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Answer the questions using the song titles of only one artist/band and then tag 20 people.

Artist: ELO

What is your gender? - Sweet Talkin’ Woman

How do you feel? - Hold On Tight

If you could go anywhere: - Moment in Paradise

Favorite mode of transportation? - Last Train to London 

Favorite time of day? - Midnight Blue

If your life was a TV show -The Dairy of Horace Wimp 

Relationship status - Alone in the Universe

Your fear - No Way Out

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  • me: man i wonder if this song is good 🤔
  • song: i need a cha cha beat boy
  • me: 🔥💥💯👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼✔✔🔂 😭💞🎉🔥💥💯🗣👅🎉✔💕👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼🔥💥💯✔🔂 😭💞🎉👏🗣👅🎉✔💕👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼✔✔🔂 😭💞🎉👏🗣👅🎉✔🔥💥💯