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Well you've got my interest piqued. How would you propose Bioware (or EA, or both) would make amends for Jaal? Would this be on the same level on the rumors that Cullen was meant to be Bi as well in DAI (we're those ever confirmed? Idk) Why or why not?

This isn’t the same as that.  Mostly because Dorian and Bull were given more content than Gil or Reyes.  Gil’s romance is literally 8 minutes of scenes.  Also both Dorian and Bull are actual squad mates, neither Gil or Reyes are.  Jaal was the only hope for a Squad mate to be bi for mlm, and he isn’t.  Also Bioware baited before release to get preorders up, without really delivering any substantial mlm.  Also even if Bioware did that with Cullen (and Solas too), and fans were disappointed with neither of them being Bi, they should have LEARNED since then.  This also goes back to Steve Cortez and Kaidan.  Kaidan is Bi in ME3 because fans were so disappointed at not having a mlm option before ME3, and while Steve is amazing, his content is shorter than Kaidan’s too.  Patching Jaal bi would be the first step, give more dlc content for Gil and Reyes romances would be the second step, adding more dlc mlm options would be the third step.  I doubt they’re going to release a patch to have Jaal be bi.  (I honestly don’t trust Bioware to do that)  The issue here is that Bioware went backwards in terms of how much content their is for their mlm romances.  Not just from DAI, but from ME3. 

EA focuses on dudebros.
Dudebros hate on anything “SJW” releated.
LGBT representation is SJW bullshit to them.
EA owns Bioware.
EA pressures Bioware.
EA ruined games and companies already.
You get where I’m going with this?
I sure hope so.

Another point, even IF it was Biowares decision in the end:
A majority of gamers doesnt care about decent representation. There are just as much (most likely even more) dudebros complaining about SJW “crap” in games, than there are people complaining about representation.
People making games need to eat and live too. So it is ACTUALLY just reasonable that they focus on the bigger group to cater to.
And yet you have Bioware doing their best to include more in their games. Despite EA overseeing them.
From what I see, I’d honestly even say, the only reason why Dragon Age is getting more representation than Mass Effect, is because EA sees Mass Effect as some other money grab for dudebros, resulting in “Lesbians allowed but dear god no gays”
I am not, I repeat, I AM NOT excusing the decision to include no gay/bisexual male squadmate. 
I am NOT saying you have no right to be upset.
You can be upset, you can be angry, you can be frustrated, you can be dissapointed, trust me, Im also very dissapointed from what I heard about romances so far (To be fair, Im trying to avoid spoilers at all costs tho) but honestly, you can dislike something without personally attacking the people who made it.
You dont know if its Biowares or EAs responsibilty after all.

The more I mull it over, the more I’m confused by this Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing boondoggle.

When EA was marketing Dragon Age: Inquisition, they had fairly equal representation between female and male Inquisitors in trailers, and they addressed the availability of romances for different sexualities.  And DA:I was a big sales success for the company!  Trespasser would never have been made otherwise.

It seems like they were setting ME:A up for more of a Fallout 4 marketing plan, then chickened out at the last minute when the hype failed to build, and decided to go all in on Het Hero Scott Ryder.

All of this could have been avoided if they’d stuck to the DA:I model.  And frankly, it was moronic for them to think they could pull off a Fallout 4.  Bioware hype is largely based on story, of course people want more info and teasers going in.

Why would they take such a big step back? 

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Hi, I've asked questions before, just trying to clarify some things, because I'm not entirely sure I understand what's going on right now. So people have mentioned that they're disappointed with how BioWare/EA have handled representation/diversity in the marketing. I just wanted to know in which way? Is it specifically trailers? Is it specifically romances? Just curious. Keep up the great work, hope this doesn't come off as confrontational/I explained my question okay. Cheers :)

Oh hello. Thanks. You’re Very Polite Anon, always a pleasure tbh :)

I think it’s important to mention that the disappointment right now is months in the making, it’s not just one trailer that made people that annoyed, you know? And I won’t be talking about those “First” videos because I haven’t seen them at all since they have too many spoilers. I also hope what I’m saying here is accurate and I didn’t forget things. Anyone is welcome to correct me. 

