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"But," she turned around to face him, " I didn't know that babies could have powers."

“Obviously the baby has powers,” Piper whisper-shouted, trying not to startle the baby while also trying to get across to Jason that, hey, hello, their child was currently floating eight feet in the air and just about crawling across the ceiling.

Jason blinked and scratched at his bare chest. Any other time, she’d be hellishly distracted, what with him standing there in the doorway to the dark kitchen all sleep-disheveled, his pajama pants slung low about his hips, his hair mussed from his pillow, his glasses sitting low and crooked on his nose. The whole bed-sexy thing worked for him, but not when, late-night feedings aside, they were kind of having a kid emergency.

“Looks like he does take more after me,” Jason said, in that huh, look at that voice he used when he was trying to keep everybody calm.

Piper took a steadying breath.

He stepped easily past her, brushing his hand across her back, and jumped up, hovering, to pluck their child from the ceiling. He landed gracefully and stepped into her space, holding their son between them.

Piper sighed, brushing her thumb across the baby’s cheek. He giggled. “We’re gonna have to get one of those kid harnesses, aren’t we? It’s gonna be like a baby balloon. ‘Hi, Piper, how are you today? Oh, what’s that you have there?’ ‘Oh, hi, Mr. Jacobsen. Just taking my baby for a quick fly around the neighborhood.’”

With a quiet laugh, Jason leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

What can I say? I don’t have any selfcontrol.
Let’s go.


Everybody need to calm down.

Keith had a shit plan that obviously not gonna work, Allura have no idea what to do with Blue, Hunk is so scared that he can’t breath and Pidge is scolding a lot.

Lance take a breath and close his eyes. He can’t die here. They need to find Shiro. He need to back home. He will not die in the meddle of the nothing.

- Ok, little babys. Shout the quiznack now.

Something in his voice make everyone stop to talk.

- Keith, dude, u are smart, i know that u are capable to make another plan, better than this shit that could kill everyone here. C'mon Ramon, u r the big Brother here. Don’t make take your place, huh? I’ll tell mama and laugh of ur face, do u know?

Keith blinked his eyes chocked and agreed with him.

- Allura, my sweet, I know that is everything new, and u have any experience, but trust in Blue, this isn’t her first battle, he is smartest than u think.

Allura take a breath and think about what Lance said, and realize that he is right.

- Pidge, can u just calm down? Saying this bad words can’t solve anything, u r scaring Hernandez, do u know he is sensitive. Control ur mouth or mama will know about this chica.

Pidge is so chocked that couldn’t say anything.

- Hernandez, muchacho, everything will be fine, Ramon will think in a amazing plan and we will go home faster than u imagine, relax, I’m here, remember what i promise? Anything can hurt my hermanos, we can, you’ll see.

Hunk is crying, he are Lance’s friend so long to recognize this names.

- Todos necesitan calmarse ahora. Todo el mundo sabe que soy el tipo más dramático que existe, y sólo yo, dejen de intentar robar mi título, entendieron?

Just Hunk understood what Lance said because he saw many times Lance freckin out in spanish, and laughed a lot.

- Now that everyone is better, Ramon, is time to bring us back home, mama Rosa will cook some quesadillas tonight, who wants to eat las quesadillas de la doña Rosa?

Anyone want to break Lance’s motivation, not now that he make the impossible bring some calm in this moment. If he don’t perhaps that he called Keith and Hunk for his brother’s names, and freaking out in spanish, they will not say anything.

- Me!

Everyone screamed, and Lance could relax.

Keith make a new plan, much better than the other, Allura trusted in Blue, Pidge start to joking to help Lance keep everybody calm, and Hunk could make his job whitout fear, everything will gonna be ok.

Okay okay but imagine
  • *power goes off in the school*
  • *marinette, being late as usual, walks in moments after the lights turn off*
  • Everyone: ahhh !! I cant see!
  • Marinette: Everybody keep calm! Im sure the lights will turn on again soon!
  • Alya: oh! Ladybug! Is that you? Thank goodness!
  • Marinette, spots off: Oh uh-uhh-uh yeeahh! Ladybug will help you all until the lights come back on ahha...
  • Adrien: Nice to hear you, Ladybug! Thanks for coming to help out!
  • Marinette: Chat Noir? You're here too?
  • *a bit of confusion as the lights turn on*
  • *everyone looks very confused as they see their all their classmates but no superheroes*
  • Marinette: thats odd.. I thought Chat was here just now?
  • Adrien: Did Ladybug really bug out that quick?

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Okay, everybody keep calm. I don't know if you saw but on the video you reblogged with the gif you made during little things. Just go and replay at 2:34- 2:36. I screamed internally, I really really did. Why is nobody talking about it?!


look at this shit!!!

Gerard Way recently tweeted this photo, with the caption, “Rehearsals Day 4- Set list in progress.”

The white sheet appears to contain lyrics to a currently unreleased song, “The Bureau,” which is transcribed below.

The yellow sheet in the corner looks to be the beginning of a set-list; The Bureau, Action Cat, Zero Zero, and Millions the only fully readable titles. 

The Bureau

Get up

Get in-

The operator for the boogeymen, we-

Sit up


Now levitator please connect me to Holy Ghost

We don’t know how to begin

We just end and and grab my hand we-

We got no love for the man

We just end-

Grab your friend

Everybody keep it calm tonight

Everybody we’re going live tonight

Everybody’s getting on tonight

Everybody’s getting on

And so am I

Fed up

All in-

They’re gonna’ make you a star

To get you all to behave

Get up

Cash in-

And elevator please direct me to level ten

We want it all again

We’re all just born to descend we-

Got no love for the end

Got no lines at the end of this

Everybody keep it calm tonight

Everybody we’re going live tonight

Everybody’s getting on tonight

Everybody’s getting on

And so am I