170914 “The Power of Music” Fansign Event

Trans cr. kimjoninis

JI: i’ve got a new hobby recently, it’s watching variety shows. my fave is YOON’s kitchen. it's healing and fun. it looks interesting how they try different occupation i wanna try going on variety shows too. He said he had watched the LAST episode 6 times.

JM, MS and JI are dancing ‘The Eve’ slow version?!

op: I’m having a hard time these days, when you’re in a slump or under stress, how do you solve it? 

 JI: I’m also very bad at getting out of slumps or solving those things,  I guess we just can’t help it.. (showing strength ) still we should overcome!

A fan asked Jonign what happened to his knee and he said he grazed it a little while performing and op says how he pronounced the word 'grazed’ was so cute.

Trans cr. kaaiikim

OP asked jongin if he has any solo or unit plan. And jongin said there might be news soon

Trans cr. patarz

fan: Oppa, you know what does “KAI’s legs 이메다” mean? 

JI: (shake head) 

fan: oppa’s legs are 2 meter~ 

Jongin: hahahah

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(fancam) 170915 Lotte Duty Free Family Festival - The Eve
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