At the core of it it started when we were told Sara and Scott would have equal representation in the trailers. They started posting videos where we didn’t see much of Sara and when we did see her, she wasn’t fighting or interacting with others like Scott was. Everyone was kinda keeping in mind the whole balanced thing they had promised. I think we expected a sequence like Sara - Scott - Sara - Scott - … and in reality it wasn’t like that? And the length of the vid and what was shown in it wasn’t always equal. So it’s hard to quantify. A lot of us were on the fence.
More videos followed, this time with a lot more Sara. I think at this point they were truly trying to rectify it? But then a lot of Scott, and for this final official trailer that everyone is going to see, it was Scott as well.

Now at this point it’s important to mention that some of us expressed disappointment, but fandom being what it is, it was very much turned into extremes where two points of view were prominent: “you should hate Bioware for this, they never learn and why do you support such a fucked up company?” OR “Bioware did everything right, what a bunch of whiny ungrateful fucks you all are, can’t you just enjoy it???? gosh people being so negative!!!”
Honestly did NOT help the conversation. And there were also some back and forth about who is truly responsible, EA or Bioware. Both are responsible, anyway, because both had a say in the marketing, and there is such a thing as promising people things and then being accountable for it.
It’s especially important considering that the marketing failed before with FShep, and people remember that.
In the end after we had all those conversations, they said they would give us a sisRyder version of the trailer. Logic tells me it was planned but it was also pointed out to me that it could be damage control if it takes a bit of time to get there. I have no idea at all, but I’m REALLY happy we’re getting this trailer. 

So that’s the first issue. The second issue is LGBT representation. My issue with that is that the devs aren’t shying away from talking about it on Twitter, hyping it all up about all sorts of romances, but the marketing doesn’t follow.
It winks at the romances and the banging they hyped for so long, but it’s very much between Scott and women (we know asari don’t have a concept of gender, but I think the general public see them as women, so it works for them to have Scott/Peebee - I’m meh about this because we know the difference but I don’t know how else to explain it, it’s probably worth a longer discussion).
The marketing presents us a very heteronormative vision of Mass Effect Andromeda. At this point it doesn’t matter what is said elsewhere, this is the version that will be seen by future customers.
And it’s not about specific romances, it’s just that diversity and representation aren’t just nice concepts we talk about from time to time. It’s entirely real and everywhere irl. It includes all sorts of gender identity, sexual preferences and types of romances. 
So why acknowledge that online but not show it in trailers? I think the answer to that question is truly what makes me sad. And the industry as a whole is doing it, it’s not just Bioware. That’s probably why I think we should talk about it regardless of our personal feelings about this company. I love Bioware and I’m rooting for them but I’m also damn tired of seeing the same type of people or relationships in trailers, even when the game isn’t like that and has more options.
I also don’t like the fatalistic idea that ‘it’s just what it is’ and it’s ‘what sells’.
We don’t know if showing diversity will limit sales, you need numbers to back that up! And we should always ask companies to do better anyway. How else will we see a change? 

I hope that clarifies some things, because I make a serious distinction between my complaints about the marketing and what is actually in Mass Effect Andromeda, that I can ONLY judge after playing it. I can’t judge what is in the game before!
And talking about Scott getting more screen time in trailers DOES NOT mean I hate Scott. I am actually the biggest broRyder defender? I’ve talked about anti-broRyder people before and I said that they should cut it out, because everyone is different and everyone has a different reason to play broRyder or sisRyder. I’ll play broRyder and I don’t need to apologize for that. I also find broRyder/Cora THE CUTEST. So yeah, this isn’t about judging the game, the characters, the romances. And of course, it’s not about me not being excited because I am.
I have links where I talked about some stuff in details: fandom and marketing discoursehow I feel about bioware vs ea and who is responsible and ignore me if you need to because your enjoyment is what’s important in all this.

In summary: it’s simply saying “you said there would be equal representation and you talk a lot about diversity with characters and relationships, can your marketing reflect it? Walk the talk please”

ME:A has officially been released and there’s still no launch trailer for fem!Ryder despite promises from Bioware that they’re “saving the best for last”.

