Zinni - Massage (Smut)

(Zinni/Reader | 601 words)

Sorry if this is bad, i need to practice writing smut.

As the front door to your shared apartment slams shut, you let out a heavy sigh.

Today had been an extremely stressful day at work and all you wanted to do right now was spend some alone time with your girlfriend, Zinni.

You lazily slip off your shoes and drop your bag on the floor as you begin to trudge through the apartment to your bedroom.

When you walk into the room, a small smile blooms on your face as you look at your girlfriend nestled in the many pillows and blankets on the bed, reading your favorite book.

She peers over the top of the book, catching your gaze. She takes in your exhausted form and rushes over to you.

“Oh, (Name)…” Zinni coo’s as she helps you take off your coat. She throws it into the laundry bin and leads you over to the bed.

Another sigh escapes your lips as you collapse onto the mattress. Zinni laughs and gently pulls you up by your wrists so that you’re sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Here, why don’t you go change into something more comfortable and I’ll give you a massage?” She suggests.

Pouting, you wrap your arms around her and snuggle into her chest. “No, I don’t want to leave you.”

Zinni lets out another laugh but says nothing against it. She tugs off your shirt, your bra quickly following.

As she starts to unbutton your pants, you bring her into a loving kiss. Kicking off your pants, you deepen the kiss. Zinni mumbles something against your lips and pulls away.

“Massage first, that we can do later.” She said.

You grin slyly and watch as your girlfriend undresses in front of you. Once the both of you are left in only underwear, she begins her massage.

Zinni first has you on our stomach as she works on loosening the knots in your back. As groans leave your mouth, Zinni’s hands get more adventurous.

She trails her fingers up and down the insides of your thighs, placing kisses down your spine.

“Zinni…” You breathe her name.

“Relax, let me do all the work.”

Zinni grips your thighs and lightly tugs, a silent command for you to raise your butt in the air. She pulls your panties off your body and flings them to the side.

A shudder racks through your body as she runs a digit through your folds.

“So pretty.” Zinni mutters.

She leans forward and licks a stripe up from your clit to your entrance. She dips her tongue inside teasingly, tasting the juices that had accumulated during her sensuous massage.

Blissful moans escape your mouth as Zinni flicks her tongue over your clit again and again.

“Zinni, please.” You whimper. You hear Zinni giggle before she slips two fingers in you.

“I love it when you moan my name, babe.”

As she begins to thrust her fingers inside your warmth, she sucks your clit in her mouth. Your body starts to tremble as you feel your orgasm quickly approaching.

It never took long for you to reach orgasm with how skilled your girlfriend was.

Zinni, noticing your impending orgasm, begins to hum around your clit. The vibrations send you over the edge, your mouth hanging open in a long drawn out moan.

You girlfriend slows her ministrations on your body, stopping altogether once you catch your breath.

You feel Zinni lie down next to you. Turning your head, you meet her lustful gaze. A yelp leaves your lips as she flips you onto your back.

“Oh, don’t think I’m done with you yet, (Name)…”