protect them the most had failed to do so, and he would never get to know the answer to these questions; every free moment he spent was something to honour or remember his partner in some way – visiting all of the places the two of them had travelled together and recalling the memories they shared there, keeping a collection of their belongings or items of sentiment to look back on, he would never fail to visit their grave whenever he had the chance, each time bearing a gift of some form which he knew they would have liked (such as their favourite flowers)as he would spend time simply remaining there, often losing himself to memories of them, clinging to them no matter how fleeting and perhaps recalling a few out loud as if his S/O was still there to hear them (perhaps because there was still a part of him which refused to let them go, desperately wishing from beneath a flurry of conflicting emotions that they were there to hear his words, and the begs for forgiveness which came with them)

Risotto Nero

·         Metallica was a deadly stand, that was a fact which simply couldn’t be argued – unless Risotto kept a firm eye on its range and whom exactly it was going to affect with its ability it would undoubtedly lead to a potentially lethal situation for everyone, target or otherwise; so seeing the state of his squad – so badly injured at the hands of a rival gang whom had come out of nowhere – he can already feel his anger bubbling dangerously with his stand itching to come out to cause some serious damage

·         He’d bark at his team mates to get back and outside of his stands rage as far as they can to be safe, and the moment they pass beyond the 10m mark he’s no longer holding anything back, ensuring that every single one of their opponents suffer through all manners of metallic objects – Knives, scissors, needles are just some of the few things he produces from their blood, nowhere near their vitals just yet, however even once they had all perished something didn’t feel right

·         Everything seemed to pass by in a blur, there was an odd feeling which overwhelmed his every sense to the point where he hardly recognised that something was touching him before he had lashed out with his stand , barely registering what exactly he was attacking until it was far, far too late to relinquish his ability before any permanent damage was caused; the haze clouding his mind was quick to dissipate and in seconds he registered that someone was in front of him, an almost disbelieving expression of horror on their face as they stumbled back momentarily before collapsing to the ground

·         It was S/O, they opened their mouth as if to say something but the only thing they could muster were a few pained gasps for air before they began to hack up blood, his stand had torn up their insides in the moments it had been active and it was clear they weren’t going to survive past a few minutes at most; there was no amount of medical care (no matter how quickly it arrived) that could make any difference, the most he could do was diminish the pain as best as he could by ensuring they didn’t move around too much, gently elevating their body enough to rest their head in his lap and keeping them as content as he could until they eventually passed

·         Risotto wouldn’t dare to move for a long while, simply cradling his S/O in his hold without a single word and anyone who dared to even direct his attention elsewhere was met with a cold stare until they backed off, eventually though they would have had to fall back – remaining in the public eye for too long ran the risk of getting caught and even with his reluctance

·         S/O’s funeral would be one held with only the members of La Squadra present (after all the assassins only had one another, there was no room for people uninvolved with Passione to come) and whilst small and brief it seemed to solidify that they were in fact gone – and it was because of him that they were no longer alive; from that moment on Risotto seems to completely shut off onto auto-pilot, he buries himself into their missions and ends up throwing aside all else other than his work even the basic human necessities; what comes as the most terrifying is when someone met his gaze – they’d find nothing, no emotion, no thoughts, no feelings – his eyes are void and hold no life anymore, and that alone makes it clear that his S/O’s life wasn’t the only thing lost in that battle

For Paul

This time three years ago I was in shock because Paul Walker was killed in a car crash. I literally sat in my room and cried and was thinking this was all some sort of media fodder and that this smiling face would show up and prove them all wrong. I remember watching the first Fast and Furious movie and loving the fact that it was this group of people who came from nothing and tried their best to make it with what they had and what they knew. Its because of this franchise and Paul that I’m the gear head I am today. My love of cars runs deep, I probably have gasoline and engine oil running through my veins. My family built and raced cars on the street and track all their lives. Driving is like breathing for me, it just feels natural. So watching this movie and this family of racers taking in this kid and just doing the craziest stuff was amazing, because this world was never on the big screen or talked about. Paul Walker wasn’t just an actor, he was a racer. He had his own fleet of fast supercars and was on a racing team for Porche, which is a little ironic given the circumstances of his death. I felt like we were part of that family, me and my friends. Its like we are the characters of that franchise. We race and supe up our cars and take care of each other. The racing community loved him and misses him. I miss Paul and just needed to make this post to let everyone know how awesome he was. He was a humanitarian, father, brother, son, uncle, friend, mentor, racer, and legend. We will forever miss him and all that he did. He made being a street racer or gear head accepted and cool. Paul Walker was a bright spot for all who knew him. I still cry while watching all the movies and when I here that song. “Its been a long day without you my friend, but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” See you soon Paul.

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For the headcanon/worldbuilding meme: tell us about your headcanons wrt language and culture and how much difference or how it's distributed across Alternia, and the fleet post-Ascension especially?

