the person who hosted the wedding ceremony (that jonghyun sang at) said, “was it a daebak wedding song, kim jonghyun-ssi!” and he introduced that the song was a song jonghyun composed together with a bride. jonghyun said he wanted to sing a meaningful song and sang it live for the first time. he also said he has sung in front of millions of people, but singing in front of two people (ie: the newlyweds) made him more nervous.

from the person who shared the account: “when i think of the lyrics it makes me think of hard times. the lyrics are beautiful. his voice is also beautiful.

edit! the song performed was actually “하루의 끝 (the end of a day)”. the friend that he did the song with / the person who was married is his long time best friend, sojin, who he worked on “내일쯤 (around tomorrow)” with. (source: bysagyehan via _051106_)

[note] jonghyun tweeted about the wedding after attending.

Marriage or its equivalent is going away, thanks to the modern ornery women that young men have no interest in.

Manslation: You heard it here first, youngins are gonna quit gettin’ hitched because the females in these parts are jest too dang ornery for the little whippersnappers. Nobody ever wanted to marry me, so if that ain’t proof enough that marriage is dyin’ I don’t know what is. If you’ll ‘scuse me I need to get back to doomsday preppin’.

blue night radio - 150829

jonghyun: yes, my friend got married today. because she’s a friend who works on music with me so i thought: “i definitely have to sing a congratulatory song for her,” and i’m going to sing another one tomorrow. when i’m asked to sing a congratulatory song i almost never reject it. it’s only when i’m busy due to my schedules that i reject it. it’s because i really like seeing how happy people are when they listen to my (singing) voice. (…) it’s the first time that a close friend of mine got married so it felt wonderful. i sang “하루의 끝 (the end of a day)”. i sang it live for the first time even though it’s a song that hasn’t been released (officially). i was nervous. (source: cosmicsticks)

[note] the wedding that he attended was for two friends, one of them being a long time close friend of his, sojin. she helped him compose the song mentioned above and is also a part of his composition group a few other high school friends, wefreaky. a post on the event earlier can be found here and a bit of background on their friendship here. she also helped him in producing “2:34am”.

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#고유명사_스포호시 #보컬_힙합_다음은 #내일_호시십분 

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