J. and I are both working very hard on Strangers: Minuet; we have 42 out of 52 finished now. There are a lot of ideas I hope we can express with this module, even in loose reflections; ideas of the ‘compression of information’, of points of deformation (as “Minuet” will be deformed from “Primer” in a way quite different from “Dead Cities”, another upcoming module), as well as certain nostalgic moods…will it be a success in this regard? Well, it’s hard to say, but at least we’re also having fun. In the meantime, enjoy these ‘cute brats’, as I called them on twitter.

And as for my offline life…I’ll be on a (much needed) vacation for a little over a week, starting tomorrow…so this will be the last (digital) art until I return, and the last preview of “Minuet” until launch. Please wish me a relaxing time on this vacation; I have rented a room at a bed and breakfast on a farm for a week, and a friend is even flying down to keep me company. After two weeks of hotel living, and a week of living in an under-construction apartment…some time relaxing in nature is exactly what I need. I should even have something fun and Strangers-related (I did mention “Dead Cities”, after all) to share when I return.