My version of Matthew Hamming from Bridgeport.
With all that money, he could afford some surgery…yes?

I didn’t keep him as an adult, I aged him down to YA, and I tried not to change too much but….he was rather…unfortunate looking….so I kinda had to haha.

I might re-do a good chunk of townies from random towns, maybe I’ll make it a project.
Click the pictures to enlarge them, they’re nicer quality that way ;]

Tray files

I uploaded “tray files” of Halvsies” Makever and Burners & Builders” Makeover”. I’ve got some requests for those. Sorry for delay. This time I uploaded it, but I don’t know I continue to upload tray files in future. Sorry for my laziness !
Download on here >>>  Halvsies,  Burners & Builders

I replaced “Burners & Builders” download with correct tray files. Sorry for inconvinience. Please download again 


[TS3_034]Part. 2

・Original: EA - Aero Dynamo (30x20)

地下部だけは 前にテストプレイで入居していた天才肌の名残がある。
上階のテイストに従えば建材はコンクリ打ちっ放し辺りが妥当だろうし 現オーナーは蔵書になど縁のない野郎だ。けれど眺めとして好きなので変更せずにおいた。
ここへはプレイ進行に応じ 必要な物を籠めてゆこうと思っているから 空間もなかなか埋まらない。これでいて環境は抜群なので ここへ寝泊まりしても つまり(まずあり得ない事だが)住人が増えても差し支えない。


Parkshore Makeover

So I finished the landscaping, though it is pretty sparse. And this house has no curtains because: a) I couldn’t find any that looked right to me on the extra large windows I used on the octagonal shaped roomed in the back and b)the price was already expensive enough to me, since I added a pool, piano, fireplace, etc. 

Please note that I had some issues with the tiles around the pool out back. I hope that is fixed now. Also, whenever I place this lot (which I tested a few times) the mailbox likes to move over to the far left of the lot (see last pic). 

Changes I made:

I kept mainly the same floor plan. Except there is now an “eat-in” style kitchen. Basically I knocked down the wall between the dining and kitchen areas to allow for a slightly larger kitchen. Also I removed the balcony that led off one of the smaller bedrooms. Lowered the foundation and moved entire lot frontwards. And changed up the landscaping (though it is similar and still kinda sparse) as well as extended the backyard a bit and added a pool.


  • $109,632
  • NO CC
  • 4 bed + 2 bath
  • CKS + Outdoor Retreat  + some get to work probably

Download: Either search name or my origin id: poorsasha.

If you use, please tag #loveandpixels I’d love to see  Enjoy! :) And please don’t reupload to the gallery/claim as your own.

P.S. I was going to upload this for my 50 followers gift (thanks everyone again! :) but it wasn’t finished and I like to upload CC free versions of whatever I build/make etc.

P.P.S. I think my test Sim, Fogel, left his french toast on the dining table. o.O


I started making over the rest of Sunset Valley, rather than finish up the exterior of my beach house. What’s the point of having one beautiful lot when the rest of the world looks like crap? lol

This is the Wan-Goddard house, Raggio del Sole. In it’s description it is supposed to be an Italianate Victorian, and of course looked anything but. Now it’s kind of got a more Southern flair to it.


♺ SIM✵TAC Sunlit Tides Makeover Project:
  [TS3_069]Captain Jack’s Beach


・Original: EA - Captain Jack’s Beach, Tidal Beach, Sunlit Tides (25x35)

元々この場所で「ビーチ」に区分されている小規模なロット。御多分に漏れず 裾を濡らすことなく海原を眺めるだけである。
名にも「ビーチ」と冠されてあるが 桟橋らしき物が在るから嘗ては船着き場だったのではないか。作業を進めながら 「遠浅の浜辺に取り巻かれている島の姿は本来のものではなく 火山活動か何かで地形が転じたのだろう」自分にとってのSunlit Tides像は固まった。

今回も 敷地拡張と機能増強のみで改装は殆ど無し。コチラで施したのと同じ手順で長辺を海面まで延ばしたが 改めて “55x35″ のサイズは半端だ。恐らく限度一杯延ばしても海水浴可能な水深部まで至らないだろう そう想い 丁度浜の切れる辺りまでに留めた。
SSに収めた通り 水遊びと釣りは愉しめるが シュノーケリングと海水浴は不可能と想われる。一応ライフガードの椅子を置いたが ココで仕事を受けても多分経験値稼ぎには繋がらないんじゃないかな(笑)。それでは本当の意味での「開発計画」には適わないのだが この区画は一種の「史跡」と考え それで良しとした。