To explain my presuppositions, first (with the note that I’m not bothering with dialect differentiations in the language names, pff):

  • A not insignificant portion of the canon trolls have names that’re made up of multiple language! Key examples are:
    • Vriska Sekret (Sanskrit + Egyptian), Aradia Megido (Italian + Hebrew), Nepeta Leijon (Latin + Swedish), Kanaya Maryam (Sanskrit + Arabic), Terezi Pyrope (Albanian/Turkish + Greek), Equius Zahhak (Latin + Persian), Gamzee Makara (Turkish + Arabic/Sanskrit)
    • And interestingly enough, it’s canon that Tavros uses Spanish, with an implication that he speaks it - his handle is adiosToreador.
    • One solution to this would be to argue that the names are irrelevant! I am not a fan of this, given that it feels like it relies heavily on the assumption of WASPS as the default setting, even in light of canon evidence that this is maybe not the case. x)
  • Given the prevalence of names from multiple languages, I tend to assume that linguistic creoles are way more common than straight languages. So, Vriska / Kanaya / Equius / Gamzee might all be from an area that, at one point, had a heavy population of Middle Eastern and North African trolls - whi~ich gradually, by the point of canon, would’ve resulted in the mixed naming schemes, and would be represented in a creole language that might be a mash-up of Sanskrit + Turkish + Arabic + English + whatever.
    • Fun fact: you can see modern examples of this process in Singlish, Kriol, Patois, Hawaiian Pidgin English, and a bunch of other languages!
  • And the reasoning behind this, for me, is that: the Tyrian Empire is pretty fucking old, but presumably, there were empires and dynasties and other countries before everything was consolidated! One of the traditional, easiest ways of breaking down cultural boundaries and forcing them to assimilate - say, under a new regime led by a globe-spanning empire - was through removing children from their parents, placing them with others, and arranging marriages.
    • Trolls do not reproduce in a manner that would allow for that, and children pass on culture from adults to each other. BUT cultural blending would’ve still been needed, because there’s no point in having an empire if, functionally speaking, it’s still divided up by tribal associations and nationalism.
    • So: the initial waves of cultural blending and erasure of the old ways could’ve occurred through the Tyrian Empire deliberately selecting certain trolls, and just moving them wholesale. Have individuals from several different former countries lead a colonisation effort in a different region. Force quadrants between former national rivals. Cultures will be forced to blend, languages will merge, and the next generations to come out of the brooding cavern won’t be able to claim their former national identities - by the second or third cohort of eggs after the initial effort, the language that they were learning from schoolfeeds and the older children would’ve changed enough to ensure any adult population that was trying to stick to their initial roots would’ve seen them as other, and their culture would’ve been similarly changed.

In general, though:

  • I generally figure that English is the primary language of Alternia, courtesy of the Condesce’s speech pattern: their specific flavour of slang (however you want to codify it) is probably what passes as the ~*ideal speech pattern*~ of the world. Potentially reflected in the way that Gamzee, and presumably other Mirthful, would speak!
    • In this figuring: Eridan and Meenah’s speech patterns are more representative of how the average seadweller speaks, and Equius is the ideal blueblood. 
  • I’ve mentioned before, but following with the idea that English is the Condesce’s first language: I figure English is the lingua franca of the Empire! All the official documentation is in English, the schoolfeeds are in English, everyone except for feral trolls is going to know how to speak English, even if it’s heavily accented, or they only use it once in a blue moon.
    • The closer a language is to English, the more prestige is has socially! So Spanish is fairly common for people to learn to speak. I usually head-canon French as one of the de facto languages for seadwellers - all of my characters speak it, save for Sipara! (And not just because I can write French, shhhh.)
    • Planet-side, I tend to say that each region / capitol has different languages! Temasek’s official language is English and Singlish, but it drifts more and more towards Egyptian Arabic as you head down south (and more towards Hokkien, then Kyowa-go, then Japanese as you drift out towards the east).
  • Up in the Fleet, though, I figure there’s two priorities for setting up ships. The first is to ensure that trolls stay with their quadrants and clademates, when possible, for greater social cohesion. The second, keeping the first in mind, is to make sure you don’t end up with any too large a population of kids from the same area on the same ship! Part of the benefit of Ascension was separating trolls further from any identity save ‘Imperial citizen’.
    • Isolating parts of your population onto ships, where their day-to-day life largely consists of interacting with each other, and giving them a separate identity on top of that of an exclusive, shared language and cultural background, is not really keen for that goal.
    • Subsequently: ships are largely, purposefully kept as a mixed bag!
    • The only general exception to this are indigo and violet ships, where the populations tend to be small enough that it can’t entirely be avoided, and which has proven to sometimes be beneficial in a different way - if everyone on this specific ship is in the same small range of castes, they all speak the same language, and they share roughly the same cultural background, then that isolates them from others of their caste in the Fleet. When it’s one tyrian Empress versus the thousands of violets and indigoes who could very easily stage an up-rising, any sort of way to separate and divide them up so they won’t group together is pretty useful!
That’s just how the city works: Jikook.

