I am laughing so hard because EA’s “Um, actually sweetie, us locking Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker behind two $260 paywalls in our $80 game is totally justifiable :)” comment not only broke the record for most downvoted post in Reddit history, it completely obliterated it. It wasn’t just the first to break 500k or even 100k, no post before it had even broken 25k. The most downvoted post prior to this was one from someone literally asking for downvotes, which currently stands at -23.8k. The shitstorm that came down on The Fine Brothers when they tried to lay claim to reaction videos and the word “react” itself only landed them just shy of 6,000 downvotes. As of this post, EA’s comment sits at negative 557 thousand when it’s only a day old, and it’s still getting thousands of downvotes by the hour. It could very well be the first post to get to a million downvotes. Remember, the previous record wasn’t even 25 thousand.

Just… wow.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone's going around the table saying giving thanks when Jasper gives this emotional speech.

Jasper: Most Thanksgivings I say a few words but this year is different because I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for being alive. I’m thankful for having a family who cares so much. And I want to apologize for the heartache and emotional stress I caused last month. I was ignorant to ignore chest pains I had had for years. To me being a man meant you had to strong and deal with the pain with no complaints and I realize how stupid that was when I woke up from a coma. I’m promising y'all today that I’ll stay healthy and get my check ups. I love y'all.

Everybody: We love you too.

Jasper: Now wipe those tear and let’s eat.

Malachi: I second that.


This Thanksgiving was definitely one to remember.

you, an EA slave (the writer of Battlefront 2): 

me, someone who isn’t a monster:

Hey guys, remember how great Persona, Yakuza, NieR, Zelda, Mario, and so many other games were this year? Remember how well they performed? Proving that implementing incredibly slimy models which have been (justifiably) compared to gambling is perhaps not the best way to ensure success and secure a loyal fanbase? Good times. 

Just want to remind everyone that EA does not deserve praise for this. For one, this is not listening to consumers, it’s highly likely they’re getting pressure from Disney and other places.

Also, they are NOT removing microtransactions. They’re turning them off, temporarily. If I had to guess, they’ll put them back in once the shitstorm dies down. Maybe, BIG MAYBE, they’ll rework the system to make it less scummy.

EA still doesn’t deserve your money. They decided to not be scumbags right now, but will be scumbags at some later time.

Addendum: If you feel the need to play devil’s advocate for a massive corporation or feel like people are entitled babies because they want a product that doesn’t blatantly exploit people, feel free to just block me.