My version of Matthew Hamming from Bridgeport.
With all that money, he could afford some surgery…yes?

I didn’t keep him as an adult, I aged him down to YA, and I tried not to change too much but….he was rather…unfortunate looking….so I kinda had to haha.

I might re-do a good chunk of townies from random towns, maybe I’ll make it a project.
Click the pictures to enlarge them, they’re nicer quality that way ;]


Stargazer Lounge 2.0 

 ~ An EA lot makeover ~

The original “Stargazer Lounge”, built over 30 years ago, has been totally renovated to cater to those seeking pleasure in an upscale and modern environment.

It still retains the essence of its past life; but it now features floor to ceiling windows to take advantage of the beautiful city views. A second floor was added with additional karaoke rooms for private parties, and a room has been set aside for local musicians to show off their talents. 

The main floor provides various seating for intimate chats, a bubble blower for whose that wish to unwind, and a dance floor beside the heated pool. And don’t forget the bar, which is staffed by our award winning bartenders!

We hope you enjoy the changes that have been implemented in the new “Stargazer Lounge 2.0″. See you soon!


  • Lot size: 40 x 30
  • Cost: $167,179
  • Lot location in my game: Uptown, San Myshuno
  • Lot type: Lounge
  • Lot trait: Romantic Aura


  • I have all expansion, stuff and game packs
  • Enable the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing the lot.


This lot can be found in the Gallery under my Origin ID: erisema or via: #simgurl