That’s just how the city works.

The city is like a dream – a shattered dream – a shallow vision could never determine the broken beauty of the glitter sprawled across like glass, blurs of lights across the highways and the intoxicating aroma of fantasies and love spread in the air mingling with solitude.

Similar apartments spread across the downtown area of city, the “hipster area” as they called. But who were “they” to judge? Since when were they allowed to become the expertise and since when could they decide it was right to take action without giving another thought.

Jungkook’s mind was the home to unanswered question, he had not much to do – another college dropout, another starving artist, another revolutionary expert – but no, he was just a human. It’s the perspective that he looks at like, that’s what’s different.

The same routine – consisting of the tall glasses of black coffee and the gazing from his balcony to the one opposite. Surely, he appreciated the city life – the blaring honks, upbeat music and street style – amidst all that, being an artist he felt that at 5 am, gazing at the sky – a canvas of pastel colors - made him feel at peace. The red bricks mounting up the building had cracks, imperfections in it – each representing a different story, but what Jungkook was here for was the guy living across.

The thing about Jungkook was he fell in love, easily. He fell in love with the ordinary. He fell in love with the pouring rain, drizzling down every inanimate object. He fell in love with the scent of tingling vanilla in the coffee shop – down at the 6th lamppost. But most importantly, he fell in love with brown eyes and fluffy bronze hair – he fell in love with the way the breeze hit his face when he came out, he fell in love with the deep stares that felt like fire burning his skin in the most pleasurable ways one could imagine.

He fell in love with the boy across the street.

The first time Jungkook ever saw him was on Friday. He was wearing sweatpants and knocking off with hair as a tousled mess atop his head, he was about to grab something from the drugstore. Real quick. Jungkook wore jeans and a white tee shirt. Their ways crossed and Jungkook looked at him and he looked at Jungkook, wondering why he kept on staring. Jimin walked past but when he turned back around Jungkook was there. Still looking.

Jungkook kept her smiling until Jimin was back home.

That night, from the balcony, Jimin saw Jungkook.

There was art in Jungkook’s touch. And there was always beauty in art.

That morning, Jimin came out, his eyes heavy, lips chaste and hair a mess but still he smiled so perfectly like the stars and moon had aligned.

Conversations were passed around about the weather when they first met.

Everyone knows it’s always windy and cold in the city – but the tension in the air wouldn’t cut, and Park Jimin would not have it.

“The weather’s chilly, today,”

That day, Jungkook had first heard his voice. It was the perfect juxtaposition of tranquil and young. It stuttered and cracked, but it was still perfect to him. Unfortunately for Jungkook, it faded away quicker than he could grasp it. Tiny visible breaths could be seen coming out of his mouth, and Jungkook realized he had to talk back.

“It indeed is,”

It may have been awkward but it the best they could talk at a bus stop. The wooden bench creaked under their weight and the wind was a bit too cold for Jimin – not to mention Jungkook didn’t like the way Jimin shivered, it made him want to bundle him up in sweaters and comforters – but it was okay.

They were okay.

Despite living across each other, and having a connection – at least a staring contest – they never officially met. Until now.

To say Jungkook was surprised when a certain brunette came up to his apartment door was an understatement. His heart betrayed him, voice shook and jaw slack. This wasn’t quite the best impression Jungkook wanted to impose on him, but nonetheless, he had an influencing mother and he was always told to be polite, “please do come in,” he said.

Jungkook’s apartment was a visual representation of him. Unfinished, brilliant ideas on scraps of indefinite paper positioned on the brown leather sofa, the smell of coffee lingering the air and the addition of plants all over the apartment – whether they were fake or real. A red flush spread over Jungkook’s neck and ears as he realized he hadn’t exactly gotten along to cleaning up his apartment because he never had guests, but now Jimin just turned upon him, and this was just plain embarrassing.

“It’s okay, I sort of like it,” Giggles erupted, and lord help his because it was something he could always put on repeat – he just didn’t know how he got to be so damn lucky.

Conversations led to a movie – neither really focusing on the plot but each other – and they held hands on the way home but just because “it’s too chilly”.

Jimin could feel the callouses on Jungkook’s hand, the way his third finger was slightly crooked. Jungkook could engulf Jimin’s hand forever, the softness representing the innocence his right hand held. They almost loved. The snow falling in sparkles, everyone knew that it would be a blanket by tomorrow, but they couldn’t care less.

