Happy ‘first GF fanart posted’ Anniversary for me!!~ ❤

A year ago, after watching the last aired episodes of Gravity Falls and getting curious about fandom, I took one of my paper doodles and decided to paint it and post it on my -not very active- tumblr account. Man, what a ride this year was!

I never found before something that really makes me get free from the apathy and emotions that kept me away from what I really loved to do, making art. I was frustrated about not improving my drawing and I was that kind of person who complained about not even being able to socialize with people on the internet, and now I’ve grown so much, and met all these incredible people, and everything thanks to this.

Thank you for accompany me during this year, if I met you the first day, the first month or yesterday, thank you all, and thanks to this series for help me grow and set me free.