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DAYLIGHT DRIVE -  songs for a pleasant drive by the coast, put your top down

  1. Madeline Love // CHEEZE
  2. 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest) // KYUHYUN
  3. First Love // G.Soul
  4. 2000/9 // Giriboy
  5. 비록 (悲錄) // Seo Taiji
  6. Me You (feat. 백예린 Of 15&) // San E
  7. Faded Love // Wonder Girls
  8. 새 신발 // IU
  9. 뭘까 // Standing Egg
  10. 아침에 비타민 (Acoustic ver.) // Coffee Boy
  11. 길이나 // AKMU
  12. See You (ft. Bsk, 개코) // Primary
  13. Missing You (ft. Kim Yuna) // G-Dragon
  14. 큰새 // hyukoh
  15. LIFE IS GOOD (ft. Jay Park) // Epik High
  16. I (ft. Verbal Jint) // Taeyeon

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- 17.05.19 - ENG -  신동의 예감자들 - Shindong: Nuestros miembros son adictos a la TV. Heechul-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi y yo también somos así. Kyuhyun-ssi y yo estamos viviendo juntos en el dormitorio ahora y (casi) siempre estamos viendo TV juntos en la sala. Nos estamos monitoreando a nosotros mismos en los (programas) que hemos hecho. -


- 17.05.19 - PT -  신동의 예감자들 - Shindong: Nossos membros são viciados em TV. Heechul-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi- e eu também somos assim. 

Kyuhyun-ssi e eu estamos morando juntos no mesmo dormitório agora e (quase) sempre vemos TV juntos na sala. Assistimos a nós mesmos no programas que fizemos. 

Cred:  MoonsLounge [ENG] & IAASJS  [ESP]

170120 swj plus

minho went to a concert ♫

everyone in shinee world j, good evening!

“shinee world 2017 ~five~” is finally starting next week! the members are currently in the middle of rehearsals! they are rehearsing with all their effor to show everyone a more powerful appearance than last year, so please look forward to it  ♫

amidst this, today, minho went to super junior kyuhyun’s solo concert that started on the 18th!! minho who cherishes kyuhyun invariably like a brother. since learning that shows are being held in yokohama, he’d always been wanting to go ^^

such minho, wrapping the tour towel securely around his neck and with the light stic from the merch in his hand, he was cheering very hard during the concert. moreover, being able to listen to a song he really likes during the show, he became even more excited ♫

after the show, he gave kyuhyun-san a hug saying “you’ve worked hard~! he seemed really happy ^^

the japanese fans’ cheering drew his attention and the concert production intrigued him it seems that it was very stimulating. "next is my turn~! i’ll worked!” with renewed mindset he returned ☆

after he took a photo with kyuhyun-san after the concert! the rehearsals will continue until the day of the concert! please continue to support us!

translation credit: @mredwardsanders

Super Junior: When they get jealous.

Just a note: This is when they get jealous that you are with another guy/girl :)

Leeteuk: Will get very protective and will slid his arm around your waist to show that you are his

Heechul: Will walk up to you two and grab your wrist, pulling you away mid sentence

Kangin: ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N’s boyfriend, and you are..?’

Yesung: You: Yesung, We are just friends…

               Yesung: I just dont trust him/her…

Shindong: ‘Oh so your just a FRIEND of Y/N’s?’

Sungmin: ‘Y/N, I think we should go back home now…’

Eunhyuk: ‘Ok that’s enough talking, we will see you later…what was your name again?…’

Donghae: ‘Babe, we can honestly do more interesting things back home.. *motioning towards the doors*’

Siwon: You can feel his grip tighten around your waist when your friend touches your arm

Ryeowook: ‘Y/N, he/she doesn’t look as cute as me’

Kyuhyun: You: ‘Kyu, Are you jealous?’

                  Kyu: ‘No babe, I just want you to understand that you are mine…’

Zhoumi: ‘Wait, so you haven’t heard of me?…That’s awkward…for you’

Henry: ‘Babe, I’ve got my eye on him..’

              You: ‘*Doesn’t believe him* Haha, Alright then Henry’

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