When Jungkook saw Jimin, he wasn’t looking for love. He wasn’t looking for fluffy smiles or holding hands. He wasn’t planning to fall in love – he just guess it just happens like that. Life just happens this way, unexpectedly he wanted to spend more and more time with Jimin. That’s how people fall in love, he thinks.

Looking down at Jimin, he wonders how it ever happened, how the boy across the street who drinks coffee with way too much sugar and the boy across the street who has fluffy hair and phenomenal smiles was sitting on a wet bench in front of the same coffee shop on 6th lamppost.

(ancient Greek)

(n) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement; the time of possibility.

also, a word for weather.

That’s what was happening. It was the perfect moment to inhale each other. It had been around 3 months since they met.

“You’re too gentle,” Jimin whispered, ”and that’s how you let yourself destroy,”
“Oh yeah?” Jungkook answered, “Well, I officially give you permission to utterly deteriorate me.”

They were young, and they were dumb – but it was all a part of growing up. They lived in the moment and enjoyed it, they didn’t care about the norms or the forbiddens instead they just went for it.

Nights were spent outside of the blaring, loud city where they could hear each other. Sprawled under the humongous tree in the fields, they looked at the stars, just breathing together. Talking wasn’t important, nothing was – unless they could feel each other. In the span of three months, they knew each other inside out, quirks and all.

The new generation might have lost the value of romance, the value of the deep conversations with the right person – but they possessed it.

“They say every atom with our bodies was once part of a star. Do you think if I ever die, I won’t be leaving but going back home?” Jungkook looked at Jimin as he spoke, eyes frowning, fingers cautiously tracing his jawline.

“I don’t know about that, but I’ll be anxiously upset if you ever leave. Please don’t leave me,”

They were close enough to be breathing the same air and Jungkook pressed his lips to Jimin’s plump ones, tasting the cherry lip balm. The first time they kissed, it was as if a whole new world of galaxies had opened up, the universe conspired, the stars approved and the moon stopped hiding to peer them them below and everything felt just right. Sometimes Jungkook kissed tightly, sometimes too gently, but every time he could feel his bones unraveling and his skin burning away – and he just can’t control himself anymore.

But it was a dream and people wake up.

It all lasted for a couple of minutes, then it vanished like ash, afraid of being caught but pleased they actually met. Words vanished from their mouths, as their sole purpose became each other. It all lasted for a couple of minutes before they slipped from each other’s fingers.

The next day, Jungkook wasn’t there. Nor the next week, or the next one, and so on. Weeks became months, which turned to years. Nights were spent alone, just Jimin, Jimin and Jimin alone, sitting on the brown leather sofa in Jungkook’s apartment. He treasured all his art and works, he watered his plants daily in the hope of him coming back one day. Jimin made his way to the coffee shop on the 6th lamppost, to his job.

Time passes painfully slowly, as Jimin puts in extra effort for this next coffee because it’s far too perfect to be messed up.

“A large black coffee,” he knew no one but Jungkook who drank it.

Jimin takes a second, eyes lingering on the vacant space Jungkook used to occupy, while drinking his black coffee and sketching - before going back to his job.

Jungkook never came back, he never did.

Basically the night when they kiss, Jungkook being a gentleman and stuff just dropped off jimin however while he was crossing the road unfortunately he gets in a car accident. If you remember the “I Need U” MV, Jungkook almost gets hit by a car - however this time he actually does.
Jimin is aware of this but the trauma is too much that he still wait for him. (((my smol baby)))

I’m sorry y’all I’m an angsty piece of shit.

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A Field Guide to Irish Fairies: Leprechauns

A transcription of a chapter from the aforementioned book by Bob Curran. Specifically it’s for piskykyle. Figured I’d post it on my alternate account since it fits with the witchy theme more. It’s all gonna be under the cut, ‘cause this is gonna be a doozy. I hope this is helpful!

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Front view of the updated #medicalfrigate leading the fleet. The #milleniumfalcon in tow as always. Getting all the pods and details on the front “sword” correct took some time :) Each pod serves a specific purpose - such as command centre or bacta storage. Let me know which part of the ship you want a close-up of :) Instructions in bio :) #instalego #legophotography #starwarslego #legostarwars #lego #starwars #spaceship – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/340514421811454309/

all i want is more mundane shows in sci-fi and fantasy verses

i just want friends, but set on ds9, and they had to pull some strings to keep their quarters on the habitat ring next to each other with the nice view of the wormhole, and they sit around shooting the shit and loitering in the promenade and having like dating crises and in the background the star fleet officers are running and yelling and the station goes to red alert and they’re like “ugh we just got comfortable!!!”

when the environmental controls fail they have to split up by species gravity tolerance and put all the breakables in someone’s bedroom

one of them works part time as a dabo girl but we never see them at quarks, we just hear complaining about the boss and sometimes horrendous work outfits

i want like “my dog got stuck in the station ventilation shaft, we have to sneak it out before star fleet notices”