My version of Matthew Hamming from Bridgeport.
With all that money, he could afford some surgery…yes?

I didn’t keep him as an adult, I aged him down to YA, and I tried not to change too much but….he was rather…unfortunate looking….so I kinda had to haha.

I might re-do a good chunk of townies from random towns, maybe I’ll make it a project.
Click the pictures to enlarge them, they’re nicer quality that way ;]

Tray files

I uploaded “tray files” of Halvsies” Makever and Burners & Builders” Makeover”. I’ve got some requests for those. Sorry for delay. This time I uploaded it, but I don’t know I continue to upload tray files in future. Sorry for my laziness !
Download on here >>>  Halvsies,  Burners & Builders

I replaced “Burners & Builders” download with correct tray files. Sorry for inconvinience. Please download again 


I REALLY wanted jenba’s Windy Island Lighthouse and Chowder House in my game (seriously, they’re amazing!). But because I only ever play my EA Makeover save, I had to get a bit creative with it. Hence the above EA Makeover of Pier Palace occurred, which is heavily inspired by both of jenba’s lots all squished into one :) The only extra walls I added was the lighthouse tower. 


Pre-made makeover: The Landgraabs

Nancy: I changed Nancy the most, obviously. She’s been bothering me for quite some time, so I gave her kind of a plastic surgery look somewhere between her sims 3 and 4 appearances. Rock that blue eyeshadow, Nance!

Geoffrey: I honestly loved his original TS4 look, so I only tweaked him a little.

Malcolm: Good gracious, the derp in his original eyes… just wow. Little tweaks to all of his original features.


I started making over the rest of Sunset Valley, rather than finish up the exterior of my beach house. What’s the point of having one beautiful lot when the rest of the world looks like crap? lol

This is the Wan-Goddard house, Raggio del Sole. In it’s description it is supposed to be an Italianate Victorian, and of course looked anything but. Now it’s kind of got a more Southern flair to it.