Sunset Spring Retirement Home 

I just grabbed a bunch of Elders from the Sim Bin and threw them together for playtesting. I made sure they all had relationships with each other so they could interact sweetly in the screenshots. The result was adorable and now I have to go back and play with them for a while. There’s a brother/sister, sisters, a dating couple, and a married couple. 

P.S. You can download this here.


My version of Matthew Hamming from Bridgeport.
With all that money, he could afford some surgery…yes?

I didn’t keep him as an adult, I aged him down to YA, and I tried not to change too much but….he was rather…unfortunate looking….so I kinda had to haha.

I might re-do a good chunk of townies from random towns, maybe I’ll make it a project.
Click the pictures to enlarge them, they’re nicer quality that way ;]