Feels great to know it’s not as important to give us female fans the same content male fans get. :))

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FRyder's VA Fryda Wolff, cares very much about representation (as is obvious from her Twitter) and thought the trailer was brilliant. Having a straight male in a trailer is not a problem. It doesn't bother me (a black, gay woman), and if it does seriously bother people then they're oddly focusing their insecurities. One can be cynical about normal marketing to a heteronormative majority but if such a thing would really sway anyone to play or not play a game then they're likely rather vapid.

Originally posted by bullshhhh

1. What doesn’t bother you does not equal “good representation” or “not a problem”
2. People being concerned about representation are not insecure, they’re simply asking companies like Bioware and EA to do better. (I really can’t with that comment tbh, it’s wrong on so many levels)
3. It’s not the fact that it’s a white straight male in ONE trailer but rather the marketing of MEA as a WHOLE, what was promised and was not given. some of us waited MONTHS before having an opinion on this and now we look back and say “hey, it’s not what we thought we would get”
4. VERY FEW people said they would not play the game because of the marketing, almost everyone here is excited as fuck. I know I am.

Btw, my general feelings about the marketing discourse are here, go read that please

lesbianquiet replied to your post “tbh I’m not a fan of the unbalanced representation in marketing…”

IDK where this site collectively got the idea that devs can’t have any say at the promotional materials but that’s false. Some of them personally direct the trailers and design posters. Even if they don’t they still get to tell what goes in the promotional material and what doesn’t.

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I find it hard to believe that the ME:A team had no input on the final product though. Marketing doesn’t make videos. It’s still on the game’s creative department to put these things together. Someone (or multiple someones) on the dev team thought this trailer was good, and didn’t think it was important to add content for non straight white men (or never even thought about adding such content at all).

Alright. I don’t know what to say anymore. I could say TPTB for The Powers That Be? From the beginning we said that EA might have done the marketing but Bioware made promises to us they couldn’t keep. So Bioware is accountable for this. Now you’re saying they are also quite involved in the marketing process and it’s not a good idea to say they don’t have a say. Okay. I’m not an expert, I don’t know how they run the whole thing, so I’ll just publish this. 

I’ll also be honest right now because there is something that bothers me a lot about those conversations we’re having here. 
We know nuances matter and it’s important to know who did what, if only to know who to talk to later. It’s also important not to blame people who shouldn’t be blamed, though here from the beginning we have two companies who are both responsible for what currently bothers us. So we can go back and forth, of course, but I really hope we can stop turning this into a specific issue with our own personal interests attached to it. I’m not talking about you btw, but I think some people are so pro or anti Bioware that they’re controlling the conversation in such a way that it turned into a “let’s defend Bioware!!!!” or “let’s hate Bioware!!!!” conversation where at the core of it, it’s about diversity. 

We know companies don’t do a good job showing diversity in their marketing. We know diversity matters because we’re all different and it should SHOW, there is not just one type of person in this world that matters. So that’s true for all companies. 
I love Bioware for giving me Mass Effect. I will ALWAYS root for this company to do better, but it’s precisely because I’m rooting for them that I will hold them accountable. And my disappointment is not just not aimed at them like I have a personal vendetta: I will also hold everyone else involved accountable.
So I don’t want to rush to their defense, and I don’t want to hate them. Both EA and Bioware are involved, but I’ll also say this entire industry is involved in the discussion.  
It’s a larger issue. It’s about needing a change. And I genuinely wonder if it’s possible for us to get this much needed change if every time we discuss this topic we’re focusing on protecting or hating specific companies. 

I also dislike how we are so used to this situation that we became fatalistic. “It is what it is” -> “y’all just gotta accept it.” 
Well no, we don’t have to accept it? From Bioware or EA or any other company that fucks up like this. We can and should always ask better of all companies, regardless of our personal feelings

Idk, sorry if I sound so annoyed :/ 
I don’t even know if my opinion is truly valid, or if I’m kidding myself and actually doing more harm than good by making it such a general thing. 

Yes because Bioware was so concerned for their mlm fans. *sarcasm*

The reason why Reyes’ romance is 17 minutes long is because he’s a bi option.  He’s romance-able by either mryder or fryder.  They threw in 17 minutes of time on both to not disappoint the fryder fans who wanted to romance him.

