I get so down sometimes when I think about how fake everything is. People never ever say how they really feel, and sometimes they lie to cover things up that they don’t want you to know about. People don’t do what they want or wear what they want because they want to be like everyone else and it’s so frustrating, because who makes up what “everyone else” does? Does one person just decide one day that something should be the thing to do and then everyone else just follows? I don’t know. It feels like people follow these imaginary set of rules of what is ok and what is not ok and it makes everything so fake. I want realness and honesty, and truthfulness, rawness. I want people to come up to me and say “hey you’re pretty, we should walk on the beach some time” or “I don’t like when you do this to me, please don’t do it anymore” I want people to be raw and real and honest with me, I want the truth, that’s all I want, I hate all this fake stuff, I hate it. I want to meet a man that is so honest with me that I never have to question him, I want to meet friends that ask to go lay in the sun in the woods instead of ask to go shopping, I want people to be so beautifully raw with me. Why can’t we all just say exactly how we feel all the time?

you know what’s frustrating? having three active blogs and three different sets of followers and having to like everything/send asks via a blog that isn’t one of these three blogs

this is Very Bad for making new friends on this site, and I effectively gain about four mutuals a year (actual mutuals, the sort I’m on talking terms with)