seriously what the fuck is going on. it’s 2016 and Europe has been in serious danger lately. we’ve had the attacks in Belgium (Brussels airport), France (in Nice, for example), Germany (shootings in München) and a lot more. Just an hour ago there was a bomb explosion in - again - Germany. what the fuck is next? all these victims… and of course all the killers are dead. are ‘they’ forcing martial law upon Europe too now? are we supposed to live in fear and avoid any public places? are we going to become the ultimate government slaves for the sake of collective safety? how bad are things going to escalate from this point? what if we are censored in the future? how will we speak up without having to face unnecessary danger for our own being?
things are getting so ugly it is hard to believe in a better world after all this shit. how the fuck are we supposed to fix all this? what can we do guys? how do we put up with this any longer?


Münster, Germany


hi!🌼 my name is Emmi (u can just call me Em ‘cause I know it’s often hard for non scandinavian people to pronouce it), I just turned 17 and I’m from Finland. I’m cute and smol and kinda shy👶🏼 if u wanna get to know me better feel free to message me!! altough I must warn u I’m really bad (and lazy) in keeping up conversations but I’ll try my best🙈

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