But Gil’s romance is 8 minutes long, and he’s the gay option. 

This just tells you their priorities. 

EA is the publisher. EA are the ones to blame for the shitty marketing. And whoever is responsible for ME:A marketing over at EA needs to be fired. Because they are painfully out of touch with their own market if they think “straight white male” are the only people playing their games.

That being said, Bioware does deserve some backlash.

Would people have been pissed that female Ryder barely got any attention?

Yes. But because Bioware promised they would get equal treatment, the backlash is worse. And that’s their own damn fault.

And one the writers (I think) said that Sara got the gameplay trailers, as if that makes it ok. First, she had her helmet on, thus was completely hidden. Second, the only ones seeing the gameplay footage are fans. The mainstream won’t be watching them. You know what the mainstream will be watching? The official launch trailer, where Scott is front and center. Where Sara is only shown briefly in what looks like a torture scene…

I mentioned in a previous post that I had no idea that you could play as a female Shepard when I picked up Mass Effect many years ago. I was literally looking at the character customisation when I found out. That’s how hidden female Shepard was. That’s how oversaturated Sheploo was.

And they’re doing the same thing here. With the bonus of shooting themselves in the foot by promising equal treatment.

Then we have the whole “sorry, no revealing the romances. You just have to play the game to find out” *wink* *wink*

Unless its m/f course. Then it gets revealed in the official trailers.

Seriously, is no one communicating over there? Bioware says one thing, EA does another.

Shitty business practice that.

EA, if straight dudebros are so fragile that you literally have to reassuringly hold their hand by catering to them with these trailers, then they are NOT worth your time. Simple as that.

And, Bioware, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Because it doesn’t reflect well on the hype you’re trying to create for the game.

First Thoughts: Mass Effect: Andromeda


So after playing the first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda early access trial, as a fan of the series since ME2 came out, and as a dragon age or rpg fan, Bio ware has yet again sucked me in. However, the game obviously has some flaws. I don’t believe the drivers and graphics have been fully realized by the current state of the game. I noticed obvious glitches with character facial animations that will probably be fixed with driver updates along the way, but as well as when the game finally updates either day one or within the first week. There was also a light/brightness glitch whenever I left the in-game menu.

The facial animation and art style is familiar to previous mass effect titles, and sort of reminds me of a combination of me1 and the more recent DAI. Obviously when comparing Inquisition and Andromeda, one must take into accordance of fan expectations. With the current technology in game design and motion capture that some gaming companies have introduced over the years, I feel like maybe fans expected ALOT out of both EA and Bioware. Now I’m not going to bash fellow fans. I’m glad that people are stating what they feel and making a joke out of it. Bioware has a long history of great story making and writing. Animation well…has never been their strong shit. No that doesn’t excuse them from progression but I wasn’t expecting much.

Now let’s say this. “But Haru, EA has a bunch of money, why not have better graphics and art style along with the great story?” EA is known as one of the worst companies in customer service and in general management. They will only throw so much money, and time. (Looking at DA2, and the rushed and confusing ME3). Again, no excuse but it makes sense.

But honestly, the game LOOKS great in my opinion. The cc is a little dumbed down but it’s similar to mass effect cc. The hanky facial animations people have seen are not as obvious with a custom face. It doesn’t nearly bother me as much. A few human characters needed their make up to be washed off and redesigned but nothing more than that.

The beginning of the game was slow at first. I’m not a huge shooter fan on pc, (which I’m playing on for straight up power), but the combat and movement is absolutely smooth. Jumping climbing, movement, and exploration is super familiar and much like ME1. Going in and out of combat in an explorable area is so good in my opinion. The only thing I dislike is the cover system. I sometimes cringe because a character would crouch in front of an object they were interacting with. I liked ME3’s cover system a lot more. But the way movement and exploration is designed, the cover system is acceptable.

