On May 30, 2016, the EAC convicted Hissène Habré, Chad’s former president and the only person the EAC tried, of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, torture, rape, and sexual slavery.
—  Zachary D. Kaufman on  International Criminal Justice Day, the creation of the International Criminal Court and its impact and significance on the world. 
The beginning of the summer school in Iceland

2 weeks ago, I flew to Iceland to attend the EAC-COST summer school “Biosignatures and the Search for Life on Mars” and it became an adventure I will remember for the rest of my life.

On the first day, I arrived to Reykjavik when the opening lectures had finished and people were clapping for the last presentation introducing a poster to be displayed later. The traffic in the capital city was busier than usual because the history-making football team was about to arrive. Fortunately, I made it to the poster session where the participants presented their research. Little did I know these people would become so dear to me. Topics such as implications for life on Mars, proposed landing sites for NASA’s next rover missions, storage of water in the Martian crust and on early Mars, and separation of life from ancient biosignatures were covered. My poster was about electric solar wind sail enabled missions & ESTCube spacecraft.

On our 2nd day, we drove from Reykjavik to Akureyri, “the Capital of North Iceland” via beautiful and interesting places in the highlands.

First, we stopped at Þingvellir (Thingvellir), located in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which separates the Eurasian and North American Plates in the North Atlantic.

Also, the Icelandic Parliament was established there in 930. Our summer school organizer and coordinaator Professor Wolf Geppert, an astrochemist, knew a lot about Icelandic history and provided us with insights during the whole trip.

Later on, we got to see the hot springs and other geothermal features that lie in the Haukadalur valley. The area was first mentioned in written sources in 1294, when the local hot springs were activated by an earthquake. I’m making a separate post about the most impressing geyser with some gifs!

Then the gorgeous Gullfoss:

I’ll show you more photos in a piece dedicated to all the waterfalls we visited.

I couldn’t get bored by looking out of the bus window. The scenery was just amazing.

The highlands are mostly uninhabitable by people, but you can notice a lot of sheep. Every now and then, our bus driver had to use the horn to free our way.

Finally, we made it to Akureyri, where we stayed most of the time. This gorgeous view greeted me from our apartment:

Further on, the places we visited got more and more impressing. 
So this was a kind of an introduction. From now, I’ll post about specific places, lectures, sampling (collecting samples for our experiments), and the people I met. Stay tuned & follow me on Instagram!


The air is still; the sound of my heart beating in my ears.
I breathe slowly, making every breath count - inhale, exhale like the next breath will be my last.
Staring blankly into the darkness, I blink my eyes waiting for hope to appear while tears stream down my face.

I’ve come here countless times to cry, to pour out my heart, and to surrender to my God the anvils that weigh down my spirit. 
These walls know my cries; these curtains have muffled my screams; these floors have felt the weight of my world crashing down on them. 

When my lips can’t find the words that my heart longs to say
I beg that You will look into the windows of my soul 
and see the cracks that were left by those who were less than worthy.
Look at the scars that were drilled into the pavement of my kindness, and the bullet holes left in my forgiveness - I am tired of being killed by the kindness I give to those who hurt me.

When I let down the walls of my heart to make room for someone other than You,
You remind me that You are all that I need.
I am no where near the person that is worthy of Your grace,
but You never fail to see me through.
You are the light at the end of my tunnel,
the silver lining to the clouds in the hurricane of my sky.

I am unworthy. 

Unworthy to call upon the greatness that is Your love;
to beg for the abundance of Your forgiveness;
to wait on the unfailingness that is Your promise.
I am broken. Unworthy. Selfish.

But I come here to surrender the pieces of my broken heart
and wait for You to piece them back into something that I recognize.
I am in love with all that he is, but I love You more.

The world will be against me; my heart will be broken
But You are my protector. I will trust in You.
I surrender.


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no miami was when they fucced eac other :/

Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, California

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source:SBD>Master Cassette>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN

Set One
1. Mississippi ½ Step Uptown Toodeloo
2. El Paso
3. Row Jimmy
4. My Brother Esau
5. Cumberland Blues
6. Desolation Row
7. Ramble on Rose
8. Let it Grow

Set Two
1. Touch of Grey
2. Estimated Prophet>
3. Eyes of the World>
4. Drums/Keys jam>**
5. Maybe You Know >**
6. Goin Down the Road>
7. Morning Dew>
8. Around and Around>
9. Not Fade Away
10. Crowd Chant>
11. Not Fade Away
12. Don’t Ease Me In

** Brent and the Drummers only-no space this night
DAE(EAC)+SHN Encoding by Jeff M.

hewat fi we all uhgged it out isntead of being mean to eac h other though like i’m so upset wh cnat we all just get along and i want to ksis everyone. raise ur ahnd if u wanna smooch~~~!! *Rasises my olwn hand*

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   “Peace weary traveler… spoke the manakete. Her hand
     held up in a gentle gesture as a man approached, “You
     whom have traveled far…thy journey was long and
    and trecherous…
    The gentleness in Naga’s gaze was held true for her love of
      all human kind. Yet they were as strange to her as she was
      to them. 
      “Be at peace—rest, for thou has come to a sacred place…
       speak and I shall answer.”

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good luck with your first year, mingmeow anon!! all high schools are different, but you'll be okay. Just make sure you stay on top of your work, and try to enjoy yourself as well! :) -sweet peach p.s. admin, what new series do you hope will win?

Aaahh yes mingmeow anon high school’s going to be hard so you have to make sure to work hard too!!

I’m not really sure either?? Some favorites I had while making the poll were Ouran!Seventeen, Art Thief!Seventeen, Reversed Roles!Seventeen and Gang!Seventeen (tbh I didn’t even think anyone would really like monster!svt lmao) But Monster!Seventeen would be fun to work with if it did win mainly bc I’d have to do some research and find 13 different monsters to fit each member rip

Anyways, I like trying to figure out w)(at people’s soulsweets are, so if I didn’t give you one last time or we know eac)(otter betta now, send me an ask, I’ll )(ook you up!~