Now for story, and I won’t say a lot. It’s great. It’s already mysterious. There’s already conflict. I know that my enemy is devious in someway. I don’t know much more than that. That’s how I felt about the first three mass effects. Knowing that I will learn the lore of the new galaxy is such a satisfying reentry into the series. But I haven’t obviously finished the game or complete delved into the depths of the game’s story. But Andromeda is giving me so much nostalgia. Bioware has me hooked. You devilish bastards.

I have no thoughts on the multiplayer. For some reason, Origin or any game I use on it won’t connect to online services. I can browse, shop, and download games but the game would always say it can’t connect to the servers and that there’s an issue with the servers. I don’t know but that’s ok, if it’s an error with the game or the service it should be fixed soon. If it’s not, I’ll throw in a service ticket. I don’t know if anyone else has had the same issue. Obviously, people were able to play it. So I don’t know what the issue is.

All in all, my first thoughts would say the game is satisfying. The game will be updated. The game will have content added. For money. But for now, when the game is released, I will be playing the absolute shit out of it.

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I'm not getting my hopes up. ME has always screwed over gay fans, and they're basically a seperate studio from the ppl who do Dagon Age. Adding stuff with patches is a no no cause it would be too costly/time consuming, and there's no way bioware/EA would take on that for gay men. Much like with me1&2, we are fucked over and prob have to wait for the next game (if there is one)

I think you’re 100% correct. 

And if they don’t plan to fix what’s broken in the next potential installment (a la ME3), there shouldn’t be another installment. I haven’t started playing MEA and I know I’ll enjoy it for the franchise part of it (space, aliens, exploration, drama), but I have serious doubts about ever buying a Bioware game again on pre-order. I made a huge mistake this time. 

I was led to believe this would be next level stuff, super spiffyclean and not at all brogamerific. Instead from what I’ve seen it’s kinda like a crotchety old man who can’t walk straight and is a lil bit prejudice. 

I was lucky enough to come to the Bioware party very late and got huge discounts on all their other games (except DAI which I didn’t wait long enough for and paid full price for a couple DLCs). Never again. 

Now, if Bioware should ever divorce EA and toss Frostbite into the trash where it belongs, I’ll reconsider. If they ever change their marketing to be more forthcoming and transparent, maybe I’ll reconsider. 

Watch the Bioware executives be like:  you can romance Gil and Reyes because you can be polyamorous!

When polyamory isn’t kissing two different people off screen from each other, never telling either of them about the other, or just plainly being in a relationship with two different people while neither knows about the other.

OR Bioware’s gonna say it’s a glitch and they’re fixing it, which like, come on????

OR Bioware is gonna say one of the two mlm romances in game isn’t ‘considered a real romance’ and ‘doesn’t give the achievement or trophy that real romances give’. 

TBH each of these answers are horrible and mlm bioware fans deserve better??

And another thing...

“Equal amount” doesn’t just mean the same number of trailers. It also means the same or “equal” context.

Scott has gotten most (if not all) the cinematic trailers, while Sara mostly has the gameplay trailers and maybe one cinematic where she’s the focus.

That’s not equal.

Someone also did the math and apparently Scott has 11 trailers/promo footage while Sara has 6.

That’s not equal.

Like the bar was set so fucking low and they still failed.

@sora1915 replied to your post: “Maybe by the time I can actually play Andromeda, Jaal will be bisexual…”:

I’m feeling anger and sadness lol, thats how I am feeling haha. But still enjoying the game…I guess if they patch it I could actually get that 3 romance trophy thing lol. Cuz yeah I wanted Jaal too…but also want to be gay with Vetra as a female Ryder sometime

I have to admit something is fishy about that romance trophy. I’m 100% behind the idea that Jaal is canonically pansexual, because how the fuck else would a male Ryder get that trophy, and why the hell would an angara be the ONLY alien to be straight??

I’m 100% behind the idea that this is NOT a bug. This is completely and totally EA’s fault for rushing production. Jaal is not straight, but his coding, and perhaps animation, is incomplete. 

Maybe there will be a Pansexual Jaal DLC. For the low low price of $15. One bonus quest. Maybe a pet Andromedean species that Jaal thinks is cute.

anyway… it’s good to know the game is still enjoyable. I just wish it wasn’t slapped on its ass prematurely and labeled gold when it is clearly still bronze.